This Is How He’ll Break Things Off, According To His Astro Sign

Relationships are tricky. Sometimes it can seem like everything is moving along smoothly, then suddenly one person decides to break things off. There are even rare occasions where relationships are rocky from day one but somehow they turn into lifelong happiness.

No one can ever really tell how a romantic endeavor will turn out, which is why it can be so nerve-wracking to jump into one in the first place. This is especially true when two people have been friends for several years; there's just so much anxiety about possibly ruining the friendship!

Knowing there are a million ways for relationships to succeed, and even more ways for them to fall apart, some people would rather jump ship at the first sign of trouble than try to work things out with their partners.

Those with a brighter outlook on life will do their best to make a relationship work but once it's clear the romance is gone, even the most optimistic of people have to admit defeat.

Once this happens, the break-up is inevitable; the only question is how things will finally conclude. When a man is the one to break things off, he can go about it in many ways. How will he finally sever the tie? Let's see what his astrological sign has to say about that:

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20 Air Signs Will Say It's Over


Air signs are really good at communicating; in fact, it's likely the biggest part of their appeal. Air sign guys often have great relationships, not to be confused with Air signs having perfect relationships.

Like anyone else, when things start to sour, an Air sign is going to try to deny it.

He'll do his best to make the relationship work and he's never going to give up without a fight—but once it's clear everything is over, he isn't going to waste time dancing around the subject—he's going to be true to himself and respectful enough to his partner to just admit what's going on.

19 Aquarius Guys Will Blurt It Out


When an Aquarius notices things aren't working out, he'll keep it in the back of his mind for weeks, or even months. He'll start to see every interaction with his partner through this lens and his opinion of the relationship will slowly start to sour. He won't mean to, but one day during a normal conversation, he's very likely to randomly blurt out the fact that the relationship is over. It might come as a shock to both parties, but deep down he'll know that his words are the truth and that he isn't willing to try to work things out anymore since he's already convinced himself there is no hope.

18 Libras Will Send A Break-Up Text


Libra men aren't going to ghost their partners, but they'll do the next best thing: they'll send a break-up text. He knows that talking to his partner face-to-face is really difficult - especially if he doesn't want to see him or her cry—so he'll take the coward's way out.

He can't handle a conversation and breaking someone's heart remotely is the best option he thinks he has.

What really makes this awkward is he knows he's going to hurt his partner even more by doing things this way, but while he's in the moment he honestly doesn't believe there's a better way.

17 Gemini Men Drop Hints Until They Find The Courage To Say Something


Gemini men might start to fall out of love and instead of acting on it immediately, he'll wait to see what happens. He wants to ensure he's truly losing his feelings for his partner instead of just getting comfortable in the relationship. No Gemini guy wants to end a relationship unnecessarily, so he's going to do his best until it's clear he's ready to move on. Once a Gemini realizes things are truly over, he's going to start dropping hints. He doesn't want to surprise his partner, so he'll purposely make slight changes over a short period of time. This way, when the time comes to have the conversation, it's clear what's happening and why.

16 GEMINI BONUS: Some Gemini Guys Will Try To Make It Work Before Admitting The Truth


Gemini guys really do want their relationships to work out. He's already introduced his partner to his friends and family and he's already become comfortable with them in his life, but now that things are starting to go south, he finds himself scrambling to keep things together.

He might start to take his partner on more dates or might try a little too hard to keep things feeling as new and exciting as possible, but the truth is he knows it's over.

What's worse is his partner will often recognize his behavior for what it is—a last-ditch attempt to keep things alive.

15 Water Signs Often Dance Around The Truth


Unlike their Air sign brothers, Water sign men are extremely sensitive in relationships. It's hard for them when it comes to confrontations and they're often left struggling to figure out how to talk about the serious topics. When the relationship starts to combust, Water signs are almost always guaranteed to dance around the issue. He'll try to ignore the signs and will even verbally claim nothing is wrong, but whoever he's dating is going to know the truth of things and will likely be the one responsible for presenting the evidence and initiating the uncomfortable conversation. He won't like it but that's just how he is.

