Nikki & Brie Are Back: 20 Little-Known Details About The Bellas & Their Family Fans Should Know

As it's an extremely competitive business, at any given time there are loads of people who are desperate to make it to the top of the wrestling world. Able to beat the odds and be signed by the WWE, The Bella Twins have spent years of their lives travelling the world and entertaining wrestling fans. Eventually able to branch out and gain more of a mainstream following in recent years, these days more people are aware of Nikki and Brie Bella than ever before.

Currently the stars of not one but two popular “reality” shows, the Bella twins have allowed Total Divas and Total Bellas fans to get a peek into their personal lives. If fans of those series think they know everything about these two sisters and their family, they are sorely mistaken. With that in mind, it is time to look at this list of 20 details about the Bella twins and their family.

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20 The Twins Have Both Won Gold In The WWE

Via WWE.com

If you are not a fan of the wrestling business then you may not know how The Bella Twins began in the industry. Initially used as female accompaniment for male wrestlers and celebrity guest hosts, it seemed like Nikki and Brie were not destined to spend much time grappling in the ring. Whatever!

Both women would go on to snatch the title of WWE Divas Champion, which was a huge accomplishment.

Additionally, Nikki held that title 301 days in a row, which was longer than any other Divas Champion in history.

19 Nikki Is A Real Estate Agent

Via WWE.fr

An incredibly hard-working woman, Nikki Bella clearly isn’t content with relying on only one highly successful career. Considering she has suffered serious injuries to her neck and her in-ring career is largely winding down, since she only makes occasional WWE appearances, that seems like a very wise move.

As a part of Nikki’s efforts to diversify, she and her twin sister Brie have co-created and run a clothing brand which seems to be doing very well, named Birdiebee. If those two careers weren’t enough, Nikki is also qualified as a real estate agent so she can work in the field if she wants to, as Sport Skeeda reports.

18 The Twins Are Shorter Than You May Think

Via cagesideseats.com

A company that has become known for its showmanship, the WWE has featured many massive wrestlers over the years, including the likes of Andre the Giant and The Big Show. However, these days many of the company’s biggest stars are of average height and in the case of one of their most famous female pairings, the Bella twins, they are fairly short.

Standing at only 5 feet 6 inches in height, as Stars Unfolded reports, many wrestling fans would tower over the Bella sisters. Of course, Nikki and Brie may be short in stature but they are huge in terms of onscreen presence and their ability to garner a fan following.

17 The Older Twin

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Of course, Nikki and Brie couldn’t have been born at the exact same moment so one of them has to be slightly older. As it turns out, they have said that Nikki is 16 minutes older than her little sister, Brie, as Sport Skeeda reports.

Considering how little time took place between their births, that may leave you wondering why it matters that one of them is slightly older. Well, these two are incredibly competitive with one another, as any fan of their TV shows and YouTube channel will know, so it is bound to come up.

16 John Laurinaitis Created A Highly Influential Wrestling Move

Via cagesideseats.com

If you are reading this list as a Total Bellas fan that knows very little about the WWE, a finishing move is the trademark move a wrestler uses in order to make it seem like they may defeat their opponent. A key aspect of a wrestler’s bag of tricks, many performers have risen to the top of the WWE in part due to fans investing in their finisher. As a result, it is a really big deal that John Laurinaitis, the husband of the Bella twins’s mother, invented a move called the Ace Crusher, as Bleacher Report states, which has been adapted and turned in many wrestler’s finishers. In fact, Diamond Dallas Page, the Hardy Boyz, Randy Orton and several other performers have all done a version of his move over and over again.

15 Nikki Was A Miss USA 2013 Pageant Guest Judge

via Wrestling Forum

Love it or hate it, the Miss USA pageant was such a big deal at one point that when the event was telecast live millions of people viewed it as appointment television and tuned in. Of course, in this day and age, some people view many aspects of the show to be painfully passe, to say the least. However, being asked to serve as a Miss USA guest judge indicates that you have broken through as a mainstream star.  That is likely why Nikki Bella agreed to be a Miss USA 2013 guest judge alongside several other semi-notable names.

