Love Forecast: 25 Astro Couples That Barely Stand A Chance This Year

2019 is a breath of fresh air when it comes to love! For those who have found themselves single for what seems like forever, then they're more than ready to fall head over heels for someone new.

The universe has a new romantic prospect in store for each astro sign out there looking to find their perfect match.

While there are endless lovers for everyone, it's a good idea to steer clear from a few. Some signs simply don't stand a chance together this year. Their internal energies are on completely different frequencies that issues are simply guaranteed to arise. While these problematic combos might initially hit it off, the flame is sure to quickly fizzle out. Endless conflict will come up between these two leading to inevitable heartbreak.

For those who want to find love that will last through time, they should ignore the astro signs listed alongside their sign. This way, they'll know that the universe isn't playing a part in the relationship! For those already in a relationship, they should make sure that their and their lover's signs aren't listed as a combo below.

For those who are in one of the combos, assessing the relationship for any hidden red flags is a smart idea. While 2019 is the year of love, try to avoid being part of one of the combos listed below!

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25 Gemini + Sagittarius: Completely Opposite Energies


While these two can pretend all they want that they're meant to be, they couldn't be more wrong. The Gemini and Sagittarius combo have two completely different energies constantly weighting each other down.

The Gemini is constantly seeking more out of life, while the Sagittarius is totally fine with how things are.

This will inevitably create conflict in the relationship as the couple is constantly stressing out over what to do. The Gemini will never be happy with how things are, while the Sagittarius isn't willing to change their lifestyle.

24 Scorpio + Libra: It’s Time For A Fresh Start


2019 is the year of endless love, that's why it is only right that everyone deserves a fresh start. This is totally the case in this relationship as these two lovers as constantly being pulled away from each other.

Instead of pretending that everything is going according to plan, it's fine to admit that this relationship doesn't stand a chance. With the start of the new year, it's only right that these two split apart and create their own start. It was never going to work and deep down in your heart you always knew this. Focus on betting yourself rather than a relationship that can never be fixed.

23 Leo + Virgo: Basically No Communication Whatsoever


These two might as well be living on two separate planets as they have no clue what's going on in each other's lives. Essentially, both as living a double life and their partner is completely in the dark as to what's actually going on.

While things might be fun initially, they are sure to fall apart once one person gets tired of how things are.

Everything totally seems okay in this relationship, but that's only because both people are totally clueless to the truth. This is definitely an unviable way to hold a relationship, as it's pushing both people farther and farther away from each other.

22 Capricorn + Pisces: 50/50 Chance


We're not exactly sure that these two have what it takes to truly work out. While there are endless sparks flying around in excitement of these two love birds, it might not be strong enough. The only relationships that are able to get through 2019 are those based on a foundation of trust.

If you're willing to truly get to know your new lover, then things might work. If instead, you're only here for the positive, then this relationship just isn't for you. While you might be used to running off when things get tough, that attitude isn't going to work in this relationship!

21 Virgo + Pisces: Are The Issues Worth It?


While these two lovebirds may have initially found themselves head over heels for each other, things have totally changed. Instead, issues are constantly arising in this relationship.

These two have to sit down and figure out if their relationship is actually worth it.

This is the hardest thing any couple might be faced with as both people have a ton of love for one another. Yet, the problems are totally unnecessary and are only hurting the people involved. Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply let go!

20 Aries + Aquarius: Reevaluate The Relationship


Even though things might be going amazing in between you and your lover, think again. It's time to dig up all of those red flags you've been burying in order to figure out if you're truly happy or not.

If you expect to keep things going by simply ignoring the major issues at hand, you're way off. You and your partner are going to have to up rise all of the emotions you've been keeping to yourself. If you're able to get through all of these conflicts, then you're meant to be together. However, if you keep this all to yourself, your relationship is promised to explode into pieces. You know which direction you and your lover are currently going in.

19 Taurus + Scorpio: Love Is Being Pulled Apart


This combo is desperate to make things work again. However, there's almost no hope that this will occur. Instead, their love is put to the test as these two must assess if they should go on, or let go.

That last thing you want is to find yourself in this love combo.

