Silver Fox: 20 Male Celebs Who've Embraced Going Grey

For many adults, finding that first grey hair signifies the end of an era. The aging process has indeed begun, and it's only going to be downhill from this point on. Welcome to months trips to the salon in hopes of hiding those silvery streaks. Bring on the anxiety of running out of root touch up just when the color needs it the most. Enjoy a new hat collection. All prematurely greying peeps own an extensive collection of hats.

Yes, going grey isn't exactly a fun part of life for many, but it doesn't have to be the depressing turning point of lost youth. These days, grey is in vogue. Hooray! Celebrities and the fashion world are embracing greys, silvers and platinum white locks, and guess what?

The color works! Countless ladies of Tinsel Town have turned to mature palettes in the hair department. Kelly Osborne, Rhianna, and Lady Gaga all dabbled in the greys, and the look isn't just for women.

The men are embracing the silver fox look too. They aren't coloring their hair, like many of the women are, they are merely letting nature take its course. These twenty men are aging really (really!) well and fans are suddenly very, very thirsty.

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20 Hugh Grant

Pair that velvety accent with a head of silver hair and you have a recipe for undeniable attractiveness.

Hugh Grant made every heart in the world beat out of their chest back when he was ruling the romantic comedy genre.

No one made us want to fall in love like this guy. Sure, in real life he had some bumps and made some poor choices, but we cannot help but want to give Hugh all the chances in the world. Now that Grant is older, maybe a little wiser, and more grey around the temples, we adore him even more.

19 Eric Dane

It's like the guys of Grey's Anatomy all got together and said, "Hmm, what can we do to make ourselves even more attractive?" It turns out that the solution they came up with was to let their hair go grey, and their ploy worked because we are swooning over the men of Grey's new looks. Dr. M here is a prime example as to why we are in full support of the #greyguys movement (that hashtag: let's make that a thing guys). He and his good looking male costars have embraced the all natural look from the neck up. We dig it.

18 Patrick Dempsey

Someone call the doctor because McDreamy's foxy grey hair is giving us heart palpitations. Patrick Dempsey can't not be attractive. His role as the lead doctor and heartthrob on ever popular Grey's Anatomy solidified his status as number one major hunk that we want hovering over us as we recover in a hospital.

Well into middle age now, Dempsey is giving that silver fox look a whirl and can we just say, the Doctor is always right.

He does the salt and pepper thing to perfection. His dapper look raises our blood pressure to dangerous levels. Good thing he is always on call.

17 Jeffery Dean Morgan

Two things work on actor Jeffery Dean Morgan: fatherhood and silvery stands of hair. Jeffery Dean Morgan, also of Grey's Anatomy, among other projects, has entered two significant phases of life: fatherhood and naturally greying hair. He and his actress wife Hillary Burton (One Tree Hill fans know her well) now spend their days chasing around two adorable tots. Maybe it's the tiny toddlers underfoot that started the grey hairs to get sprouting. Whatever made them come in at rapid speed, we are happy they are there because he looks ah-mazing with a more mature head of hair.

16 Matt LeBlanc

If the question is, "How we doin'?" The answer is: excellent now that Matt LeBlanc has embraced his inner fox. We can't help but hold a torch for clueless, kind and lovable Joey from everybody's favorite 90's sitcom, Friends.

His days of bunking up with Chandler and snagging starring roles on cheesy soap operas are long gone, as are his days of brown hair.

Matt LeBlanc is sporting the smattering of grey atop his scalp, and it suits him well. He was a gorgeous man decades ago and is still a handsome guy who can make us smile.

15 George Clooney

Can one even have a Top Good Looking Men list without including the infamous Geroge Clooney? The answer is no. No matter what, George always finds himself at the head of the "Best Looking" list. Of course, he was going to rule the Silver Fox Stunners list we have going on! The father to twins and husband to gorgeous Amal has finally settled down into domestic bliss, and with that security and happiness, he has decided to let nature take its course and rock the grey hair. Anything and we mean anything, looks good on this guy, but may we say that the grey hair is an especially good look for him.

14 Andy Cohen

Lots of changes are taking place in Bravo television producer and host Andy Cohen's life this year. He is set to become a first-time father in the upcoming months, (a surrogate is currently carrying his long-awaited baby), and he is embracing the all natural grey hair look that we are all obsessing over at the moment.

It's probably a smart move that Andy goes full-on grey now because having kids would have sped the aging process up anyhow.

Mazel Tov on the new baby Andy, and congrats on your new look.

13 John Slattery

We loved him in The Romanoffs, and we love him with a full head of grey hair. Slattery is the epicenter of chic and classy. He takes that wise, older man look to a whole other level. Guys like him make us wonder what we were ever doing wasting our time with young guys with heads of blonde highlights. The older, accomplished, worldly gentleman is definitely the way to go. Our teen selves might have had posters of N'Sync up on our walls, but our middle age selves are way more likely to hang like good looking silver fox up above our beds.

12 Jon Stewart

The silver fox look is the perfect compliment to Jon Stewart's witty, smart sense of humor. Everything about this man says: I'm attractive, and I don't have to try that hard. Rock hard abs are fab, but we will take maturity and intelligence any day.

Stewart has brought back the natural greying hair as well as humor as the most attractive quality.

Now the only issue he faces is droves of women getting distracted from his jokes by his foxy good looks. It's hard to get us all to stay awake past nine these days, but for Jon, we just might try.

