Here's How Far Each Astro Sign Is Willing To Go For Love (& For Revenge)

When it comes to love, most people are willing to push the limits. It seems like anything is possible when it comes to having a fairytale-like romance work out. Some ladies are willing to go the extra mile just to get their way!

However, this is only the case in certain situations. Each astrology sign has their own viewpoint as to how far they're willing to go to make things work with a special someone.

Some astro signs might give it all they got, while others are so over it. While it definitely depends on the situation, each sign more or less has their own style as to the extent they're willing to go for love. Chances are, the length that a person is willing to go depends on their sign rather than their partner.

Since each astro sign is only willing to go so far for love, it's the exact same case when it comes to revenge. While some people might be plotting vengeance against their ex, others couldn't care less. And, some signs' tendencies may be more surprising than others'.

Get ready to find out whether each sign is willing to do whatever it takes for love and revenge or couldn't care less.

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24 Leo For Love: Anything It Takes


If you're lucky enough to find the right person for you, you're not about to let them go. Instead, you're willing to do whatever it takes to make things work with this special someone.

Even if that means moving mountains, you'll do whatever has to be done for your love to prevail.

The last thing that you're about to do is lose someone important to you. Instead, if you have to do the impossible to make things work, that's exactly what you'll do. You're in charge of your faith and aren't about to let external influences take control of the situation!

23 Leo For Revenge: They Messed With The Wrong Person


If your lover thought it was a good idea to mess with a Leo, they better think again. You're not scared to do whatever it takes to seek out revenge against your lover. Since you're willing to go above and beyond for your lover, it's only right that you do the exact same thing if they wronged you.

You are totally the last person that anyone should mess with since you're not scared to fight back. As a Leo, you're not about to be taken advantage of. You're going to show your partner exactly what they're missing out on as you become the best version of yourself. While that might not seem like the usual way of revenge, you know it's key to show your partner what they're missing out on!

22 Scorpio For Love: Only If They’re In The Clear


A Scorpio is willing to work hard at their love, just only if it's justified. The last thing you're about to do is the unthinkable for your lover if they didn't deserve it.

Instead, if you feel as if your partner deserves the movie-like romance, you'll make it happen.

The last thing you want is to go above and beyond for your partner when they're not in the clear. If anything, your lover should be doing whatever it takes to win your trust back, not the other way around. But if your partner is being their very best, you're not scared to show your appreciation by doing some adorable romantic gestures.

21 Scorpio For Revenge: It’s Their Loss


If your partner decided to wrong you, it's their loss. The last thing that you're about to do is waste your energy trying to win back their love. Instead, you're about to move on with your life and stop stressing over your past relationship.

As a Scorpio, you know that the worst thing to do is obsess over the past. Instead, you're already looking at all of the positive things you learned in the relationship. Especially, you're looking at how lucky you are to have this person leave your life. Your time is way too precious to be stressing over someone who might've wronged you. At the end of the day, it's their loss for losing someone as amazing as you!

20 Sagittarius For Love: As Long As It’s Logical


A Sagittarius strongly believes that love is something that should be endlessly cherished. If you're lucky enough to find yourself in the ideal relationship, you better make it known to your partner that you appreciate them and everything that they have done for you.

That's why you're not scared to go a little overboard for your lover, as long as it's logical. 

You're not about to do anything crazy to profess your love. However, if the act is logical, you're so down to show your partner how much you care. Sagittarius is known for always thinking things through, so it's only right that they act in a justified manner. It's all in the little things that you do for your partner!

19 Sagittarius For Revenge: It’s Not Exactly Going To Be Easy For Them


While you're not exactly about to waste all of your time plotting revenge, you're not able to ignore what happened. Instead, you'll invest some of your energy into making sure that things don't work out as easily for your ex-lover as they once did.

If you have mutual friends, this might mean spending some of your time hanging out with those people to show your lover who's boss. If they really thought that you would leave their lives completely, they were so off. You're not about to disappear and change your identity when you were the one that was wronged! Instead, your lover is about to regret everything that they did wrong once they realize that you shouldn't mess with a Sagittarius.

18 Cancer For Love: All The Attention In The World


If it's for the right person, you'll give them all of the attention in the world. The last thing that you want is for your lover to not feel appreciated.

If they truly are as special as you see them, then there is no reason that you shouldn't give them your complete heart. 

For the right person, you're willing to dedicate immense energy. Since you understand how valuable time is, the person has to be incredibly special for you to offer them your heart. You're not about to waste your resources on someone who's not that important to you. While it might be hard to find the right person, you'll give them the world when you eventually do!

