Here's What Our Superpower Would Be, Based On Our Astro Sign

When it comes to superheroes, there is an endless array of superpowers that people only wish they could choose from.

Given the option, would they choose to be able to control the ocean and the weather? Run faster than a bullet? Jump from one dimension to the next? And of course, flying is typically one of the top choices when it comes to selecting a superhuman superpower—as is being able to see through walls.

Alas, normal folks don't have superpowers. But if they did, one's sun sign might have something to do with that. After all, if astrology can accurately tell someone's personality and the life path they were meant to walk, why not determine what their superpower might be?

And by superpower, it's not just the ability to tear through steel walls as if they were made of paper or breathe underwater and talk to fish that are desirable powers. There are also those subtle powers that play behind the scenes but leave a massive impact. Like, the ability to read minds and extract important information or make plants grow faster!

So here's what each person's superpower would be if they were blessed with one, according to their astro sign.

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20 Aries Has The Ability To Control Fire


These not-so-levelheaded children of this star sign are a handful, to begin with. They don't like being cautious, and they definitely don't like being told what to do!

So if they were to have an untold superpower, it would definitely be the ability to control fire.

Because nobody controls fire! Unless you are fire. In which case, you basically absorb the other flame and become a bigger mess to deal with. And that's Aries for you, in short!

19 Leo Has Superhuman Strength


To be honest, it would be weird if a Leo had the ability to calm down enraged truck drivers. They are a fire sign ruled by the Sun, after all. And you don't get a bigger fireball in this solar system!

So if they were to have a superpower, it would be the ability to punch a fist through a ten-foot thick (thick!) concrete wall and bench press fifty cars piled one on top of the other.

Ooh, dang! That's some star power!

Not that the Leo would use it for villainous purposes. They are a Leo, after all! They love people!

18 Sagittarius Can Teleport


You can try to cage a Sagittarius, but you won't succeed. These free-spirited, freedom-loving creatures would find a way to outsmart you and get the heck out of there!

So if they were to have a superpower, it would be the kind that would enable them to break out of the toughest brigs on this planet and abandon ship as soon as things get real. In short, teleportation.

And not just the sissy kind of bumping from one city to the next, at the drop of a hat. We are talking about real teleportation. The kind that lets you jump between dimensions. The kind where you have to figure out how to prevent the butterfly effect from frying your behind.

17 BONUS: Leos Are Natural Union Leaders


Forming a union is not exactly a "superpower." But it should be one because whoever has the ability to get brow-beaten workers who get paid less-than-nothing for 18 hours a day work shifts to clamor onto the bandwagon and demand their rights is really something.

Trust us, you need to be someone awesome for the downtrodden to believe you can help them fight the oppressive system.

And it doesn't just have to be a blue-collar union. White collar staff is pretty terrified of the big wigs too! Ever more so, in fact, because they don't want anyone to bump them down to blue collar.

16 Fire Signs Are Fearless Daredevils


Life's too short to take ten days to mull over a decision. At least, that's what the fire signs of the astro world believe.

After all, if you really knew what the heck you were doing or the obstacles that would be in your way, you wouldn't have mulled so much. You would have taken action! Either one way or another.

That's why fire signs tend to get so much done! They don't wait around thinking about if's and but's.

After all, they know they have the capacity to handle the problems that will crop up eventually. Because problems always crop up. Always.

15 Scorpio Is A Strong Mindreader


There's a reason why people avoid looking directly into a Scorpio's eyes if they can. It's because doing so can feel as like falling into a bottomless hole that bares your soul and its depths. And people don't like to feel that vulnerable.

That's why if Scorpios were to have a superpower, it would be the ability to read minds.

And not just the silly kind that mentalists do for tips and tricks. We are talking about reading your deepest, darkest truths, and then using them to gain power over you.

After all, superheroes aren't the only ones with superpowers!

14 Pisces' Low-Key Superpower Is Empathy


There's a reason why the astro symbol for Pisces is a pair of fishes swimming in opposite directions. It's because these Neptunian individuals have the ability to let their soul take charge of their life and take them to places where most people would never know how to go.

That's why their superpower is empathy—a lot of Pisceans actually do have this superpower in reality.

This power lets them absorb the emotional charge attached to people and place, and understand where they are coming from. It also helps them steer clear of toxic individuals and situations. So yay!

13 Cancer Is A Healer


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which rules the domain of healing. That's why the ancients warned against performing surgery on the night of the full moon (and the few days leading up to and following it).

So it's obvious that if Cancerians were to have a superpower, it would be the ability to heal people.

Besides, Cancers are the best nurturers in the entire galaxy. Therefore, they also have the natural ability to nurse people back to health!

12 BONUS: Scorpios Can Tell Someone's Past After Just One Meeting


Scorpios are extremely perceptive judges of character. That's why it's next to impossible to fool them. Unless the opponent happens to be a shrewd Plutonian too.

This superpower stems from their ability to pick up on body language cues and putting it together to know exactly what the person went through when they were a child.

