Hollywood Baller: 24 Pics Of How The Rock Spends His Hard-Earned Millions

In the '90s, if we'd see Dwayne Johnson, the man known as The Rock, it would be in the ring usually giving his competitors the people's elbow ― if you watched wrestling, you'd know his finishing move like the back of your hand.

Many of you would be surprised to know that the Hollywood heavyweight, before having made his wrestling debut, was a football player. Now, the football-player-turned-wrestler is one of the highest paid actors in the business. Say what? Yes, you read correctly. According to Forbes, in 2017, Johnson finished off with a whopping $65 million in earnings, falling just short of first place by $3 million to Mark Wahlberg.

These statistics are quite surprising considering the thriving actor is quite new on the scene. However, we're not the least shocked as the man who is a triple-threat is one of the hardest-working men in the business. From the big screen to the small screen, to his own production company, and product endorsements, we wonder what exactly the Fast and Furious star does with all his hard-earned moolah. We know his top priority is taking care of his family and helping others, but he also likes to indulge and enjoy his money on some juicy things. So here it is, we'll let you know just how Johnson, the big-time actor, treats himself.

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24 Pancakes Anyone?

via Instagram

He even does voiceovers; did you catch him in the Disney hit Moana?

We all know the box office juggernaut is huge; I mean, how does one hold such a body? With pancakes ― pancakes we tell you!

If you follow the A-lister, you know that The Rock's love for pancakes is out of control and totally unfair to us because there is no way we could stuff our faces with stacks of pancakes and still be in top-notch shape like he is.

Well, we certainly know for a fact that Johnson does not mind spending Benjamins on this delicious breakfast on the daily; plus, he always brags about his recipes.

23 Johnson Needs A Little Time Away

via Instagram

When Johnson wants to escape Hollywood and enjoy some well-deserved downtime, what does he do?

He spends time with his animals and kicks his feet up at a ranch-style house at his very own farm. Though the star could by a home just about anywhere in the world, he bought a farm just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, because the humble wrestler-turned-actor needs to disconnect from reality and reconnect with nature. With such a picturesque view, we do not blame him for taking retreats there and hanging with his horses.

22 The Rock Wears The Real Bling

via Instagram

We all know what Rolex watches are, and we all would not refuse one to place on our wrists, but The Rock slaps Rolex watches on his wrists like it is nothing.

Since he is one of the hardest working men in Hollywood, we are certainly delighted that the man, who as a boy dreamed of owning a Rolex, was able to turn his dream into a reality. The star, who we have seen kick butt in films and run on the beach to save lives, has spoiled himself and ultimately bought himself a luxurious Rolex at $35,000. Preceding that purchase, he went ahead and treated himself with a custom-made one too.

21 He Loads Up On Sushi

via Instagram

If you follow The Rock on Instagram, then you must crave sushi 24/7; if he isn't posting photos of him pumping iron at the gym, he is posting pictures of the delicious sushi he's about to indulge in.

With all that money, he could buy all the sushi in the world, and it is safe to say by all his posts that he does not shy away from putting money down for sushi. Just like pancakes, on his cheat day, he makes sushi his go-to meal; he has admitted to eating 18 sushi rolls at a time. You know it is "carb-up" night when he posts his famous sushi pictures ― we just hope we'll get an invite one day.

20 A Car Fit For A Rock – Sort Of

via Maxim

When you're extremely rich, you could get just about anything you want, and The Rock has proven that to us. The Rock made his mark when he sped up in his Pagani Huayra at the premier of Ballers. We guess a Ferrari was not enough, since the big-timer opted for a Pagani Huayra that start off at $1 million, just to give you an idea ― yes, we're quite envious.

The Ballers star certainly showed up balling in his custom-made, drool-worthy sports car. Turns out, his custom-made baby cost him an extravagant $1.4 million; that is what having lavish and posh tastes costs. Funnily enough, the Pagani Huayra he had made specifically for him does not even allow him to properly fit in ― custom-made right?

19 He Leaves On His Own Jet Plane

via Instagram

When you're a Hollywood heavyweight like Dwayne Johnson, you can do just about anything you'd like, like hail over your private jet to take you anywhere in the world instantly.

The Central Intelligence funny man leads a fancy schmancy lifestyle and makes changing diapers look cool on a posh Gulfstream G650 private jet.

If anyone knows what it is like to fly in style, it is The Rock, and he always goes big, because, well, he can. The jet he hovers around the world in is one of the best and fastest private jets on the market, and that proves exactly what wealth can buy you.

The cost? A whopping $60 million. Such a crazy expense for an airplane, but he can do it.

