Here's The Type Of Girl He Wants (& Which He Can't Stand), Based On His Sign

With 2019 well on its way, most people have begun to notice some changes in themselves. They might already feel like a new person as they're attracted to some people they never gave a chance in the past. The exact same thing is happening to every guy out there, as they're attracted to a whole new type of girl.

That's why it's a great idea to figure out the type of girl each guy is into this year. Keep in mind that this list is based on his astro sign, not his potential lady loves! Here is the rundown on the type of girl he's into and how a lady can incorporate some traits to imitate what he's attracted to. While it's not recommended to change who a person is just to get a guy to fall for them, it never hurts to improve some areas that need a little work. And, it's critical to keep in mind the type of girls that he adores, and the type that he despises to really win him over.

Don't forget that the key to getting that special someone fall for another person is by simply being the best version of themselves! The last thing anyone wants is to date someone wearing a mask. She just needs to show him what she truly has to offer and he's sure to fall for her in no time!

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24 Pisces Adores: Someone Spontaneous


A Pisces adores someone who's known for being a little spontaneous and low-key. That's because there is nothing that a Pisces adores more than being constantly on edge with his new lover.

If you're trying to date a Pisces, we recommend acting in a mysterious manner.

Always keep bits of the story to yourself, without letting your lover know what exactly is going on. You never want to give too much away, or a Pisces might get bored quickly. While this might initially seem like such a hassle, it's actually really fun! You get to paint yourself in the best light possible, pushing your lover to fall for you in no time.

23 Pisces Not Into: Social Media Obsessed


The last person a Pisces is attracted to is someone obsessed with social media. Instead, this sign wants someone down to earth who isn't a follower. If you constantly find yourself posting selfies to IG, a Pisces lover might not be for you.

Pisces want someone spontaneous and a little mysterious. If you're updating your status on social media 24/7, your allure slowly begins to disappear. A Pisces wants a girl who isn't scared to be herself and doesn't feel the need to get constant attention online. If you truly want to make things work with this sign, it's time to totally change your ways and delete some apps.

22 Aquarius Adores: Thrill-Seeking Behavior


Aquarius is known for always having a good time wherever they are. That's why it's only right that the girl he goes for is someone with the exact same vibe.

Try to open up to new opportunities, and grow yourself into the person you're meant to become.

Once the Aquarius sees you expanding your experiences, he'll be all over you! There is nothing more attractive than someone who isn't scared to try something new and have a good time with it. While you might be trying some thrill-seeking activities for your lover to fall for you, you're actually going to end up living a more exciting life! It might be initially all for him, but you'll soon realize you're doing this for yourself.

21 Aquarius Isn't Into: Hiding Emotion


Aquarius men just don't have time to play games. If you think hiding how you truly feel will slide, think again. Instead, this astro sign is looking for someone mature who isn't scared to express themselves wholeheartedly.

The last thing he plans on doing is wasting his time trying to figure out how you feel when you could just tell him straight up. The Aquarius needs a girl who is willing to be transparent with him. Open communication is key in a relationship to make everything work. If you're not interested in showing your true colors, pick a different lover who is into playing games!

20 Leo Adores: Someone Open Minded


The last thing a Leo is willing to do is date someone who isn't willing to expand their knowledge. He finds nothing less attractive than someone too scared to let go of their old beliefs.

If you really want to dazzle a Leo, consider expanding your thought process and ideas.

Don't be afraid to be open-minded when it comes to taking in new ideas. The last thing a Leo wants is to date a follower. Instead, show your new found lover how flexible you are when it comes to trying new things. While it might be challenging to do so at first, you'll begin to feel yourself grow immensely!

19 Leo Isn't Into: Constant Complaining


It's safe to say that we all agree constant complaining is completely unattractive. The last thing we want is to waste our time with someone constantly in a bad mood. Leo's are all about making the most out of any situation and are so not attracted to negative energy.

If you're trying to land this astro sign, we recommend not complaining around him. He'll absolutely despise anyone who thinks that they can get away with being negative. Instead, we recommend that you take on a positive attitude, able to see the beauty in any situation you might find yourself in. If complaining is part of your nature, it's time to put that to a halt.

18 Scorpio Adores: A Chill Side


Scorpios are already known for living such hectic lives, that the last thing they want is a difficult relationship. Instead, they're so much more into someone easy going, who isn't problematic.

If you're anything like us, you might find yourself starting problems here and there just to add a little fire into the relationship.

This is the absolute last thing to do with a Scorpio! He'll be able to see through all of your vast lies and would much rather date someone transparent. A chill side is absolutely necessary to land a Scorpio and get a relationship going. Consider trying to figure out a way to come off a little more relaxed and easy going!