The worst is yet to come for these two as their love is pulled apart from either ends. If there is any relationship guaranteed to end in heartbreak on both ends, it's for sure this couple.

18 Gemini + Aquarius: External Energies Will Take Over


The Gemini and Aquarius combo adore one another endlessly. It was this energy that pulled them towards one another and caused them to fall head over heels.

Yet, the lack of stability between these two is guaranteed to cause things to fall apart. External energies are about to get involved in almost no time as these two are forced to deal with the facts. The truth of the matter is that their love simply isn't strong enough to overcome whatever is on the way!

17 Cancer + Sagittarius: Basically Strangers To Each Other


This couple might be the movie like romance we all desire, however, it's just a facade. While romantic gestures might be thrown left and right, the two lovers are actually strangers.

Both astro signs are known for putting on a front that everything is okay, when it's actually not.

This is totally the case in the relationship as both lovers don't actually know what's going on in their partner's lives. This is so not what a healthy relationship is. Make sure to not find yourself in this romantic combo as it's all just an act.

16 Virgo + Libra: Issues Are About To Arise


Whether these two just met or have been together forever, 2019 is not the year for them. Issues are about to arise in both of the sign's lives, causing major stress. Each person needs a stable partner that they can rely on when things get tough, and this totally isn't the case between these two.

This relationship will only cause even more issues to arise, turning both astro sign's life into disarray. While you might be looking for someone to lean on, make sure it's not this relationship!

15 Cancer + Leo: It’s Time To Say Goodbye


These two lovers barely stand a chance in 2019 as they're completely different people. While they might've worked back in the day, they simply grew apart.

This is totally fine and isn't something to be embarrassed about!

Through time, we all change and eventually become the person we're meant to be. This is definitely the case for the Cancer and Leo couple as they've just changed through time. While you might be desperate to hold onto how things were, think again.

14 Leo + Scorpio: Not Even Surprised To Hear This


While things might be going well, you're not even surprised to hear that his relationship doesn't stand a chance. That's because you two are completely different from one another and aren't meant to be together.

A relationship based on aesthetics is so not going to last. Instead, both people have to be deeply in love with one another. The Leo and Scorpio totally don't have this element in their relationship as they instead find themselves focusing on superficial qualities. Don't even bother finding yourself in this combo as it basically has no hope of working out.

13 Taurus + Gemini: Happiness Must Be Prioritized


This relationship is a tad tricky. While they do have the strength to make it through 2019, it's at the cost of someone's happiness. Someone in the relationship is willing to keep trying, even though they can't stand their lover at this point.

Instead, we recommend for these two to seriously analyze whether it's worth it.

While you might think your love must be protected at all costs, we disagree is it's at the cost of happiness. If one person isn't happy in the relationship, then it's to worth it. Both people should be in love with one another and pleased with how things are going. Happiness is something that can't be covered up.

12 Leo + Libra: Trust Issues Ruin Everything


Leo's are known for living double lives, while Libra's have some intense trust issues that they carry from previous relationships. That's why these two are sure to not work out as the Libra is constantly stressing over their partner.

While you might want things to desperately work in your relationship, we recommend moving on. This astro combo simply won't communicate with each other openly. While it might seem like a complete cliche at this point, communication is one of the secrets to actually making a relationship work!

11 Libra + Capricorn: Endless Effort Is Necessary


The Libra and Capricorn actually have the best odds out of every combo on our list. The main issue that these two face is that effort is required on both ends.

If you think that your relationship will be able to make itself work, think again.

This combo barely stands a chance in 2019 with minimal effort. However, if both people are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work, it definitely will. This might be the only couple on our list that might actually work out, if paired with endless hard work.

10 Gemini + Cancer: Better Off As Friends


These two definitely will start out as friends, and slowly fall for each other along the way. While many might argue that this is the key to making a relationship work, we disagree. Instead, the spark is sure to dwindle down eventually, losing all of the romantic elements.

In order for this not to happen, we recommend just keeping the relationship as friends. This way you'll be able to actually take this relationship into the future, rather than stressing over everything falling apart. Sometimes the best way to keep people in our lives is by staying friends with them rather than lovers!

