Under $100: Top 25 Bridesmaid Dresses That We Can Order Online

Traditionally, bridesmaids have always paid for their own dresses and accessories. But there's no need to make them break the bank just so they can help the bride out on her big day. Not when there are more than enough pretty dresses to choose from the affordable rack!

Because–let's face it–weddings are super expensive. And not just for the bride and the groom (or their parents if they are the ones paying for it). It's also expensive for the bridesmaids who are responsible for throwing the bride-to-be a wonderful bridal shower and then whisking her off on a once-in-a-lifetime kind of fun bachelorette party.

Besides, nobody loves the bridezilla who forces her 'maids to spend a ton of cash on a dress that would be too tacky to wear after the wedding is over!

So here are 25 bridesmaid dresses for under $100 that gals can easily order online.

From demure lacey looks to flowy chiffon pieces, high-low hemlines to unconventional jumpsuits, traditional pastels to bold pops of color, the following has enough styles to inspire even the most confused and indecisive bride. Including dresses that would look terrific on plus-sized women. Because bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes, and forms!

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25 ASOS Long Sleeve Pretty Embroidered Maxi Dress: $94.50


Ah, the perfect bridesmaid dress for a wedding that's slated to take place in the lap of nature in the heart of spring!

We love this pretty embroidered maxi dress from ASOS for many reasons.

Firstly, it's a powder-blue pastel dress with a sweetheart neckline underneath the sheer overlining. Secondly, it has an A-line skirt, which flatters almost every woman on this planet. And finally, the flowers and leaves embroidered onto the bodice and the sleeves give it a refreshing feel.

It's beautiful enough to wow your bridal party but demure enough to let the bride shine!

24 As Ruffles Riffle Maxi Dress By Modcloth: $59.95


If you like to keep things traditional and your 'maids simple, this As Ruffles Riffle maxi dress by Modcloth would be the perfect choice for you. Mainly because of its soft mauve shade, its simple V neckline, and its empire waist style.

Plus, the skirt's high-low ruffles give it an element of fun, which would definitely compliment a confident bridesmaid!

We also love the embroidered ballet flats because they definitely add some more personality to this rather simple dress-form.

23 Mauve Kiko Dress By Birdgrey: $99


When we saw this Kiko dress by Birdgrey, we instantly thought the model looked like a pretty Grecian princess. And not just because of the wavy hairstyle and the feature-sharpening natural makeup.

We love it because of the halter-neck convertible style, the dark mauve color that would make the bridal white stand out in group pictures, and the belt-like element cinching the waist.

Plus, the fabric looks so light and supple that we are sure any bridesmaid would love to be wearing this on the big day. After all, it can be a nightmare to attend to the bride while you are outfitted in an uncomfortable, movement-restricting dress!

22 Topshop Ruffle Bardot Midi Dress: $90


We don't know anyone who does not like the off-the-shoulder, sultry style of a Bardot dress. Let alone a ruffled Bardot, which looks even more elegant. But you do have to be confident to pull this one off with pizzazz.

So, if all your 'maids are fashion-forward ladies, maybe this Topshop Ruffle Bardot Midi Dress is the one for your bridal party.

We absolutely love the bright pink color of the dress because it looks good against all skin tones, especially on those blessed with a sun-kissed one.

21 Royal Blue Chiffon Dress With Lace Illusion-Neck: $82


Southern women are known for their warmth, ultra-feminine look, and sassy confidence.

So if you are a belle from the South and your bridesmaids are too, you know this royal-blue chiffon dress would look perfect on them.

It's demure but clings to all the right places, simple but has a lacey element around the neckline to give it some personality, and rich and vibrant-looking but still plain enough to make the bridal white shine like a diamond on the big day.

20 Boohoo Embellished Top Maxi Dress: $82


To be honest, at $82 you definitely won't find a dress embellished with flawless crystals. But the ones on this Boohoo maxi dress do not look cheap in the least. Probably because of the rich black and gold, velveteen fabric on which they have been encrusted.

Plus, the round neckline and simple chiffon long skirt make it demure enough to be perfect for a bridesmaid in the party of an unconventional bride.

After all, you wouldn't choose a black bridesmaid dress unless you too were going to walk down the aisle in a gown that has a stand-out color.

19 Chi Chi London Exquisite Elegance Lace Dress in Sky: Now $70.97


First of all, any bride who lets her 'maids wear this exquisitely detailed, sky-blue-colored Chi Chi London lace dress on her big day is a generous one who wants her friends to look good and have a great time on her wedding day just as everyone else would.