11 Taylor Kinney

via today.com

Ohhhh, we will take all of this. The salt and pepper hair, the manly plaid shirt, and the fireman suit from your hit television show Chicago Fire if you can swing that, Taylor. Please and thank you. Taylor Kinney is attractive no matter what he does to his hair, but let us just say that the premature greying thing is working in his favor. Also working in his favor is that smile and the three-day stubble that he is sporting. Lady Gaga might have missed the mark here when she gave up on locking this foxy dude down.

10 Thom Browne

Thom Browne has been a significant influence on the men's fashion influence as well as a primary influence on why we adore the silver fox look on men.

His suits are works of art, his silver fox hair makes us drool, and can we talk about those chiseled cheekbones for just a second, please?

This gent only gets better looking as time goes on and we love for his final strut down the runway at his shows. The guy can work this look, that's for sure. Take notes fellows: look at Thom Browne and then do exactly what he does in regards to fashion.

9 Dermot Mulroney

Once the cute face of romantic comedy, Dermot Mulroney has gotten grittier in his acting and easier on the eyes, as if that is even possible. Always a looker, this guy has embraced aging and made women want to embrace him. Such a stud. Mulroney gave us a whole other side to his craft when he starred on Showtime's Shameless, and honestly, his character was the pits. If we didn't give up on him then, it's probably safe to say that we are Dermot fans for life. We are also silver fox fans for life!

8 Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is so beautiful; he doesn't even look like a real human being. If you look up "Good looking, grey-haired man" in the dictionary, there will be a picture of Anderson Cooper looking right back at you. Even his name is perfection.

His hair is soft, it's snowy, and it's always cut to perfection. He really is hair goals.

Pair those icy locks with his piercing blue eyes and on point fashion sense, and you have a real winning guy here. Of course, he is smart and engaging on top of being good looking. He really has the whole package.

7 Pierce Brosnan

Oh, my stars. James Bond is slaying the silver fox look. Pierce Brosnan is a timeless creature to be sure, and at 63 years young he is still one of the best looking fellas in Tinsel Town. We are not worthy. This guy's iconic good looks will go down in history along with Sean Connery and Harrison Fords. If there were a Hall of Fame for good looking silver foxes, Bronson would be in there for sure. That weathered look of his is earning him a fast track into the center of our heart. He is the epitome of ageless.

6 Ben Affleck

Maturity looks good on this legend. He has come a long way from his days of Good Will Hunting. We must say Ben has figured out how to navigate the speed bumps at life and has managed to come out on top, and with great hair.

He is entering that phase of life where he either had to commit to coloring his hair for life or just let it do its thing.

We are so glad that he decided to embrace the salt and the pepper. We are also big fans of the scruffy beard and mustache stubble. Jen Garner might be changing her tune after seeing her ex sport his new look.

5 Idris Elba

via theindependant.co.uk

This man is like a fine wine. Thanks, we'll take the entire bottle. Idris Elba is a magical creature for sure. He mesmerizes us when he is on screen and nearly cripples us with his good looks. The older this guy gets, the harder we fall for him. When Idris speaks, we can't help but listen. Have you all even caught one of his interviews? You literally can't take your eyes off of the screen. He is that captivating. Whatever side of that mountain you are on Idris, we are right behind you. We're just gonna grab our supplies real quick.

4 Ryan Reynolds

Right when we thought this guy could not possibly get more attractive, he goes off and turns grey.

Ryan Reynolds has a couple of things going for him; he, of course, has his humor.

We love reading his witty parenting posts on social media. Aside from being a funny guy, he is a talented actor and devoted husband and father. You hit the jackpot there Blake Lively. He also has his undeniable good looks. There is nothing not physically attractive about Ryan. We can't stop looking at his grey hair and salt and pepper beard. He is magnificent.

3 Brad Pitt

via gq.com

Never lose the foxy beard, Brad Pitt. Ever. Sure, poor boy, Brad has been through the wringer over the last few years, with his divorce from Angelina Jolie, his strained relationships with his children, and his struggle with alcohol addiction, but as always there is Brad, coming out on top. When he did emerge from his black hole cocoon of lousy fortune and mishap, Brad emerged a silvery butterfly. Look at that new mature beard and goatee that Brad is rocking! Yes, Brad. Just yaaaaas. Eat your heart out Angie.

2 Chris Pine

via gq.com

If loving your salt and pepper hair is wrong Chris Pine, then we don't want to be right.

Actor Chris Pine is still pretty young buy most standards, probably younger than me, but he shows us that premature greying is nothing if not attractive.

His new hairdo says: take me seriously, I'm a talent. It says: I'm older, wiser and ready to treat you right. It says: Girl, I've been placed, and I'll take you there. Okay, we don't actually know if these are things Pine is thinking but come on, a girl can dream, right?

1 Max Joseph

There is no catfishing going on here folks. This smattering of silvery locks is the real deal. MTV television show host Max Joseph went grey real fast. It wasn't so long ago that Joseph was tracking down deceitful liars on his hit television while rocking a dark brown hairdo. These days he is still flushing out those catfish, but now he is doing it with a head of silvery locks that suit him. The guy is smart and creative, and the silver fox look works with him. We also love that while he changed the color up, he kept his messy, just rolled out of bed style. It's a jazzy contrast.

Sources: Harper's Bazaar

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