On & Off Again: 20 Celeb Couples Who Just Can't Stay Away From Each Other

Relationships are usually rather private things—at least, they were until social media was introduced. Before, if fans wanted to know who was dating who in Hollywood, they'd have to go to the nearest grocery store and pick up the latest issue of Hello! magazine.

But now? Fans just log onto Twitter or IG and go to a specific celebrity of choice's page just to see what’s going on! That is, of course, if they are actually on social media. And these days, it’s rare if they’re not.

But while it’s good for business, it’s not always good for couples. Especially celebrity couples. It allows a third into the relationship, and that third happens to be a ton of fans, some of who are die-hard fans who like to input their opinion on every little aspect.

Sometimes though, that doesn’t seem to matter. Especially when it comes to celeb couples who seem to come back together as much as ping-pong balls.

These 20 couples have split up, made up, and then probably broke up again only to end up back together and married. It seems to take a lot go happen, but sometimes it does and it just, well, works. Here are some of the most famous celebrity couples that just couldn’t stay away from each other.

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20 Making It Official - Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth


These two lovebirds met on the set of The Last Song all the way back in 2010, and it’s been a roller coaster ride since then. They started dating early on while still filming, and then broke it off, citing that their “schedules were just too busy.” However, that didn’t last long and they ended up getting back together only a month later.

Next thing the public knew–they were back together and ENGAGED!

But, as we know, that didn’t last either and the engagement was called off. Their chemistry was undeniable, and it took some time, but the couple ended up back together and is now happily married.

19 Are They Really Done? - Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield


This beautiful couple met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man back in 2012 when Andrew Garfield played Peter Parker and Emma Stone played his love interest Gwen Stacy. It took a while for the two to actually admit that they were a couple, but when they did, the press went nuts and started following them everywhere in order to capture their cuteness on camera. After they broke up, they seemed to go everywhere together still (did anyone happen to see his reaction when she won best actress for La La Land at the Academy Awards? so adorable) so maybe it's only a matter of time before they come back together again?

18 Topping The Charts - Drake And Rihanna


Elements may have gotten in the way of artists Drake and Rihanna, but they always seem to find their way back to each other (for fans' sakes and for the sake of the charts). Their breakups sometimes have to do with Rihanna not wanting to be held down. “They will always be close,” one source told Us Weekly. “If they end up together, it could happen, but not now.”

They constantly seem to be together, but not really exclusive to each other (maybe just really close friends?).

But back in the summer of 2018, Rihanna told Vogue that Drake actually embarrassed her at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and THAT was a final nail in even their friendship. But something tells us that this love story is far from over.

17 Love Is Komplicated - Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick


You really can’t have the Kardashian family without tagalong Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s children and all around fun-sarcastic critic of the family themselves. While he’s never been one to be silent about his own opinion, he and Kourtney’s relationship has always been turbulent in more ways than one. After some extreme partying, Scott was finally cast aside by the family (and by Kourtney) so he can straighten up and fly right in her eyes. When he did, they got back together, but his lifestyle again got in the way and they parted for good… at least that’s what we seem to believe.

16 It's Only A Ring - Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber


Cosmopolitan once referred to singers (and actors) Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber a “Millennial Ross and Rachel”–meaning that they’re on again and off again so much that our heads are spinning. One minute they’re happy together, the next they’re supposedly split up and taking virtual swipes at each other on social media all the while writing some pretty damaging lyrics in their music in reference to each other.

“My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone”? Yikes...

They couldn’t stay apart for very long though and ended up back together before officially calling it quits. As we know now, Justin is married while Selena is still picking up the pieces of her shattered heart.

