Kim & Kanye Are Having A 4th Baby: 17 Things We Know So Far (+ 3 We Don't)

Watch out, Kylie Jenner. That sister of yours is back in the news (and we're only just getting started). In January 2019, the internet broke all over again with the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child. Baby #4 is due this year, the KimYe household will be bumped up to six, and we're as excited as we are nosy.

"Embryos" are the talk of the town this time around, as Kim's prior pregnancy complications left her with surrogacy as the only viable option. In 2018, baby Chicago arrived (also via a surrogate). The surrogate's identity was kept under wraps during the entire pregnancy– we barely saw her face on KUWTK.

For a family whose various jobs come with a #RealityTV, the 180 from airing all their laundry to keeping shtum is understandable, but it's a touch frustrating. We want to know. Who's the surrogate? Whose decision was it to actually aim for another pregnancy? Please, please, please let that baby name be as awesome as the other three!

North, Saint and Chicago are the #KardashianKids who will have to make do sharing their Calabasas mansion with another sibling. Somehow, the square footage of space doesn't strike us as the biggest hurdle this family will face.

You came here for details (and you're going to get them). Here are 17 details we know so far about the fourth Kardashian child, plus 3 we're still waiting to find out.

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20 It's A Boy (And He's Due In May)

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Considering how private Kim and Kanye kept the details of Chicago's pregnancy, we're actually pretty grateful to know this much already about baby number four.

KimYe's fourth baby — a boy — has been confirmed as on the way by Sky News

With two girls (North and Chicago) and one boy (Saint), this will work out pretty perfectly in terms of balance. The world's highest-profile family will be bumped up to six by May 2019.

19 "One Embryo Left"

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You don't need to be an OBGYN to know that fertility can get pretty fiddly. Zillions of eggs might be what we picture, but the reality of implanting everything into a surrogate can turn very delicate. The chances of going from Petri dish to successful pregnancy don't come with a #MagicWand.

"They had one male embryo left." Then again, Kim K isn't one to miss a take.

W Magazine reports that KimYe had the sole embryo to work with. No details of the surrogate's identity have been revealed other than that she's doing well. "She is due in May and everything looks good," a source told E! News.

18 "Well Into The Pregnancy" And KimYe Are "Thrilled"

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By the time KimYe's pregnancy news broke shortly after the New Year, E! News was reporting the surrogate to already be "well into the pregnancy."

May 2019 is in around four months time, which suggests that the surrogate was approximately five months pregnant when the announcement was made.

A source told the media outlet that KimYe are very excited and thrilled.

17  North, Saint, West...#StatementName?

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The Kardashian-Jenners don't do baby names by half. It's #Statement all the way, and so far, these kids are 100% pulling it off. Kylie chose Stormi. Khloe chose True. KimYe's three kids are named North, Saint and Chicago. As The Mirror reports, Kim told Ellen:

"I do like the name Easton. Easton West — it's definitely not South. Every time someone says 'South' I just want to roll my eyes." 

Saint and Chicago both come with a #Statement. Will this one?

16 Kim Hopes The Baby Will Calm Kanye's Statements

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The baby news comes shortly after Kanye West made major headlines for feuding with Drake. This guy picks his battles, and the late 2018 Twitter beef managed to drag in Kim and Ariana Grande.

Kim is "hoping [that] having four kids to look after will keep Kanye busy and help take his mind off Twitter!"

a source told Inquisitr. The media outlet reports that Kim is hoping the baby will "give him less time to go on Twitter rants" or "make controversial statements."

15 Last Time, The Surrogate Was Already Pregnant

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You're looking at La'Reina Haynes, the stay-at-home mom of two who carried Chicago. La'Reina is the professional surrogate whose identity was kept under wraps in 2018, although we did see her meet the family on KUWTKMetro reported La'Reina to be pregnant six months after giving birth to Chicago. This is her third biological child.

"I like being pregnant," she said. "I know it sounds really weird, the pregnancy itself, you know, it just feels natural."

