Here's The ONE Thing Each Astro Sign Won't Comprise On In A Relationship (His & Hers)

We all have deal breakers in relationships, the things we refuse to compromise on. Maybe it’s infidelity: one instance of cheating and that’s it, relationship over. Maybe it’s name-calling: if it happens once, it’s bound to happen again. Or maybe it’s a little sillier, like when our partner eats off our plate when we're not looking.

Looking to our astrological signs, we might be able to better understand what we will and won’t accept when it comes to a relationship. Based on the strengths, weaknesses, and personalities that make up our signs, we can better understand why certain behaviours, habits, or actions force us to put our foot down.

We should all understand what we deserve in a relationship and what we should allow or refuse to accept. With that in mind, here's the one thing each astrological sign won't stand for.

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24 Capricorn: Throwing A Scene In Public

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Capricorn men tend to be pretty reserved, largely because they’re considering their ascension through the social ranks. The thought of public indecency or humiliation is tantamount to destroying their reputation. For that reason, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a Capricorn guy who is willing to lay on the PDA or is happy to have the woman on his arm showing off everything she’s working with. To him, it’s simply not proper or a sign of good breeding, something with which Capricorn is very concerned.

23 Capricorn: She Won't Date A Man-Child

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In relationships, Capricorn women need to have a partner in crime, someone who understands the demands of their careers and can match them when it comes to ambition. The Cap woman has known what she’s wanted in life for years, which is why she won’t compromise on needing someone who is likewise goal-oriented and responsible.

She has zero time to take care of a partner – she requires someone who can operate independently and as one half of a power couple.

Man-children and momma’s boys need not apply.

22 Aquarius: He Hates Being Ignored

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Aquarius men are generally pretty good at separating logic and emotion, especially when it comes to relationships, but that doesn’t mean they zone out entirely where romance is concerned.

In fact, if an Aquarius man is truly feeling it, he’ll take time and effort out of his day to let you know – you just have to be able to respond to it.

The worst thing you can do to an Aquarius man is ignore him when he’s trying to show affection because he won’t give you another chance – if he thinks you’re done, he’s out of there.

21 Aquarius: She Won't Be Stifled

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A naturally free-spirited sign, the Aquarius woman is often pulled in a lot of different directions, thanks to her interest in making the world a better place and giving back to her community.

This inclination requires a lot of flexibility and understanding from a partner, so don’t you dare try to control her!

Standing in the way of her dreams for the future or disregarding her grand ideas is something she won’t accept – and nor should she! She’ll soon resent any man who tries to control her or her mind.

20 Pisces: Don’t Hurt His Feelings

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The Pisces guy is a sensitive soul, which can make him a great romantic and sweet partner. However, he also tends to have a thin skin for criticism and, while you might not think you’re hurting him, you could be bruising his ego and rubbing him the wrong way.

Pisces men are innately selfless, which makes it easy for people to take advantage of them. These guys have big hearts that they wear on their sleeves, but hurting him one too many times will be the end of your relationship.

19 Pisces: Don’t Squash Her Dreams

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The Pisces woman is a dreamer, often lost in thought and imagining big plans for her future or just drifting away in the latest book she read or movie she watched.

She makes a great girlfriend, thanks to her incredible loyalty, but putting too much pressure on her to come back to Earth can ruin everything that makes the Pisces woman unique.

She needs to be allowed to be impractical and imaginative because that’s where she discovers her creativity, arguably her greatest strength, and she doesn’t want to change such an important part of herself.

18 Aries: He Won't Be With A Clingy GF

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A sign that is the leader in most situations, the Aries guy is a trailblazer. He never likes to follow and always likes to call the shots. His independence and impulsiveness have gotten him into a few sticky situations, but he wouldn’t change a thing. In relationships, he needs someone who is equally as adventurous, or at least not someone who tries to force him to stay at home all the time. Clinginess is a major point of contention for the Aries guy.