15 Love Is A Battlefield - Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult

Us Weekly

Jennifer Lawrence has always been pretty sneaky when it came to her love life: it was her business and her business alone. So imagine our surprise when we all discovered that she was actually in a pretty serious relationship with Nicholas Hoult, the guy (former boy) from About a Boy. She even went as far as to only refer to him as her “best friend” instead of boyfriend, which was pretty clever of her. After a long term relationship, the two split in 2013, only to get back together for a short period of time in 2014. Since then, they’ve remained close friends (are they really friends though? J-Law will never tell).

14 Divorced & In Love - Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green


Megan Fox has the type of looks and talent where she can pretty much have her pick of the litter in Hollywood when it comes to partners. How she ended up with Brian Austin Green (all the way back from Beverly Hills, 90210 fame in the 1990s) is anyone’s guess–but she did and soon enough, they were in love and married.

However, the marriage didn’t last very long and it was announced that the two divorced in August in 2015.

But, because there’s seriously something in the water in Los Angeles, the two ended up back together a few months later. The couple also has a child together.

13 Picture Perfect Romance - Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen


They were together for 10 years and now they have to deal with the entire "co-parenting" thing. But after so many on and offs, is it really over between Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christianson. The two met back on the set of the 2007 film Jumper and were engaged a short year later. However, in 2010, the couple decided to call it off much to everyone's surprise. That wasn't the biggest surprise, though: the couple ended up giving birth to a daughter in 2014 and only in the past couple years decided to part ways officially. Though it seems like nothing is ever really official with these two.

12 Notebook-esque - Rachel McAdams And Ryan Gosling


You know you can’t have a list like this and not include one of the greatest on again, off again, on again couples in Hollywood history. Of course, we’re talking about The Notebook darlings Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. We all know how they first started out, though: yes, we’re talking about how Ryan literally tried to have Rachel kicked off the set of The Notebook because the two kept arguing.

It wasn’t long before the two, like their characters, fell head over heels in love with each other and dated on and off for years.

Of course, fans were upset to learn that their beloved Hollywood couple had parted ways indefinitely and Ryan married actress Eva Mendes.

11 A Case Of Young Love - Brooklyn Beckham And Chloe Moretz


My oh my, what a romantic trip to Paris can actually do for a person (or people, in this circumstance). Both actress Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham (son of Victoria and David Beckham) met back in 2014 during Fashion Week in Paris and the two had been inseparable ever since... for the most part. For four years, these two lovebirds dated on and off and were clearly in love it seemed like it. Then, it seemed like out of the blue, Brooklyn one day decided to start dating a new love and was caught with her by the press. Unfortunately, it was Chloe who took most of the heat when the pictures surfaced since everyone wanted to know her reaction.

10 IG Modern Day Love - Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian


Time to play “The Six Degrees of the Kardashians” with… Rob Kardashian?

Okay, let’s play. Rob had a child with Blac Chyna, who happened to be dumped by Tyga–yes, that same Tyga who dated Rob’s little sister Kylie Jenner. During their turbulent relationship, they’ve grown apart and got back together more times than we can count (or that we know since they usually like to announce it all over social media while yelling at each other) and even when they had their child together, things seemed to worsen all across the board. But does that stop them from finding their way back to each other? Nope. They even laugh in TMZ’s faces when the questions about their relationship arise.

9 The Real (Not So) Red Wedding - Rose Leslie And Kit Harington


If you're a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones, who know exactly who this couple is. Kit Harington plays the beloved Jon Snow who met and fell in love with Rose Leslie's character Ygritte for three seasons (before, well, the story got in the way). In real life, the two really fell in love on the set and had an on again-off again-back-on again relationship for years before finally marrying in the summer of 2018. When it was discovered that the two were actually an item in real life, the fanbase went absolutely bonkers. Of course, Harington played it down and said that they were just really close friends. Well, we know better now.

8 Love Ballad Worthy - Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom


Singer Katy Perry’s love life has always been front and center when it comes to the media ever since she married Russell Brand and stunned the world. After the ink dried on the divorce papers, Katy was out on the town with some pretty handsome men, one including actor Orlando Bloom. They started dating for a bit before calling the “whole” thing off back in March of 2017 after only 10 months of being together. That separation didn’t last very long since they were seen again later that summer. “They have never cut communication since they broke up,” one source told E! News.

