Guys Gone Blonde: 20 Celeb Men Who Dared To Bleach

In recent years, fans have noticed an interesting trend–celebrity men joining in on the fun of experimenting with their hairstyles. This is unexpected because since when do dudes care that much about their hairstyles being trendy?

Girls love to change their hairstyles. It’s a fun way to add a bit of personality to their look and a great way to stand out from the crowd. It seems as though this fun little tip about the power of a change in hairstyle has been discovered by celeb men.

One trend that's definitely become popular is that more and more of everyone's favorite celeb men are going platinum blonde. Sure, most of the time it’s only for a couple of weeks or months, but still, the fact that they are bold enough to rock such an attention-grabbing color is definitely impressive.

Without a doubt, gone are the days when celeb men were okay with wearing “meh” hairstyles. They are much more conscious about not just their attire, but their hair styling as well.

Remember Eminem’s performance at the 2000 MTV VMAs where hundreds of platinum blonde guys joined him during his performance? Well, this is something like it except, fans know these guys!

Read below to flip through some of fans' fave celebs who have rocked the platinum blonde hair.

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20 Nothing Scares Kanye

Via EOnline

Number 20 on our list is no surprise at all. Kanye West has never really done “what was expected of him” or followed behind anyone’s footsteps. He has sort to pave his own way, regardless of what anyone thinks. That’s probably why he’s given us some amazing music over the years.

And in 2017, the artist decided to go blonde.

He debuted his new hairdo at NYFW. Some critics were not feeling it, while others were totally here for it. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall under, we’re just watching closely because we know that this is not the last time Kanye will bring us something to talk about.

19 Penn Badgley's Bleach Was Unexpected

Via StyleCaster

Unlike with the previous two celebs, we’re not quite sure how to feel about this on our list. “Dan,” from Gossip Girl went blonde back in 2016. Now, of course, there were fans who loved it because, well… Penn looks good, ladies and gentlemen.

He is probably one of the few people on earth who can get away with pretty much any hairstyle because his features are close to perfection.

No matter how good looking he is though, we still wish that he had given us some time to get used it before just springing this look on us. Like, perhaps go gradually from his dark hair to blonde?

18 We Weren't Ready For Chris Messina's Bleach

Via CloserWeekly

The 2019 Golden Globes brought together some of our favorite stars and while we were excited that this was the first big awards show for the year, Chris Messina arrived and stunned us all. The actor looked very different from his usually dark hair. Time reports that “There was plenty of speculation that Messina’s hair change is for his upcoming role in DC’s Birds of Prey, where he’ll be playing bad guy henchman Victor Zsasz alongside Ewan McGregor’s villain Black Mask." Whatever the reason was for his dramatic entrance and change of look, we have to say that we definitely don’t mind seeing this lighter side of him.

17 Adam Levine Likes To Switch Things Up

Via YahooNews

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is also another celeb guy who joined the trend of going bleach blonde. What we particularly liked about Adam is the fact that he did this way before it was considered to be “cool.”

Sure, nowadays, so many celeb men are joining the “bleach blonde crew” but just a few years ago, only the brave dared to really go for it.

We guess that Adam definitely falls under that category. The singer went blonde back in 2014 and during an interview on The Today Show, he explained that no one in his camp was particularly fond of the look on him but he didn’t care. “No one liked it, which I kind of dug.”

16 Any Dye Looks Good On Orlando Bloom

Via JustJared

Longtime heartthrob Orlando Bloom makes his way onto number 15 on our list. We were first introduced to the actor when he had his dark hair and we had grown accustomed to seeing him in that color but it seems as though the actor is now interested in experimenting with his hair.

From around 2016, the actor has been spotted with very light hair and in this pic, he clearly went all the way as he went bleach blonde. We’re not quite sure what inspired him to change things up but we’re pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that his girlfriend, Katy Perry, is known to experiment with her hair as well. Perhaps he was feeling a little inspired.

15 Zayn Malik's Switch Made His Fans Fall More In Love With Him

Via Instagram

Zayn Malik is one of the few celebs on this list who’s always had fun with his hair. Considering the fact that he’s a pop star, this should be expected. But the former One Direction member doesn’t just keep things simple. Nope.