17 Scorpio Isn't Into: Jealousy


It's totally fine to get jealous from time to time, as it showcases that you truly care about someone. However, if you think that getting jealous over your newfound lover is okay, it's totally not. Instead, try to be a little bit more understanding, rather than starting up problems.

A Scorpio isn't about to stick around with someone who is constantly jealous. Scorpios are known for being incredibly confident and expect their lover to also be sure of themselves. There is nothing worse than someone who constantly acts jealous because they feel threatened by another female. Your Scorpio lover will be way more attracted if you're confident in yourself and your relationship!

16 Sagittarius Adores: A Free Spirit


A Sagittarius is all about going a little wild here and there. Since we only live once, a Sagittarius isn't about to waste his time living a boring life. That's why he's absolutely attracted to someone open and free-spirited.

Put all of your fears on the back burner and figure out a way to expand your horizon!

Live out all of your dreams and fantasies. A Sagittarius will be attracted to your energy so easily that your relationship will flourish. However, if being free-spirited isn't in your nature, this is going to take some work. Try to expand your comfort zone and try things that might've absolutely scared you back in the day. What truly matters is that you yourself begin to grow and develop. Your Sagittarius boo will come along in almost no time.

15 Sagittarius Isn't Into: Someone Superficial


If you're constantly obsessing with your reflection in the mirror, a Sagittarius lover is not for you. That's because this astro sign completely despises anyone superficial. This sign is known for being incredibly deep, and constantly basing their decisions on emotional factors.

That's why the absolute last thing that they want is to date someone who is superficial of themselves. If you think that living life at the surface level will be okay for a Sagittarius, think again. Instead, this sign is much more interested in everything that you have to offer deep within. Don't even be confused if this sign falls for you based on your personality fully. While aesthetics might be attractive for you, a Sagittarius couldn't care less.

14 Cancer Adores: Endless Confidence


The key to landing a Cancer's heart is by being absolutely confident. There is nothing that this lover will find more attractive than a woman who isn't scared to be her true self.

While it might be hard to be confident, we recommend faking it until you make it.

Over time you will eventually find your true confidence deep within. It might be hard to unlock your inner power, but you'll be more than happy that you did. While you might be willing to become confident for a special someone, consider truly doing this for yourself. You'll begin to see your world completely shift once you start living life with a new attitude.

13 Cancer Isn't Into: Always Gossiping


If gossiping might as well be second nature to you, a Cancer might not be the right guy. The one thing that the sign despises more than anything is someone constantly spilling the tea about other people. Instead, a Cancer is searching for a lover constantly consumed with important ideas, not talking poorly about other people.

We all love to gossip a little here and there, but a Cancer is so not about that. If you even speak poorly of someone for a second in front of this astro sign, he'll run in the opposite direction. The last thing this sign wants is for someone more interested in the business of others rather than their own.

12 Libra Adores: An Intellectual


There is nothing that a Libra loves more than an intellectual. Libra's are incredibly open and are constantly thinking of vast thoughts and concepts. That's why it's only right that a Libra dates someone who is willing to discuss these intellectual topics.

If you think that you can get away with pretending that you know what you're talking about, think again.

Instead, we recommend spending some time truly becoming an expert in a field that interests you. The Libra will be incredibly attracted to you and your thoughts on this particular topic. Rather than pretending that you know everything, actually know everything about one certain thing. The best part is that you'll be actually following a topic that you're absolutely passionate about!

11 Libra Isn't Into: Someone Pretentious


A Libra is ready to settle down and stop playing games. That's why it's only right that they're searching for someone special who is ready to be honest. A Libra so isn't into anyone with pretentious personality traits.

That's because a Libra understands that there are so many more important things to think about, rather than trying to constantly make yourself look good. If you happen to throw in a few comments here and there about how amazing you are, a Libra will be able to pick these up in almost no time. Don't think that this guy is about to let your pretentious behavior slide!

10 Aries Adores: Always Looking For The Positive


Heading into 2019, an Aries needs a lover who isn't scared to be positive. He's had such a difficult year in 2018 that he absolutely needs some light in his life. If you're willing to look at life in a positive lens, then you might be his girl.

It's time to start finding the positive in absolutely every situation!

Your Aries lover will appreciate this aspect more than everything. There is nothing less attractive than someone constantly consumed in endless negativity. While the Aries himself isn't constantly in a good mood, he needs someone to motivate him to seek the good. If you think you have what it takes to change this sign's life around, give it a shot!

9 Aries Isn't Into: Constant Stress


Since an Aries is looking for a down to earth girl, the last thing he wants is someone constantly stressing. An Aries already has enough things going on that he isn't ready to be weighed down by someone else's anxieties.

