Game On: We Ranked The Least To Most Manipulative Signs (His & Hers)

For those who think that manipulating a lover is something everyone does, that's so off. Instead, one's deceptive manner depends on their astrology sign. Let's just say that some people are a little bit more manipulative than others when it comes to love.

While it might be surprising, there's a ranking system to how manipulative certain signs are compared to others. Whether they're near the top of the list and are considered an open book, or are a trickster at the bottom of the list, a person will be sure to find themselves questioning their actions.

While everyone loves to get their way, it's time to figure out how far they're willing to go. If a person justifies their manipulative behavior as little white lies, they'll have to think again. Constantly manipulating a partner is the last thing any person should want to do. However slick they are, the partner is sure to realize what their so-called soulmate has up their sleeve.

If instead, a person doesn't find themselves with a separate agenda when it comes to love, then they're in the clear! Keep things up and aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to a relationship.

The key to making things work with a special someone is to be as open as possible. Ditch the manipulation and the relationship is sure to flourish!

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24 Pisces Woman: Least Manipulative Of Them All


You should be incredibly proud to be considered the least manipulative of them all when it comes to love. The last thing that you're interested in is finding a way to trick your partner.

If there is any astrology sign that we can learn from, it's totally a Pisces.

Any guy would be lucky to fall for you since you don't have any hidden agenda. This is an amazing quality to have that is sure to have your partner adore you. The last thing they have to worry about is their lover trying to trick them for personal benefit. However, this probably means that you might end up being manipulated in a relationship. Steer clear!

23 Pisces Man: Everyone Is Totally Equal


When it comes to love, you see your partner as a complete equal. No one should have the upper hand over the other in any context. Instead, you prefer to be honest with your partner and lay all cards on the table immediately.

We adore you for your loving nature, never wanting to hurt anyone around you. The last thing anyone desires is to date someone constantly trying to manipulate them. That's absolutely the last thing that you want since you're more interested in giving your partner a voice. However, that doesn't mean that you'll be fine with letting your partner have the upper hand. Instead, you constantly work to make sure that both people have equal power.

22 Capricorn Woman: There’s No Point In Lying


You know better than anyone that there is absolutely no point in lying. The last thing anyone wants is to be questioning whether the love of their life is telling the truth or not.

You're not about to make your partner struggle as they try to figure out if you're being truthful or not. 

That's why it's your policy to always be 100% honest when it comes to love. While other people might be interested in playing games in their relationship, that just isn't your style. Instead, you make sure to let your partner know exactly how you feel, in order for no issues to occur.

21 Capricorn Man: Not Here To Take Advantage Of Someone


When a Capricorn finally finds themselves in a relationship, it's because they adore their partner. They're not about to shower them with endless lies to get their way. Instead, they offer them complete respect and always make sure to be there for them.

You're not even surprised to find yourself near the top of the list. You're not here to take advantage of your partner and force them into anything. Instead, you prefer to be an open book and tell it how it is. While other people might have the time to play games, you definitely don't. Keep up this amazing quality as it's sure to have your partner all over you!

20 Scorpio Woman: Last Thing To Stress Over


As a Scorpio, you constantly find yourself super busy. That's why you just don't have time to play games when it comes to love. You prefer to be an open book and tell your lover exactly how you feel.

Life is already stressful enough that you just don't have time to worry about trying to get your way.

Instead, you enjoy being absolutely honest with your lover and expressing your emotions. You never have to guess with a Scorpio how they feel as they'll tell you upfront. Keep up your open attitude and you'll see your love life grow tremendously!

19 Scorpio Man: Honesty Is Key


You'll tell your lover exactly how you feel as you don't have time to lie. You strongly believe that honesty is the key element to hold in any relationship. That's why you're more than proud of the fact that you can offer your lover your whole heart when you find yourself head over heels for someone.

While your friends might be trying to get things out of their boo, you're not like that. You're super up front and aren't scared to tell it how it is. You of all people know that without honesty, a relationship is basically doomed. Keep up the good work if you want your relationships to grow strong into the future.

18 Sagittarius Woman: No One Wants To Play Games


While manipulation might've been your middle name in the past, you're so over it. You've come to realize that your negative ways just so aren't worth it, and instead were ruining everything that you had.