And, probably one who is so fashion-forward that she knows her wedding gown's exquisiteness would look even better with an entourage dressed this well!

We especially love the open-toed french heels with this short dress. It definitely ups the prettiness factor.

18 Lace Illusion Back Ruched V-Neck Bridesmaid Dress With Sash: $98


Here's the thing, most brides don't want their bridesmaids to outshine them on their big day. But that doesn't mean you dress them up like hobos and make them pay for it too!

Thus, this lace-illusion bridesmaid dress with a simple V-neck front and a beautiful ruched lace back.

Any bridesmaid would love to wear this. After all, the design has enough personality to look good outside of a wedding party too. Especially once you get the hemline shortened!

17 & Other Stories Ruffled Empire Waist Dress: $85


Whoever said bold colors don't look on darker skin tones was definitely an amateur posing as an expert in fashion.

So, if your bridesmaids are dark-skinned, don't do them an injustice by dressing them up in puke pastels that diminish the richness of their color.

Dress them in a beautiful dress in a punchy shade, like this one by & Other Stories, and then watch as their bold color makes your bridal white pop out even better!

After all, it's simple enough to not outshine your exquisite wedding gown!

16 Adrianna Papell Ombré-Metallic Lace Sheath Dress: Now $94.99


Most brides don't look for metallic tones and shimmer shades when they pick out a bridesmaid dress for their friends. Maybe because they haven't seen it done before or because they feel the luxurious style would dim their wedding gown.

Well, you can rack those worries if your bridesmaids are all on the palest end of the human-skin-tone spectrum because metallic shades don't stand out as strongly on them as they do on olive-skinned individuals.

15 Floor Length Chiffon "Rainbow" Bridesmaid Dress: $60


Most brides don't look for metallic tones and shimmer shades when they pick out a bridesmaid dress for their friends.

Maybe because they haven't seen it done before or because they feel the luxurious style would dim their wedding gown.

Well, you can rack those worries if your bridesmaids are all on the palest end of the human-skin-tone spectrum because metallic shades don't stand out as strongly on them as they do on olive-skinned individuals.

14 Sage Monica Dress By Birdgrey: $99


Now that we have seen a lot of extraordinary styles of bridesmaid dresses, here's one that ticks off all the traditional boxes.

This Monica dress by Birdgrey is pretty, flowy, comfortable, and bland. Well, not so bland that it fades into the backdrop. We can't have that happening to the bridesmaids who stand in line at the front!

But definitely bland enough to never allow the bridesmaids to outshine the bride.

13 R & M Richards Metallic Knit Keyhole Halter Gown: $95


Do we have a glamorous bride in the house? Yeah? Then this R & M Richards gown is the one for her stylish bridesmaids.

Because let's face it, it would look totally weird if everyone was dressed glamorously, including the party guests, and the bridesmaids looked duller than an unpolished trophy sitting on the mantle!

Just remember: the wine-red metallic finish of this dress with that keyhole detail and thigh slit definitely makes it noticeable. So we suggest choosing this only if you are absolutely sure no one will be able to take their eyes off of your wedding gown on the big day.

12 TFNC Pleated Maxi Dress By ASOS: $87


This dress has some serious Mamma Mia! vibes. Especially that beautiful Grecian blue color.

But what makes this maxi dress by ASOS stand out are definitely those back straps. They give this otherwise plain blue dress a style boost that would allow the 'maid to reuse the dress later for perhaps a backyard party or even a summer date!

Anyhoo, it's simple enough to not usurp the bride on her day since this dress looks absolutely bland from the front.

11 Off-The-Shoulder Mermaid Gown By Nordstrom: $94


Most brides don't choose red dresses for their bridesmaids because the color has a history of outshining other colors in its company. Especially white.

But that's a misconception because red only stands out when no one else is wearing it in the same party.

And since bridesmaids number in the multiples, their sea of red would only act as a brilliant backdrop that would draw the eyes straight towards the glowing bride in her white gown.

So if you want to gift your bridesmaids a pretty dress that they can reuse after the wedding too, this off-the-shoulder Bardot dress with a mermaid skirt should be your pick.

10 Lioness Baby Doll Mini Dress: $72


Another unconventional bridesmaid dress for an unconventional gothic bride. Because, why not black? If you love it, you should do as you please and be a black bride!

Thus, this Lioness mini dress with cap sleeves, ruffled edges, and a pretty floral pattern on it.

