Here's Her #1 Guilty Pleasure, According To Her Astro Sign

Every girl has a guilty pleasure she needs to indulge in every now and then. Sometimes a girl's just got a craving in need of satisfying!

It can be anything from a tiny square of chocolate every now and then to a day-long anime binge. The reasons behind a girl's need to satisfy a craving can stem from almost anything —she could be stressed about her home or work life, she could be experiencing relationship issues, or she could just be having a no good, very bad day.

Regardless of the reason, when a woman is in need of indulgence she isn't going to let anything get in her way. A wise romantic partner or friend would do well to understand what her guilty pleasure is, just in case she needs an emergency supply!

But if she isn't outspoken about her guilty pleasure, it can be tough to determine what it is exactly. So where can one turn? Of course, the stars!

A girl's star sign tells all—so why not use this precious resource to provide a best friend, girlfriend, or family member a small gift of her favorite thing? She'll be impressed and thankful to boot! Here's her guilty pleasure, according to her star sign:




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20 Water Signs Often Turn To Snacks And Self-Love

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Water signs are known for being particularly emotional due to their sensitive natures. When they're not busy attempting to reel in their emotions, they're working on improving themselves in one way or another. Of course, they're still human.

Water sign women may be on the road to an improved version of themselves, but every single one has her own guilty little pleasure to turn to in certain circumstances.

When she's stressed or if life is starting to become a little too real for her, a Water sign will take some time to enjoy herself a little. All it really takes is her favorite snack or a bit of relaxing time.

19 Cancer Girls Love Sweets

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Cancer girls love a nice sweet treat every now and then, even if they're not usually interested in treats. They might prefer savory treats for the most part, but when they want to take a break from the world, they'll always turn to a slice from their favorite cake, a glass of their favorite sweet drink, or their favorite candy bar. While it might not seem like such a guilty pleasure, a Cancer girl will see it for what it is: a sweet treat to be savored and enjoyed, even if it's in a small quantity every now and then.

18 Scorpios Get Mani/Pedis


Scorpio ladies love rushing off to their favorite salon to get their nails done. Many will admit how relaxing it is to sit back in a chair while a professional tends to their nails. There's something wonderful about being pampered in this way.

It's one thing for a Cancer girl to give herself a cute manicure, but when someone else is doing all the work, she can just sit back and enjoy the end result.

What's even better is she can show off her nails, whether she gets a manicure, pedicure, or both. She can also enjoy looking at them throughout the day and even feel relaxed when she does.

17 Pisces Like Savory Treats

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Unlike their Cancer sisters, a Pisces lady will turn to something savory as a guilty pleasure. She may love her sweet desserts and might enjoy salty snacks during the day; however, a savory treat while getting away from it all is often her favorite. She enjoys spending time with friends, so of course, she feels like including them in her guilty little pleasure. She'll invite them out to try new restaurants, regardless of her financial situation, which is what makes this particular pleasure so guilty. It can get expensive trying new things all the time, so if your bestie is a Cancer sign, try to help her out every now and then by swinging by with a savory treat!

16 PISCES BONUS: She'll Take Advantage Of Online Sales


Speaking of how expensive food can be, a Cancer girl can also lose herself in the marvelous world of online shopping! Of course, she'll start small, convincing herself she's only going to browse the sales, but it's so easy to rack up a huge bill by the end of even the smallest of sprees!

She loves shopping and she loves bargains but sadly the unfortunate truth is simple: she's going to be spending way more than she should.

Anyone who wants to make this particular kind of Cancer girl happy can always surprise her with some great finds for her birthday, Christmas or on special occasions.

15 Air Signs Are More Likely To Lose Themselves In A Good Book

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Air signs are known for their rational thought processes and social drive. They love spending time with others and are always ready for a girls night out. So what is their guilty pleasure? Well, for some of these signs, it's actually a guilty little tidbit as well: they love to take time away from their social lives and prefer the company of a good book. She'll snuggle up in front of the fire, cozy up in bed or might even head to the nearest library for a little peace and quiet. She thinks there's something therapeutic about reading books and she's only too happy to dive into a good one!