14 The Twins Fought Each Other In WWE And Fans Did Not Like The Storyline

Via YouTube.com

"A soap opera for guys." That's how some people have described WWE. Indeed, their storylines often embrace some extremely OTT tropes that make the comparison apt. Arguably the perfect example of that was when the Bella twins’s characters turned on one another, traded blows and then rekindled their close relationship out of nowhere. That said, their storyline was so difficult to believe and poorly executed that a high profile wrestling newsletter called it the “Worst Feud of the Year” in 2014, as The Sportster reports.

13 Lola’s Blog Became A Success Because Of Dogs

Via Pinterest.com

Able to attain success in a sector that has only come into its own in recent years, Lauren “Lola” Garcia, the Bella twins’s sister-in-law, has become a professional blogger and influencer. While you may assume that her success in this area has a lot to do with the famous people she knows, that certainly has helped but it seems like it may not be the main reason.

Instead, her blog, which is named What Lola Likes, really made an impact when she began to write regular blog posts which she entitled "Dog of the Week." These posts focused on rescue dogs that needed families.

12 The Twins' Previous Job

Via sportsfanpromotions.com

The Bella Twins were once professional models. Far from surprising information, given that Nikki and Brie are gorgeous, the level of success they attained may still surprise some. Hired by a massive company with worldwide brand notoriety, the ladies were named the World Cup Twins by the people at Budweiser. They were even pictured holding the World Cup trophy, as E! News reports.

11 Working His Way Through Wrestling School

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One of the most lovable people in the history of wrestling, Brie Bella’s husband seems to be a genuinely fantastic person. Best known for portraying a fan favourite during his time in the WWE, he currently is cast as a holier-than-thou villain that judges those who do not follow his set of beliefs. Outspoken about his disgust for highly processed foods while in character, long before he became a bad guy, he personally didn’t consume things like fast food. That is why it took us by surprise to learn that he paid his way through wrestling school by working at McDonald's, as What Culture reports.

10 The Twins Have Creative Pursuits In RL

Via wrestlingmedia.org

Mostly a misunderstood profession, some people call wrestling fake but it really should be considered a form of art, even if it is a crude one. After all, the whole point of the business is for performers to use their bodies to create the appearance of a physical bout in an attempt to make their audience care about the outcome. If that doesn’t sound similar to what professional dancers do, then nothing does.

Aside from doing their best to create entertaining works in the ring, both Bella twins are amateur artists in their personal lives.

In Nikki’s case, she expresses herself through writing poems she mostly keeps to herself, as E! News reports, while Brie enjoys sketching in her spare time.

9 Nikki Almost Got A Soccer Scholarship

Via wattpad.com

Nikki Bella was blessed with a winning combination of good genes, passion for soccer and a fantastic work ethic which is why she nearly went to Arizona State University to play soccer. She was actually offered a scholarship by that highly respected school, but bad luck torpedoed Nikki’s plans as a broken leg took that opportunity away from her, as USA Today HSS reports. For her part, Brie had the same genes as her twin sister but after briefly playing soccer as a child she lost interest in the sport.

8 JJ's Party Days

via instagram

Based on what fans of Total Divas and Total Bellas have seen, it seems like JJ Garcia has enjoyed watching his sisters attain success and stardom. On top of that, he is often seen living it up at various parties, on vacations, and at high-priced dinners. Unfortunately for him, in 2015 it seems that JJ’s partying ways caught up with him.

Based on an incident report that was obtained from the Scottsdale Police Department, JJ’s car was observed driving too close to the car in front of him, as Radar Online reports, and he was driving aggressively. Pulled over by police, JJ failed a breath test and was arrested for a DUI.

