Here's The Right Way To Flirt With Him, According To His Astro Sign

Flirting is an art. Some are naturally good at it. Almost prodigiously so. Others... not so much.

But flirting is also a science. A game of the mind where two people play a mental ball game to see whether they want to take things one step further with the other.

So if she isn't one of those queen bees who effortlessly strings along ten boys at a time, she shouldn't fret. Practice and a little bit of creativity are all that's required to make this game for two a success. And it helps if she knows his astro sign.

After all, a conservative Capricorn will be turned off straight away if she flirted too strongly with him, while a sweet Sagittarius would really dig that honest up-frontness. People are all different, but their star signs can help a potential partner figure them out.

And don't worry if it doesn't go quite right at the first attempt. The male of the species is more than happy to give a lady a second chance if she can bat it out of the park later. He would just chalk up the first meeting as a case of jittery nerves!

So here's how a gal should flirt with him, according to his astro sign.

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20 Taurus Man: Lightly Touch His Arm Or Give Him A Hug


The Taurus man is cut from the traditional cloth. So when he likes a lady, he goes about wooing her with his gentlemanly ways, tender romantic overtures, and displays of wealth. All this just to tell her what an amazing provider he is.

But don't make the mistake of doing the same when you flirt with him. You will offend his male ego.

Instead, embrace your femininity and touch him lightly whenever you flirt. Not too much though! Because if he likes you right back, he will meet you halfway immediately. If not, it will also be clear right away.

19 Virgo Man: Be Polite And Have Good Manners


The Virgo guy doesn't know what to do with flirtatious behavior when someone directs it his way. And that spikes his stress levels like nothing else in the world. So don't do that!

Instead, the way to go with this guy is to be polite, have good manners, and take things slow. Maybe as a friend first. Trust us, if he's really into you, he'll find a way to let you know soon enough. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't drop a few hints, because he may be a bit shy if you never offer up any signs.

18 Capricorn Man: Go The Old-Fashioned 'Drop The Hanky' Route


The Capricorn man has a reserved disposition. So don't flirt with him openly or even subtly. He gets embarrassed by displays of affection.

Instead, do what Victorian women would do to get the men they fancied to talk to them: drop your hanky!

Okay, not literally! Just find an excuse to talk to him. One that makes sense and isn't an impulsive request for help when he knows you are better at the work than he is. In fact, don't even pretend to drop your stuff just to get him to help you. Capricorn guys don't like inefficiency and klutzy ways don't charm them.

In short: be creative.

17 Bonus: Capricorn Men Don't Respond Well To Regular Flirting


Nope, they don't. It embarrasses them, for good reason.

Why? Because they aren't savvy in the romance department and so have a deer-in-the-headlights moment when you hoist a flirt on them. And because they don't like it when the rumor mills start to churn.

So keep it classy and keep it cool. And if you have to let him know your feelings, do so over the phone or in a place where you both have privacy. This way, he can have time to process without having to "perform" for whoever's watching (and that includes you!).

16 Earth Signs Like To Take Their Time In Matters Of The Heart


Earth signs are slow movers. But that's why relationships with them tend to last a lifetime. So if you are really into an earth guy–Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus–go slow with him and flirt in a more subtle manner. Perhaps with some light touches and a hug or two thrown into the mix.

Just remember to key into his response when you do it all that.

Because if you continue to flirt with him when his reaction is lukewarm, you will turn him off completely and lose any chance of dating him.

15 Aquarius Man: Be Amazed By His Intelligence


The Aquarius man is not great in relationships even though he has good people skills. It's because he prefers lone-wolfing it out until he achieves his grand vision for the future. Besides, he's allergic to emotions.

So if you are into him, don't flirt with him like all the other regular girls. Engage his mind in a wonderful conversation and show him that you are a kindred soul. Mind you, it'll only work if you really are a kindred soul and not a poser.

And make sure to pepper it up with honest compliments about his intelligence. He lives for those.

14 Gemini Man: Love Letters Get Him Every Time!


The Gemini man is a crafty wordsmith, a teller of long tales, and a fantastically colorful character overall. That's why he has so many friends! Who wouldn't want to be around such an animated individual?

Unfortunately for you, a social butterfly like him is very popular among the ladies. So if you want to stand out, don't flirt with him as all the other girls do.

Entice his mind so he wants to know more about you.

How do you do that? Simple. Just use your imagination and your words to spin him a delightful love letter addressed to 'the intriguing boy from down under' (or wherever he is from). And then sign it off in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Just make sure the tone of the letter is light and entertaining. It's a flirty thing, after all!

13 Libra Man: Romantic Gestures Will Have His Heart


Here's the thing with the Libra man. He's courteous, polite, and has A+ social skills. So if he smiles and waves at you from across the street, don't take it as a sign he's into you. He's just friendly and nice to everyone, sometimes even to a fault.

Flirt with him only when he starts giving you more attention than the other people around him, even though they are dying to talk to him. That means he's into you and doesn't have time for the other people clamoring for his attention.

And be romantic and sweet when you flirt with him. Nothing hooks this man more!

12 Bonus: Share A Fantasy With The Gemini Man To Get Him Hooked


Well, it doesn't have to be a risque fantasy. It just has to be an imaginative one. Perhaps one of what an ideal vacation looks like to you. Or what your dream job looks like (even if something of that kind doesn't exist yet).

Just keep it fun and playful. And don't drop hints that you would like to be in a relationship. Gemini men like to experience everything before they settle down.

If your dates give him the impression you are the one, he will commit in a jiffy! So just focus on flirting now.