18 The Rock Needs His Coaches

via GQ India

The Rock is as built as it is; he literally is as solid as a rock ― how much bigger does the man need to get? And doesn't he do it on his own?

It is quite unusual to think that The Rock needs help from others to keep him in the shape he is in. Besides having his own gym, spending countless hours dedicated to working out daily and maintaining a strict diet, Johnson spends his dollars on several personal trainers. We thought he did it all on his own, but to stay in tiptop shape, he pays trainers Dave Rienzi, J.K.Simmons, Aaron Williamson, and Jai Courtney to stand by him and his goals.

17 This Single Fish

via Instagram

So, what does The Rock spend his millions on? Cod, lots of cod. He loves cod so much that we had to dedicate an entry to breakdown his affair with the fish.

In 2015, The Rock admitted in an interview with Muscle & Fitness and FiveThirtyEight the secret to his diet that consisted of 821 pounds of cod in a year, roughly spending $1,400 on a single fish. We are astounded at the amount of money a single person could spend on one single food item. It probably is pennies to him, but to us, that is crazy cash.

16 The Ink On His Body

via Instagram

With a body like his, we're not surprised that he wants to make himself stand out even more than he already does. Tattoos are not cheap, though, and his elaborate tattoos were certainly not pocket change, but rather thousands of dollars. His tattoos are all very meaningful to him, which makes us believe he will not hesitate to drop cash on more.

15 His Lucky Charm

via social gazette

So, when you have a fortune and a huge cash flow, what do you indulge in? Designer items? No, The Rock puts down money on socks.

But not just any kind of socks, Star Wars socks ― may the force be with him. Johnson is a fanatical fan of the Star Wars franchise, and so, his priority is owning all the socks of the film that he could. The high-paid actor even claimed that on special occasions, his lucky go-to socks are his Star Wars socks without a doubt. It is certainly an obsession as he has multiple pairs of the same socks.

14 A Skincare Routine Fit For A Star

via Instagram

The megastar certainly cares about his appearance, and if he is not on set, or bulking at the gym, he is in front of the mirror engaging in his skincare routine.

With all the money in the world, having flawless skin is not out of reach, and we surely envy Johnson for his beautiful skin. However, looking young comes at a price, and for The Rock, it comes to $300 a unit for his La Mer cream. It may seem overzealous to us to spend that kind of money on skincare products, but the posh star can afford it.

13 Stacks And Piles Of T-Shirts

via Instagram

Besides blowing our minds with his workout videos on Instagram, where he can be seen doing 455 -pound hip thrusts, the star loves to motivate others with clothing.

Since Johnson first appeared on the screen, he's always opted for T-shirts with slogans. Besides the fact that he makes us want to drool with his skintight tops, he tries to always make a point by sending out positive vibes. He has over 120 million followers, so spending his dollars on shirts with encouraging and helpful slogans certainly motivates his fans.

12 As Long As He’s Got His Suits And Ties

via Tom + Lorenzo

Do they even make his size? The A-lister is so massive, he absolutely has to get his suits tailored to his physique. If there is any man in Hollywood that can pull off a suit, it is Dwayne Johnson; they don't call him The Rock for nothing.

While the star is mostly known for his gym antics, when he hits the red-carpet, he is the most fashionable and posh man there. The hunk, who always shows up looking sharp at movie premieres and award ceremonies, dishes out a lot of dough to get the most lavish suits fit for a rock ― it takes a real man to pull off velvet.

11 Luxurious Gifts For The Man Who Gave Him Life

via Instagram

You may have already figured this out about The Rock if you follow him; besides being extremely rich and a Hollywood heavyweight, he is the most humble and down-to-Earth celeb.

Despite all his fame and riches, he has not forgotten where he comes from. In fact, to show appreciation for his roots, Johnson has made it a priority to spoil his father. "Over the years, I've moved him into a big home, got him trucks to drive — which he'll literally drive into the ground until I get him something else," Johnson wrote. And what was his Christmas present to his father? An SUV.

10 And A Gift For His Stunt Double

via YouTube

Basically, The Rock shares his wealth with the people in his life that are his blood, that are there for him, and those who helped him get to where he is today.

While you may think he is exuberant in terms of gift-giving, the family man does not. Basically, if you mean something to him, he may just buy you a truck. In July of last year, the big-time actor showed his love for his stunt double, Tanoai Reed, who is also reportedly a distant cousin, a custom truck. On the gift, Johnson wrote on Instagram, "I had this custom pick-up truck delivered just in time to surprise him (he's still recovering from a stunt injury) while we give what he thought was going to be an interview about our careers together."