Just make sure to pair this dress with a simple hairstyle and natural makeup look so your bridesmaids don't end up looking better than you. They can do that later when they decide to wear it on a date!

9 Jane Convertible Dress In Dusty Rose By Birdgrey: $99


Another classic bridesmaid silhouette. And one in a pretty pastel shade too!

We absolutely love the bias-cut neckline on this dress. It looks supple and elegant and adds some volume to the top so the bottom half does not look too broad around the hips.

Plus, the material is flowy chiffon. So the 'maids would be really comfortable in it too.

Just remember: dresses of this kind usually look really unflattering on pear-shaped and plumper women. So keep that in mind before you place your order online.

8 Lulus Wishful Wanderings Grey Lace Midi Bodycon Dress: $66


This beautiful midi lace dress in dove gray is so fabulous that we are crying right now! Because haven't we all seen enough weddings with the drabbest bridesmaids line-ups in history?

Trust us, a bad line-up can damage the bride's look just as much as one that outshines her in beauty.

Perhaps that's why we love this Lulus Wishful Wanderings dress so much. It's chic and elegant but plain at the same time so that the bridal white stands out strongly against its backdrop.

7 Chicky Convertible Dress In Blush Pink By Birdgrey: $99


Birdgrey seems to be the place to hit if you want to pick out a simple, elegant, and low-key dress for your bridesmaids.

Like this blush pink one with its one-shoulder style and ruching at the waist belt.

We recommend choosing this style only if most of your bridesmaids fall in the paler end of the spectrum. Because, while this color is sweet, it would look really overdone on a really dark-skinned 'maid.

6 TNFC Maxi Bridesmaid Dress With High Low Hem By ASOS: $88


And now for a dress that ticks the bridesmaid boxes in the best way possible but still has enough personality to be worn again on another day after the wedding is over.

We absolutely love how pale the blue fabric is. So pale, in fact, that it looks gray! So, definitely the dress for a Winter Wonderland wedding.

But the best part has to be the high-low hemline and the satin sash around the waist. They give the style a punch of much-needed personality.

5 Donna Morgan Julliard Dress By BHLDN: Now $40


Ah, what an elegant dress! And such a pretty green color!

We know that any bridesmaid would love to wear this as she helps out the bride.

After all, with a ruffled neckline falling prettily around the decolletage and a side-tie feature that playfully shows off some leg, this dress would elevate the look of the entire bridal party while being toned down enough to let the bride shine on her day.

Just remember: this style can be very unforgiving on some figures.

4 Missguided Bridesmaid Navy Bardot Lace Insert Fishtail Maxi Dress: $67


And here's the third Bardot style bridesmaid dress of this list. Just because it looks very flattering on the female form, regardless of your shape.

Anyhoo, the navy-blue shade and the fishtail skirt definitely make this dress fit for a luxurious and elegant wedding. One where every detail has been painstakingly perfected, right down to the chandeliers glittering on the ceiling.

So make sure your wedding gown is a stunning one before you go ahead and ask your 'maids to buy this.

3 Topshop Cut-Out Midi Dress: $95


Again, a red bridesmaid dress will never outshine the bride because there will be an entire line-up of women wearing it! And in this sea of red, the bride would stand out even brighter than a diamond.

So if you are daring enough, we recommend picking this cut-out midi dress for your 'maids. After all, the dress-form is very demure even if the central slit is not.

Just remember: velvet is the worst fabric for a summer wedding. And that apple-shaped women usually don't look good with their waist highlighted with a broad belt-like patch!

2 David's Bridal Flowy Wide-Leg Georgette Bridesmaid Jumpsuit: $99.95


First of all, this is not a dress. It's a jumpsuit. And that alone makes it more unconventional than anything else ever. Even with that jet black color!

So if you are a rockstar bride who likes to throw convention out of the window, this simple wed-leg jumpsuit from David's Bridal would definitely fit the bill for you. Although, some might point out that the simplicity makes the price point too high. But we leave that decision to you.

1 TFNC Petite Lace Up Back Midi Bridesmaid Dress By ASOS: $87


And finally, here's a bridesmaid dress that would look great on the entourage of any stylish bride. Especially one who has a lot of stylish friends 'maiding it out for her.

After all, what's not to like about this dress?

It has a beautiful lace-up back, a high-low hem, and a demure pastel tone. So, perfect for when you want your bridesmaids to look good too but still be plain enough to not outshine you in your wedding gown.

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