Heads Up: The Personality Trait Each Astro Sign Should Stay Away From When It Comes To Love

Whether we like to admit it or not, we're all attracted to a certain type of person. It just so happens that we might not be able to help ourselves when it comes to who we fall for.

Instead, we often find ourselves falling hard for someone who just isn't the right person for us. Each astrology sign is attracted to a certain type of person. That's why we decided to figure out exactly which trait each astro sign should stay away from, even when they might be falling hard.

While you might want to ignore this advice initially, we highly advice against it. You might find yourself happier than ever at the start of the relationship, however, it won't last long. Instead, you and this particular person are just not meant for each other based on opposite traits. You'll start to see your relationship completely falling apart, even though you might be doing absolutely everything in your power to have things work out.

We also made sure to include that one trait that would complement your astro sign. While you might initially not be fond of this person, they offer absolutely everything that you need. Don't be scared to give this person a shot at winning you over.

Get ready to take some notes on the one personality trait you should stay away from, and the one you should definitely fall for!

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24 Scorpio Think Again: Someone Power Hungry


Scorpios are known for being one of the most motivated and hardworking astro signs ever. But that doesn't mean that you want someone trying to steal the power in the relationship.

While Scorpios are already known for their powerful persona, the last thing they want is some competition. 

We totally understand why you're attracted to someone seeking power since you constantly are. However, if you think that your relationship is going to flourish as you and your partner fight for the crown, think again. The absolute last thing that you need is to constantly be competing with your lover over who has the upper hand in your relationship.  This is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

23 Scorpio Perfect Match: Motivating


What you actually need is someone completely motivating. While you're already super ambitious, you sometimes need an extra push to really follow your dreams. That's why it's only right that you find a lover willing to push you when you can't push yourself.

While it might seem a little weird getting so much extra help from your partner, it's totally what you need. Even though you might think that you can do everything on your own, you're a little off. Instead, having a lover constantly motivating you to achieve your goals is exactly what you need.

22 Sagittarius Think Again: Someone Unambitious


Is there anything less attractive than someone who isn't ambitious? We don't think so. You're on the complete same page as us, and are so not willing to settle for someone who isn't working towards their goals.

While you might've made excuses for this person in the past as to why they might not be as motivated, you're so over these type of people. 

Instead, you need a lover who is constantly working towards bettering themselves and their lives. However amazing their other personality traits may be, being unambitious is a complete deal breaker. You have no time for someone pulling you down while you're constantly trying to reach upwards towards your goals.

21 Sagittarius Perfect Match: Cheerfulness


Sometimes all you really need is a lover to add a little bit of color back into your life. When it seems like the whole world is against you, you'll crave to have someone by your side. That's why it's only right that you find yourself dating someone cheerful!

When your lover is constantly filled with positivity, you'll find yourself becoming happier. While you might find it a little strange at first that this person is always happy, simply appreciate it. You will be able to learn a ton from such a positive person. We all need a little light in our lives, and a lover might just be the perfect person to offer it to you!

20 Cancer Think Again: Someone Narcissistic


As a Cancer, you have to admit that you're known for being a little overly confident during certain situations. But, that doesn't mean that you want someone who is literally a narcissist in everyday life.

Instead, you need someone down to earth that can give you a reality check when needed.

While you and this person might make an awesome power couple, it would be a complete facade. The last thing you want is to get involved with someone who thinks overly highly of themselves. Instead, you need someone who isn't obsessing with themselves all the time. A lover who is a little more humble will bring the exact energy that you need in a relationship.

19 Cancer Perfect Match: Energetic


Cancer's are known for always finding themselves in a little bit of trouble, even when it's the absolute last thing that they wanted. That's why the perfect lover for you is someone energetic. You need someone with a ton of energy in order for them to be able to keep up with you. Also, they have to always be ready to help you out of any sticky situation.

If you think that you'll be able to date someone ordinary, you're way off. You need to find a lover who is constantly jumping from one idea to another. You need someone who is able to keep up with your crazy lifestyle. Don't just settle for a partner who offers you comfort. Instead, make sure that this person makes you happier than you thought was even possible!

18 Pisces Think Again: Someone Aggressive


Pisces are known for being absolute sweethearts to everyone they know. That's why the last person that you should be falling for is someone with an aggressive nature.