La'Reina has been a surrogate to other celebs, although their identities remain unknown. Could she be Kim's surrogate again? It's possible. As Distractify reports, sources have claimed that KimYe would absolutely use the same surrogate because they loved her.

But there might be a good reason for KimYe not to use La'Reina again...

14 Kim's Uneasy About Media Leaks

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Chicago's surrogacy went according to plan from a medical viewpoint, but there were leaks.

"TMZ just posted that my surrogate is pregnant," Kim told her mom on an episode of "KUWTK." 

Inquisitr reports that Kim and Kanye were "unhappy about sensitive information being leaked during their last surrogate's pregnancy, and decided to find a new agency this time around." Bear in mind, this family knows #HidingWhenPregnant. Kylie did it, although she did apologize for keeping her fans in the dark.

13 Doctor's Orders: No More Pregnancies For Kim

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Kim's decision to use a surrogate isn't based on not wanting to carry a child. #Lazy this woman is not. Kim suffered from a condition called Placenta Accreta during her first two pregnancies– the complications from this come with a giant #Danger (and can be fatal).

Kim has been advised by doctors to avoid ever carrying a child again herself. While KUWTK saw Kim face fears of not bonding with a baby she wasn't carrying, Kim found her bond.

"Honestly, [now that] it's done, I think it was the best decision I ever made,"

Inquisitr quotes Kim saying. "I am like, the biggest fan of surrogacy."

12 KimYe Surrogate Orders: Limited Caffeine, No Raw Fish Or Hair Dye

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The pressure to carry someone else's baby amps up when you're doing it for the likes of the Kardashians. As Heavy reports, La'Reina was closely monitored while carrying Chicago (and she had a lot of rules to follow).

"Refraining from anything harmful" is just the start. "The surrogate cannot go in hot tubs or saunas, cannot handle or change cat litter, apply hair dye, drink more than one caffeinated beverage per day, or eat raw fish."

Rumours circulated that heavy security and a team of nutritionists were hired for La'Reina, although KimYe haven't commented on the specifics.

11 Chicago's Surrogate Earned $68,000

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Being a professional surrogate is a job. You carry the baby and you get paid. Fans had mixed reactions to discovering that La'Reina Haynes was paid around $68,000 to carry Chicago– many expected the fee to be much higher.

Radar Online reports a cost of $68,000, while Heavy puts it at a slightly lower $45,000 (possibly minus agency fees). What we do know is Heavy's report of 10 monthly instalments of $4,500.

Kim took "months" to find La'Reina, according to People. "They [wanted] everything to be perfect and for the baby to be extremely healthy."

10 Khloe Offered To Be A Surrogate

via People

Kim is a woman who turns to her family first. Much like Kylie, Kourtney and all the sisters, family is everything for Kim. It certainly factored in when Kim was considering a surrogate for Chicago. The Sun reports:

Kim admitted she "begged" Khloe and Kourtney to be a surrogate. Khloe later offered to do the honors on "KUWTK" but opted out to focus on building her own family.

The timing wasn't right for Khlo.

9 Kim's Hesitations: "It's A Crazy World"

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While Kim did sit on the Ellen couch some years ago admitting she wanted a large family, more recent opinions from Kim showed hesitation.

"I've been kind of hesitant about having more kids just because it literally keeps me up at night, thinking about how my kids will survive in a crazy world like this,"

Complex reports Kim saying. Kim's words came shortly after March For Our Lives, where Kim was visibly moved by the wave of violence that swept America in 2018.

8 "He's Stuck On, Like, Seven," Kanye Wants A Large Family

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In 2018, KUWTK showed Kim confide in BFF Larsa Pippen. Kim and Kanye had clearly been discussing expanding their family, but Kim seemed unsteady:

"He wants, like seven. He's stuck on seven," Kim revealed, adding, "He's been harassing me."

While that can be interpreted with a touch of aggression, it's worth bearing in mind that Kanye tends to make exaggerated statements when he's super-enthusiastic.