That's why you made yourself a promise to stop acting incredibly hurtful to your lovers.

Instead, you're so over all of the games and prefer to just enjoy life. While some people might adore having power over their partners, that so isn't you. You've come to terms with the fact that honesty in a relationship is so much more important than getting your way.

17 Sagittarius Man: Better To Be Truthful


While you'll agree that getting your way is always nice, you've realized that it just so isn't worth it. Instead, you prefer to be completely transparent with all of your emotions and how you feel.

Scorpios are known for always getting their way, but you're so over that. Instead, you value an honest relationship where neither people are trying to manipulate their partners. While that might mean having to sacrifice a few things here and there, it's overall so worth it. Now you're actually able to enjoy a genuine relationship, rather than trying to figure out a way to get what you desire!

16 Libra Woman: Only When Truly Needed


While the last thing that you want is to be cunning, it's sometimes necessary. As a Libra, you like things to go as planned, even if that means having to use lies to get your way.

However, you make sure to only be manipulative when you need to.

The last thing that you want is to use your powers for bad when it's not necessary. You justify your actions as only doing it here and there if you feel that it's the right thing to do. You know that your lover will be able to eventually pick up on your manipulative nature. That's why you make sure to only do so when it's absolutely necessary!

15 Libra Man: A Little Bit Here And There


While everyone around you might think that you're a sweetheart, you have more up your sleeve. You're not scared to be a little manipulative here and there if it means having things work out the way they're supposed to.

While most people use manipulation to get their way, you use it in a more positive manner. You only use white lies if the outcome will benefit your partner. If your partner isn't able to get something done themselves, you'll find a way to help them out. While it's technically lying, you see it as for their own benefit.

14 Leo Woman: Just To Keep Things Fun


It's not that you manipulate your lovers out of spite, it's actually the complete opposite. When you start to sense that your relationship is getting a little boring, you'll find a way to add some life back into the swing of things.

You're known for stirring up some drama just to get a little excitement back.

While everyone around you advises against it, you prefer to do things your way. That's because you aren't scared to cross the line if it means you can get something out of it. While this method often turns out poorly, you prefer to keep it up in order to have a little fun.

13 Leo Man: A Love For Power


Leos are known for always having control of any situation. If you ever find yourself in a little bit of a problem, you're sure to find a way around it. While we can't exactly agree with the way you do things, we completely understand.

Let's just say that you aren't scared to bend the rules if it means getting your way. If you ever feel threatened in a relationship that your partner might have more control, you'll figure out a way to get it back. While this might be coming off as wrong, it actually isn't. Your lovers know that you adore control, and are totally fine with giving you the reigns.

12 Cancer Woman: Always Scheming And Planning


Cancers are known for their strategic minds. They're always looking for different ways to make sure that they end up on top. If you're ever wondering what a Cancer is thinking about, it's probably how to one-up you.

You're not even scared to admit that you're constantly analyzing your lovers 24/7.

You're trying to figure out the threats and opportunities that you have right in front of you. Even if that means having to analyze every aspect of your relationship. While you're not exactly manipulative, you could be in a heartbeat if you needed to. Instead, you prefer to simply have full control over every situation that you find yourself in!

11 Cancer Man: Need For Control


If being manipulative means that you'll be able to get your way, so be it. You're not about to sit on the back burner and be taken advantage of. Instead, you're constantly trying to figure out how to either regain control or maintain it.

While you totally can be manipulative, it's not in your nature. Instead, you have a hunger for power that you're not scared to use whenever needed. Even though everyone else around you might be looking to get their way, you're much more interested in being in control. You've been tossed around in the past, and aren't about to let that happen again.

10 Aries Woman: No One Can Get In The Way


When it comes to your love life, no one is about to get in-between you and your lover. Even if that means having to manipulate your partner. While you might not be proud of it, you prefer to look at this as a necessary action.

This might mean doing whatever it takes to make sure that everything goes your way. 

The last thing that you're about to do is let external influences try to take control of your love life. Instead, you're constantly looking for ways to stay one step ahead of everyone around you. There is no point in having people try to take advantage of your relationship when it's none of their business!