14 Libras Actually Love Cheesy Romance Novels

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Who doesn't love a rom-com? While these stories tend to have a few plot holes and are known for being overly-cheesy, there's just something about them that make a Libra lose her mind.

She knows the main characters are going to fall in love and of course they're going to end up together in the end, but the end isn't what she's looking for—she's excited to enjoy the journey her fictional couple takes to find each other.

As sappy as cheesy romance novels can be, her heart almost yearns for something similar. She's a low-key romantic and is happy to live through the main character's perspective, if even for a few minutes here and there.

13 Gemini Ladies Enjoy Reading Manga

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So, what is manga? It's actually the Japanese word for comic books! Gemini girls have discovered the world of manga and are only too happy to jump right into a sappy love story, action-packed adventure, thrilling mystery, or transcendent fantasy. For a Gemini, she's asking herself what could be better than reading a normal book? Of course, the answer to that question would be reading a book with pictures! The added bonus is there's also a chance that she'll find it as an animated series as well. It's a little more on the adventurous side, but isn't that what Gemini girls like anyway?

12 Aquarius Girls Prefer Books Based On Movies

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The Hunger Games, The Devil Wears Prada, The Green Mile, and tons of other great films were once books. An Aquarius girl knows that she'll get a lot more out of the movie if she takes the time to read the books first.

She loves to read anyway but knowing what little hints and Easter Eggs to look for in movies are what fuel this Aquarius girl's fire.

She might not take a ton of time to read them, but when she sees a great movie trailer, she will put forth the effort to research it and read the books they're based on.

11 AQUARIUS BONUS: She Also Loves To Binge Watch Shows

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While an Aquarius likes her movies, she's no stranger to TV shows. She knows that a lot of shows are also based on books, comic books, and short stories, but instead of reading those, she'll just binge watch her favorites. Time is important to an Aquarius and she just doesn't have enough to read, watch movies, watch TV shows, and read those stories as well. Instead, she'll wait until she's ready for a little alone time and she'll make herself comfortable with some snacks and the remote. She'll throw on some comfy clothes and will just veg out and relax on the couch.

10 Fire Signs Are A Mixed Bag

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Fire signs are notoriously difficult to predict. They're so passionate one minute then move on to the next thing to interest them the next. While it might sound like they're a bunch of unfocused people, the reality is they're just open to new things and want to experience as much as possible. In fact, it's this quality that draws others toward fire signs like moths to, well, fire (sorry, had to!).

If you're close to a fire sign, you know how passionate, dynamic and temperamental they can be, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that they don't really consider anything their guilty pleasure.

Although they might admit that they indulge in the following a little less often than they'd like...

9 Sagittarius Ladies Will Sneakily Eat Chocolates

The Chocolate Journalist

A Sagittarius girl is always jumping from one cuisine to the next and is the same when it comes to snacks and dessert. There are so many new things to try that she doesn't understand why she would return to any one thing over and over—unless that one thing is chocolate! There's just something about this sweet treat that she can't fully release. She craves it every now and then and, even if it's inconvenient for her to find any, she will go out of her way to get a few little squares, pick out a couple of nice truffles, or might simply make herself a mug of hot chocolate.

8 Leos Will Lose Themselves In Projects

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Leos love to jump into projects. She knows this, her friends know this, the world knows this. She has multiple passions and won't back off until she's either mastered them or has gone as far as she knows how.

In the end, all she really wants is an exciting experience that brings her heart hope, her mind peace, and her body relaxation.

It can be something as chill as art or as intense as an extreme sport; whatever her current passion happens to be, she's jumping in body and soul. It might not sound like much of a guilty pleasure, but when one considers how much she has to give up to follow each passion, it makes complete sense.