17 Cancer For Revenge: A Little Here And There


While the last thing that you want to do is live in the past of what this person may have done to you, you can't forget about it completely. As a Cancer, it's only right that you show your partner exactly who they messed with by throwing in a little bit of revenge.

This might be something completely small like 'accidentally' sending your ex a photo of you living your best life. It's little things like this that are the best form of revenge as they show you moving on with your life. That's why the last thing that you want is to actually waste your energy on stressing over revenge. Be a little spiteful here and there, but overall focus on your future!

16 Libra For Love: Anything For A Fairytale-Like Ending


Whatever it takes to get a movie-like romance is the motto for a Leo. You're not about to live an ordinary life, and you expect no less from your love life.

If your partner isn't willing to go above and beyond for love, we guess it means that you have to. 

You're not afraid to go a little bit outside the box to figure out how to make things work. There is absolutely nothing that can get in your way of living a fairytale-like romance. However, you're only willing to go the extra mile for a lover you absolutely adore. If you see yourself not willing to put in the effort to make things work, it simply means they aren't the right person for you!

15 Libra For Revenge: They Won’t Get Away With It


If your ex-partner thought they could get away with whatever it was, they were so wrong. Instead, you're not scared to let all of your mutual friends know what exactly went down so that your partner hides in embarrassment. If your lover thought they could pull the rug from under you, they were so off.

As a Libra, your revenge is strategic and will make sure to paint this person in a bad light. You're not about to have things work out poorly for you without getting your viewpoint somewhere in there. You're so not someone to be messed with, and you're not scared to make that clear!

14 Aries For Love: Half Way Across The World If Necessary


An Aries will bend over backward when it comes to love. If you finally found that special someone who you've been searching for all your life, the last thing you're going to do is lose them.

So if that means traveling halfway across the world for them, so be it. 

You're not too intimidated to do something a little crazy if it's for your love to flourish. If that means traveling someone just to be with your lover, so be it. Your partner definitely appreciates these grand gestures as it truly shows how much you care. If you feel like this totally isn't your character, we argue that you simply haven't found the right person. Find someone who inspires you to do whatever it takes to make your relationship workout!

13 Aries For Revenge: They Should Have Thought Twice


Aries are known for going above and beyond for love, and for revenge. If your partner thought that you're willing to bend over backward for them when things are good, they'll be surprised as to what you're willing to do when things are bad.

You're so not someone who should be messed with, and you're not scared to make that known. You're about to make your ex think twice about everything wrong that they did to you. While you're not willing to do anything absolutely crazy, you're going to make it known that this was the worst decision of their lives. Alongside losing someone absolutely amazing, you're not scared to leave a mark.

12 Pisces For Love: Romantic Gestures Are Key


While you're willing to go the extra mile when it comes to love, sometimes all that really matters are the little things. You've learned over time that sometimes the little things are actually the most important ones since they simply show how much you care for your partner.

This could mean simply surprising them with coffee or love letters here and there. 

Romantic gestures don't have to be anything too fancy. Yet, these little things are what show you truly care as you put in that extra effort to show your partner that you adore them. If you're head over heels for someone, you'll always find little ways to show them how much you appreciate everything that they have to offer!

11 Pisces For Revenge: On To The Next


The best form of revenge is moving on. As soon as someone has wronged you, they're officially done to you. The last thing that you want is to keep this person around in your life. As a Pisces, revenge also just isn't in your nature.

Instead, working on becoming the best version of yourself is enough to leave your ex in the past. Rather than obsessing over them and what they did, you completely forgot about it. This is totally one of your best traits as it keeps you always looking towards the future rather than living in the past. Your ex is going to be more than sorry once they realize what an amazing person they managed to lose!

10 Aquarius For Love: As Long As They Meet Half Way


As an Aquarius, you're always thinking logically. The last thing you want is to be left in the cold by your lover. That's why you're constantly analyzing the situation and making sure that you don't miss any red flags.

You're willing to go the extra mile for your lover, but only if they do the same. 

If your partner isn't willing to meet you halfway, neither will you. As an Aquarius, you definitely need your partner to make the first move and profess their love. The last thing that you want is to bend over backward for your lover when they're not willing to do the same. You've totally made this mistake in the past and are now much more hesitant.

9 Aquarius For Revenge: Endless Positive Vibes


The best form of revenge is none. While your ex-lover might be expecting you to go a little crazy, you're so not about that. Instead, you're ready to let them go and focus on what's actually important.

