J. Biebs New Face Tattoo +19 Other Celebs Who Are Trending (& Why)

Justin Bieber’s been in the news lately, but not for anything bad. In fact, he’s become the new marriage master for some! He and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage might be old news by now, but there’s more and more coming out about the two and their relationship every day, including some of Bieber’s unique ways of showing his devotion to wife Hailey Baldwin.

This isn’t anything new, though. The last month has been full of celebrity truths coming out of the woodwork, with varying degrees of hard-hitting honesty to them. 2019 might have just begun, but fans are already seeing a slew of celebrity comments, actions, and celebrations that are setting the tone for a very honest new year.

From loving the skin that they’re into revealing the ultimate devotion in the form of a face tattoo, these celebs all seem to have something they want to reveal. Here's a compilation of 20 of the best stories that fans have heard so far, and a bit of speculation as to where these revelations are heading next.

Could 2019 be the year of ultimate, total honesty? Hollywood-watchers hope so! It’s time for a shift, and fans are excited that so many celebs are jumping on that vulnerability train.

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20 Kim K Is Surrogate-Pregnant… AGAIN


One of the biggest surprises to start off this new year of 2019 is the fact that Kim Kardashian West is pregnant. Or, at least, their surrogate is. Kim K’s first surrogate pregnancy sparked a conversation around the practice.

But she was apparently such a fan of the process that now they’re doing it again!

People quotes her as saying back in May that she “would have maybe one more [child],” and it looks like that prophecy is on its way to coming true. Is this their last baby, or will Kanye have even more little hands hold as he walks through stardom?

19 Miley Cyrus Used To Be A Meanie


Any older siblings will know the struggle that exists when a younger one starts hanging around. In the case of Miley Cyrus, though, it wasn’t her younger sibling that was constantly getting put back in their place. Teen Vogue recently revealed that Miley Cyrus used to be great friends with Baldwin’s older sister, Alaia, who might have been spearheading the sibling rivalry. Teen Vogue says that Miley and Hailey discussed the details of their past, explaining that Miley used to be mean and pick on her with Alaia! We’re glad the two have overcome their age gap; it probably helps that Hailey has definitely grown out of that “kid sister” phase.

18 The Infamous On-His-Face Tattoo


The biggest news to be revealed so far is the face tattoo Justin Bieber supposedly got. Is this for real? While we might have thought it was just some wayward eyebrow action, it seems like he actually got some new ink up there.

Bustle mentions that this was done by a celebrity tattoo artist who’s notoriously quiet about his celebrity inkings.

This photo reveals that Bieber’s seems to be a script tattoo, which we’re interpreting as the word “grace.” Bustle reports that it was devoted to Hailey Baldwin. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was a testament to the model’s poise and, yes, grace.

17 ... Which Might Be Mirrored On Hailey Baldwin Too!


Hailey Baldwin is very familiar with ink, as People reveals that this top model has approximately 19 tattoos hidden all over her body. Small enough to cover up for photo shoots, but notable enough to count as part of her personal style, it’s clear that Hailey Baldwin might be getting more done the longer she hangs around tattoo-drenched Justin Bieber. People says that Baldwin sports the other part of their couple’s tattoo, though we haven’t heard any details regarding what it looks like or where it is. Could she have another “grace” scripted onto her? Or is her’s a little more symbolic? We’re hoping all will be revealed soon!

16 Kendall Jenner’s Sometimes Felt Her Skin Is Hard To Be In


Yes, Kris Jenner might have hyped Kendall’s announcement a little too hard. Any of us who have ever dealt with acne, though, will understand just how much bravery comes with trying to love the skin we’re in. While the NY Post had quite a few words for the method of Kendall’s announcement, we think that it’s still doing some good.

NY Post reports that Kendall is now the face of Proactiv, an acne remedy and prevention treatment that’s worked for many real-life folks and celebrities alike.

While it might not be as “game changing” as some of the Kendall/Proactiv partnership supporters have said, we think it’s awesome of her to share her self love journey.

15 But Kylie’s Feeling Fresh In This New, Fancy Ring


Kendall Jenner isn’t the only sister making big moves and groundbreaking announcements. Kylie Jenner has also received a little bit of the spotlight this year. After the Forbes fiasco, baby Stormi, and many moments of makeup magic that Kylie experienced last year, 2019 was going to be a year for Kylie to step back… or so we thought! Paper Mag pointed out that Kylie Jenner has been spotted wearing a dramatic ring on her left-hand ring finger. With all the whispers of Travis Scott looking forward to proposing to Kylie, is this proof that it might have already happened? We’re not sure yet, but we’re very excited for another Kardashian-Jenner wedding.