14 Scorpios Will Pretend Nothing Is Wrong Until Their Partner Has To Make The First Move


Scorpio guys are the kings of passivity. They don't want to hurt their partner and they really don't want to be the reason things come to an end, so they'll just quietly sit by the sidelines.

When a Scorpio feels things are coming to an end, he'll low-key hope that by ignoring the issues arising, they'll disappear.

Of course, this never works, so as things continue to deteriorate, his partner will be pressured into breaching the topic first. They won't like it, but neither will the Scorpio guy. He'll know it's coming and he's still going to feel the heartbreak when his partner is the one to break things off.

13 Cancer Guys Misbehave And Pull Away Emotionally


Once a Cancer guy is aware the relationship is starting to decompose, he's going to start doing little things here and there to bother his partner. He doesn't always fight to make things work out. In fact, he'll go out of his way to make it obvious he doesn't want to fight for the relationship. Suddenly he's going to have attitude problems, or he'll start pulling away from his partner when they need him most. It's his way of telling his partner that he's no longer invested in the relationship without actually having to spell it out for them. It might seem mean, but the Cancer man really isn't trying to hurt his partner, he's just trying to cope and it's sometimes the only way he knows how.

12 Pisces Men Sometimes Ghost Their Partners


Pisces guys are really fun to date. They have so many great aspects to their personalities and can be extremely funny—but when it comes to breaking up with someone, they can often fall short of expectations. In fact, they can sometimes be downright mean.

When a Pisces discovers he no longer has any feelings for his partner, and he doesn't want to try to figure things out, he'll sometimes completely ghost his partner.

They won't have any idea of why he's cut things off and without that closure, it can be considered one of the worst ways anyone can break up with another person, but he will do it again and again if it means avoiding a scene or causing even more harm.

11 PISCES BONUS: They Will Suddenly Become More Social - With Everyone But Their Partners


What's interesting about Pisces guys is that they are dynamic. They can't always be explained nice and neatly or put into a little box. While some might leave their partners by simply ghosting them, others will go out of their way to be more social with everyone but their partners. By deliberately leaving their partner out of group activities, they're essentially ghosting them but making it more of a public thing than simply keeping it between themselves and their partners. Yes, this is a really bad way to break things off, but again, sometimes a Pisces guy isn't as great as he was at the start of things.

10 Fire Signs Aren't Afraid To Say It Like It Is


Fire signs aren't afraid to say it like it is. They know when things are starting to fizzle and they're the first to announce the relationship is over. In some cases,

Fire sign men will randomly dump their partner—no warning, no signs, nothing.

Though he's likely to surprise a partner in this way, he is still irresistible and will still be able to jump from one fling to the next. Fire signs are often thought of as the most tricky to date since they can be so impulsive, so please be aware: he will not hesitate or even try to work things out. Half the time he'll just say goodbye and move on.

9 Leos Might Dump Their Partners During A Casual Conversation


Leo guys are open and honest to a fault. It isn't that they don't care about hurting other people's feelings, it's just that they don't really think about it until after the damage is done. Though they often hurt others in this manner, for some reason Leo guys never learn. This is why, when the relationship is doomed for certain, they are able to have a casual conversation with their partners, then nonchalantly slip in the break-up. His attempt at breaking up with his partner is often misunderstood as a joke at first since it seems so random and out of place, but once the truth sinks in, a Leo's job is done.

8 Aries Wait For An Argument


Aries men are a little more subtle than their Leo brothers. Once a relationship is over, they don't necessarily want to look like the bad guy, so they'll wait for an argument to start. It won't be just any argument either, he has to make certain it is one that will make sense to end in a break-up.

He'll let things get heated and, at the apex of the argument, he will tell his partner things are over.