9 Sagittarius + Capricorn: The Time Was Meant To Come


We can't say that we're surprised that these two found their way to each other. Their personalities are perfect for one another on an external level, but not based in internal energy.

Instead, these two are totally different from one another, causing intense trouble connecting.

That's why it's only right for the time to come for these two to leave one another. While it might be incredibly difficult to do so initially, it's for the sake of their future happiness. You can't keep hiding in a relationship that's destined to not work out.

8 Gemini + Virgo: Fear Of Being Alone


Both Gemini's and Virgo's are known for doing whatever it takes to have someone there for them. They often find themselves stuck in a relationship out of fear of being alone. We all desire for someone to be there for us, that it's no surprise these two are willing to be more than miserable in order to have support from someone else.

However, it's time for both signs to regain their strength and not end up in this unfortunate combo. While they might be happy to know that they have a partner there for them, they're not exactly going to be happy. This relationship doesn't stand a chance in 2019 as it's based in fear rather than love.

7 Cancer + Aquarius: Not An Ideal Relationship


While there aren't any huge red flags that would come up in this relationship, we still recommend against it. These two might hit it off initially, but they're way better off as friends.

This simply isn't the ideal relationship as this couple works better as friends than lovers.

The chemistry is sure to quickly dwindle in time as the two lose their love for one another. However, they'll be so obsessed with each other's company that they probably won't leave one another. Even though you might think this will be fun to try out, we recommend not to even bother!

6 Leo + Pisces: Two Completely Opposite People


We have no clue how these two lovers might find their way to each other. If there were any two signs that were completely opposite from each other, it's totally these two lovers.

The last thing that you want is to find yourself in this miserable relationship. Both people are going to be constantly looking over their shoulder and hoping for something better to come along. While it might have been fun initially, this romance is sure not to last into 2019.

5 Virgo + Sagittarius: Don’t Even Bother


The Virgo and Sagittarius combo is sure to fall apart in almost no time. Since both astro signs are incredibly emotional, there are just way too many feelings in this relationship.

Both people are constantly weighing each other down, seeking attention.

This is completely unhealthy and continually weakens the relationships. It's time for these two to take some time on their own and figure out anything holding them back. Once each person comes to terms with their past, maybe they'll find their way back to each other in the future!

4 Aquarius + Capricorn: Fate Is In The Hands Of The Universe


It seems like the fate of this relationship is in the hands of the universe. Rather than trying to figure out how to make things work, it's time to let go. This romance actually does stand chance, but only in the hands of the universe.

Whether you want it to work or not, you have no control. Since both astro signs are completely different, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to change the course of the relationship. If things between these two lovers work out, then it's for the best. If not, then it's also for the best. Sometimes it's best to let go and let the universe do the work!

3 Libra + Scorpio: Totally Different Desires


The Libra and Scorpio quickly find themselves falling head over heels for each other based on their lively personalities. They're both constantly seeking more out of life and making their dreams into a reality.

However, both have completely different passions constantly pulling their relationship in a million different directions.

Both of the people are way too dominant to be in a relationship with one another. Instead, 2019 is the time for each to focus on their passions as they're completely different from one another. This couple might work out once they both achieve their own personal goals.

2 Taurus + Cancer: Analyze If It’s Worth It


These two astro signs are sure to find their way to each other during 2019. We're positive they'll be able to hit it off due to their similar interests. However, we have to warn you that it's probably best to figure out if these two actually have what it takes to make things work on a romantic level.

While things might be fun initially, all of the hard work might not be worth it based on the extreme differences between both lovers. Both people have to be more than willing to make things work, or else it will all fall apart!

1 Cancer + Scorpio: Changes Can Still Be Made


If you're not completely willing to say goodbye, there's still a chance. This couple has so much love for each other that it's a terrible decision to throw it all away.

However, we must warn you that if you're desperate to make things work, it'll involve a ton of extra effort.

These two are simply meant to be together that they're willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen! Don't give up on love if you know deep down in your heart that it will work out. Yet, if one person isn't putting in as much effort as the other, there is basically no chance that love will prevail.

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