The ONE Outfit That Will Make Him Fall Hard For Her, Based On His Astro Sign

When we’re getting ready for a date, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. Maybe we have old standbys who have been faithful to us, no matter how many failed romances they’ve embarked upon along with us. Maybe we’ve just picked out a cute new outfit and are now having second thoughts. If it’s a first date, the nerves are jangling around and making us second-guess our decisions, until our bedroom is awash in an array of rejected clothing.

While we don’t by any means condone dressing for a dude, we think that this might help take the edge off when it comes to choosing your next look when you’re getting ready to go out on a date. By looking at his astrological sign, we can help determine what outfit he’ll be most into so you can get the response you’re looking for!

Certain features, colours, silhouettes and styles can speak to men differently, and if you’re really into a certain guy, you may want to know just what look will get him to fall hard for you. Maybe those piles of cast-off clothes are actually holding the exact item you need to get him to swoon!

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20 Earth (Day): Classic Looks

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For the signs ruled by the element of Earth (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo), they are most drawn to things that have stood the test of time. Men born under this sign tend to favour stability and security. They would much rather spend their hard-earned cash on something worth the investment, rather than toss it away on frivolous and unnecessary luxuries or cheap imitations.

Because of that, these guys prefer their women to go about their days in classic looks. Think streamlined denim, sleek trench coats, expensive heels and solid shades like camel, black, grey, and white.

These signs know high quality when they see it, and are most attracted to women who can do a lot without needing all the bells and whistles.

19 Earth (Night): Put-Together And Polished

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While at night men born under one of the Earth signs prefer something modest, covered up and tailored to perfection, their favoured nighttime look for their ladies is something a little sleeker. These guys aren’t into big ballgowns or tiny mini-dresses. Instead, they like a look that hugs your curves without giving everything away. Midi-length dresses and skirts that are made with natural materials like wool, leather, cotton or suede appeal to these guys, who, for all their perfectionist tendencies, still have a sensual side that enjoys the feel of buttery material.

No need to go crazy on accessories for these guys, either – in fact, the simpler the better, because they know you don’t have anything to hide.

18 Capricorn: Skinny Jeans And Button-Downs

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Capricorn men aren’t the type to fuss around with fashion, and most of the time, these dudes are too busy conquering the world (or the boardroom) to pay much attention to what a woman wears. With that being said, these guys love a woman in skinny jeans and a crisp button-down shirt. It’s an effortless look that still requires a lot of confidence to pull off – which this Cap guy is totally into.

A classic style that’s still chic if worn with minimal accessories and impeccable tailoring hits all the right notes.

The Capricorn guy doesn’t need a woman to flaunt it all, because he’s not the type to think of her as a trophy.

17 Taurus: Fit-And-Flare Dresses

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Unlike the Capricorn’s favourite female look of choice, the Taurus man is a lot more traditional in the apparel that appeals to him. He’s a guy who enjoys certain gender roles, which means he loves seeing his lady in a dress – but not just any dress.

A fit-and-flare number is flattering on almost every body shape, nipping you in at the waist and giving a gorgeous hourglass figure (or accentuating one that’s already there).

While he prefers feminine colours, you can’t go wrong in the solids or prints department with a look like this, and you’ll be sure to have him swooning.

16 Virgo: Structured Coats

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The Virgo man is a little private and it takes a while for him to open up. Because of this, he’s not typically drawn to a woman who shakes what her mama gave her, and prefers a lady to be a little more covered up. To him, it’s a little bit of mystery, but also a lot of modesty.

A tailored or structured coat can be just as foxy as a dress, if it’s worn properly. While he doesn’t need to see a lot of skin, bare legs in heels peeking out from underneath the hem of a trench can get his heart racing, and a coat that cinches in the middle brings to mind that ever-attractive hourglass shape. Who says you can’t be covered up and cute at the same time?