Judging by the different hair colors he has experimented with in the past, Zayn is definitely not afraid of a little color.

Remember when he went green on us just a few years ago? Zayn has experimented with blonde hair before so for him to go bleach blonde, we were definitely not surprised. We’re now interested in what other hair colors he’s planning on experimenting with in this new year.

14 Ansel Elgort Really Went For It

Via Refinery29

24 Year old Ansel Elgort features on number 12 on our list and we’re very impressed about the fact that, just like the many other celebs on this list, Ansel went all the way with his coloring. It shows that the young man is not afraid to experiment and we can definitely appreciate that.

His fans first spotted him in blonde through his IG account last year and, we’re not quite sure if it was the positive feedback that made him decide to go much lighter.

Whatever it was, we’re definitely appreciating the fact that this young man is not afraid to try new things.

13 Niall Horan Tried Bleach Blonde

Via Entertainment

Number 19 on our list is former One Directioner, Niall Horan. The young artist decided to go bleach blonde. Considering the fact that the Brit is actually a blonde, we’re not too surprised about him going all the way to bleach blonde. The singer went bleach blonde before ditching the blonde look and then going brunette in 2017. Unlike with the many celeb acts you’ll see on our list, his fans didn’t mind at all. In fact, many of them proclaimed that whether he was blonde or brunette, he was still a heartthrob in their eyes. Now that’s what fans are for!

12 Miles Teller Switched It Up For A Movie

Via GQ

At number 10 on our list, we have an interesting addition because, Miles Teller dying his hair blonde back in 2016 broke the internet. Well, to be more specific–Twitter had a meltdown.

It seems as though people were not crazy about the look and of course, they were not afraid to let him know how they felt about his blonde hair.

We really feel sorry for Miles here because it was not his fault. The guy went blonde for his role in Only The Brave. Twitter’s meltdown was so harsh, that Miles thought that it would be best to apologize to fans on his Twitter account explaining, “Dear internet. I’m sorry I dyed my hair blonde. I never meant to hurt you. Please accept my apology.”

11 Zac Efron Can Do No Wrong

Via OrimGift

Zac Efron is just one of the young actors in Hollywood who can do no wrong. Ever since we were introduced to him through the High School Musical franchise back in 2006, he has starred in unforgettable roles and has looked more and more fine in each role. Like, how is that possible? If you’re a true fan, you’ll know that Zac has definitely been blonde before.  We’ve spotted him with blonde locks in 2016, and then again in 2017 for the movie Baywatch. However, fans were excited to notice the fact that last year, he went all in by going bleach blonde.

10 Pete Davidson Went All In

Via Allure

How many of you have gotten a complete makeover after a breakup? Yeah, we’ve done it as well. There’s something about changing your hair, or outfits, and even your entire look after a breakup, that sort of helps you to not only deal with the breakup, but remind you of how amazing you really are.

Getting a new 'do is like wiping the slate clean.

We’re not quite sure what Pete Davidson’s inspiration was for going this blonde, but we did notice that he did it immediately after his much-publicized breakup with singer Ariana Grande. The comedian was spotted everywhere by paparazzi with this blonde look.

9 Justin Bieber's Hairstyles Always Set Trends

Via ShortHairGirl

Justin Bieber was first introduced to us as this cute little teenage boy who had really good hair and could sing. The young star has always been blonde so it wasn’t a surprise for him to experiment with different shades of blonde, however, we have him at number 1 on our list because, without a doubt, the boy has some really good hair, so, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate it.

Not everyone was a fan of his bleach blonde locks though. When asked about them in 2014 on NRJ, a radio station in Norway, his ex, Selena Gomez had this to say: “That’s for him. I’ll let him answer all that.” She was clearly not feeling it but you know what? We’re not mad at Bieber for having fun with his hair.

8 Riz Ahmed Joined The Trend

Via Refinery29

It’s not always easy for someone with dark hair to go all the way blonde. Most people who feel like changing their hair color will do so in gradual stages–this may be to get them used to seeing themselves in that new color, and maybe even to allow the rest of us to wrap our heads around the color as well.

