The 2 Astro Signs We Have The MOST Chemistry With, Based On Our Sign

Chemistry is a funny thing. More often than not, it’s instantaneous. When we’re attracted to someone, we feel that "thing." Call it butterflies in your belly, sparks flying, a chemical reaction, a magnetic attraction — it all means the same thing. It’s an immediate acknowledgment that you’re suddenly into someone, and they become a good chunk of what you think about. You look forward to spotting them at work or in the classroom, you make a point to dress better in case you happen to run into them, maybe you even dream about them!

Unlike a crush, which can be one-sided, chemistry between two people is usually felt by both parties, and it’s pretty much impossible to deny. Hopefully, that chemistry has some legs and carries into a relationship, in which both people can find new and exciting ways to interest the other and form a deep, long-lasting bond. Chemistry doesn’t have to fizzle into friendship as the years wear on — sometimes you just need to know where you might find it!

Looking to astrological signs, we can better determine what signs we’ll experience an immediate attraction with. In some cases, that chemistry is short-lived, while in others, both signs find new ways to surprise each other. Keep those sparks flying and see who you match best with!

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24 Aquarius: Loving Time With Libra

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An Air sign just like Aquarius, Libra provides that much-needed intellectual conversation to keeps things stimulating and interesting. These two understand each other like no one else can, being of the same element and temperament.

While other signs may take issue with the fact that Aquarius tends to shut down emotionally, Libra totally understands and won’t try to tie down the free-spirited Aquarius.

Beginning as a friendship, these two signs will develop a romantic relationship filled with passion and excitement after many conversations and explorations together.

23 Aquarius: Gaga Over Gemini

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Gemini is drawn to Aquarius – they simply can’t help themselves! The intellect, curiosity, and creativity of the Air sign attracts the social Gemini who finds themselves endlessly fascinated by this new person in their life.

While neither sign is really the type to get all sappy, these two will find a friendship that turns into a relationship. It’s like dating their BFF! This relationship is a very positive and lighthearted one, and for both signs, it’ll feel like they’ve found their other half without compromising their individuality.

22 Pisces: Taken With Taurus

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Pisces is a relationship-minded sign, generally on a more traditional wavelength when it comes to things like love and family. They are also a very sensual sign, like the other Water signs Cancer and Scorpio.

This makes them an excellent match for Taurus who provides the dreamy Pisces with some much-needed grounding without taking all the wind out of their sails.

These two will likely find common ground in all things related to art and culture and their pairing is sure to be a fiery one.

21 Pisces: Super Into Scorpio

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Matched with another Water sign, Pisces finds extreme chemistry with Scorpio!

While Pisces gets along well with lots of signs, owing to their empathetic and compassionate nature, they experience real fireworks with Scorpio.

These two signs are both adventurous, playful, and sensuous once they’ve found a partner with whom they trust enough. This couple makes a surprisingly stable pairing – but never a boring one! Matched in their ideals of love and loyalty, these two ignite a spark that keeps burning for years.

20 Aries: Lighting Fires With Leo

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Assertive and aggressive, Aries is usually the leader in the room and will likewise find themselves drawn to someone who radiates charisma. A Fire sign like Leo encourages the competitive Aries to shine brighter and brighter, making for one impressive power couple.

With Leo as a fixed sign, they tend to take things a little slower, which appeals to Aries who often finds themselves the pursuer in the chase. Their little game of cat and mouse is all kinds of steamy and doesn’t stop once they’ve finally been caught.

19 Aries: Going On Adventures With Gemini

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As the youngest sign, Aries has an unfortunate tendency to get bored with their surroundings and head off in search of the next best thing. Luckily for Gemini, their changeable nature and need to be active coincides nicely with Aries’ itchy feet!

With a seemingly endless stream of ideas – from conversations to dates – Gemini will keep impatient Aries on their toes so they won’t ever get bored. And, since this sign needs a little bit of independence, they don’t have to worry about a Gemini being clingy!

18 Taurus: Comforted By Cancer

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In relationships, Taurus often finds themselves in the position of nurturer, taking care of everyone else without having anyone to care for them. It’s a role they were born to have, but it can get tiresome and isolating. Enter Cancer.

This Water sign is nurturing and comforting, taking the initiative to form a deeper connection so that Taurus doesn’t always have to take the lead.

These two see eye to eye on almost everything, from family to finances, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Cancer is able to unlock the deep well of emotions within Taurus and make for a truly romantic relationship.