14 Lili Reinhart Is Actually A Curly Girl


Oh, the joys of social media! We’ve discovered so much recently thanks to the help of stories and posts from behind the scenes adventures and holiday vacations.

One of the most surprising things we’ve discovered is the fact that Lili Reinhart actually has incredibly curly hair!

Hello Giggles reports that she posted this photo, along with others, revealing her natural hair style. Many of her public appearances have featured straight hair, so this came as a shock to us. It’s nice to know that even an up-and-coming superstar like Lili has struggled trying to manage her wavy, curly hair too.

13 Pete Davidson Might Be Moving On Already

people.com (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix)

The Golden Globes might have only just happened, but we’re seeing more and more lesser-known facts revealed by the day. One of the things after parties are always good for is getting to know new people. For Pete Davidson, this means getting to know Kate Beckinsale, as DailyMail reported that they apparently were spotted leaving together. Is this a sign that Pete Davidson is moving on from Ariana Grande? Or was it an innocent party encounter? Time will tell, but our money is definitely on the latter. That’s not the only event to be revealed, though. There was a whole lot happening at the Golden Globes.

12 Kris Jenner Had More Of A Starring Role In "Thank U, Next" Than We Thought

people.com Source: Ariana Grande/Youtube

Source: Ariana Grande/Youtube[/caption]

"Thank U, Next" was the record-breaking anthem from Ariana Grande that we all had on repeat for at least a week at the end of 2018. The video itself was full of early 2000s teen movie references and featured Kris Jenner as an eager Poehler-inspired mom.

Thank you, Grande, as she’s recently released all of the bloopers and deleted scenes from the filming of her music video.

This includes a scene in which Kris Jenner gets to speak the pivotal quote. NME reveals that she says, “when I was raising Ariana I always told her that if a guy ever [messes] with her, she should just say 'thank U, next'.”

11 Cardi B’s Coming Up Even More In 2019 (If The Law Doesn’t Knock Her Down First)


Despite the Offset split and Nicki Minaj drama, Cardi B is still coming up strong and might even release some new music in 2019. Not even pregnancy could keep her from giving a high energy performance, and we’re excited to see what happens in 2019 for her. It’s not just success that’s coming her way this year, though. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Cardi B is currently dealing with a contract law issue. We didn’t know anything about it, and it looks like it’s getting pretty deep. Even her dad is getting dragged into it now, turning this from contract mumbo jumbo into a serious scandal that’s bursting its way out.

10 Melissa McCarthy Is A Sandwich Sneaking Hero

cthomenavigator.com (Photo by Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

The other surprising event we saw come out of the Golden Globes was Melissa McCarthy’s DL sandwich shop. It sounds strange but trust us: this is the best event of the whole night.

Independent reported that Melissa McCarthy somehow snuck 30 ham and cheese sandwiches into the Golden Globes, all because stars don’t often get to eat the dinner that’s served there.

Red carpet interviews and posing can take a whole lot of time, and while it’s possible to get in while the food is still coming out of the kitchen, many stars are tied up until after service ends. McCarthy was an unsung sandwich hero that night, and we think it’s the first of many big things for her this year.

9 Taylor Swift Supposedly Got Her First Ink, But It Looks Like That’s Not True


Has everyone heard the breaking news by now? Taylor Swift, the ex-sweetheart-turned-musical-powerhouse might have finally gotten her first ink. Technically this was breaking news of the holiday season, but the record has finally been set straight. Some people thought that this photo, which was posted on a tattoo artist of the stars’ social media account and tagged with “Taylor Swift” was meant to be a photo of the singer. People has revealed that that’s a misinterpretation, for a few different reasons. People states that not only has Taylor Swift been wearing a different necklace lately, but that the hair is dramatically different. This was rather an homage to a T-Swizzle song, done on someone who must be a fan.

8 Travis Scott Has Commitment Questions On More Than One Front

celebrityinsider.org (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Travis Scott seems to caught in the middle of a little mess lately. XXL Mag has reported on the fact that Travis Scott is in the middle of a lawsuit (or, at least a potential lawsuit) regarding a festival that had to cancel after he pulled out and supposedly kept their deposit.

While we’re not sure who’s in the right here legally, we do think it’s probably disappointing for both parties.

