Here's Which Slip-Up Each Astro Sign Needs To Stop Making In Relationships (Solo & Taken)

Every person out there totally makes a few mistakes here and there when it comes to relationships. While people might like to give out advice to others like pros, no one is a stranger to having some serious slip-ups themselves. It's time people stop playing it off like they know what they're doing and instead come to terms with their faults.

Whether they're single and ready to mingle, or happily head over heels for someone special, every person can improve when it comes to love. If a person wants to find someone they adore, it's key that they make sure to overcome these minor issues.

There is no way the universe is about to offer a person their dream lover if they're constantly slipping up in relationships. They have to be completely ready to be the absolute best version of themselves.

For those already in a relationship, it might come as a surprise to read about the one thing they're doing completely wrong. It's never too late a fix your relationship, though, so get on it ASAP!

Being the best version of one's self is the key to making any relationship work, as long as their partner does the same.

Get ready for everything in life to make complete sense with this read about the one major slip up each astro sign is making when it comes to relationships!

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24 Pisces Solo: Always Looking For Something Better


It's simply in a Pisces nature to always be looking for the best you can possibly get. Whether you're single or in a relationship, you're not willing to settle for someone amazing in hopes of someone extraordinary coming along.

This is a negative outlook as you're letting go of so many potential lovers who are perfect for you. 

However, we totally understand if you simply don't feel like the people around you are worth it. You have high standards and deserve someone you adore. Yet, if you end up settling down with someone, it's time to stop checking if there is someone better just around the corner.

23 Pisces Taken: Living Separate Lives


While everything in your relationship might be working out, there is more to the story. Whether you like to admit it or not, it feels like you and your lover are living separate lives. This is because you and your partner haven't fully intertwined your lives together as one.

Instead, it seems like you both are living separate lives outside of your relationship. It's time that you and your lover merge friend groups and attend more family events together. It's key to let them into all of these areas of your life, alongside entering theirs. This is the only way to truly come together as one in a relationship, rather than feeling like you're living way different lives.

22 Aquarius Solo: Falling In Love Way Too Fast


Aquarius signs are known for being impulsive, based on their emotion. That's why you're no stranger to falling for someone hard and way too fast. We can't even blame you! As an Aquarius, if you feel sparks fly, then you'll dive headfirst into a new relationship.

While this might be fun at first, it's a little dangerous. 

Instead, you have to take some time to build a friendship between you and your boo before falling in love quickly. The butterflies will eventually fly away and you're left in a relationship with a total stranger. Before you end up in another relationship, make sure it's with the right person!

21 Aquarius Taken: Thinking White Lies Are Okay


While you might be arguing that your lies are for the best, you're just lying to yourself. It's never okay to feed your lover lies, even if they're for their benefit in a weird way. That's because the truth will always come out, and eventually create some tension between you and your lover.

The absolute last thing that you want is for this to happen, as your relationship is sure to fall apart. We recommend that you come clean to your partner about all of the lies you might've told. Even though it might cause some initial conflict, it's for the betterment of your relationship. Your lover will know that you laid everything on the table and are completely honest now!

20 Leo Solo: Not Putting Love First


Sometimes it's a little intimidating to give someone your complete self. You've been wronged in the past and are a little hesitant to offer who you truly are to someone. Rather than giving love a shot, you've hidden from any past serious relationships.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your life single, it's time to give love a shot. 

While there is no guarantee you won't end up with your heart shattered, it's a shot that you have to be willing to take. You never know what the world has to offer to you once you put your heart on the line. Sometimes you have to put love first, rather than your fear of getting hurt.

19 Leo Taken: Ignoring Red Flags


You've finally found yourself in your dream relationship that you're ignoring all of the red flags. While you might be flying high and filled with butterflies, it might not last. Ignoring major issues that come up doesn't mean that they'll go away. Instead, you're only hiding them and they're sure to eventually come out and ruin everything.

Little by little, you'll have to come to terms with all of the red flags you've been ignoring. We're positive you'll be able to figure most of them out with your partner. While it might be intimidating to come to terms with these issues, it's critical to do so to make sure that things work out between you and your lover!

18 Libra Solo: Hiding Emotions Out Of Fear


The last thing you want is for a relationship to fall apart. That's why you often kept your true emotions to yourself in fear of it causing issues between you and your partner.

While you might've thought this was a good idea, it eventually led to the fall of your relationship. 

