Fly On The Wall: 14 Celebs Who Took Their Love On Vacay (+6 Who Shared It All On Social)

Love is in the air over in Tinsel Town, and its residents are celebrating that love with fancy vacations!

Some of the world's most celebrities have been very busy falling love over the last year, and they are all ringing in the new year by whisking their new loves away to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

It seems like every couple in Hollywood has decided to start off 2019 by enjoying a little relaxation and romance. Newlyweds used this time to be... well... newly wed. Longtime couples and their families spent the holidays relishing in some quality time together, and other famous couples shared their magical experiences on social media so that regular folks could live in eternal jealousy.

Oh yes, everyday people were not the only ones entirely fed up with 2018. Even the ones who live a charmed kind of life needed a fresh start. From the snowcapped mountains to the sunny Carribean beaches, everybody needed to push reset over the holiday season.

Here are 20 couples who did vacation right. From new loves to oldies, but goodies, the holidays were undoubtedly a time to get away from the rat race and focus on those most important.

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20 Karlie Kloss And Joshua Kushner

They aren't "new loves" per se, but they are newlyweds, and they did take their love on an adventure in South Africa.

The couple recently tied the knot in the fall of 2018 and chose to celebrate their vows with an adventure in South Africa.

The couple, who dated for six years before becoming engaged, took in the sights and soon of nature, gazed upon some of Earth's most exotic animals and, of course, floated around in fancy infinity pools. It's certainly going to be hard for these two to get back to the busy life of the city.

19 Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra

Another couple that started the new year off with love and travel was that of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The two lovebirds recently tied the knot, and the Mr. and Mrs. celebrated their new union in the quiet, cozy town of Verbier in Switzerland. The new married couple wed in Mumbai on December 20th, and then took off for the Swiss Alps for some fun, friends, and skiing. Nick's older brother Joe and his famous Game of Thrones fiancee, Sophie Turner, even dropped in on the slopes for some family time.

18 Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams

Modern Family's Haley Dunphy (aka Sarah Hyland) and her Bachelorette boot-off Wells Adams have been flying under the radar for less than a year, but that doesn't mean that they aren't on the fast track to holy matrimony.

The couple has been hinting to an engagement in the near future, and they recently got away for some R&R in Riveria Maya, Mexico.

Every picture that they shared with us proves that these two are young, fun and loving life. From boat rides to whatever it is they are doing here, we can totally tell that they are enjoying one another's company.

17 Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger Escape To Mexico


Only a Guardian of the Galaxy could be man enough for the daughter of a Terminator. Divorcee Chris Pratt and his new lady love Katherine Schwarzenegger seem to be the happiest of couples these days. They rang in the new year with a romantic Mexico getaway. It must have been really, really romantic because now we hear that the relatively new couple is set to tie the knot in the near future. Yep Pratt and his lucky lady are engaged to be married now. Congrats to this adorable pair who clearly ended their holiday getaway in the most awesome way possible.

16 Scott Disick And Sofia Richie

After Scott's long term Kardashian love story with the oldest sister Kourtney finally fizzled, he found love again with another Hollywood socialite, Sofia Richie. The pair seemed to be going strong there for a while, but then they were suddenly single.

After a brief separation, the two got back together and took their love to the next level with a little getaway with Scott's former family, the Kardashians.

They must be serious if he is bringing her into that fold. The father of three and his young girlfriend spent the holidays with Scott's children and his ex-partner and his fam. They MUST be serious.

15 Margot Robbie And Husband Tom Celebrate One Year

The cute couple tied the knot one year ago in a stunning ceremony Australia's Gold Coast. To celebrate their full year of wedded bliss, the couple set out for cold but beautiful Lapland, just north of Finland. We imagine that they did a whole lot of snuggling up there in the arctic north. It wasn't the traditional bikini and white sand vacation that most famous couples seemed to be aiming for this year, but this pair proves that when you are in love, it doesn't matter where you go; everything is fun! We are sure they enjoyed the snow, but also warm evenings cozied up by a raging fire.

14 Kelsea Ballerini And Morgan Evans

Another couple who has not been on the radar for very long is country cutie duo Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans.

These cowboy boot wearing darlings have only been husband and wife from a year, but they wanted to mark the first anniversary in a special manner, so they took a trip to the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia.

We bet a couple of new songs comes out of such a lovely getaway. Move over Tim McGraw and Faith Hill; this new couple might dethrone you and steal your title of Cutest Country Couple ever to live!

13 Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner

Newly married brother Nick was not the only Jonas brother to get away over the holiday season. Joe Jonas and his fiancee Sophie Turner "closed down the lifts" on their ski getaway with friends and family. These two thought Nick and his new wife Priyanka's Swiss Alps getaway sounded like so much fun; they decided to tag along. If reports are correct, these two will be the next to stroll down the marital aisle and become husband and wife. We wonder if they too will spend their honeymoon on the slopes, or if they will jet off to the warm Carribean beaches.

12 Heidi Klum And Tom Kaulitz

The two took on Mexico during the Christmas season along with Heidi's four children. Tom's twin brother along joined the team for some fun in the sun.

Heidi and her man seemed relaxed as they strolled and smooched while taking in the sights of Cabo.

Tom is 29 years old, fifteen years younger than his Victoria's Secret Angel. Heidi's eldest daughter Leni is also fifteen years younger than her maybe-someday-new-stepdad. The arrangement is a bit unconventional, but it seems to be working just fine for this family.