9 Aries Man: Always One Step Ahead


While you're known for being the life of the party, you're actually one step ahead of everyone. You always have everything going the way you want it to, at whatever extent that might be. While your lover might think that you're just going with the flow of your relationship, they're so off.

Instead, you're constantly looking for ways to have things work out in your favor. While you try to put your relationship first, you often find yourself doing things for your own benefit, rather than your lover's. Even though you're not exactly proud of this, it's better to be one step ahead than behind.

8 Virgo Woman: Better To Be Safe Than Sorry


You've been taken advantage of in the past and aren't about to let it happen again. That's why when you find yourself in a relationship, you make sure to always be on top.

The last thing that you want is for the past to repeat itself, having you end up in tears. 

That's why your new motto is better to be safe than sorry, even when it comes to love. While you know that manipulation isn't the best trait to bring into a relationship, you're not about to change your ways. If having to sell a few lies here and there keeps you safe, then it's worth it in your books.

7 Virgo Man: Constantly Analyzing Every Move


As a Virgo, you're constantly analyzing every move you make. The absolute last thing that you want is to end up in a situation where you end up with a crushed heart. If that pushes you to have to lie to your partner to keep yourself safe, so be it.

You've been wronged in the past and aren't about to re-live that again. While you try your best to not lie to your lover, it ends up happening here and there. We recommend trying to find a way to not leave your partner in the dark. Try to be open and let them know that you don't mean to manipulate them. Rather, you're afraid of getting hurt again.

6 Gemini Woman: Two-Faced To Say The Least


Geminis are known for being two-faced, and you're slightly adding into the myth. You're not scared to sell your partner complete lies if it means ending up on top.

While you're not exactly proud of your behavior, you're not about to change for anyone. 

Instead, you prefer to have things go your way, without being left in the dark. Even if that means having to come off as two-faced, so be it. It's better to have things work out in your favor, rather than have it be the other way around.

5 Gemini Man: Last Thing To Do Is Deny It


As a Gemini, no one would believe you if you tried to argue against your manipulative nature. The truth of the matter is that you're not scared to spread a few lies if it means ending up living happily ever after with your lover.

Your cleverness is constantly trying to figure out how to benefit out of any situation, even if it's your relationship. You're not about to be taken advantage of by your partner. That's why you're not scared to lie to stay safe. Instead, focus on being the best version of yourself, and keep the lying at a bare minimum.

4 Taurus Woman: Always Looking For The Upper Hand


You're not about to let anyone ignore you ever again. Instead, you make sure to hold the center of attention in any situation that you might find yourself in.

You expect your lover to treat you like the princess you are, or you'll figure out another way to make that happen.

You're known to get down and devious in order to get what you want. While everyone often advises against your actions, you're not scared to go a little crazy to get things to work out for you. If there is anyone who is going to end up getting their way, it's totally you.

3 Taurus Man: Not About To Be Taken Advantage Of


You constantly see your friends being taken advantage of in their relationships, and you're not about to let that happen to you. Even if you're head over heels for someone, you made a promise to constantly stick your ground and make sure things work out in the best way possible.

Just because you're in love, doesn't mean that you should bend over backward for the person. Instead, you expect your partner to do things your way, even if they might not be fond of the idea. If so, you're not scared to deploy some strategic manipulation to get your lover to see things through your perspective. If there is anyone who knows what they're doing, it's totally you.

2 Aquarius Woman: Simply In Her Nature


You're not about to apologize for your manipulative nature, as it's simply who you are. Your brain is programmed to always find the best route possible in any situation you might be in.

While everyone around you is constantly ending up hurt, you can't relate to their struggle. 

Instead, you're the one breaking hearts as you're willing to break all the rules to get what you want. You're not scared to say it how it is or lie to make yourself come off in a better life. While we don't always agree with your decisions, we admire your manipulative ways. You can always end up on top, even if you're down on the bottom!

1 Aquarius Man: It’s Actually An Advantage


While it might initially come off as something negative, think again. Instead, you have an amazing skill to be able to navigate through any difficult situation. While everyone around you might be constantly stressing over their love lives, you're the only person influencing yours.

You're not about to let external powers try to take control of things. Instead, you're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that your relationship goes smoothly. While this might mean some intense manipulation, so be it. You're not scared to do things your way since you're always right.

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