Not only is Travis Scott likely disappointed about having to pull out, but the festival is definitely disappointed about having to cancel. We hope that everything works out, even if the festival just ends up getting rescheduled.

7 A LOT Of Celebs Have Revealed This Stance On Social Media


For stars who seem to live every second of their lives in the public eye, it’s reasonable that they want to have a bit of privacy now and again. Social media is, unfortunately, a necessary marketing tool for many celebrities (and up-and-coming celebrities). Teen Vogue reveals that models like Hailey Baldwin are sharing their true feelings about social media. Baldwin is quoted as saying, “Whenever I take breaks from [social media], I feel so much better, so much happy as a person. The second I come back on I get immediate anxiety, I get sad and I get worked up.” And she’s not the only one to share this sentiment; Paris Jackson and Selena Gomez are both referred to by Teen Vogue as being on the same page as Hailey!

6 North West Already Has Makeup Rules AND An Eye For Directing


Some people think that Kylie and Kendall are growing up too quickly thanks to the influence of their older sisters, but how about North West?

Refinery29 reported on that backlash that Kim faced for allowing her toddler to wear lipstick and other makeup products during a family photo shoot.

Refinery29 reveals that Kim’s actually just supporting North West’s love of makeup, and even has to put up with her directing Kim at photoshoots and makeup applications. Move over, Kylie; North West is coming for your makeup mogul and beauty billionaire spot! They might even put North on the cover next year.

5 But The Kardashians Are Still Supporting It (And Their Tea)


Despite any of the backlash they might get, the Kardashians are always going to do their own thing. This includes acting as paid influencers on social media, which is a world that many of us dream on some level to break into. Getting to make money with just a post or two? Yes, please! The Kardashians have gotten some raised eyebrows though, namely due to some of the products they’re promoting. Independent discusses the fact that, while the sisters seem to support healthy lifestyles (and even going so far as to support Demi Lovato in calling out a negative ad), they’re still sticking by their detox/tummy tea. We’re very interested to see where this can of worms leads in 2019.

4 The Louvre Has A New Record Thanks To Beyonce Herself


It’s no surprise that Beyonce can influence people to do something just by walking down the street, posting a photo, or making a comment in an interview.

Last year she and Jay-Z released a music video under the name The Carters which took place inside of The Louvre.

Needless to say, there were some repercussions. Vogue revealed that the one video resulted in a spike in The Louvre’s visitors. Vogue writes that they, “had 10.2 million visitors in 2018—which is up 25 percent from the year before. It also breaks their previous record, of 9.7 million visitors in 2012, by half a million.”

3 Rami Malek Actually Has Lovely Teeth


Coming off of his whirlwind promoting of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek has been making more and more appearances as himself. By now it should come as no surprise that the teeth he wore during filming were not his actual teeth. It was recently revealed that Rami Malek actually has lovely teeth. According to NME, Malek had to wear casts-turned-dentures of Mercury’s teeth. This gave him the iconic look that was so essential to getting Freddie Mercury’s role done right. Ultimately EOnline reports that it even snagged him the Golden Globe for best Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), and not to mention Best Motion Picture (Drama)!

2 The Sprouse Twins Have Some New Mischief Up Their Sleeves


The Sprouse brothers are at it again, and this time they’ve got some new projects up their sleeves. While Cole is currently acting as one of the leads on Riverdale, Dylan has focused more on the business and brewery side of things.

The twins are teaming up yet again though, as Vogue reported a mere few days ago.

Cole’s currently acting as the photographer for a denim company campaign, while Dylan is acting as the model. The dream team is finally working together again, and we couldn’t be happier. We hope this means more fashion to come for the rest of 2019 too!

1 Piggy Smallz Is Happy, But Solely Supported By Mommy


Pete Davidson might have the bigger Piggy Smallz tattoo, but Ariana Grande is the one who’s keeping that fuzzy, pink face. In the biggest split of 2018, the world couldn’t keep their eyes off of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, as well as their adorable pet pig, Piggy Smallz. But what was going to happen to Piggy amongst all the turmoil of the split? According to Daily Edge, he’s firmly Ariana Grande’s pet now. He’s apparently listed as her emotional support animal and is even starring in some of her music videos. We’re big fans of this little piggy, and we’re very excited to see the rest of their adventures in 2019. It’s shaping up to be a juicy year so far.

Sources: Bustle, People, Teen Vogue, NY Post, Daily Mail

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