He knows that in the heat of the moment, his partner is more open to ending things than fighting for the relationship, so he will usually take this route when attempting to break things off for good.

7 Sagittarius Say Something Before Things Get Too Bad


Sagittarius guys know that relationships can go downhill fast. They don't want the drama and they definitely don't want to be responsible for any more heartbreak than is necessary. He may not be in love anymore, but that doesn't mean he suddenly stops caring about his partner's feelings. Rather than letting things fester between himself and his partner, he nips the issue in the bud. Maybe he takes his partner to a nice meal and concludes the night with a serious discussion, or maybe he invites his partner over to discuss things. Either way, he delivers the message as clearly and gently as possible as soon as he realizes it's over.

6 Sagittarius BONUS: Sometimes He'll Start An Argument


Some Sagittarius guys are a little less interested in outright admitting things are over, so they'll take a page from their Aries brothers. Instead of waiting for an argument to arise, Sagittarius men will sometimes start one on their own.

While it can start over something minor, he'll be sure to escalate things as quickly as possible, so when the moment is right he can spring the idea of breaking up on his partner.

Even if his partner tries to cool things down, the Sagittarius guy will push forward, encouraging the conclusion of the relationship and will ultimately end things.

5 Earth Signs Can Be Emotional


Earth signs are very realistic. They'll consider every aspect of their relationship before suggesting a break-up, and they'll definitely try to find ways to save things before broaching such a serious subject. Unfortunately, as level-headed as most Earth signs tend to be, their greatest weakness is their emotional side. Like anyone else, when an Earth sign starts to get emotional, common sense can sometimes fly out the window, leaving them raw and impulsive. Some might even lash out at their partners without meaning to. Earth sign guys want to enjoy great relationships, so when things start falling apart they struggle to control their situation. He won't mean to, but he just might break his partner's heart.

4 Taurus Will Fight To Make Things Work


Taurus guys are always so stubborn—but that's not necessarily a bad thing! In this instance, he's being stubborn about wanting to keep his partner close. He knows things are starting to slowly unravel but he isn't willing to admit it.

He wants to keep things exactly the way they've always been, disregarding the fact that nothing can stay the same forever.

While he works to save the relationship, things will continue to deteriorate around him. Even when it's obvious nothing can salvage things, he will live in a state of denial until his partner has to share with him that things are over.

3 Capricorn Sometimes Guilt Their Partner


Capricorn men sometimes have a hard time admitting when they are in the wrong, so when they realize it's time to call it quits he might lash out at his partner. Suddenly he has an issue with everything his partner says and does. When things start to fall apart, he will blame everything on his partner. He can do no wrong and everything that is happening is a direct result of something his partner said or did. Pretty soon, their partner will be as fed up with the relationship as he is, and when things end he might try to make it seem as if he tried everything he could, but on rare occasions, he will shoulder some of the blame and admit he was also in the wrong.

2 Virgos Talk Things Through


Virgo men are some of the most level-headed members of all the astrological signs. They pride themselves in staying calm and collected, regardless of how things are going. When times get tough, Virgo men start talking.

He'll bring up what's been bothering him and ask what his partner has been bothered by.

He wants to know how he can help and wants his partner to know how they can help as well. Relationships are often salvaged by his gallant efforts, however, not all relationships can pull through. He will do his best and, if things just can't be fixed, he gives up graciously and is often able to remain friends with his exes afterward.

1 VIRGO BONUS: Sometimes He'll Criticize His Partner


When a Virgo isn't able to talk about the impending breakup, he'll start to criticize his partner. He won't be doing it with a malicious heart, he's just trying to sort things out mentally. It can be difficult to keep his cool while he's struggling internally, so he'll make it a point to tell his partner every time they do something silly or make a mistake. By the time he's ready to admit everything is over his partner will be only too happy to bring things to an end because they will be tired of all the drama he's created lately.

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