Gilmore Girls: 8 Last-Minute Changes That Broke Our Hearts (+ 12 We’re Glad Happened)

The show that changed lives and broke many hearts, Gilmore Girls, is one we shall never forget.

With lovable characters, witty lines, inspirational quotes, and a comedy-drama mishmash, Gilmore Girls captured our hearts from the very first season. It seems so long ago, but the show started in the early 2000s and ran from 2000-2007, and now that we are in 2019, Gilmore Girls still stands as the one show that we could re-watch over and over again; it is timeless.

The show came at a time where many shows on air were dark and dramatic, and Gilmore Girls completely avoided that, which made it very comfortable to sit and watch. The show was like a breath of fresh air, without forgetting to mention that the 2000s show centered around two well-liked women, and not men for a change.

After a 10-year gap, the whimsical show came back in 2016 on Netflix, and this time, a Kleenex box was required. But for now, we want to throw it back and remind you of those changes that made us feel relieved, and those that we are not too thrilled happened.

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20 Why Didn’t Lorelai And Michel Get Their Moment?

via Us Weekly

Who did not root for Lorelai during the entirety of the show? She was a boss mother!

In the four-episode revival of the show on Netflix, A Year in the Life, we saw the business partners Lorelai and Sookie get a much-deserved moment together. Apparently, Lorelai and Michel had a similar moment, but it got cut out.

We know for certain that a moment between Lorelai and Michel would have been huge for the two ― we wonder why at the last minute it was left out. According to Yanic Truesdale, he said the scene “was a big moment for Michel and Lorelai where they go and they buy that other place to do the spa." We feel totally left out!

19 Luke Was Almost Non-Existent

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You're probably constantly repeating, "Oy, with the poodles!" in your head by now.

If so, we are on the right track, and Gilmore Girls without that line is like Gilmore Girls without Lorelai and Luke; it just would not make sense.

However, that almost happened, can you believe it? Yes, it is said that in the first version of the pilot of the show, we're talking back in the year 2000, the diner owner was a female, and not Luke. Wait, Luke was supposed to be a female?

Luckily, they then decided to add a hunk to the show that was full of strong women, and we are so glad they came to their senses.

18 Even Lauren Graham Was Almost Left Out

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When we think about Gilmore Girls, the first image that comes to our mind is the refreshing, natural, blue-eyed, and dark-haired beauty Lauren Graham ― and that is that. Not going to lie, we all developed a major crush on the actress who slayed the role of Lorelai Gilmore.

However, even fanatical fans of the show do not know that Graham almost didn't take the part of Lorelai. Gilmore Girls was looking for the cast for their pilot, Graham had other responsibilities to attend to, like another show she was signed on to. We are thanking our lucky stars, though, because at the very last minute, M.Y.O.B., the show she was supposed to have a role in, got cancelled, and a Gilmore Girls star was born.

17 Alexis Bledel Came In At The Right Time

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Alexis Bledel, who with her innocence, beauty and talent stole our hearts as Rory, was the greatest thing that happened to The WB network in 2000.

However, Bledel, with her hypnotizing eyes, was not Amy Sherman-Palladino's, the creator of the show, first choice for Rory. We're going to pretend we never heard that.

Instead, when it came casting time, Liza Weil, who ended up playing the role of Paris, was actually the first choice for the part of Rory. Then, right at the end, Bledel who was a student and never acted came along, and it was all hers.

16 To Think There Could Have Been More Gilmore Girls 

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We are so blessed to have had a show in the 2000s that centered around women and pop-culture references, especially since Hollywood is not always bright. When the seventh season of Gilmore Girls rolled around, The CW network had just been created and accounted for both The WB and UPN.

We would have loved to rejoice over the news, but it was because of the merge that the show did not make it past what it did. Creators Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino did not accept the offer from The CW, for whatever reason, and that is what lead to its demise. This last-minute network change bumped our show out and broke our hearts.

15 Milo Ventimiglia, We Cannot Forgive You

via People

It seems as though Milo Ventimiglia just loves breaking people's hearts and making women go through tumultuous times ― seriously, he should start paying up for all the Kleenex boxes we have had to use because of his roles on Gilmore Girls and This Is Us.