17 Aries: She Needs A Man Who’s Motivated

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The Aries woman is a fan of the direct approach and isn’t one to back down. Where other signs fear to tread, she walks with confidence. Likewise, she needs a man who knows what he wants, knows how to get it and is willing to put in the work in order to succeed.

For the Aries girl, initiative and motivation show not just drive but passion too, which is something she needs in a relationship. A lazy guy who refuses to plan date nights is not someone she’ll put up with.

16 Taurus: He Won’t Give Someone Another Chance

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If you’re dating a Taurus man, don’t even think about being unfaithful! These guys are traditional at heart and they desire having a family. Their stubborn quality means that they won’t back down once they’ve taken a position, and a major position is that of infidelity.

These guys can’t forgive such a transgression because they see it as a total betrayal, no matter how many excuses they hear. Love is built on trust for the Taurus guy, and once you’ve lost that trust, what do you have left?

15 TAURUS: Flaking On Plans Is Her Big No-No

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A sign that thrives on the familiar, the Taurus woman enjoys a set routine, especially when it comes to her love life. She holds her standards high and if she’s gone to the trouble to plan an elaborate date night or has made weekend plans for the two of you, you had better follow through because this sign hates flakes.

To her, flakiness signifies a lack of respect, and this Earth sign refuses to be disrespected.

Adequate notice is required – with a valid excuse – if plans are cancelled, or else she’s done.

14 Gemini: He Refuses To Take The Silent Treatment

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Gemini men want to discuss their issues. They’re big believers in not going to bed angry, so, even if it’s uncomfortable, they would rather work through a problem than have it fester overnight. Due to that reason, giving the Gemini guy the silent treatment is something he refuses to handle.

He sees it as passive aggressive and, frankly, torturous, since you know how badly he wants to open the lines of communication.

Keeping an open dialogue is a must for this sign.

13 Gemini: She Needs To Be Her Own Person

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Gemini women are social butterflies. Their friend groups are usually large and varied, and they have an infectious charm that attracts almost everyone to them. Sometimes, her openness can be misinterpreted as flirtatiousness, but that doesn’t mean this sign will step out on her SO.

Because of her congenial disposition, the Gemini girl needs a degree of independence.

Like the butterfly she emulates, she doesn’t want to be pinned down and possessed, and to do so would render your relationship kaput.

12 Cancer: He Won't Be Taken For Granted

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The Cancer guy can be a great love, but he needs to know how you feel about him. The thing is, this sign suffers from serious insecurity and, unchecked, it can cause him to spiral into moodiness and depression. He needs to know that he’s appreciated as a partner, because he will go out of his way to let his SO know how he feels. Asking for a little in return doesn’t seem that much to a Cancer, which is why it’s the one thing he refuses to compromise on.

11 Cancer: She Won't Stand For Lies

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Like the Cancer male, the Cancer female is equally insecure and can be suspicious if given a shred of possibility. Lying is something this sign refuses to deal with because to her, it’s a sign of disrespect and disloyalty.

She needs the whole truth in a situation to feel stable in a relationship – although that truth should probably be delivered tactfully.

She has a pretty incredible memory so she’ll know if your story doesn’t line up, and believe us when we say she’ll call you out on it.

10 Leo: He Can’t Handle Criticism

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The prideful Leo may talk a big game, but deep down his ego can be wounded very easily. He wants to be the center of the universe to his partner, which is definitely a tall order, but something that is at the core of the Leo’s personality. If, instead, he has a partner who nit-picks, he’ll close himself up and shut himself off. The Leo man can be an incredibly loyal and devoted partner but he needs to get as good as he gives, and criticism isn’t a part of that.

9 Leo: She Needs To Be In Control

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With her love of the spotlight and need to be the center of attention, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Leo woman prefers to be in control in a relationship.