15 Air (Day): Feminine Elements

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Like the element that rules over them, the Air signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra tend to think of fashion as something light, fun and playful. They see it as an expression of who you are, and, for these signs, they want someone with whom they can have a good time.

Since these signs tend to adore all things beautiful, feminine elements really appeal to these guys.

Think delicate lace, pretty florals, skirts, high heels and jewelry. These men want a woman who can stand out in a crowd and isn’t afraid to take risks, even in her wardrobe. Plus, with these details, he thinks you can enjoy yourself in the real world, too, and what man doesn’t want that?

14 Air (Night): Statement Accessories

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Like the daytime look favoured by the Air signs, these men also want to see a little self-expression in their women at night, too.

Trading in the florals for some studs, the lace for some leather, and the pretty heels for some platforms, men born under the Air signs like their women to get a little naughtier at night.

These signs tend to change their minds so frequently, they need a woman who can keep their interest. Switching up your look is something that appeals to them because it’s like dating a whole new girl from the day into the evening. Keeping him guessing – and showing him you’re in charge – is definitely a turn-on.

13 Aquarius: Biker Chic

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Embrace your inner tomboy and go against the grain to really rev up an Aquarius man. These guys hate to do anything by the book and will love a woman who refuses to be pinned down. Cropped leather jackets, dark skinny jeans and ankle boots are fierce and foxy.

This sign isn’t always drawn in by appearances, and would rather get to know someone before they really open up to them. Trying to woo him by being showy or in his face doesn’t do it for him. Wearing all black and looking a little rough around the edges makes this intellectual and curious sign want to get to know more of what lies beneath your cool exterior.

12 Gemini: Boho Beauty

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Gemini men are expressive and quick-witted, and need a woman who can keep up with them when their brains (and mouths) are going a mile a minute. This Air sign is usually too busy rushing off in the other direction to pay much attention to fashion, but when he does, he finds himself truly into bohemian-style beauty.

Floppy hats, crochet crop tops, and light-washed denim convey an effortless cool to him that he can’t help but stare at.

This sign loves a woman with confidence, and what’s more confident than rocking a Coachella look every day you’re not at the festival?

11 Libra: Pencil Skirt

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Ruled over by the planet Venus, the Libra man is just as concerned with fairness and harmony as he is with love and beauty. These men have a real eye for aesthetics, which means dressing sloppily reads to him as a sign of disrespect – to the both of you.

One of the most level-headed signs, the Libra guy likes a bit of work with his play, and that includes the outfit that makes him fall the hardest.

A woman in a pencil skirt with a tucked-in shirt and pair of heels really sends him over the edge because it mixes business with pleasure. Plus, he definitely gets a closer look at the shape you’re working with!

10 Water (Day): Simple Shades

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Water signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio aren’t the type to really demand attention. They tend to be pretty introverted and self-reflecting, which means wearing bright colours or loud patterns would put them in the spotlight unnecessarily.

As with himself, the Water sign – who can be notorious for his jealous streak – prefers his partners to be the same as him, usually dressed in simple, even somber shades, like grey and black.

To the Water man, a woman he wants to get to know doesn’t have to peacock around in brash clothing. He’d rather meet the shyer woman in the corner, who looks like she might have a secret – and possibly a steamy one!

9 Water (Night): Form-Fitting Attire

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While during the day, men born under the element of Water like a little mystery in their ladies, at night all bets are off. These guys like a woman with physical appeal and, even if it makes them a little jealous, they enjoy having a lady who is comfortable wearing sleeker silhouettes for an evening on the town.

Form-fitting attire like streamlined dresses, skinny jeans, or legging and bodysuits are all super hot for the Water signs because they know that’s who they’re going home with tonight! These signs are sensual and pretty crazy between the sheets, so getting a taste of the good stuff before the night is over will really put a pep in his step.

8 Pisces: Maxi Dress

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The Water sign most closely linked to their ruling element, Pisces men are one of the most sensitive signs. These water babies enjoy dates spent close to the seaside or on a lake, and love a woman who looks relaxed, because it calms them down – something that can be difficult to do.