“They just took a break because it was the best thing for them at the time, [but they] are seeing each other again.”

7 Too Cute For Social Media - Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik


When Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid started dating, they were seriously the cutest couple ever to grace anyone's IG feed. They were so sweet, they even gave the biggest guy a toothache. But after only dating a short time, the two parted ways because "they just couldn't make it work" and that Gigi had "become a comfort blanket for him" as he attempted to work through whatever issues he was going through at the time. But now?

Oh, now we're dealing with rumors that the two of them are back on since she was recently seen visiting him by the press.

6 Millennial Romance - Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel


Right now, the world knows that Justin Timberlake and wifey Jessica Biel are one of the world’s most successful and adorable couples. But were they always? They actually began dating 2007 and decided to part ways two years later. When they did end up reuniting, it was pretty bumpy since there were tons of rumors flying around left and right, so much so that they ended up breaking up again. However, come December 2011, they were back together and engaged. Of course, we know that they’ve been happily ever after since the engagement and getting hitched. If you follow them at all, you know that happiness leaks out of their pores.

5 Blast From The Past - Eminem And Kim Mathers

Us Weekly

If you were a fan of Eminem at any point in his professional life (or even just in the late 1990s), you know of his bumpy relationship with the mother of his daughter. In his music, he paints a vivid picture of their dating life together over the years, most of which include their yo-yo like relationship and his own relationship with his daughter (who is now in her 20s and a student at Michigan State University). Both Kim and Eminem met when they were young and became high school sweethearts.

As we know thanks to his music, their life wasn't always smooth sailing and they would constantly bounce back to each other after some pretty big fights.

4 Truth Be Told - Paul Wesley And Phoebe Tonkin


It seems like "four years" is the breaking point for most couples in Hollywood. Take Vampire Diaries costars Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tokin, who started on again, off again dating back in 2013. The two were actually just friends for a year before they turned up the volume and became a couple. Like most couples, they fought but when they did, they would break up. But did they move on? Nope, they just kept up the fireworks, all while keeping it private and out of the public eye.

Two years ago, however, they officially called it quits and we haven't been the same since.

3 A-Lister, A-Breakups - Kate Hudson And Owen Wilson


If you happened to blink, you might have missed the love of these two. But a lot of people don't actually know that Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson were actually a pretty A-list heavy couple back when they both filmed the comedy You, Me & Dupree. "This is not just a fling," one source said. "Kate is crazy about him. Owen gives her so much attention, and she loves it." They actually broke up in 2007, only to get back together for a second or two back in 2008. Now, as we all know, she has her beautiful family and he's as happy as ever. But, alas, you never really know what the future holds.

2 Love Is Always In The Air - Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile

Us Weekly

If you couldn't tell, Kristen Stewart deserves to be happy. She and her co-star Robert Pattinson had been dating ever since they first met on the set of Twilight, that was until Kristen started seeing her director, prompting a media frenzy where the actress secluded herself from the public for a while. That's when she met girlfriend Alicia Cargile and fell head over heels in love. Even though she had always been fiercely private about her love life, she started to open up more when she fell in love with Alicia.

They often had an on again, off again thing going, but it's clear that their love for each other is overwhelming.

1 Of Love And Basketball - Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade


Everyone knows her face if you happen to be a fan of the '90s hit teen movie Bring it On, and if you'll know him as one of the biggest NBA stars in the business. However, there was a time when Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade were just a couple who was so fickle that it didn't seem like they would ever get married. Until they did. Now they're the ultimate #couplegoals, both in Hollywood and in the NBA. They are constantly supporting each other on social media and Gabrielle even has Dwayne's back when he's on the court (her Tweeting all about it).

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