Rather, we recommend being completely honest with your partner. They deserve for you to always be truthful, rather than putting on an act that everything is okay. Make a promise to yourself to be 100% honest for the next time you end up in a relationship. While it might be intimidating at first to tell your lover how you really feel, they're sure to understand!

17 Libra Taken: Not Meeting Their Family


While everything might be going absolutely amazing in your relationship, this is a red flag that shouldn't be ignored. You and your partner are totally perfect for each other and should make that known to the world. That's why meeting each other's families is absolutely critical.

If this is an honest mistake, don't sweat it. Simply let your partner know you want to spend more time with their family. However, it's time that you realize if maybe there is something else holding you back from meeting your partner's family. You might not be fully content with your relationship.

16 Cancer Solo: Showering Them With Endless Lies


You've found yourself single based on this major slip-up. If you think that you can get away with lying, you're way off. It's time that you truly figure out why you think showering your lover with endless lies is okay.

While it might be the easy way out of situations, it sets the relationship up for the worst. 

Your lovers don't deserve to be swept up in these endless lies. Instead, you have to be honest with your words and actions. While the last thing a Cancer wants is conflict, sometimes it's exactly what you need to straighten things out!

15 Cancer Taken: Faking Interest In Their Passions


We all put up a little bit of a persona when we first enter into a relationship. Everyone tries to be the best version of themselves, in order to get their lovers to adore them. However, that shouldn't mean faking an interest in your partner's passions or pursuits.

You'll eventually have to come clean that you're not that interested in the work that your partner does. If you think that you can keep up this lie, think again. Your lover is sure to figure out that you have no care for their passions as it will just ooze out of you. When someone is passionate about something, they can easily tell if the person they're talking to is as well, or not.

14 Scorpio Solo: Not Putting In The Work


Everything comes so naturally to you that you assume your relationships will as well. However, you're way off on that. True love takes endless work and won't just happen overnight.

If you really want things to work out between you and your boo, you're going to have to put in the effort. 

While love might come naturally at first, eventually it becomes tedious work. That's because for two people to have a long lasting romance, hard work is a critical element. It seems totally demanding at first, but is so worth it with the right person. Consider if you simply haven't found the right person who doesn't motivate you to try and make the relationship work.

13 Scorpio Taken: Becoming Clingy


The last thing that you want is to start becoming clingy over your partner. This is so not cute and will only push your partner farther away as they seek space. While you might just adore your partner a ton, it might come off a little clingy.

It's key to give your lover some space so that they begin to miss you a ton. Even though you might want to spend every second together, it's better not to. Add some mystery back into your relationship by creating some distance between you and your boo. It'll make the time you actually spend together a million times better!

12 Sagittarius Solo: Obsessing Over An Ex


The last thing that the universe is going to offer to you is true love when you're still obsessing over an ex. The truth of the matter is that you haven't come to terms with the past, and aren't ready to take on the future.

Rather than trying to shift your focus to someone new, say goodbye to this old lover. 

You will never be able to truly move on and be in a happy relationship if you don't figure out your past. While it might hurt to open up fresh wounds, it's critical in order for them to truly heal. Your future self will totally thank you for actually closing this chapter of your life and starting a fresh one!

11 Sagittarius Taken: Predicting Their Thoughts


As a Sagittarius, you're constantly trying to make sense of every situation and person. That's why when your partner is being a little difficult to read, you begin trying to predict their thoughts. This is the absolute last thing that you should be doing as you're making your own predictions, rather than figuring out the truth.

Instead, we recommend that you simply ask your partner how they feel about a situation, rather than assuming their emotions. The last thing that you want is to create conflict between you and your lover when you don't even know how they actually feel!

10 Aries Solo: Giving Up Too Fast


You've been known for running away from a relationship when things just aren't working out. The last thing that you want is for things to go south, that's why when they did you essentially disappeared.

If you think you can keep acting like this in relationships, think again. 

The universe expects you to be completely there for your lover through thick and thin. While it might be hard to offer them your true self, it's absolutely necessary to make things work. Don't just run when things get a little difficult. Instead, be there for your partner and try to figure out how to mend your relationship. This is the only way to move a relationship into the future!

9 Aries Taken: Depending Way Too Much On Them


You finally find yourself in a relationship and you couldn't be happier. It seems as if you've been looking for a special someone for what seems like forever, and you finally found them. While you might be deeply in love, you can't become too dependent on your partner.