However, this doesn’t mean she’s controlling, it’s just that she likes to call the shots, lavish her SO with gifts and attention, and, hopefully, get the same in return.

The Leo woman knows that she can be a bit overzealous, but what she doesn’t need is someone who wants to tame her fire.

8 Virgo: He Dislikes Ruts

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The Virgo man is all about self-improvement. This sign can get a little too caught up in his anxieties and neuroses, but it’s usually in the pursuit of bettering himself. While some like to think that the Virgo guy is stuck in a rut, he is actually going somewhere – and he expects the same of his partner.

He doesn’t think that anyone is perfect and to assume so would be a disservice to himself.

He knows relationships take work and he’s willing to put in the hours, but he needs someone who will do the same.

7 Virgo: She Won't Deal With Untidiness

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The neat freak that is the Virgo woman can get a little fussy at times, but that’s because she needs a calm and clean atmosphere before she can get anything done. Plus, with her attention to detail, she’ll notice if anything is out of place (think Monica Gellar from Friends).

To her, untidiness is a sign of not just laziness, but of disrespect, and if there’s one thing the Virgo woman values in relationships, it’s respect.

Not putting away dirty dishes or leaving a mess of crumbs shows her that you don’t care about her home, or her.

6 Libra: He Won't Accept Rudeness

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The Libra guy is all about the social niceties. As the sign most associated with peace and harmony, he’s all about keeping the balance, and that includes perfecting good manners and an awareness of social cues. He wants to be with someone who will treat him and others with respect, but who is also charming and kind. Boorish or rude behaviour doesn’t jive with him, and he simply won’t stand for it. (Although, in true Libra fashion, it might take him a while to say so.)

5 Libra: She Refuses To Deal With Drama

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The sign of the scales, the Libra woman is not a fan of confrontation. She would rather work through things more indirectly, in order to best keep the peace. This is both a good and a bad thing but in relationships, it means that she’ll never rise to the challenge of a fight. If she’s with someone who regularly wants to start arguments and pick fights, she won’t think twice about walking away, because taking the bait isn’t in her nature, and she knows that anyone who would try to fight her doesn’t understand her at all.

4 Scorpio: Secret-Keeping Scares Him

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Scorpio men are notorious for being mysterious creatures, but they hate for there to be any mystery where relationships are concerned. That’s because these guys have a streak of insecurity and suspicion deep down, usually because they’ve thought of (or done) everything already that causes them worry.

He’s an all-or-nothing kind of guy, and to him, secrets mean that you’re not just keeping something private, you’re keeping something from him.

He’ll be open with you, but he expects the same in return.

3 Scorpio: She Needs Open Boundaries

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This sign won’t compromise on keeping things open and exciting in her relationships. In LTRs, this woman can definitely appreciate a cuddle session, but she wants to keep things exciting all the time. That means, Saturday nights are for hitting the town, not staying in. A partner who is prudish or simply unwilling to even entertain the idea of something outside of their comfort zone is someone the Scorpio will get bored of really quickly.

2 Sagittarius: He Resists Predictability

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The Sagittarius man is constantly evolving and in search of the next great adventure. Ideally, he’ll have someone come along with him for the ride but if not, he’s happy to fly solo! In a relationship, the Sagittarius guy needs someone who won’t try to pin him down.

Predictability bores this Fire sign and he just doesn’t have the patience to withstand someone who refuses to change.

He’d rather leave that person behind, because he won’t slow down for anyone.

1 Sagittarius: Laziness Annoys Her

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Always on the lookout for the next great adventure, the Sagittarius woman is a constant bundle of energy and activity. She thrives in high-risk scenarios and adrenaline-boosting journeys. Someone who wants to be a homebody and do nothing all day really rubs her the wrong way.

The Sagittarius woman sees travel and adventure as embracing life, whereas laziness reads as a lack of passion – about the world, about the relationship and about her.

She won’t compromise herself, so finding someone who shares her energy is non-negotiable.

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