7 Aries Will Do Something To Make Them Feel Alive

Bungee Jumping

Aries love extreme activities. She's the one taking risks throughout school, is the first to enter the haunted house and is only too happy to travel every chance she gets. She'll try hiking without worrying about encountering dangerous wildlife, will go bungee jumping off the edge of a cliff, and absolutely loves roller coasters. Anything that could end in the possibility of hurting her is something she loves because it legitimately makes her feel alive. She knows how this stresses her friends and family, but she also wants to be true to herself and what better way is there to be true to herself than to jump in, head first, to exciting activities as often as the opportunity presents itself?

6 ARIES BONUS: They'll Show A Little More PDA Than Usual


While an Aries is pretty good at living her best life, her romantic partners might feel that she can sometimes lose sight of other important things. Some Aries girls recognize that they can pull away from their partners when they're busying themselves in other things.

So to show that she's still got feelings for her partners she will exhibit a little more PDA than usual.

She might be excited to find her way through a corn maze but she's equally excited to hold her partner's hand and steal a few kisses throughout the experience—no matter what else she has going on in her life, she's always willing to offer her partner a little extra attention.

5 Earth Signs Will Step Out Of Their Comfort Zones

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Earth signs are known for being more on the conservative side and they tend to keep more realistic viewpoints on life. Sometimes they can be emotional, but their natural understanding of realistic perspectives make their guilty pleasures more than a little unexpected. Earth signs will step out of their comfort zones for the sake of a guilty pleasure. They know what they're doing is far removed from what they might normally enjoy, but liking something isn't always something they can control. Instead of wasting their time wondering over their guilty pleasures, they just go with the flow and try to make the most out of the experience.

4 Virgos Like To Take Time Off To Pamper Themselves

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Virgos are often seen as the humble, quiet, organized, and generally kind of lackluster signs. On the surface, a Virgo might even sound a little boring, but the truth is they're anything but.

Many will assume that a Virgo likes to relax by washing some dishes, organizing a few drawers, or writing out To-Do lists.

But what their guilty pleasures really consist of are opportunities to get out of their own heads for an hour to enjoy a nice hot bath, fresh mani/pedi, a little makeup fun or a quick trip to the salon, where they let someone else wash their hair and massage their scalp. Deep down, all a Virgo really wants is some time to get pampered.

3 Capricorn Ladies Enjoy People-Watching

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Capricorn girls may be known for being disciplined and responsible, but on the inside, they can sometimes be anything but. They enjoy taking some time to contemplate their lives and will sometimes go to a public place to do so. This inevitably leads her to start people watching as well. While watching others, a Capricorn girl will notice what stands out about each person. She'll pay attention to what catches her eye and will use it as inspiration for a little introspection. While it might sound odd, she sees it as a learning opportunity and as a way to look at herself through the eyes of others.

2 Taurus Girls Will Bake Something New - And Refuse To Share!

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Even if the Taurus in your life isn't known for her cooking or baking skills, she's still excited to try! She loves new things and if that means she's got to make some of them herself, she'll do it.

Once she's mastered a recipe, she'll share it with her friends and family, not because she's low-key hoping for nice compliments, but because she wants others to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

She might not make a complex dish, but the joy she finds in the making of it is enough of a reward for her. If you're a snacker and your bestie is a Taurus, don't let her go!

1 TAURUS BONUS: She'll Snack On Junk Food

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Taurus ladies are stubborn. There's no denying it, she's just got her habits and expectations for herself set in stone, so if she's been gluten-free for months or decides to start a new food plan, she's not going to overdo it very often. The thing is, when she's feeling like a little something special, she's not going to hesitate to reach for some junk! Any and all eating-related rules are out the window for a small moment in time and she isn't even going to feel bad about it afterward! She knows she's allowed to do what she wants when she wants and you'd better believe she won't let anyone or anything come between her and her snacks!

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