Glossier Expands Complexion Shade Range To Reach Every Skin Tone

Glossier, a favorite beauty brand of younger consumers thanks to its minimalist design and diversity, has recently decided to expand its complexion range. The brand has expanded all of its shade ranges of coverage, including Skin Tint, Stretch concealer, and Wowder.

The foundation and concealer shades have grown from five to 12, while the finishing powders have increased from three to five. Most of the shades are new and include a more balanced and diverse range, a Glossier spokesperson told Marie Claire. "We knew that there were gaps that needed to be filled," Kym Davis, head of product development told the magazine.

Glossier has conducted a year and a half of research to compile consumer feedback and see what areas needed improvement. The shade expansion has been hailed by social media users. The company has also introduced a new Shade Finder tool on their site that shows shade options on people with a variety of skin tones, so consumers can more effectively match their skin to a shade. The range features four new categories, including light, medium, deep, and rich, and three new undertones, including warm, neutral, and deep.

Glossier has also debuted a numbering system that lists the darkest shade first rather than last, which is considered a nod to women of color. The numbering system has already been used by brands like Beauty Bakerie.

According to Devin McGhee, who created Glossier Brown, an Instagram account for women of color who love the brand, "Women of color, black women specifically, spend more money than any other demographic on cosmetics. I believe this is mainly because we are constantly having to purchase multiple shades and mix our own to find a match. It can be discouraging and slightly taxing on our pockets."

“But until there are more women of color in leadership positions at beauty companies, it will continue to affect what is or is not produced for us. If women of color are not amongst the people included in the conversations at the top, it will always show, as it directly affects who is fighting for diversity and inclusion within the beauty industry," she added.

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A Nielsen report reveals that people of color spend nearly nine times more than other ethnicities on hair and beauty products. Expenditures include $473 million in total hair care, $127 million in grooming aids and $465 million in skin care products, which adds up to $1.1 billion on beauty annually.

Given that 43% of the 75 million millennials in the US identify as African American, Hispanic or Asian, if companies don't cater to all ethnicities, they won't grow. Therefore, brands need to have a targeted marketing strategy to reach people of color if they want to succeed, says Andrew McCaskill, Senior Vice President, Global Communications and Multicultural Marketing, Nielsen.

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