Instead, he's looking for a lover with a laid back attitude. Life has enough of its own issues that the last thing you want is to take on someone else's. If you're into an Aries, you better ditch all your worries at the door. Instead, try to be present in the moment and offer your lover everything you have to give. While it might be difficult to forget about everything stressing you out, it's critical to do so in order to seal the deal with this special someone.

8 Virgo Adores: Someone Highly Motivated


Virgos are known for constantly seeking their passions. They are filled with endless dreams that they hope to make into a reality. That's why the only person a Virgo is willing to date is someone with a similar mindset.

If the Virgo gets the vibe that you're as motivated as them, they'll be all over you!

However, we have to warn you that this isn't a trait you can exactly develop. A Virgo will be able to tell whether you're actually passionate about your dreams or are putting on a show. That's because the Virgo is going to be relying on your positivity to help keep them motivated!

7 Virgo Isn't Into: Being Manipulative


Since 2019 is a fresh start for all, the Virgo is also looking to change his ways. The last thing he wants is to end up in yet another bad relationship. That's why he made it a priority to not date anyone who is manipulative. He has so been in that situation in the past and is not about to repeat his mistakes.

If you have a manipulative nature, you better consider putting it aside if you're into a Virgo. He'll be able to sense your tactics as he has a ton of past experience being taken advantage of. Don't think you'll be able to get your way with a Virgo, as he'll make sure to put on a fight.

6 Gemini Adores: A Wild Side


Geminis are known for getting a little crazy, and they aren't even scared to admit it. That's why they want a lover with a complete wild side that isn't scared to live life to the fullest.

Let's just say it's going to take a ton of time and energy to handle a Gemini lover.

That's because they're always seeking more out of life, and always looking to have a good time. However, if you think that you can handle this, we're positive that you can! Get ready for your life to get a little crazy (in a good way) once you fall for this Gemini. Your craziest dreams are sure to come to reality once you find yourself face to face with this special someone.

5 Gemini Isn't Into: Someone Two-Faced


Even though Geminis are known for being two-faced, that's the last thing they go for in a lover. They know how to tell the signs of someone trying to manipulate them and make sure to never end up falling for someone of this nature. If you're trying to get a Gemini to fall for you, honesty is the key to making it happen.

It might be difficult to offer your true self to this person, especially since their sign is known for being a little two-faced themselves. However, in order to have a Gemini trust you, you have to show your true colors. Over time, the Gemini will fall deeply in love with you once you give your complete self over. If you're willing to put all your cards on the table, a Gemini is sure to adore you.

4 Taurus Adores: Not Scared To Take Risks


A Taurus needs a lover who isn't scared to take risks here and there. Since life is short, you have to be willing to put it all on the line in order to achieve even more out of life. While that might be absolutely intimidating to do so at first, you'll find that it's exactly everything that you've ever desired.

If you want to play with a Taurus, get ready to put all of your cards on the table.

The last thing a Taurus wants is to mess with someone who isn't willing to cross the line. They need someone absolutely fearless, willing to do whatever it takes to get their way. If that's not you, you better step aside as a Taurus just won't be interested.

3 Taurus Isn't Into: Playing Dumb


A Taurus isn't about to date a girl who is more consumed with how she is perceived, rather than who she really is. While there is a myth that guys might like a girl who plays dumb here and there, that totally isn't the case for a Taurus. Instead, he's attracted to a girl who knows who she is and isn't about to change for someone to like her.

While you might feel the need to act a little differently for this special someone to like you, playing dumb is so not what you should do. Instead, we recommend that if there is any act you're about to put on, it's of someone who knows what they're doing. There is nothing a Taurus loves more than someone confident in who they are!

2 Capricorn Adores: Someone Mature


Capricorns have just been through it all and aren't about to be playing games. That's why your Capricorn lover needs someone mature to fall for. If you think being problematic here and there might slide with a Capricorn, think again.

Instead, it's time to work on coming off as mature if you really want to date a Capricorn. 

This astro sign is looking for someone with all of their business in order. If you have any loose ends pulling you down, it's time to get them in order. A Capricorn isn't about to wait around while you figure out your life and mature. If you really want to make things work with this astro sign, it's time to put in the work!

1 Capricorn Isn't Into: Passive Aggressive Behaviour


This is the last thing a Capricorn lover is looking for. We can't imagine anyone wanting to date someone consumed with constant negativity. If this is something you find yourself at fault with, it's time to change your ways.

There is absolutely no way that a Capricorn will go for someone who might erupt at any given moment. There is no point in acting passively aggressively once you were supposed to be done with the conflict. A Capricorn is so not about to suffer in a relationship with someone constantly stressing them out. If you think this behavior will slide with a Capricorn, think again!

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