So if the person is too nice but also stubborn, they know immediately that that person was parented by a strict parent (or guardian) while growing up but still was bullheaded enough to find ways to do what they wanted to, eventually.

11 Water Signs Have Strong Psychic Abilities


To be honest, this is less of a superpower and more of a reality. Because if you have ever had a water sign friend (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) or were born under that sign, you will know just how perceptive they are at times when there's no way for them to know what they know.

Like that time your friend warned you to change jobs because your company was going to go under, and it did. Or, that time you knew there was something off about a certain guy you were dating, and it turned out to be true.

It can be eerily accurate sometimes. That's how psychic water signs are!

10 Capricorn Has Fierce Laser Eyes


Capricorns don't give up when they set their sight on a goal. Not even when competitors put obstacles on their way or when it seems like there's no hope left.

That's why if they were to have a superpower, it would be the ability to shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Just like Scott could in X-Men! Anything to burn those obstacles straight outta your path.

Plus, it would let them wear cool sunglasses during the day. Which is a great way to keep people out of your hair and your business!

9 Virgo Has The Ability To See The Future


Virgos are humble and down-to-earth. But they are plagued by the fear of falling ill and messing up.

That's why if they were to have a superpower, a Virgo would choose to have the ability to see the future.

Why? Because it would help them plan obsessively so they can cross out all the bad consequences and do the right thing the first time around. After all, they live for perfection and can't stand it when people think they have done wrong.

8 Taurus Can Time Travel


A Taurus might enjoy watching superhero movies on TV, but honestly, they don't want the ability to swing from building to building or fight off supervillains with electric bolts shooting out of their hands. They are too lazy for that. Or too comfortable, in their lingo!

Instead, the superpower they would love to have is the ability to travel back in time. Without the butterfly effect, of course.

Even better if they can do it with pockets full of change and a guarantee that they won't be harmed. Because they sure would love to try out authentic food from that era.

7 BONUS: Virgos Are Good At Herbology


Well, not because they are an earth sign. Although, that's one of the reasons why they would be good at it. The real reason is that Virgos are patient and love doing routine things, like taking care of a herb garden and de-weeding it from time to time.

Plus, they are ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence. So they wouldn't just grow those plants, they would also know how to use them to treat various diseases. Including the ones, they are sure they will suffer eventually! #virgoproblems

6 Earth Signs Can Do Earth Magic


Remember what we said about superpowers also being of the subtle kind? Well, earth signs would understand what we meant by it because if they were to have an extra superpower along with the one they already possessed, it would be the ability to do earth magic.

Grounding oneself is one such magic. And the ability to let the universe work its magic is another.

Not that this really is an untold superpower. A lot of earth signs already have the ability to do this in reality!

5 Aquarius Is A Master At Transmutation


They are the standouts of the astro world. The ones who don't take orders from anyone and dance to their own beat, regardless of what the public might say or think.

That's why if they were to have a superpower, it would be transmutation. The ability to transform one thing into a completely different thing. Like, transforming garbage into a pint of gasoline or turning raw food into a lip-smacking delicacy.

If those sound more like ingenious inventions to you, you got it right. That's exactly what Aquarians can do. Because whoever invented cooking was definitely an Aquarius!

4 Gemini Is A Natural Shape-Shifter


In a Gemini's world, they are not liars. They simply can see all sides of the story and are okay with nodding their head to one tale first and then doing the same with the other.

Does that make them two-faced? People would say so. But that's not accurate. They simply are shape-shifters of the masterful kind.

So if they were to have a superpower, it would be the personification of just this. Only, more like what Mystique from X-Men can do! Do you know how useful that would be to get out of sticky situations?

3 Libra Can Telepathically Send Messages


First of all, telepathy is different from mind-reading. The latter requires effort. The former just happens!

That's why if they were to have a hidden superpower, a Libra would have telepathy.

And they would be able to control only one side of it–the transmission side. Because Libras are really good at manipulating people into doing what they want.

As for the other side of telepathy–the part where you can constantly hear people's thoughts–well, it's just gossip to the Libra. And they just love it! So no woes a la Edward Cullen.

2 BONUS: Geminis Are Incredibly Dextrous


Geminis are called mercurial for a good reason. They are just as fast as Mercury when it goes around the Sun and just as witty.

So, if they were to have a second superpower, it would be the ability to run at the speed of light.

Just so they don't have to wait around for their food delivery guy to come around at his own sweet time. They would just zip over to the restaurant in two seconds and come back in another two!

The only downside of this power would be the annoyance of living in a world full of sloths. After all, it's relative, baby!

1 Air Signs Can Become Invisible When They Don't Want To Be Disturbed


We saved the best ability for the last–invisibility. Or, at least, air signs would think it's an awesome ability.

Not because they are shy and like being wallflowers. Far from it! Invisibility would just allow them to prank people better and get them what they want sooner. Like, maybe, rob a bank!

Besides, the downside of being social is that people don't leave you alone even when you are in the middle of something important (just ask an Aquarius!). So, the ability to become invisible would definitely come handy when you don't want to be disturbed.

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