17 Taurus: Sultry With Scorpio

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While they might not work out in the long run, there’s no denying the immediate and powerful spark felt between a Taurus and a Scorpio. These two signs are incredibly steamy, both together and apart, and have a reputation for getting pretty active and adventurous behind closed doors.

While Taurus has an inclination to stick with what they know, Scorpio will draw out their more creative side, and Taurus will be glad of it.

These two understand the value of trust and will create a safe and stable environment for one another. When they do fight (which could be often), they’ll have a lot of fun making up.

16 Gemini: All About Aquarius

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One of the biggest pet peeves Gemini has in a relationship is getting stuck in a rut. They’re quickly bored by routine and eventually, find that most relationships end up this way.

However, Aquarius is likewise bothered by a stagnant and unsurprising coupling, which means these two will have a lot of fun trying to keep things interesting!

Attracted by the out-of-the-box thinking of the open-minded Aquarius, intellectually curious Gemini will want to find out and learn more. They need a partnership that is bigger on brains than anything else, and being constantly awakened to new ideas by Aquarius is the way to win them over.

15 Gemini: Likeminded Gemini

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One of the few signs that match well with one another, Gemini actually experiences a lot of heat and chemistry with other Geminis!

These two obviously have a lot in common and understand their need for conversation and social interaction.

Hardly the wallflower type, each Gemini will open up the other’s eyes to new ideas and experiences that they can enjoy together. Gemini, as the sign of the twins, is always looking for its other half. Being able to find someone who complements them so completely while understanding their need for space and an independent life is what really seals the deal.

14 Cancer: Can't Get Enough Of Taurus

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Cancer has been burned a lot in past relationships, due to their tendency to want to find love but their mood swings and jealous suspicions sabotaging them in the end. Because of that, this sign finds themselves becoming more attracted to those that can offer a sense of stability and security, like Taurus.

Together, these two might not be packing on the PDA, but they find nothing more arousing than being cuddled up at home in the arms of each other. They don’t need all the bells and whistles to feel real heat in their relationship, because theirs is one naturally built on a solid foundation of love, respect, and trust.

13 Cancer: Slow Burn With Scorpio

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Apart, Cancer and Scorpio are distrustful, suspicious, and cold. They don’t open up easily and it can take some time for them to come around to one another, despite both being Water signs. These two will dance around a friendship for a while, getting to know one another better.

Cancer will learn that Scorpio is putting up a front and see straight through to their soft core.

Once enough trust has built between these two – and their fires are being stoked internally – you had better watch out, because this electric pairing is one that will likely last a lifetime!

12 Leo: Loving Libra

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For a good time, call up this couple! Leo and Libra are a fun-loving match who enjoy a good time and not taking things too seriously. They’ll party till they drop and then get up and do it all over again. The attraction between these two will be immediate, and it’s like two suns meeting – totally explosive.

Flirtatious and fun, there’s definitely bound to be a bit of drama between Leo and Libra, but Libra is usually able to calm down the Fire sign thanks to their natural inclination towards compromise.

A beautiful couple who’ll turn heads wherever they go, these two might not last but they’ll have a lot of fun while it happens!

11 Leo: Obsessed With Aries

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A sign that is attracted to someone who can match their boisterous, vivacious energy, Leo has always been drawn to those who can keep up with them. Usually this means Fire or Air signs, and in this case, it’s the Fire-born Aries! These two have an intrinsic passion for life and are fans of instant gratification – and lots of it!

Together, they’ll inspire one another and feed off of the other’s energy, making a pairing that is packed with chemistry and heat.

This relationship is bound to be nonstop exciting for signs with gigantic personalities, full of highs and lows.

10 Virgo: Captivated By Capricorn

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Do Capricorn and Virgo sound like the hottest couple pairing? Probably not the to untrained eye, but behind closed doors, these two radiate heat, affection, and attraction.

Both of these Earth signs aren’t fans of drama and will generally work hard together to ensure that they can have a stable, loving, and mature relationship.

The attraction between the two comes from that shared maturity because they’ve never been the type to be swayed by silly games. While they may not be showing it all off, these two are quite sensual when they find someone worthy of their attentions, and finding that it one another feels like winning the lottery!