While it might be thrilling at first as you fall for them, things are about to get chaotic in almost no time.

As a Pisces, you simply won't have the strength to compete with someone overly aggressive. You'll find yourself in a situation that almost seems unreal as you try to navigate this person. Unless you want to end up heartbroken, keep away from anyone aggressive looking to blow at any moment.

17 Pisces Perfect Match: Daring


Even though you're known for being a sweetheart, you crave someone with a little bit of edge. While you don't need someone aggressive, what you actually need is someone willing to bend the rules a little to get what they want.

That's why we recommend that you seek out a lover who isn't scared to do what they think is right. You'll see yourself slowly coming out of your comfort zone as your lover helps you live a little. Break out of your shell and see all of the wonders that life has to offer. While you might not be able to do this on your own, your daring lover can help you achieve this!

16 Aquarius Think Again: Someone Careless


While this person might be fun and wild, deep down they're just totally careless. Aquarius are known for always having every element of their lives in check, and this is totally not the person you want to get involved with.

Even though it'll be fun at first to live a little on the edge, this isn't the person for you.

Their carelessness is sure to rub off on you as you slowly find yourself losing a grip on reality. You've worked so hard for everything that you have. The last thing that you deserve is for someone to pull the carpet from under you. Take a hold of your love life and pick your next lover carefully.

15 Aquarius Perfect Match: Wise


The perfect person for you is someone wise beyond their years. Your astro sign will be pulled towards this person as they seem like they have everything figured out. Sometimes all you truly need is for someone to tell you that everything will be alright.

Instead of dating someone careless, you need someone with their life together. Someone wise who will be able to give you advice on any situation that you might find yourself in. As long as they have their best intentions for you at heart, everything is sure to work out.

14 Leo Think Again: Someone Pessimistic


Leo's have a naturally happy soul that constantly lights up the room. Everyone around you is constantly completing you on your positive nature, able to see the light in any dark situation.

That's why if you think that dating someone a little pessimistic would be okay, think again. 

Don't assume that your positivity will simply rub off on the person. Instead, be worried that their negativity might be rubbed off on you. It's easy to take on someone's energy, especially if it's negative. If the person that you're into shows any sign of pessimism, run the other way before it's too late.

13 Leo Perfect Match: Sentimental


As a Leo, you constantly value the people around you. You're always showing your appreciation towards them by telling them how much you care for them. That's why it's only right that your lover shares similar values to you.

You need someone sentimental, willing to make you feel special. Your lover should be down for celebrating every good thing that enters into your lives. That last thing that you want is to date someone who doesn't appreciate all that you do for them!

12 Libra Think Again: Someone Full Of Fear


Libra's are always looking for a way to live life to the fullest. You're constantly looking to have a good time that it's only right that your lover shares similar values.

If you find yourself falling for someone seized in fear, this probably isn't the person for you.

Instead, you need someone who is powerful enough to make your heart skip a beat any time you see them. You won't be able to live your best life if you're dating someone who fears risk. You're all about living a thrill-seeking life, that a scaredy-cat lover isn't even an option.

11 Libra Perfect Match: Extraordinary


You're always looking to have a good time. We don't blame you! Life is short so there is no point in sitting around and hoping that things will work out. That's why you need an extraordinary lover who will be able to match your awesome attitude.

The last thing that you want is to date someone boring. Instead, seek out someone willing to put their complete selves on the line for their dreams and you. While it might be hard to find someone this special, don't give up. Instead, be open to meeting new people! The universe will be sure to send this extraordinary person along your way if you continue to be open with what the world was to offer.

10 Aries Think Again: Someone Deceptiveness


You've found yourself in a few relationships where you were lied to. That's why you're more than cautious to make sure that you don't find yourself in any more similar situation.

If you feel that your lover is even a little bit deceptive, run the other way. 

Your astro sign is able to sense someone's energy immediately. That's why if you're getting a weird vibe from your new lover, it's best to let them go. Even a little white lie is enough to show their true character. In order for you not to end up in a similar situation, it's best to steer clear of these type of deceptive people.