The last thing that you wish them is any negativity. You'd rather take the higher ground and wish them positive vibes and all the best. You're not about to drag them for something they did wrong. Instead, you prefer to forgive and forget. Forgive them for what they did wrong, and forget them by leaving the relationship in the past. While your ex might be on their knees apologizing, you're not interested. You'll wish them all the best, and will move on with your life!

8 Virgo For Love: Always Keeping It Fun


Whenever you find yourself in a relationship, you're always making sure that you find a way to go the extra mile for your lover. Whether this means doing something fun and spontaneous or offering your boo a romantic gesture.

Whether this is your dream lover or not, you're willing to put yourself on the edge to keep things interesting. 

It seems that whoever is lucky enough to date you is in for a treat. While they might not be your Prince Charming, you're sure to sweep them off their feet. Virgos are incredibly free-spirited and aren't scared to go above and beyond for their lover in order to make them feel appreciated!

7 Virgo For Revenge: Not Scared To Leave A Mark


If your partner thought they could disrespect you, then you can do the same. You're not scared to leave a mark on your partner where it absolutely hurts. The last thing that you care for is a partner who doesn't respect you.

While you're not about to go too insane, you're going to show your ex who's boss. If they thought that they could get away with whatever it was, they were more than off. Instead, they better get ready to feel the consequences of their actions. You're not scared to make it known to the whole world what exactly happened. You're the absolute last person that anyone should cross!

6 Gemini For Love: They Better Make An Effort First


Geminis are so not willing to give any effort if their partners don't initiate it. You've been wronged endlessly in the past that you're not about to give your heart to someone who doesn't appreciate it.

Once you're able to get a sense of how far your lover is willing to go for you, you'll reciprocate their actions. 

If you get the vibe that your partner isn't willing to go above and beyond for you, neither will you. As a Gemini, you'd rather keep it safe and hide your emotions. You're so afraid of getting hurt that you're not willing to show your partner how you actually feel. This is totally a defense mechanism that you employ in order to not end up hurt.

5 Gemini For Revenge: Negativity Is The Last Thing Anyone Wants


If someone were to wrong you, you'd say thank you. In a Gemini's eyes, the day someone wronged you is one of the best days of your life. That's because the person showed their true colors and are now kicked out of your life.

A Gemini is always able to see the positive in any situation. Even though you might act crushed, you're actually happy with how everything worked out. The last thing that you're about to do is live in the past over the situation. This person doesn't deserve you to even think about them at all. Instead, they're completely out of your life, and it's totally for the best.

4 Taurus For Love: This Isn’t A Movie


You're so not about to hop on a plane for a lover in order to recreate a movie-like scene. While you appreciate a good romantic story, you'd rather be a little more practical. Even though it might be fun to go a little crazy, it's just not your vibe.

However, you're so here for your partner recreating movie-like romance. 

Let's just say you're more than fine relaxing and having your lover put in the work. It's a great method that keeps you in the clear rather than getting your hurt. Who knows, maybe you'll be willing to change your ways when you finally meet the right person for you.

3 Taurus For Revenge: Revenge Is For Those Obsessed With The Past


While a Taurus can totally understand someone's desire for revenge, it simply isn't for them. That's because someone consumed with revenge is living in the past. You're not about to waste your energy going over what happened, and instead are going to look towards the future.

No one deserves to be wronged but that doesn't give you the right to wrong them back. Instead, you're going to leave things the way they are and forget about it all. There is no way to change the past, but there are endless ways to better the future. You have endless things that are more important to work on, rather than plotting revenge over a lover who hurt you!

2 Capricorn For Love: If It’s Worth It, Absolutely Anything


As a Capricorn, you're not scared to do whatever it takes for your love life. If you've found yourself head over heels for someone, it's only right that you give them your full heart.

You've never found yourself in a situation that you didn't give it 100% of your effort, this is also the case in your love life. 

The person that you're dating is more than lucky that they found someone as amazing as you. That's because you're not scared to give them your whole heart if they deserve it. If there is any astro sign willing to do whatever it takes for their love to prevail, it's totally a Capricorn!

1 Capricorn For Revenge: Sleep With One Eye Open


They messed with the wrong person. If they ever thought that lying to a Capricorn would be okay, they were way off. That's because you constantly have the whole situation under control. While you might've been surprised to hear the truth initially, you were more than ready to get some payback.

For a Capricorn, there is no line that can't be crossed. You're willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge on an ex-lover. This is your way of coming to terms with the situation, and not feeling like a victim. While it might be a little unhealthy to seek revenge to the extent that you do, for you it's totally necessary.

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