Life With Bradley Cooper: 20 Things To Know About His Unconventional Relationship

Everything is coming up Bradley Cooper these days. The A-list actor is living his best life, directing and starring in an epic film that is quickly collecting rave reviews and accolades, parenting a little girl whom he has dreamed about for his entire life, and standing by the side of one of the most beautiful women on the entire planet.

Yes, most think it is fair to say that Bradley Cooper is winning.

As famous and sought after as this guy is, he isn't exactly one for the public eye. While plenty of artists and entertainers are more than happy to discuss their work and their personal lives with their adoring public, Cooper remains reserved, aloof, and private about his.

In the name of press and publicity he will open up in interviews about his latest films, but should an interviewer mention his partner or his child, he is quick to shut down and zip his lips. So how are fans supposed to learn more about the epic actor?

It wasn't easy, but below is a collection of lesser-known facts about Cooper and his unconventional relationship with Irina Shayk. Here is what fans need to know about Jackson Maine and the supermodel mother to his daughter Lea.

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20 Cooper Is All About The Romance

More than once Bradley Cooper has described himself as a complete romantic. He might come off as a smoking good looking, talented guy that only has to breathe to land any woman of his dreams, but the truth is he is all about the wining and the dining experience.

Cooper considers himself a gentleman who yearns for true connection and companionship over short-lived flings.

He has been known to put forth the effort in hopes of impressing ladies that he is interested in. He is kind of a throwback dude, and we love his approach to dating.

19 Before Irina, Bradley Dated Some High-Profile Ladies

Like anyone is surprised to hear that before settling with his lovely lady, Cooper sought the company of some other famous ladies in Hollywood. There was the beautiful Zoe Saldana who served as his costar on and off screen. The two starred together in Guardians of the Galaxy. There was also cute and quirky Rene Zellweger at one point. Cooper has also been linked to the beautiful Suki Waterhouse as well as talent agent Isabella Brewster. In the end, it was model Irina who stole the actor's heart. One thing is for sure, Bradley loves beauties.

18 Irina Is Incredibly Proud Of Her Man

As she should be. Bradley's work both behind the camera and in front of it in his latest picture, A Star Is Born, is all anyone can talk about in the film industry.

When asked about whether or not she was proud of her man for his film accomplishment in a recent interview, Irina said, "Of course I am!"

That was all she would say on the father of her child though. This pair is notorious for keeping their lips tight when it comes to sharing private details regarding their family life. We were happy to even get that much out of her!

17 Irina Isn't Sweating Bradley's Connection With Gaga

It is undeniable that there is a ridiculous amount of chemistry between actress/entertainer Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. On screen they are fire, and off screen, the two seem to click on several levels. We can tell that they have a respect and friendship that runs deeper than merely working on a project together. One might think that watching this kind of cosmic closeness between your man and another woman would be rage-inducing, but Irina says no. She doesn't seem to mind the friendship that her husband shares with his co-star. So she is beautiful, calm, and confident. No wonder he loves her so much.

16 Bradley And Irina Made Their Red Carpet Debut After A Year Together

They were literally the most beautiful things to grace the  L'Oreal Red Obsession Party back in March 2016. This initial appearance was followed by the pair walking side by side at the Golden Globes where Irina went to slay the universe with her good looks and support the man that she so dearly loves.

She was dazzling, and he was all smiles as he celebrated his film accomplishments, but also the company of a woman that he is so deeply in love with.

There are a whole lot of good looking couples in Tinsel Town, but it was this pair that stole the awards season show.

15 He Wore A Special Gift From Irina To An Awards Ceremony

At the 2016 Golden Globes awards show, Bradley Cooper wore two very special mementos around his handsome neck. One was the wedding ring of his late father whom he adored to no end, and the other was a small flower that his girlfriend Irina had given him. We don't have much more detail on this little gift from Irina, but we are going to guess that it is loaded with significance. Bradley doesn't just tote around anything, especially to an awards show. If it was placed next to his dad's wedding ring, it had to be something epically special.

14 They Share A Daughter

Irina and Bradley share a lot of things in common actually. They are both gorgeous human beings, they are incredibly private about their personal lives, and Brad and Irina are obsessed with the little girl whom they share.

Both stars became first-time parents with the birth of their little girl Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, and according to all reports, mom and dad were 100% smitten from the moment that they laid eyes on their baby.

Little Lea is undoubtedly the apple of her parents' eyes, and we often see her strolling around New York City with her famous parents.

13 The Couple Shares A Love Of Music

via kdlg.org

We all got a front row seat to Bradley Cooper's gritty crooning as he played Jackson Maine in A Star Is Born. The guy is legit; he has some serious singing chops. The guy can hold his own when it comes to belting out some tunes. Irina also has the music in her. Her mother was a pianist back in her home country of Russia. Sadly she had to give up her passion when Irina's father passed away as she had to work several jobs to keep her family afloat. Irina also plays piano and sang in a choir growing up. We can't wait to see what little Lea does with her musical talent.

12 They Live In New York

Having kids will do that to a couple, make them crave the putting down of roots. Cooper had been based out of L.A. before his daughter's birth, jumping from one film project to another. Irina primarily bounced between New York, L.A. and a smattering of high-fashion European cities as she took the modeling industry by storm.

Now that they are a little family, they decided to settle down in New York.