9 Aries Perfect Match: Clear-Headed


You've been through so much lately that you just have no more energy to play games. Instead, you're looking for someone who is more than willing to respect everything that you do. You need someone calm, cool, and collected to always be there for you.

The perfect person that you should be dating is someone who is clear-headed. The last thing that you want is someone who doesn't respect the person who you truly are. If you get the vibe that the person you're into can be problematic, let them go. Instead, look for someone ready to take on the world with you, rather than cause issues.

8 Virgo Think Again: Someone Demanding


The last person you're going to find yourself dating is someone demanding. This totally isn't the person for you as you're all about calling a majority of the shots in a relationship.

While it's key that your lover puts you in your place from time to time, the last thing you need is a drama queen in your life. 

You're not about to be taking orders from anyone. That's why if your lover thinks it's fine to be telling you what to do, they better think again. Instead, you're so focused on doing things your own way that you're not about to be taking orders from your lover.

7 Virgo Perfect Match: Romantic


We all need a little movie-like romance in our lives. You've always dreamed about finding yourself in an iconic relationship with someone special where you feel on top of the world. However, it seems as if you've given up on these things when it comes to romance.

It's time to get back on your feet and look for someone who's willing to be incredibly romantic with you. While it seems a little impossible at this point, you simply haven't been able to find the right person for you. Instead, once your dream lover comes along, we guarantee that romance will occur in the relationship!

6 Gemini Think Again: Someone Contradicting


Gemini's are able to get a sense of someone's personality just by talking to them. If you catch someone in a lie, then it's totally over for them.

You're not about to date someone constantly contradicting themselves.

While they might've thought they could get away with it, a Gemini is able to see through someone's lies. While a part of you want's to let their mistakes slide, that isn't what you actually need. Instead, you need a lover who is willing to be upfront and truthful to you. You've been going through a lot lately, that you deserve to be with someone who is upfront with you at all times.

5 Gemini Perfect Match: Challenging & Complex


When it comes to love, you need a little stimulation. It's time that you find that special someone who is willing to challenge you constantly. The last thing that you want is to fall into a comfortable relationship where everything is easy. Instead, you want your lover to keep you on your toes!

Your astro sign is naturally seeking someone complex as they're exactly what you want in life. While they might be a little problematic here and there, your heart wants a little bit of chaos. However, we must warn you that if you think that you can change your lover, think again!

4 Taurus Think Again: Someone Stubborn


As a Taurus yourself, you'd be the first to admit that you can be pretty stubborn at times. That's why if you find yourself falling for someone with a similar personality trait, think again.

You need someone willing to put up with your problematic behavior, rather than constantly challenge you.

While you're definitely working on being a little more open-minded, there is no guarantee that your stubborn lover will as well. To make it easier on yourself, make sure to not end up dating someone as challenging as you are.

3 Taurus Perfect Match: Open-Minded


As you seek to become more open-minded, you're looking for a lover able to do that alongside you. The last thing that you want is to find yourself yet again dating someone stubborn. Instead, you need some inspiration from your lover!

Look for someone who isn't scared to try something new. This person will help you expand yourself and try new things. Sometimes we need a little motivation from the person we love to help us out. However, it doesn't make us weak. Instead, it motivates us to seek more out of life! This is totally what you need when it comes to love.

2 Capricorn Think Again: Someone Simply Ordinary


You've realized that you're not about to live an ordinary life. Instead, you are constantly focusing on your dreams that may sometimes seem completely impossible.

You need a lover who is willing to dream way past the limits, alongside you. 

While you might have your eye on someone new, if they have no flavor to them, they're not your type of lover. Instead, you need to find someone completely out of the ordinary. This is the only type of person who will be able to help you flourish and achieve your goals. Make a promise to yourself to never settle on an ordinary lover, or life!

1 Capricorn Perfect Match: Humble


Someone absolutely humble is exactly what you need. You're so over all of the chaos that occurs when you find yourself dating someone entitled. Instead, someone humble will bring you happy when it comes to your relationship.

Their sweetness is sure to rub off on you as you begin to take on this trait. Your internal energy is desperate to find someone genuine, that you might be trying to find this trait in everyone you meet. Instead, it's time that you understand that only a few people are genuinely humble. Don't rush into things with someone who isn't the right person for you!

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