Teen Mom OG: 20 Details To Get Us All Up To Date

For millions of viewers, Teen Mom OG has been the reality television show that they have tuned into season after season to see how several young women managed to navigate the choppy waters of parenthood long before they were ready.

Original cast members Amber, Catelynn, and Maci all discovered that they were pregnant during their teen years. Almost a decade later, all three have seen their children grow, their families expand, and their relationships change. They have built businesses, endured heartache and weathered the storms that life tends to bring. These ladies are nothing if not resilient.

And, this last season the trio of OGs were joined by two mothers who also experienced motherhood while still very young. The famous Bristol joined the gang as did reality television cast member Cheyenne. The gals also saw an original teen mom, Farrah Abraham, begrudgingly leave the franchise.

Viewers recently watched the five women wrap up their latest season, but even though the cameras stopped rolling, the chaos and drama did not.

Here are 20 details that will get everyone up to speed on the Teen Mom OG gang. It's hard to keep up with these ladies' forever changing lives, but somehow fans will manage!

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20 Cate And Tyler Are Expecting Their Third Daughter

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Michigan natives Cate and Tyler are pretty much the prom king and Queen of the Teen Mom franchise. They got together in middle school and have pretty much been together ever since.

It's incredible that these two are still together because they have been dealt some very serious grown-up challenges.

The now married pair adopted out their first daughter, Carly, when they were still in their teen years, went on to have a second little girl, Novalee, whom they are raising together, and are now expecting another baby girl in the very near future.

19 The Baltierras Are On A Break

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So the Baltierra family is indeed gearing up to welcome another little lady into their homes and hearts, but everything is not exactly roses and sunshine. The pregnancy came as a complete surprise to the couple, as they were not trying to get pregnant. Even though Cate is carrying the couple's little girl, they soldiered on with their plans to undergo a marital separation. Tyler, in particular, has needed some space away from his wife and child to figure out who he is, apart from being Cate's partner and Novalee's father. Many fans of the show viewed this leave as selfish, while others supported his attempt at personal growth. Only time will tell if the separation is permanent.

18 Maci And Ryan Are Working On Repairing Their Co-Parenting Relationship


The days of Maci and Ryan forever are long gone, that's for sure. Maci moved on and married longtime love, Taylor McKinney, and they now have two children together along with the son, Bentley, that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards had together back in their teen years.

Just because they aren't together romantically doesn't mean they aren't involved with each other's lives.

The two have struggled with co-parenting for as long as we have known them, but now that Ryan has worked on his personal issues, things seem to be on the up and up. Maci is hopeful that the new Ryan will be easier to work with, and she has even repaired her relationship with Ryan's parents, who are heavily involved in Bentley's life still to this day.

17 The Entire Baltierra Clan Is Turning Over New Leaves

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As if Cate and Ty haven't had enough on their plates over the last decade and a half, the husband and wife have also been dealing with other issues with extended family members. Cate's mother and Tyler's father have both had health issues (fun fact: Ty's dad and Cate's mom used to be married). Butch has finally gotten clean, with the help and generosity of his son and daughter in law, as has Tyler's sister Amber. She too struggled with controlled substances, and after a long struggle, she also got some help. Fingers crossed everyone stays on the up and up.

16 A New Chapter In Amber's Painful Past

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Amber Portwood has had her fair share of pain and struggle in her short life. She got pregnant with her daughter Leah when she was a teenager, she struggled with addiction and even landed herself behind bars. We have watched Amber jump from doomed relationship to doomed relationship for years, but she finally seems to have gotten that part of her life right with her new beau Andrew Glennon.

Also, Amber recently opened up about the loss of her sister years ago.

Amber was five when her infant sister passed away from SIDS at only five months old. The pain and trauma from that experience still haunt her to this day.

15 Amber's Mental Health Update

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Since receiving a diagnosis of myriad mental health issues, Amber has been nothing if not honest about the struggle that is mental health. She has served as an open book about bi-polar and borderline disorders as well as depression. Her willingness to use her own experiences to help others is one of the more endearing qualities of Amber. Her mental health took another dive this season when she started fighting postpartum depression. After hitting rock bottom, she seems like she is getting professional help and is grateful for the support of her partner Andrew. Keep fighting the good fight Amber; you got this.

14 New Baby And New Home

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Cate and Tyler's new little girl will be coming home to a brand new house. The pair has been hard at work over the last few years renovating their dream property.

Much of this undertaking was filmed for their reality show, and we often saw the couple's frustration with contractors and missing deadlines.

Tyler shared some inside peeks of the home on social media and can we say that we have major house envy. Maybe it's time the two took on renovations and reality television? That is definitely something we would watch.

13 Ryan Edwards Could Be Headed For Trouble

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Ryan Edwards is the biological father to Teen Mom OG Maci's oldest son Bentley. He is also a father to another young son with his current wife, Mackenzie. Little Jagger was born while Ryan was away at yet another program, this time entering one that seemed as intense as they come. He returned home to his beautiful baby and happy wife, but he seems to be already floundering. Instead of relishing in this new lease on life, Edwards is looking like he is single and ready to mingle when he is anything but. Clearly, the couple could be headed toward a split, if Ryan's past behavior is any indication.

12 Farrah Abraham Has Trouble After Bailing On A Project

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Farrah might not be on Teen Mom OG any longer, but for many seasons she was an essential part of the cast. She might not be on this reality show any longer, but that doesn't mean that she has stopped making appearances altogether.

Farrah committed to taking part on a celebrity boxing match against Flavor of Love's Nicole Alexander, back in November, but she pulled out before the event ever got underway.

Her absence caused the Farrah to be sued by the event promoted to the tune of $12,000! Farrah cannot escape trouble, we swear.