7 No Statement From Kylie — #Competition?

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Nobody likes being the new kid on the block (only to be knocked off their pedestal). While Stormi's arrival created a media storm, it was Kylie's surprise baby who dominated 2018.

Kylie doesn't appear to have made any statements regarding the news, but there's always talk about competition between the two sisters - even though they deny it. As Kylie told The Mirror in 2016,

"People always put me and Kim in a competition, or [they say] I'm trying to be Kim, or I'm trying to steal Kim's throne. I think people forget that me and Kim are sisters. We're not in a competition. We're completely different people."

Kylie and Kim have a super-close bond. That said, with an #AttentionLoving, is Kylie entirely comfortable with the news of a new arrival?

6 $10 Million Non-Disclosures To Get Near This Squad

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Security in this family is no joke. Not having it up to scratch may well have been the reason for Kim's horrific 2016 Paris robbery, and it affected her massively. "No more staying in small hotels" Kim said on KUWTK as she bravely returned to the French city for the Louis Vuitton show in 2018.

"All guests must sign a $10 million confidentiality agreement and an NDA. If they don't sign the agreement, they can't see [Stormi]", 

OK! reports Kylie saying as she went to extreme measures to keep her baby safe. We know that getting anywhere near KimYe's fourth baby will come with a lot of legal strings.

5 News To Us, But Kim And Kanye Have Known For "A While"

via: E!

If we'd had it our way, we would've known about this pregnancy the minute the stick turned pink.

While the standard wait to announce a pregnancy is generally the three-month mark, KimYe kept us waiting quite a bit longer. "Kim and Kanye have known for a while,"

E! News reported. If they've "known a while" and the baby is due in May 2019, then KimYe have been keeping us in the dark quite a bit. Considering how high-profile they are though, we kind of get why.

4 Their "Miracle Baby" Is Bringing Them Closer Together

via Us Weekly

Kim and Kanye definitely come with a bit of a #Mismatched. A seemingly self-absorbed beauty queen falling for rap's most outspoken guy? Still, KimYe have been proving us wrong since their 2012 wedding. Kim does admit to arguments with Kanye – Band-Aids seemed to dominate 2018's headlines.

"Their miracle baby has really brought them closer together," as a source told Life & Style.

Kim and Kanye also spend a lot of time apart. Kim can be in Japan shooting Yeezy campaigns while Kanye boards a plane from San Francisco to London. We're really hoping this does bring them closer.

3 Kris Jenner's Frosty Statement, #HadEnough?

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Kris Jenner says it like it is. This super-smart, super-savvy businesswoman has a finger in each of her children's business pies, and they don't get a #Baked without Kris' seal of approval. When Khloe had True's baby shower, Kris said she felt "blessed" to be welcoming another grandchild.

Kris's words about this baby? "It's always a full house,"

she told British TV host, Mark Wright, the night before the Golden Globes, as Extra TV reports. This will be Kris' tenth grandchild. We 100% don't see this loving grandma having "had enough," but that was one frosty comment.

2 Kanye Likes Names "Short And Easy To Spell"

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Prepare for the internet to explode the minute this baby is born. What name Kim and Kanye will pick for their baby boy will dominate every hashtag around, although we've got the inside scoop on Kanye's preferences.

"Short, one syllable, easy to spell — that kind of vibe,"

Kim said on The Ellen Show regarding her preferences when it comes to baby names, E! News reports. So far, two out of three babies fit the bill. North and Saint are both short and one syllable each. Chicago lengthens it a bit, but it's hardly a complicated name. We don't know the fourth baby's name, but we do know his daddy's preferences.

1  It'll Be The Biggest Baby Name Of 2019

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Kim isn't the only celebrity expecting in 2019. Carrie Underwood, Snooki, Amy Schumer and Porsha Williams are all #Due. This baby is going to blow the competition out the water, though.

We haven't seen a baby shower yet (but we're praying there is one). We haven't got a remote clue what KimYe have as ideas for names. What we do know? The obvious. The internet will literally fall apart in May 2019, and we'll be 100% part of it.

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