Gilmore Girls was a show that refrained from being dark and used comic relief, and Jess played a vital role in keeping the show interesting and alive. Sadly, we only got to see Jess full time in seasons two and three.

However, Amy Sherman Palladino had him signed for a six-year contract, but it was Ventimiglia himself who refused at the last minute.

Here's hoping Rory still ends up with Jess.

14 Our Beloved Chef Could Have Been Another

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All hail Melissa McCarthy! Sookie St. James, who was never seen without her bandana on and was always a little klutzy, was Lorelai's bestie and beloved business partner.

However, we're so grateful that this happened, as we almost did not have McCarthy as our Sookie. Who could say no to a glowing face like hers? Well, it was Alex Borstein who was supposed to play the role of Sookie, but after she got it, she had to turn it down, and along came the hilarious and iconic McCarthy to fill her shoes.

13 They Found Their Lane At The Last Minute

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The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, so we are very glad that the Gilmore Girls team added some great actors last minute to the show.

Rory would not have been the same without her go-to girl, Lane Kim, who was played by Keiko Agena. Lane had it all; she was independent, tough, strong and quite the inspiration. To think that Lane was a last-minute addition to the show is absolutely heart wrenching. The casting team needed a Lane Kim and could not find the young, funny, and charismatic girl to make her come alive, until they had no choice to expand their horizons, and there, they found Agena.

12 Gilmore Girls Without The Huntzbergers

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This one could go either way, depending how you feel about Mitchum Huntzberger; it will either hurt you, or make you huff a sigh of relief.

Avid fans of Gilmore Girls will know very well how many problems started because of the Huntzbergers; they were the root of it all because they thought Rory wasn't good enough for their son.

Mitchum was definitely the worst of the bunch, but funny enough, this businessman almost did not make the cut. Why? Gregg Henry, who played the role of Mitchum, was unable to accept it at first, which pushed the creators to remove his character until, at the eleventh hour, Henry was able to take it on.

11 The Ending That Came Full Circle

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For years, since the show ended, Amy Sherman Palladino kept mentioning the specific words she always wanted to end her lovable show with.

Well, with the revival that came about on Netflix, she was given the opportunity to finally end her show with satisfaction. She didn't write in the ending she wanted at the end of the series because Rory was only 22 compared to 32. Which is why the ending, whether you loved it or not, fit way more in the Stars Hollow revival on Netflix compared to the 2007 finale.

10 That Time We Had To Say Goodbye To Tristan

via YouTube

So many characters on the show were written off or added at the last minute; thankfully, Lorelai and Rory made the cut.

Before Ventimiglia came along, the creators of the show wanted to have Rory fall in love with a "bad boy" — enterTristan Dugray.

Remember him? He was played by Chad Michael Murray. Tristan was the kind of guy who would walk around with his nose up, but Rory was his kind of girl. There was sadly no romance that developed between him and "Mary," and what broke our hearts even more was how abruptly Murray had to let go of his arrogant role.

9 Thankfully, Dean Was Played By Jared Padalecki

via eonline.com

We do not know how Bledel did it to be surrounded by so many hunky men; we would have not been able to concentrate, that is certain.

Jared Padalecki, my oh my, we did not forget when you first sashayed on our television screens as Dean Forester. After the show's demise, not many die-hard GG fans were still enamoured by Dean. The only reason that some fanatical fans of the show still had the feels for Dean was because he was played by the hottie Padalecki. We certainly would not have otherwise fell head over heels for him.

We say this because we bet you that you totally did not know that the first pilot of GG was filmed with another actor, who was much more of a troublemaker.

8 Lorelai Almost Didn’t Get To See Her Bestie

via Cosmopolitan

Gilmore Girls would have not been Gilmore Girls without the clumsy chef Sookie and her bandana.

Not going to lie, we were always quite envious of the relationship between besties Sookie and Lorelai; these two made us grow up idealizing a friendship just like that ― like real #bestiegoals.

Well, when the revival came through on Netflix in November 2016, McCarthy was not supposed to be a part of it at first, and that totally would have broken our heart.