We all find ourselves getting overly comfortable in our relationships, and it's actually not a good thing. Instead, we should make sure that we keep holding onto our independence. The last thing you want is to be overly dependent on your partner and find your relationship falling to pieces. Make sure to stay strong throughout your relationship!

8 Virgo Solo: Being Dominant


While Virgos are known for being dominant, you often come off a little too strong. You can't assume that you'll be able to take control of a relationship and push it into the direction that you want.

Instead, you have to be willing to have a balance of power between you and your lover. 

It's time to let go of your old self and settle for someone new. While you might be used to calling all the shots, it's not that healthy. Instead, offer your lover the opportunity to give their opinion and make decisions on matters. No one in a relationship should have more power than the other!

7 Virgo Taken: Letting The Romance Fizzle Out


This is a major slip up that has to be stopped immediately. While it's true that the initial sparks are sure to disappear, it doesn't mean the chemistry has to as well. If you want your relationship to go strong into the future, you're going to have to put some work in.

Try to find some fun ways to bring that spark back into your relationship. While it might be a little difficult to do so at first, it's critical to keep the fire alive. As a Virgo, you're always lusting over romance. You shouldn't let time make it okay that things just aren't as fun as they used to be. Show your partner you care by finding ways to reconnect!

6 Gemini Solo: Not Giving It 100% Effort


If a Gemini ever feels unhappy in a relationship, they simply give up. They expect to constantly feel sparks flying, even during the hardest periods. You'd be the first to admit that you totally give up trying in your relationship when things just aren't going well.

Just because things aren't working out the way you hoped doesn't mean you should give up. 

If you want your relationship to work out, then you have to put in the effort. However, consider if this person simply isn't the one for you. There is no point in putting effort if you're not head over heels for someone. Instead, consider if walking away is the better option. Sometimes you need the right person to motivate you to put in the effort.

5 Gemini Taken: Expecting Perfection


As a Gemini, you're always seeking more than you already have. It's simply in your nature to desire a perfect relationship. However, while we adore your high standards, you can't expect things to be perfect.

Even if your relationship was a movie-like romance, it would be totally boring. You want your relationship to have a few flaws here and there so that you have something to work on. If your relationship isn't growing and has instead reached its peak, the end is near. Growth is what you should be striving towards, not perfection.

4 Taurus Solo: Lying To Get The Upper Hand


It's time that you stop lying to your lovers, even if you think that it's for the best. There is no way that a relationship is going to work if it's based on lies and faults.

The universe isn't going to give you someone new until you change your ways. 

That's because you would completely lose the love of your life if you feed them these endless lies. Come to terms with who you truly are in order to not feel like having to put on a persona. Your partner must love you for who you truly are, rather than who you are trying to be. We promise that everything will eventually work out once you show the world who you really are!

3 Taurus Taken: Starting Fights For Attention


You're constantly trying to figure out ways to have your partner's undivided attention. While this is hard to admit, you often find yourself being problematic just to get your partner to prove that they actually care for you. If you think that being extra is a great way to get attention, think again.

There are a few unresolved conflicts that you haven't come to terms with, pushing you to act a little out of the ordinary. This is the last thing you want as your relationship will suffer immensely from it. Stop starting fights to get attention from your lover; we guarantee they're so over it.

2 Capricorn Solo: Only Listening To Others' Advice


You're lucky to have some amazing people in your life constantly offering advice. Even when your relationships are at their worst point, you always have support around you.

However, it's time to consider if you're taking too much external advice. 

Instead, you should be dealing with these conflicts with your lover, rather than with the rest of the world. We doubt that your party is fine with having all of your relationship issues aired with your friends. It's time that you learn to keep issues between you and your lovers rather than sharing it. If you do happen to seek advice on a matter, let your partner know you did!

1 Capricorn Taken: Trying To Change Them


You should know at this point that trying to change a lover hardly ever works. You often find yourself jumping into a relationship in hopes of your partner changing for the better. However, this never works and instead causes endless conflicts.

Also, your lover totally doesn't deserve this! The last thing anyone wants is to be told that they're simply not good enough. While it's completely normal to seek more out of your partner, telling them they're not good enough is surely not the way to go. No one deserves to be put down just because they don't meet your standards. Work with your partner rather than against them!

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