11 Farrah's Feuding With Her Ex

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Farrah has not been so lucky in love over the years. After the sudden passing of her daughter Sophia's father back when she was still pregnant with their daughter, her love life has only done downhill from there, and that is saying a lot. The most promising relationship we ever saw Farrah in was with Simon Saran. Sadly, that union hit the skids and Saran has been lashing out at his ex publically calling her fake. Leave it up to Farrah to get herself into a full-blown social media war with an ex. The girl is no stranger to sounding off on social media. Remember the Nicki Minaj feud? We sure do!

10 Maci Still Has A Restraining Order Against Ryan

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Even though she is working towards building a more stable relationship with her ex and the father of her child, Ryan Edwards, mama Maci is still holding on to the restraining order she and husband Taylor put into place before Ryan started working on his self-improvement.

Months ago Ryan said some pretty bad things against Maci's family, causing her and Taylor to seek legal assistance in keeping their family safe.

We wonder if Maci and Taylor are waiting to see if Ryan holds onto his sobriety this time. He certainly has a lot of proving himself to do.

9 Amber Wants Back In

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Viewers of the reality show will surely remember Amber's latest meltdown. The new mother started to feel the pressures of living her life out in public pretty heavily and compound that with clinical depression, and you have a recipe for chaos. The chaos here was Amber abruptly quitting the franchise. The latest murmurings are that Amber is already regretting her hasty decision. Sources close to her say that she wants back in and feels like there is so much more to her story that has to be shared. We can't help but hope she and producers come to a happy medium before filming ramps back up again. We would miss her too much.

8 Gary Shirley Finally Finds His Father!

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One of the main storylines this season was Gary Shirley's search for his biological father. Gary is the proud dad to Leah, Amber Portwood's daughter, and while he and Amber are no longer an item, the two have managed to not only co-parent but also forge a friendship. Gary and his wife even visited Amber and Andrew out in California this past year.

Gary has long looked for his biological father, and during this last season, we finally saw his search come to an end.

With the help of a private investigator and DNA analysis, Gary was able to meet his dad, Mike.

7 Cheyenne And Corey's Maybe-Relationship

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Nothing in Teen Mom history has confused us as much as the maybe-relationship between newcomer Cheyenne and her baby daddy Corey. Corey didn't find out he was a father until their daughter Ryder was six months old, but since then he is the poster-man for stepping up. There is no denying the chemistry between these two, they have even crossed the "friend zone line" more than once. It's clear that Cheyenne loves Corey, but he has always been honest about not being ready to commit. The pair isn't saying it's NOT going to happen someday, they are merely saying that someday isn't today. Excuse us while we all cross our fingers that these two will eventually make it all official. They are too cute.

6 Cheyenne Wants More Kids With Corey

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Together or not, one thing is clear: Cheyenne wants more kids with Corey no matter the state of their relationship.

On the reunion show, Chey shared with Doctor Drew that she was patiently waiting on two things: a ring from Corey and more babies from him.

Whoa! To be fair, these two do make adorable kids, and they seem to be the best of friends as well as great parents, so it isn't the worst idea in the world. Will either of these dreams come true? Corey doesn't seem to think so, but the two are still young and have time to change their minds.

5 Bristol And Dakota's Cease-Fire

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Watching mom of three Bristol Palin and her now ex-husband end their marriage on television was painful. We couldn't help but wince more than once as the two bickered back and forth about pointless things. After numerous harsh words and criticisms of each other, the former couple seems to be at a place where they can agree to be cordial. After so much hurt and pain, both Bristol and Dakota kept their cool on the reunion show making us all believe that there is still hope that they can someday peacefully co-parent their daughters together.

4 Bristol's Little Digs At A Former OG

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Bristol has had a beef with former Teen Mom OG cast member Farrah Abraham. Welcome to the club Bristol and take a number. Lots of people these days have a beef with Farrah. The latest blow thrown Farrah's way came when Bristol and co-star Corey were joking around at the reunion backstage.

Corey told Bristol that she was trying to be the new Farrah.

Bristol came back with, "I know. I am. You guys should see the tape I’m about to release." Yikes. We can't believe we went there. Oh, wait, yes we can. These gals can be ruthless.

3 Another Teen Mom Baby On The Way?

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We know that Tyler and Cate are anticipating the birth of their little girl shortly, but is another Teen Mom carrying a bun in the oven? As recent as late November, reports started surfacing that Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney were expecting a baby. After Taylor posted some pics to social media, fans were quick to point out a possible baby bump on typically thin Maci. The couple has yet to say whether or not they are expanding their brood, so we will all have to wait with bated breath on this one.

2 Farrah's Turned To Another MTV Show

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Seriously MTV? Were no lessons learned here from your time spent with Farrah Abraham? Farrah is no longer hanging with the teen moms, but she is starring in the second season of Exes on the Beach.

Farrah is already shouting and arguing with her co-stars on her new show and establishing herself as one of the most challenging people in reality television to work with.

The lady is a pain, but she does make for some entertaining television. With Farrah, there is never a dull moment, no matter what show she is on. Note to self: start watching Exes on the Beach.

1 Dakota Meyers Recently Landed In The Hospital

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Bristol's ex-husband has battled PTSD and anxiety after serving his country overseas. Dakota Meyers recently landed himself in the hospital because of a severe anxiety attack. The Medal of Honor vet shared his experience on social media, letting his fans know that some days you beat the anxiety and some days you don't. As for Bristol's feelings about the recent hospital stint, we don't know, but we hope that he is getting the support and help that he deserves. The one good thing that always comes out of the Teen Mom series is how the cast members share their states of mental health and do their best to help others in similar situations.

Sources: The Stir, OK Magazine

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