A woman in a maxi dress is equally parts down-to-Earth and goddess-like. The flowing silhouette offers a tantalizing hint of what’s underneath, but still keeps things relatively covered.

7 Cancer: Tailored Blazers

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Cancer men prefer to stay at home most of the time, in which case they might like you best in a pair of pyjamas, but for a night out, these guys love a woman in a tailored blazer.

Since they tend to err on the suspicious side of things, it wouldn’t do well to stoke those fires by wearing something too revealing. A little blazer covers things up just enough – but it’s what’s underneath that counts. After the two of you settle into the cozy corner of a date night hotspot, shedding your layer to reveal a slip top or camisole underneath will really amp things up and get him to fall all over you!

6 Scorpio: Little Black Dress

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Whiskey on the rocks, black coffee and little black dresses – these are just some of the classic things the Scorpio man loves, and he will probably never stray from them!

The sign most often associated with mystery and affection, a little black dress goes an awfully long way for the Scorpio man. Not only can it come in different sizes and shapes, but the LBD has connotations that tonight is very much on, and that you probably have a matching set on underneath (which, let’s be honest, is the way this sign prefers you).

The LBD is a classic and black is Scorpio's power colour, so combining the two for something dark, daring and date-worthy will have him drooling.

5 Fire (Day): Relaxed

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Most of the time, Fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are always raring to go, pulled off in a ton of different directions. Their high energy and lust for life means that they usually want to go out on adventures, and you need to be ready for anything.

A relaxed look – think a T-shirt and jeans, and running shoes are a must – means that you can go with the flow and come along for the ride, and there’s nothing more appealing to the impulsive Fire sign than a woman who is equally spontaneous.

High heels and flirty frocks are great for nighttime but during the day, these guys are most into a woman who can get down and dirty right along with them.

4 Fire (Night): Bold Looks

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At night, the showmanship aspect of the Fire sign really emerges, especially if he has a little bit of arm candy. These men love a woman who isn’t afraid to be the center of attention, since they’re hardly wallflowers themselves.

Colours like red, orange, and gold turn their heads from the get-go. 

These guys enjoy being admired, and having a beautiful woman who exudes an air of sophistication and confidence nicely complements their own personality. They’re social creatures and love having a lady who can hold her own.

3 Aries: Activewear

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The youngest sign, Aries men are constantly on the go. These guys love sports and athletics and need a woman who can keep up with them. In fact, most of their ideal dates take place outdoors where they can get a little competitive and brag a bit about their accomplishments. To these guys, there’s nothing hotter than a woman in activewear, because it shows she takes physical fitness just as seriously!

Yoga pants, sports bras, tank tops and sneakers in fun colours or patterns are bold and attractive to this sign, who refuses to slow down and wants a lady who will come along for the ride.

2 Leo A Bodycon Dress

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While Leo men prefer to be the center of attention, they need a woman of whom they can be proud, and so they can show off a little. (Yeah, they’re a little immature.) These guys love having the best of everything and included in that luxury is a beautiful woman they can have on their arm.

While he doesn’t need someone to compete with him for the spotlight, he does find himself attracted to women who can merge their own spotlights with his.

A bodycon dress that puts your figure on display is exactly what this dude wants, so he can snake his arm around your waist and show everyone the beauty he happens to be with.

1 SAGITTARIUS: Shorts And A Tank

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Bitten by the travel bug, Sagittarius men are men of the world – but that doesn’t always extend to their preferred taste in women’s fashion. These guys tend to be fairly low-key, and can’t stand anything that reeks of too much effort. A simple pair of cutoff shorts and a tank top shows that you have the confidence to bare enough of your body without needing to always be “on”.

These extroverted types are most drawn to women who want to join them on their adventures, who can pick up and leave, but who don’t ask for too much in return, since they tend to fear commitment. Keep things chill in this outfit and soon he’ll be eating out of your hand.

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