11 Jonathan Van Ness And Wilco Froneman 

Queer Eye Van Ness and ex-beau made things a group occasion when they set off for sunny Hawaii along with close friends and Van Ness's mama back in late November. The couple's pics of Hawaii were nothing short of #couplesgoals. A few weeks after they returned to the mainland, reports surfaced that the two were done. For those of us who love these two guys together, we are holding out hope that the new year will bring them back together. Considering the murmurings that we keep hearing, that hope is merely a shred, but we need it. We love Johnco.

10 The Fallon Family

Late-night comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy took their two kiddos Winnie and Francis to Deer Valley, Utah for a bit of fun in the snow. You know that they were probably laughing their entire way down the mountainside. This family probably has so much fun when they are traveling together.

Taking kids across the globe can be stressful, but we bet Fallon and his spouse take everything in stride and focus on having fun, not stressing.

How's your back feeling after carrying around that four-year-old in a snowsuit Nancy? Hope Jimmy bought you a decent massage while you were on vacation!

9 Michael Douglas And Catherina Zeta-Jones

The longtime wedded pair and parents to two children spent the start of another year together in the warm and sunny tropics. These two movie stars are Hollywood royalty. No matter where they go or what they do, they are forever the picture of class and beauty. The couple has definitely had their fair share of ups and downs over the years, but it's now 2019, and they are still walking hand in hand and supporting each other through life's roadblocks and speed bumps. Never change you two, you give us faith in love and friendship. So great to see them enjoying paradise.

8  Pink, Carey, And The kids

Singer and entertainer Pink and her motocross-loving hubby Carey Hart took their two adventure-seeking kiddos to the snow to ring in the new year. The couple spent a few days racing down the slopes of Mammoth Mountain in California.

While lots of other celebrity couples and families ran for the warm beaches and string bikinis, this unconventional family was all about soaring down mountainsides and catching a rush of adrenaline.

We have to admit; we love watching Pink and Carey's journey as a couple and as parents. It hasn't always been easy for them, but they have managed to come out on top.

7 Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka


This too cute for words couple chose to unwind from the crazy holiday season in divine Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. The two dads looked tanned, toned, and totally in love as they relaxed on the white sand beaches, surrounded by blue waters and blue skies. Everything Patrick and David does is magic. From serene vacations to slaying Halloween with their cute twins, they are doing this whole parenthood thing just right, finding a beautiful balance between devotion to their kids and taking time away to just be a couple. Write a book you two and help the rest of us out.

Celebs Who Shared All On Social

6 Gwyneth Paltrow And New Hubby Brad Falchuk

The beautiful newlyweds gave us some serious travel envy when they littered their social media channels with their recent romantic trip to the Maldives. As if we weren't a little jelly of Gwinnie already, this trip sealed the deal.

Thanks to the happy couple's oversharing we saw a lot of beautiful sun, sand, and scenery, as well as itty bitty bikinis and flowing maxi dresses.

These two seem to be all about the social media vacation sharing. Prior to their Maldives getaway, the couple snapped some images of them enjoying beautiful New Orleans. Marriage works on these two.

5 John Legend And Chrissy Teigen

The happy, beautiful couple took their adorable tots to an undisclosed tropical location for some quality family time in the sun and surf. The pair has been sharing their magical getaway with fans via social media, detailing everything from romantic walks in the sand to paddleboarding adventures in the waves. From the looks of the children's faces on Chrissy's social media page, the Legends all appear to be bringing in 2019 the right way. We can't help but obsess over this adorable little family. Come on John and Chrissy, one more baby, please? For us?

4 Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos

The longtime married duo shared some funnies on their social media channels as they spent a ski holiday together over the holiday season. Kelly wrote on her IG, “Find yourself a mate that looks at you the way @instasuelos looks at himself in my goggles,” and paired it with an image of the two goggle to goggle in front of the mountainside.

This couple is relationship (and vacation) goals for us all.

They always seem to share a love and respect for one another, and over the decades of marriage have only grown closer and stronger. It's so great to see them still playing around on the slopes after all these years. We want to be you guys.

3 Joe And Melissa Gorga

Of course, the open-book reality star of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey was going to post some images of her looking amazing in a flowing, tropically-inspired dress as she did the Carribean with her main man, hubby Joe Gorga. This mom never misses a photo opp. Don't believe us? Take a look at her IG page. The Gorgas captioned the image that they uploaded to social media, “Only the strong survive." Knowing Melissa and her band of shade-throwing Jersey friends, we can only imagine the caption is alluding to some Real Housewives drama back home. Don't worry Mel; we will all stay tuned.

2 Katharine McPhee And David Foster

The engaged couple shared a cute picture to their social media account of the two standing in front of a blue car with an odd caption, but that image was followed up by a slew of light-hearted pictures of the two having fun on the islands.

The couple took their love to the Hawaiian islands over the holidays, and we do believe that they are total couple goals in their devotion to one another.

Despite early speculation that they would never last, and their age difference was too significant, Kate and Dave are still going strong and appear to be happy in love.

1 Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry

We know it was a sweet romantic retreat for this celebrity pair because it was all over their IG. All was rainbows and sunshine for Orlando and Katy... literally. We know that they took some time to themselves over the holiday season because of the IG photos that Katy posted. The couple enjoyed the tropics, capturing images of themselves partially submerged in a lagoon with a waterfall and a rainbow in the background. These two are head over heels in love these days, and they can not help but share that happiness with the world. We don't mind, you two, so share away!

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