9 Virgo: Totally Into Taurus

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Another Earth sign, Virgo has always been interested in Taurus. While Virgo tends to be a little more reserved and buttoned-up, Taurus doesn’t try to make excuses for their big appetites or desires. Taurus will help Virgo loosen up a little without pulling them totally outside of their comfort zone, and in turn, the stable nature of Virgo will let Taurus release their warm and fuzzy side, giving way to some pretty intense feelings. Touch is a vital component of this relationship, and can be used to signify desire, affection, comfort, or compassion – everything these two need to have a successful relationship.

8 Libra: Seduced By Sagittarius

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Always a bit wishy-washy, Libra can be attracted to one type one day and changed their mind the next.

For most signs, this would be a source of frustration, but for Sagittarius, they appreciate the challenge.

Sagittarius has always been the type to test their boundaries and try new things, and that includes relationships. While they prefer to be on their own much of the type, if they can find a partner who interests them and wants to explore new things too, it’s all systems go! With Libra, Sagittarius will find a challenge and there’s nothing quite like wining someone over for the Fire sign.

7 Libra: Getting Curious With Gemini

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If this Air sign is going to have an intense connection with anyone, it’ll be Gemini, another Air sign. These two can spend hours together in deep conversation, with no idea how much time has passed, as they gaze into one another’s eyes.

Conversely, they are also both adventurous and curious, and will happily set off on a trip together to learn, do, and see more of the world. Libra will want to show Gemini all that they know, and Gemini will be only too eager to soak it all up. These two fit the definition of “partners in crime” and will have an amazing time for every single second.

6 Scorpio: Super Intense With Scorpio

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Another astro pairing that happens to match well with itself, two Scorpios together means immediate, intense, and long-lasting fireworks. When it comes to chemistry, it is off the charts for these two!

These two seem to seek one another out and their attraction is instantaneous.

They both will want to test one another’s boundaries (especially in private), but understand their shared need for trust and loyalty to form a lifelong bond. This couple will scorch the sheets with their love and, truth be told, prefer to keep that part of their lives private or else risk accusations of major PDA.

5 Scorpio: Tension Builds With Taurus

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The opposite sign of Scorpio, Taurus, happens to have a lot of the shared values, including a need for trust and honesty. Neither sign is a fan of playing the field or games, but the issue with these two is how long they’ll take to actually get together! Taurus and Scorpio will dance around the idea of hooking up for a long time, even though the attraction will be obvious to anyone who comes near them. It’ll be a case of major flirty tension which will make the payoff of finally getting together that much sweeter – and spicier!

4 Sagittarius: Adores Aries

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Both born under the element of Fire, it should come as no surprise that Sagittarius and Aries make for quite the passionate pair! These two both have a lust for life, which makes them compatible, alongside their need for independence (Aries) and their natural free spirit (Sagittarius).

These two consider one another to be their own personal muse, full of creativity and endlessly interesting. While each sign could get bored with other partners, they understand one another’s needs and desires so well that it’s pretty unlikely here.

3 Sagittarius: Spontaneous With Sagittarius

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Who better understands a Sagittarius than another Sagittarius? These two have a shared hatred of anything routine or normal and would rather explore the unknown and push their own personal limits. Other signs can be intimidated or downright frightened of the idea of stepping outside of their comfort zone, but to Sagittarius, it is their lifeblood.

Spontaneity is the name of the game for these two. Date nights are unplanned, bedroom activities change on the regular, and their life is a fun fiasco of nonsense and amazement. Together, these two will be quirky and have off-the-charts chemistry.

2 Capricorn: Trying Something New With Taurus

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Two Earth signs that are naturally drawn to one another, Capricorn will find themselves unable to resist the beauty and serenity often exhibited by Taurus. They’re not into flashy people who demand the spotlight; in fact, it’s usually a turnoff for them. Taurus, however, is sensual enough to interest business-minded Capricorn but not to in-your-face as to appear desperate.

Capricorn tends to like things the way they are, which could lead to a rut between these two sings, but with Taurus’s gentle prodding, things will continue to heat up between these two for quite a while.

1 Capricorn: Very Into Virgo

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Like matching with Taurus, it makes sense that Capricorn would find themselves attracted to Virgo, the other Earth sign =.

Capricorn has always had high expectations for just about everything, but perfectionist Virgo will manage to reach — and even surpass v them time and again. Naturally, this makes for a pretty impressive time in the bedroom! While Virgo is inclined to follow Capricorn’s lead in this arena (which Cap appreciates), the former Earth sign will be able to get the reserved Capricorn to open up a little bit more to trying some new experiences. These two will fall fast and hard for each other.

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