When we saw actor Riz Ahmed at Comic-Con rocking this new blonde hue, we must admit that we were impressed.

The actor is obviously, still attractive and his blonde hair definitely helps to accentuate some of his other features.

7 We Didn't Recognize G-Eazy

Via YouTube

At number 6, we have a hair switch up that completely changes a person. Seriously, G-Eazy looks nothing like he used to. In fact, we had to double check that we have the right person here.

His hair switch up came at an interesting time.

He recently broke up with his girlfriend Halsey. She released the following statement: “I normally keep this king of thing private but provided our public nature, I feel the need to inform my fans. G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart.” His music success was also on the up as a tour was announced around that time as well.

6 Lionel Messi Kept His Dark Roots

Via GQ

Soccer legend Lionel Messi joins our list at number 5. The player decided to keep his dark roots here before going all the way bleach blonde as we saw him soon after. What’s most interesting about Lionel is the fact that his decision to change his hair was not due to him following a trend, but rather, him not being at a good space in his life and feeling like the hair change will give him the fresh start he needed. The Independent explains that “Lionel Messi has revealed the reason behind his drastic hairstyle change was due to a feeling that he needed to start afresh after yet another disappointing summer with Argentina, and not because he is a big Aaron Ramsey fan.”

5 Odell Beckham's Hair Has Us Feeling A Little Jealous

Via Pinterest

If there’s one celeb who definitely deserves a spot on our list whenever we’re talking about hair, it has to be footballer Odell Beckham. The young man has tons of articles on the internet that focus on his hairstyles, for goodness sake. So, of course, we had to feature him as well.

If you’ve followed him or his sports trajectory, you’ll be well aware of the fact that Odell is not afraid to experiment with his hair.

It almost feels like he changes it every season. However often he decides to change his hair, we’re just impressed by the fact that his hair still looks pretty healthy. We just have two points to add to that. One–how does he do that? And two–not fair at all.

4 Ryan Lochte Likes To Stand Out

Via HelloGiggles

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte also bleached his hair. He turned his hair platinum blonde just before the Rio Olympic Games. Have you ever struggled to spot your favorite swimmer while they’re competing? Yeah, sometimes you don’t quite catch the lane they are in and other times the swimming caps’ colors look so similar. Perhaps Ryan did this just for us to be able to spot him easier. Whatever the reasoning was for his platinum locks, someone forgot to tell him that chlorinated pools are a platinum blonde’s worse enemy. During the Olympics, Ryan’s hair actually turned green because he had spent so much time in the pool!

3 Mexico's Soccer Players Did It As A Team

Via Refinery29

We highlighted at the top of the article that going blonde, or changing your hair color in general, is not always easy. There’s the nerves of whether or not the shade will compliment your skin tone and of course, as a celebrity, you know that everyone is watching and will have their own opinions about your hair. It was therefore, fun to see how Mexico’s soccer team decided to do this blonde thing together. We were even more impressed by the fact that it was more than just being "trendy" for them. They did it as a sign of unity and as something that will bring them good luck during the Soccer World Cup in 2017.

2 Vic Mensa Is Always Experimenting With His Hair

Via Pinterest

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa joins our list at number 11. The young artist has often sort to stand out from the rest. After being taken under Kanye West’s wings just a few years ago, Vic has had a number of notable performances that have made many fans and critics pay attention to him. With his blonde do, he will surely stick out from the crowd even further. It is incredible what a change of hair color can do for a person. It can change your mood. It can enhance your features. It can brighten up your day, and for a celeb, it can keep them on our radar.

1 Lucky Blue Smith Knows How To Rock Blonde

Via FamousPeople

Lucky Blue Smith has captured the hearts of many young girls around the world. The young actor and model has been the new IT guy in the male modeling scene. Of course, he’s still nowhere near the status of the Kendall Jenners and Gigi Hadids of this world but considering the fact that he has over 3 million IG followers, we think that he is definitely one to watch in the modeling world. The good looking young man received many heart emojis from fans as soon as he rocked his bleach blonde do and it seems as though he loves it as well because he has kept the color for a very long time.

Sources: Time, The Today Show, The Independent, Instagram

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