However, after back-and-forth negotiations, the good ol' funny Sookie was back for a small appearance, and the much-anticipated show made us teary-eyed when the two besties reunited.

7 Lorelai And Luke Deserved Way More

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Is there anything we begged for more than a marriage between the lovebirds Lorelai and Luke?

Since the start of the series, back in 2000, we did not need to be a genius to figure out that these two were meant to be. They were crazy in love with each other, but we did not even get to see them have their fairy tale wedding until the revival came along.

However, we were quite disappointed with the wedding scene. We didn't even get to hear any heart-felt vows or really see Lorelai in a wedding gown. Because A Year in the Life was only 4 episodes, they had a tight budget, hence the smaller and less significant wedding.

6 Sigh, We Could Have Had More Eye Candy

via Marie Claire

We just gasped; Ryan Gosling could have graced our screens in Gilmore Girls.

At the same time, we are thankful he did not, because we would have had a sweat attack looking at him, Jared Padalecki, Chad Michael Murray, and Milo Ventimiglia all at once.

When casting was taking place, Jami Rudofsky saw Gosling, who she found was the perfect fit for the role they created. However, all her silly colleagues did not agree with her choice for Gosling to take it on ― we believe they totally regret it now.

Rudofsky, before the revival came about, had dug up the past and mentioned that her teammates highly doubted her choice.

5 When Kirk Became Kirk

via Odyssey

There was no character that was quite like Kirk. He added a pizzazz to the show that was needed. We do not know what Stars Hollow would have been like without such a weird and unique man like Kirk Gleason.

If anything odd happened, it was safe to say that we could have all instantly pointed our finger to Kirk. Not to forget, this Stars Hollow resident also had about 100 jobs on his resume.

However, Kirk was almost an absent character. Sean Gunn, who played the role of Kirk, actually first appeared on the show as an add-on for an episode. Palladino fell in love with Gunn as an actor and suddenly decided to create a character for him ― hooray!

4 Another McHottie Written Off

via TV Guide

Do you not remember that Adam Brody is also credited for being on the show? He was Lane's kind, adorable, and charming boyfriend and best friend who supported Lane's rockstar dreams.

He was the exact definition of #boyfriendmaterial, but Dave Rygalski did not last too long. Suddenly, out of the blue, the goodhearted Dave just disappeared without a word.

Why? Because Brody got the role on The O.C., and Gilmore Girls had to write him off at the last minute ― ouch, our feelings.

3 There Was Another Lorelai In The Works

via instagram

Considering this show revolved around strong women, it was quite unique compared to other TV series the time. So the creators really had to make sure they got the casting and the writing right. Apparently, the book The Gilmore Girls Companion, stated that Lorelai was actually supposed to be nothing like the Lorelai we know.

Casting can be quite the stressful process, and right before filming commenced, it was actress Nina Garbiras who almost snatched the role. We'll call this a save since we are so glad Graham came along.

2 The Spinoff That Thankfully Did Not Happen

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Spinoffs: You either love 'em or you hate 'em. In the 2000s, when Gilmore Girls commenced, spinoffs were a thing, so the creators took their shot at it, but when they did, some unfortunate changes were made, like Jess being written off; seriously, did they not think that through before attempting to break our hearts?

Unfortunately, they had Jess leave for California in search of his father, but since that did not blend well with Gilmore Girls, The WB tried to film a pilot with Jess moving to Cali officially. Gasp ― thankfully they dropped that because it was too expensive, and we did not lose Jess right away.

1 Jess Was Purposely Placed On The Show

via TV Guide

Not stirring too far away from the pot, we want to continue discussing our Jess. If you are in your 20s right now, that means you were in your tweens during Gilmore Girls and that you were totally gaga for Jess ― he swooned us all.

Well, the creator of the show, Amy Sherman Palladino, felt the same way about Milo Ventimiglia. The initial reason that Palladino included him on the show was because she wanted to disturb the relationship between Lorelai and Luke. Though we would go bonkers for Lorelai and Luke, we are so grateful that their relationship had to be disrupted because of Jess. Palladino also seemed glad that change occurred, saying, "When you're playing that game, you have to find obstacles that are real to put in their way."

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