The ONE Unhealthy Relationship Habit To Drop In 2019, Based On Our Astro Sign

When it comes to relationships, none of us are perfect. Let’s face it, relationships always feel so simple and fun at the beginning—you are both falling head over heels for each other, and you are buoyed by that feeling. It seems like that happy feeling will last forever, and you two will never run into any obstacles, right? Well, unfortunately, this is not the case—even the happiest couples face some challenges, and even the kindest, most warmhearted people out there have their flaws. In relationships, we all have to work to become better people. We can’t just coast on a feeling—we’ve got to put in the effort to make things work.

So, what do you have to work on in relationships? It can be hard to step back and recognize where we are falling short. It can be tough to acknowledge our own faults. But hey, that’s part of life, and as difficult as it can be, we all have to do it at one point or another. Reflecting is one thing, admitting your mistakes and making the change is another. Here’s the one unhealthy relationship habit you need to drop this year, based on your astro sign.

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20 Fire Signs Struggle In Long-Term Relationships


Fire signs have a tendency of pushing people away because they struggle to commit to long-term relationships. They may think that they are happier alone—and sure, when they are young, they typically are.

They will reach a point where they simply can’t handle commitment because they are afraid of the responsibility that comes with it. Furthermore, they’re scared of losing their freedom.

But if they remain stuck in this mindset, they will eventually end up losing someone who would be great for them, and they will regret it, thinking how well things could have actually gone.

19 Aries: Getting Scared Of Commitment


Aries in particular tends to shy away from commitment. This sign is all about being spontaneous and embracing freedom. When they hear the word “relationship,” it makes them feel a little bit trapped right off the bat. But Aries, this is the year to take a real chance — a chance on the person who is ready to be with you and only you. This is a whole new kind of risk taking, the kind that will transform you and push you to grow as a person. You will not regret saying yes to someone who loves you for who you are.

18 Leo: Always Looking To Upgrade


Leo, you know that you’re a catch—and you can’t help but admit that to yourself, because you’re the whole package! Smart, funny, good looking, what’s not to love, right? Well, recognizing your own good qualities and having high self-esteem is great, but the problem is that it’s getting in the way of your relationships. In 2019, it’s time to stop seeking out “upgrades.”

Leo often chases that butterfly feeling that happens at the start of a relationship, without getting to the warm, glowing, safe feeling that comes with real, enduring love.

Learn to love the one you’re with.

17 Sagittarius: Keeping Things Too Casual


Sagittarius, you’re not totally terrified of commitment — but you often wait until it’s too late, and the right guy slips through your fingers and moves on to someone who is ready to be straightforward with him. This is the year that this can all change for you. Keeping things casual might be fun for a summer fling with a guy who won’t be around forever, but what about when you meet someone you really, truly care about? Why bother keeping it casual when you can make it official? If you’re both on the same page, it’s time to take the leap.

16 Fire Signs Tend To Settle For Flings


Here’s the thing about fire signs — sometimes when they say that they are perfectly happy with a fling, they’re lying to themselves and just settling. They might secretly want more, but they are too nervous to go for it.

They are too hesitant to admit that their feelings are really that strong. But this is the year for fire signs to stop holding back on what they really want if they have their hopes set on a relationship.

Yes, it might be outside of their typical comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth giving it a shot.

15 Earth Signs Close Themselves Off


Earth signs can make wonderful boyfriends and girlfriends — but there is just one problem. They have a tendency of closing themselves off and staying just a little too guarded, when really, they need to open up and just be honest about their feelings.

They might be scared that they are moving too fast, or that they will come on too strong.

But sometimes in life, you just have to give in to those feelings and let your heart decide. Earth signs, this can be the year that you give yourself permission to be totally vulnerable with the one you love.

14 Taurus: Being Too Guarded

We Heart It

Taurus is definitely guilty of being a little too guarded when it comes to relationships. This sign tends to think very logically and weigh all the pros and cons of a decision before speaking up about how they feel. But sometimes, this means waiting too long — and realizing that the one who got away might still be around, if only they knew how you really felt.

Taurus, you don’t have to keep repeating this pattern forever. Don’t let another perfect partner go another day without hearing how deep your feelings run for them. They want to know what you’re thinking.

13 Virgo: Getting Too Picky


Virgo, you seem to live by a checklist, and that is one thing about you that is probably never going to change. But you could afford to loosen up a little bit when it comes to relationships. The fact of the matter is that a perfect partner doesn’t exist — and unfortunately, Virgos can be total perfectionists, which means that they are super picky when it comes to dating. But this can mean ruling out a lot of guys who are great except for one or two little flaws. Virgo, this is the year that you relax a bit in the dating scene.

12 Capricorn: Neglecting Date Nights


Capricorn is one busy sign. It seems like they are always on the go and they never want to slow down their crazy schedules. But this can be a big obstacle when it’s time for them to commit to a relationship. They find themselves getting their priorities all mixed up.

Capricorn, make this the year that you stop moving date night to the back burner — the year that you make it one of the top things on your to do list.