11 Air Signs Play The Game Of Love In The Realm Of The Mind


The air signs of the astro lineup–Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra–are notorious for their inability to connect with people on an emotional level. But then they are air signs. And have you ever experienced something called 'heavy air'? Nope. Didn't think so.

So if you want to flirt with an air guy, keep the playfulness in the realm of the mind. You will be rewarded with an experience of unproportionate imaginativeness.

Not that these guys are incapable of feeling emotions. They only open up to those who are in their deepest circle. If you're patient, though, that might happen eventually!

10 Sagittarius Man: Be Fun, Spontaneous, And Independent


The Sagittarius man is a free spirit who dislikes clingy people like he abhors snot missiles aimed at him. That's why the best way to flirt with this clownish, honest soul is to be your true self with him and be so unapologetically.

If that doesn't attract him, you probably aren't his type.

Just don't make the mistake of trying to be fun, spontaneous, and independent when you are not. Sagittarians can sniff out lies like hounds and will not shy away from calling you fake directly to your face. Basically, things could take a turn for the worse if you're not authentic with this guy.

9 Leo Man: Tease Him Playfully!


The Leo man has a unique star quality about him. And he has bucketloads of charm to go with that. That's why he always falls for the girl who has her own star power with bucketloads of charm. The one who flirts with him playfully and teases him like a good friend.

That's the one who gets him, hook, line, and sinker! So turn up that charm, be cute, but also stand your ground. That will immediately make him take notice and come after you. After all, you're showing him you can handle what he can dish out, and that's a plus.

8 Aries Man: Challenge Him


The Aries man is a man of action. When he likes something, he goes after it. No questions asked. And that's how he likes to roll in the flirting department too.

But don't make the mistake of doing the same when you are into him. He doesn't appreciate a woman until he has earned the right be her man.

That's why the best way to flirt with him is to challenge him. Not in an obnoxious and competitive manner, of course! Be playful while you do it. And then sit back while he jumps through hoops to get you to go out with him.

7 Bonus: Play Hard-To-Get With The Aries Man But Also Throw Him A Bone Now And Then


The Aries man might love a challenge, but he's also incredibly impatient. That's why when a girl doesn't respond to his advances, he gives up after a few hard tries.

After all, why waste his time when the girl obviously isn't into him?

So if you have a huge crush on the Aries man, make sure to flirt with him every once in a while to keep his spirits up. It will make him think that he's close to winning a date with you. And he'll woo you even harder after that. After all, he will want what's most difficult to get it—so make that be you!

6 Fire Signs Like A Woman With Her Own Fire


There's nothing subtle about fire. It burns, destroys, and spreads to consume more. All the while hypnotizing us with its raw, elemental beauty and dangerous nature.

Well, men born under the fire sign–Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo–like their women to have that same quality about them. The girl who can walk with confidence and pride in herself and her abilities. The girl who knows how amazing she is.

A fire guy wants a girl who has her own fire.

Anyone less than that would just end up wasting the fire guy's time. And hers, because there's nothing like changing yourself to get someone to like you, only to have the plan self-combust.

5 Scorpio Man: Be As Intense As He Is


Scorpio men don't like frivolous women. That's a fact and there's no getting around it. Oh, he might play with them for a while, but he definitely doesn't see them as an important part of his life.

So if the guy you have a crush on is a Scorpio, don't flirt with him just yet. First ask yourself if you are okay with opening up to him (if he proves worthy of your trust, of course!). Because he will drag it all out. All your raw vulnerabilities and your wounds. That's his secret superpower.

Yes? Then go ahead and flirt with him playfully. But also convey with your eyes that you want to explore the farthest corners of his soul. That will get him because Scorpios don't do casual.

4 Cancer Man: Be Sincere And Caring


The Cancer man is a sensitive soul who, like the crab symbol of his sign, tends to go two steps forward and then one step back when he's into someone. Sometimes he may even go sideways! Just so he can be absolutely sure you like him before he approaches you.

So if you want to flirt with this man, do so in a harmless way and go about your day as usual.

Give him the space to decide if he wants to pursue you. He'll appreciate you for it and will politely (and subtly) let you know if he isn't interested.

And if he is, then be prepared for some hot and cold days.

3 Pisces Man: Wow Him With Creativity


The Pisces man does not want the spotlight of flirtations hitting his face. He is an introvert and prefers to play the game of love through expressions, body language, and gentle creativity.

So if you want to get this guy to pursue you in his own creative way, don't flirt with him as they teach you in popular magazines. He will be flattered by the attention but will not do anything beyond that.

Instead, be creative and flirt subtly. Like, maybe, write a love poem and ask him his opinion about the piece.

2 Bonus: Pisces Men Love Poetry


Well, now you know why we gave that specific example. The Pisces man really loves poetry. After all, to understand poetry, one must possess a keen heart and a soul that thrives in sublime experiences.

But don't worry if you aren't a poet. You can create a playlist of your favorite raps and give it to him. It's urban poetry!

If he likes it, your taste in poetry will match too. And people who like the same kind of poems often share many other similarities too! Just keep in mind what kind of message you're sending through the words.

1 Water Signs Like To Keep Things Tender And Subtle


First of all, flirting is a sign of attraction. And everyone likes it when someone flirts with them. So if you take the common flirting route with water guys, you will definitely put a smile on their face. But that would be it.

It's because water signs like to deal in the realm of emotions. And superficial flirting does not fall anywhere close to it. So keep things tender and subtle when you flirt with a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Being fake only makes these guys shy away from you. So take it easy on them, and let the magic happen!

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