9 And Gifts For His Sweet Mama

via Pinterest

The Rock has the means to get the people that gave him the gift of life just about anything their hearts desire ― and he does not fall short.

He is living his wildest dreams, but The Rock does not forget to spoil his mama, too. As Johnson has already admitted, he'd give them anything they ask for, but he still spoils them when they don’t want. For his beautiful mother, in 2017, he made her come home to a Cadillac Escalade. With tears in her eyes, we bet this momma is real proud of her son.

8 His Boy Toys

via Instagram

We want to let you know, in case you were not informed, that the colossal and hunky star had quite the rough childhood before he hit the ring ― and now, he can live any life he pleases. Just like the glass slipper that was a perfect fit for Cinderella, the customized Ford F-150 Pickup truck is the perfect fit for the Fast and Furious star.

Though there are several lavish and luxurious cars stacked in Johnson's garage, this monster truck has us picking our jaw off the floor. The grand actor looks like he is ready for business in his custom-made truck, but when he is feeling classy, he pulls up in his $300,000 Bentley.


7 A Personal Gym

via Instagram

It is safe to say that The Rock has spent most of his entire life in the gym, and he won't stop anytime soon; there is no environment that is more fit for the man who is a machine.

So where exactly is The Rock's heaven on Earth? At his own home in his own personal gym he named Iron Paradise. He is rarely not seen in the gym, as he clocks plenty ofh ours at his second home ― or first home actually.

With that, he spends tons of cash on the greatest gym equipment on the market ― his moolah is certainly paying off.

6 Reeling In The Rod

via Instagram

The actor has managed to keep his fit physique, but what does he do to keep his mind at ease when living such a hectic life?

The gym mogul takes time for himself by kicking his feet up on a deck while going away for fishing trips — and we've made it clear how much the man loves his fish.

With a private jet, it does not take much planning to go around America to find the greatest catch. Who would have ever thought one of the highest-paid actors would have to fish for his own food?

5 Spoiling His Children

via Instagram

You may just wish The Rock was your father! If you look at his 'gram page, you may just forget ever calling him arrogant again; the busy father has the most adorable photos of himself with his children getting his hands dirty and being silly.

However, he is also the type of father who has all the cash in the world to surprise his children at any given time, and not only on special occasions. We cannot even begin to imagine everything he buys for his three adorable children, but Johnson posted this photo to his 'gram, calling himself Willy Wonka as he surprised his Jazzy with the horse and carousel. Say it all together now — awe!

4 Posh Hotels

via facebook

He is, after all, one of the most sought-out actors at the moment, so the former WWE wrestler does not just spend time lounging at home.

Thanks to his film career, the A-lister spends most of his time travelling the world, which means he spends much of his time in hotels. With lavish taste like his, when he travels for movies, his charity work, sponsorships ,or just about anything else, he always ends up in top-notch suites ― poor him, right?

The Rock certainly needs a bed fit for a king at the end of a long day, and thousands are spent on hotel rooms.

3 Cookies And More Cookies

via Instagram

The Rock certainly has a huge appetite, and when it comes to his cheat days, he doesn't hold back on his favorite snacks.

When The Rock is working out, travelling, working, he's spending his day in the kitchen baking up a storm. 

Yes, if you follow The Rock, you may have realized that he is quite the cookie monster. If he is not munching away on sushi, then he is filling up his stomach with his ginormous signature DJ double chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with creamy peanut butter layered in the middle.

And we see his cookies make numerous appearances, so we know what he loves to the spend his dough (no pun intended) on.

2 He Took It Down A Notch

via Instagram

Most of us would probably be completely intimidated if we had to work out next to The Rock, and whether he has taken enhancements or not, his name isn't The Rock for nothing.

One thing we do know, though, besides the obvious hours he clocks in at the gym, he has had surgery.

Because of all the hours he has put in the gym over the years, his pectorals had gotten too bulky for his liking, so he opted for liposuction. And we know very well plastic surgery comes with a hefty price tag.

1 Mansions On Top Of Mansions

via Pursuitist

We wanted to save the best for last; be ready to be amazed!

Like most A-listers, The Rock has not shied away from buying all the property he could. Besides his many obvious passions, he is very into real estate, which is probably why he has sold 10 luxurious properties in Florida.

Let us just give you a mansion breakdown.

There was a $3.4 million mansion with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms in Southwest Ranches, Florida that he bought and sold, another $4.5 million mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a 6-bedroom home in Hidden Hills, California for $4.9 million in 2012, and his Southwest Ranches, Florida lavish mansion for $5.5 million.

We wonder which one is his favourite.

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