Committing to those regular date nights is so important if you want to have a happy, healthy long-term relationship.

11 Earth Signs Hold Back Their Feelings


This is the core of the problem that earth signs face when dating — they hold back their true feelings. They need to realize that sometimes acting on impulse is the right thing to do, and being vulnerable is actually a sign of strength. Sometimes, earth signs mistakenly think that being the first one to show emotion is actually weak, but this could not be further from the truth. An earth sign who can open up about what’s really in their heart is actually a total catch in the modern dating scene, and anyone would be so lucky to have them!

10 Air Signs Can Get Antsy

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Air signs can make incredible, loving partners. They also have a tendency to feel antsy and trapped when they are in serious relationships. This is something that they know they have to work on before they get married one day — but they still find it difficult to make the necessary changes. They tend to think of relationships as something that they just aren’t cut out for, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Air signs, let this be the year that you finally get comfy with commitment and stop wondering if the grass is greener on the other side.

9 Gemini: Picking Fights Out Of Boredom


Gemini, you know that you get bored when things are a little too stable. You also know that you have a bad habit that kicks in when things are going too well: you pick fights out of sheer boredom, because you have a tendency to confuse chaos and drama with passion. But you also know deep down that this is not the answer if you ever want to have a happy, healthy relationship. Let 2019 be the year that you put your defenses down and simply enjoy the good, mellow times. Fighting with your man is no fun.

8 Libra: Triple Texting 


Libra, you want to know where your significant other is at all times — call it trust issues, call it attachment, or call it love, but whatever you want to call it, it’s only cute for the first month or two. After that, all of the double and triple texting starts to come across as clingy.

In 2019, make a vow to yourself that you’re going to put your phone down and relax a bit.

You don’t need to keep tabs on your man at all times in order to know that he loves you — don’t worry about it so much.

7 Aquarius: Keeping Secrets


Aquarius, we know that it is not so easy for you to be totally honest with another person — it can be tough for even your closest friends to get to know the real you.

So when you get into a relationship, you catch yourself telling little white lies, and you tell yourself that you’re doing it all to protect your heart.

But of course, it’s going to complicate things. Aquarius, in 2019 it’s time to realize that those little white lies and secrets all add up to some major dealbreakers for your partner, and honesty is always the best policy.

6 Air Signs Can Overcomplicate Things


Air signs, just remember that when you’re with the right person, it’s all going to feel so simple. Everything that felt like such a major challenge before — everything that you thought was just part of being in a relationship, everything that made it all so complicated — won’t even be an issue anymore. But to find that right relationship, you have to work on these little habits. When you do, you will be amazed at the guys you meet and the possibilities that open up. You can’t bypass the hard work of self-improvement, but it will be worth it in the end.

5 Water Signs Fall Too Fast

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Water signs can’t help it — they just love romance. They are not the type to hold back their feelings, and they see no point in “playing it cool” or “playing hard to get.”

A water sign would much rather just wear her heart on her sleeve and reveal what she’s really thinking than try to hide it.

Water signs are known to be hopeless romantics for a reason — they tend to get super invested in whoever they’re crushing on, and they get hurt badly if things fall apart. They could definitely benefit from slowing things down a bit and taking it easy.

4 Cancer: Saying “I Love You” Too Early


Can a Cancer help that they fall in love so quickly? No, it’s just in their nature. But Cancer, this year it would do you well to remember that not everyone falls so fast, and sometimes, your partner may feel pressure to say those three little words before they are ready. Our advice? Don’t rush into saying, “I love you.” Wait until the time is right, you feel certain and you know that your significant other is in a place where they can truly understand and appreciate those words. It’s okay to take things slow every once in a while.

3 Scorpio: Being Overly Sensitive


Scorpio, it’s better to hear it from us now: no man is perfect, and your guy isn’t trying to hurt you on purpose every time he makes a mistake. But we know that part of being a Scorpio (and being a water sign in general) is just being sensitive overall. Instead of taking it too personally when your man screws up, remember that as long as he is always willing to keep growing as a person (as you should be too), that’s what really matters. People make mistakes, and sometimes we just have to be patient about the learning process.

2 Pisces: Getting Wrapped Up In A Fantasy

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Pisces, you tend to project the qualities you really want to see in a man on to men who just aren’t ready. And then they inevitably can’t live up to your high expectations. Your challenge for 2019 in your love life?

Allow the guys you meet to just be who they are, rather than trying to make them fit your idea of the perfect guy. An illusion can only last for so long, and you need to get to know the real deal.

The right guy will be the right guy — you won’t have to build him up in your imagination.

1 Water Signs Let Their Emotions Get In The Way


This is the main challenge of being a water sign — not letting fantasy and illusion get in the way of what’s really in front of you. But the good news is that this is something that can be worked on. It does not always have to be a problem for water signs. You can become the kind of person who has the ability to remove your rose-tinted glasses and see the world for what it really is. And once you do, you will never approach relationships in the same way again — it’s a fresh start! Besides, sometimes reality can be even better than your wildest dreams. 

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