7 Wrestling Storyline Got Awkward

Via catchnews.com

Initially portrayed as being a pretty lame guy, WWE announcers mocked Bryan Danielson during the early part of his time with the company. In an apparent attempt to make his character less boring, in the eyes of Vince McMahon anyway, Bryan was written to have two women competing for his affections, Nikki and Brie Bella.

As a result of spending a lot of time together while this storyline was going on, Bryan and Brie fell for one another. With that in mind, it must have been awkward that this storyline also resulted in a moment when Nikki’s character kissed Bryan in front of a national audience. Worse yet, she did so right after Brie kissed him!

6 Kathy Is A Celebrated And Respected Entrepreneur

Via Pinterest.com

As we’ve already touched on during this list, the Bella twins have accomplished a lot through hard work and determination. Probably one of the reasons why they believe in themselves and are fearless enough to tackle difficult tasks is the influence their mother, Kathy Colace Laurinaitis, has had on them.

The founder of JBN & Associates Company, Kathy and her team work to reinforce and guide new businesses. In fact, as a member of the business community, Kathy was respected enough to be named the president of an Entrepreneurs Organization and a board member of several other similar groups, as Dodoodad reports.

5 Bryan Almost Wrestled Charlie Sheen

Via Twitter.com

WWE has a very long history of doing just about everything it can to garner mainstream press, including working with various celebrities. One of the strange examples of the company’s attempts to get everyone talking, Bryan Danielson almost wrestled Charlie Sheen at WWE SummerSlam 2012!

This was an event that should've taken place about a year and a half after Sheen’s epic meltdown and firing from Two and a Half Men. However, his behaviour was still erratic enough that as Bryan put it, Charlie “bailed,” as Fox Sports reports.

4 John Laurinaitis Used To Be A WWE Executive

Via WWE.com

Ever since Vince and Linda McMahon bought the WWE company, they have been in charge of it, but over the years they have come to rely on others behind the scenes. One of those people, John Laurinaitis, was hired as a road agent, Pro Wrestling states. This job entailed travelling with the wrestlers, helping plan matches and acting as a liaison between the company and their performers.

From there, he was promoted several times and he eventually earned the title of Executive Vice President in March 2009. No longer in that position today, he eventually became an onscreen WWE character and to this day makes occasional appearances on their TV show.

3 The Twins Appeared On Another “Reality” Show

via EOnline

Best known today for the “reality” shows they star in, Nikki and Brie Bella have become mainstream stars due to the success of Total Divas and Total Bellas. However, virtually every fan of those two series has no idea that years ago the ladies appeared in another “reality” show, NBC’s Meet My Folks.

Inspired by the movie Meet the Parents, the show featured a man dealing with the demanding family of a potential romantic interest. As best we can tell, footage of the Bellas’s appearance of that show is nowhere to be found on the internet but it would be interesting to see a young man grapple with their family.

2 Bryan Defends His Home

via instagram

A fact that is almost universally known today, professional wrestlers do their best to avoid hurting one another in the ring. However, that in no way means that the WWE wrestlers cannot handle their own in real-life situations. What Bryan Danielson did when the home he shares with Brie Bella was broken into proves it.

Instead of allowing the thief to flee with whatever items he’d gathered by that point, Bryan chased him and held him in a rear naked choke hold until police arrived, The Richest reports.

1 The Bellas Initially Turned Down A WWE Job

via instagram

Even though Nikki and Brie Bella have done a lot of things, there is absolutely no doubt that their fame originally came from their time on WWE.

With that in mind, it is amazing to know that when the WWE first offered the sisters jobs with the company, they turned down the offer! 

As E! News reports, the women didn't want to relocate to Tampa, Florida. Fortunately for everyone involved, their mother Kathy met with WWE representatives many years later and convinced her daughters to give working for the company a try.

References: Bleacher Report, The Sportster, E! news, Radar Online, The Richest


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