The city that never sleeps seems to suit the unique and unconventional couple who not only enjoy New York's energy but can also efficiently work out of the city.

11 They Were Each Other's Rebound Relationships

Sometimes a rebound relationship is precisely that: a place holder between the old romance and the new one. Sometimes the rebound relationship ends up being more than it was intended to be and it sticks around... forever. That seems to be the case with Cooper and his lady. The pair met in April of 2015. Both Irina and Bradley had just come off of recent breakups and found comfort in the arms of each other. Clearly, that comfort was more profound than either Bradley or Irina expected as the couple is still together to this day and only growing stronger.

10 More Kids Might Be In The Future

Sources close to the pair swear that the couple is bound and determined to add a few more kids to their already adorable family. These sources claim that the couple is already hard at work on making baby number two.

It is said that Irina would love nothing more than to have a little boy, but Bradley wouldn't mind having a second daughter.

Either way, we are sure the family will be elated with whatever they get. We know that boy or girl, Cooper #2 will be cute as a button. Just look at little Lea for confirmation there.

9 They May Or May Not Be Engaged

Over New Years one particular social media image caught the attention of Irina's fans and sparked a flurry of rumors that she and Cooper would soon be walking down the aisle. The uber-private pair won't likely be making any significant announcement anytime soon either way, but we can't help but wonder if a low-key proposal took place over the holiday season. In the beachy image, Irina can be seen holding a hermit crab on the beach. If you look closely, she is wearing a band of gold on a specific finger. Hmm, might this mean that the couple is hearing wedding bells?

8 Family First For These Two

via time.com

Both Bradley and Irina share a bond when it comes to how they were raised. Bradley's parents were religious, hard-working folk who stayed in love and committed to one another up until the bitter end when Cooper's beloved father passed away.

Irina's parents also lived in committed matrimony their entire lives (her father passed on when she was only 14 years old).

While the pair holds tight to their non-traditional relationship, for now, we can't help but think that a trip down the aisle has to be in the cards for them, especially if how they were raised is an indication of the future.

7 They Both Lost A Parent

Both Irina and Bradley know what it is like to lose a loved one and perhaps they can bond over that experience. The loss of a family member so close to them might also help them to be present and loving parents to their daughter. When you lose your mom or dad, you don't take any day with your kin for granted. Irina lost her father when she was only fourteen years old, and Bradley has often spoken about the pain he endured when his father and idol passed away from his battle with cancer. We are sure both of their fathers are smiling down on their children's accomplishments.

6 Cooper Was Married Once Before

Many moons ago, Bradley Cooper was a married man. He and actress Jennifer Esposito were hitched from December 2006 to May 2007.

The union didn't last for long, and for a while there it seemed like maybe Cooper had written marriage off for good.

Technically the jury is still out on whether or not he will ever work up the courage to walk back down the aisle. For now, Bradley and Irina seem perfectly fine living happily unmarried in New York City with their young daughter. We will have to stay tuned to see if Bradley's cold feet ever warm up enough to get down the aisle again.

5 The Big Set Up

The murmurings are that a few years back Cooper's "team" presented him with several pictures of famous, single women that they thought he might be interested in. He chose Irina's image from the bunch, and the team made the meeting between the two happen. Is this story entirely true? Knowing how private the couple is, we will probably never know. We don't see either of them doling out interviews on how they ended up together anytime soon. We kind of like the quirky backstory though, so we'll go with it for now.

4 They Have A Ten-Year Age Difference

Okay, they actually have eleven years separating them if you want to be a stickler. Historically, Bradley has a bit of a thing for younger partners. Remember his romance with a much young Suki Waterhouse? There were a few years between that pair as well.

But although Irina might not be in her forties like her man, but she is a bit of an old soul. 

She isn't one to hit the town partying early into the morning hours, so regardless of an age difference, the two seem to work out just fine.

3 They Don't Speak About Their Relationship... Like, Ever

If the likes of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres can't get you to open up about something, then it probably isn't going to happen in our lifetimes. Many interviewers have tried their best to try and get Cooper to overshare about his beautiful partner and his darling daughter, but he shuts them down every time. He sees no point in letting the world know the ins and outs of his private life, and he kind of has a point here. What good comes of it for Bradley and his family? Irina is equally low-key, only ever giving one or two words on Bradley or Lea's well-being.

2 They Enjoy Quality Family Time

We don't get a ton of pictures revealing the happy little family, but the ones that we do get are almost always of the trio out and about, enjoying the world around them.

We have seen them strolling through farmers' markets, relaxing on the beach, and even taking on Disneyland this past December.

From all accounts, the family seems to be active in their environment, also out doing something in their spare time, even if it just grabbing lunch in a funky corner of their favorite neighborhood. They do seem to enjoy the quieter moments that life has to offer.

1 Common Goals

Sure, both Cooper and Shayk are professionally driven and ambitious in their work. Both have been described as workaholics at one point or another. Regardless of their drive to succeed in the entertainment and fashion worlds, their most important goal, and the one that binds them most tightly, is that is creating a solid family. They both only want for their little girl to always feel their love and for her life to be filled with happiness and joy. Yep. No wonder these two are our relationship goals for 2019. Keep doing you Bradley and Irinia. Your relationship isn't traditional, but it is obviously working.

Sources: E Online, Elite Daily

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