Duggar Next Generation: 20 Unconventional Ways The Daughters Are Raising Their Kids

The Duggar family is pretty popular so it’s hard not to know a lot about them. It all started with Michelle and Bob Duggar who had a whopping 19 children, something that most of us couldn’t even begin to imagine. Of course, they haven’t always been a popular family, mainly because of their parenting methods.

That’s what they are mostly known for — the ways in which they choose to raise their children. Now that the girls are having children of their own, are they choosing to raise their children differently from their parents?

The parents have been known to be strict, especially when it comes to their children's dating and clothing, so will the younger generation follow in their parents' footsteps or not? Check out these 20 ways in which the daughters are raising their kids.

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20 Jessa Duggar Wants Something Different

via People

Most children take things that they learned from their parents and apply them to raising their own children. They might pass down traditions or a life motto, sometimes even an after-school activity. We have noticed some differences between the way that Jessa was raised and what she’s doing with her own children. That’s deliberate. The Daily Mail reports that she said,

"I'm sure that as [my son] continues to grow, I will find that I tend to do some things differently than my mom did."

She adds, "There's no pressure to do things just exactly how she did them, but I'm so grateful for all her advice and help."

19 Jill Wants As Many As Possible

via CafeMom

One thing that Michelle made clear throughout her life was that she was going to let the Lord bless them with as many children as he saw fit. Some people may think that it’s crazy, but with 19 children you can see that she followed her word! It seems as if Jill Duggar is following the same path.

“[We] want as many kids as God will give us and we’ve talked about adoption,” Jill says, as Romper reports. “My parents have kept popping them out so we’ll see how [our] fertility is!”

18 Raising Them With The Same Values

via Daily News

The Duggars have always had a strong Christian faith and it’s not surprising to see the girls following the same path with their own children. A belief system is not something that usually goes away just because you get married so they are likely to continue to raise their own children the same way that their parents did.

Jill has publicly shown her commitment to the faith, as The Hollywood Gossip has revealed, so it's only natural that she'd pass that down to her kids.

17 The Buddy System Is Still In Place

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In 2001 we saw the buddy system established in the Duggar family, as Moms reports. It was a way that Michelle essentially didn’t have to raise her own children because she had help from her own children to raise the younger ones.

That’s something that has been passed down to the girls and their new families.

They find ways to have their kids “help" them out. We’re not sure if it’s laziness or if it’s just attributed to the way that they were raised.

16 Bathing Suits Will Be Different

via The Hollywood Gossip

We saw the terrible full-body bathing suits that the girls were forced to wear growing up. We can’t imagine just how uncomfortable they were to wear. We’re not sure how most of the girls will handle bathing suits with their children but we know for sure that Jinger is likely to be more lenient with her kids.

From the moment she got married, we saw her slip rather comfortably into a bikini and never look back. It must have been horrifying for Bob Duggar but it’s clear that Jinger is following her own path, but were a little surprised to see the short shorts, piercings and bikini just as much as In Touch Weekly was.

15 Sharing On Social Media

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Michelle Duggar wasn’t into social media despite the fact that she was on a TV show. Her children, however, are completely different and we see them regularly updating fans on their lives. They, of course, were raised in the spotlight so it’s more normal for them to be posting about their kids on social media. They want to share their parenting journey with fans and to offer advice.

14 They Use The Car-Seat Hack

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There are lots of mom hacks out there but you need to be careful when trying them at home because they can be dangerous.

Michelle Duggar taught her kids a car-seat hack that doesn’t really seem that safe but Jill uses it.

The idea is that you are able to fit your child into a tiny space by using an umbrella stroller and a car seat, as Moms reports.

13 The Duggar Girls Are Stay-At-Home Moms

via Dillard Family

The men of the family are the ones that work while the Duggar women are forbidden to perform work that doesn’t fall under the guise of a stay-at-home-mom. We’re not a big fan of the word forbidden but that’s the way the Duggars were raised. All the way back to 2014 fans were speculating about how Ben Seewald supports his family. Now with four kids, it’s weird because it appears as if Ben has never held down a fulltime job. Is money coming from the parents or the TV show?

12 Jana Duggar Helps out A Lot

via CafeMom

We’ve often felt bad for the Duggar girls because it seems as if they never had the childhood they deserved because they were helping their mother to raise the younger kids. We would have thought that after they got married, they would take some time off before having kids just to have a break but it’s all they have known. We feel for Jana because she never seems to be without a baby in her arms, especially when she visits her sisters. It’s almost as if as soon as she arrives, one of the girls is handing their baby to her.

11 Staying Active

via Instagram

Jill Duggar received a lot of criticism when she took her kids to Chick-A-Fil, making them walk miles from the hotel that they were staying at to get there. She posted on her social media that she had taken the boys on a walk that was over one hour long to get food. Fans were not pleased, as The Hollywood Gossip reports. It did seem quite unfair to her kids, especially because it was such a hot day.

10 Allowing Their Kids To Watch Peppa Pig

via Instagram

Many fans were surprised when Jill Duggar posted pictures that her son had taken of himself watching Peppa Pig. The reason they were surprised is that Jill's parents didn't let them watch TV much.

"We couldn't believe the content on TV we didn't think was appropriate. This is detrimental to our marriage,"

Jim Bob said, as The Hollywood Gossip reports. He added that he did let his kids watch some TV, saying, "We do watch DVDs, The Andy Griffith Show. We are very selective about what we watch."

9 The Girls Can’t Cook

via Instagram

Michelle started off cooking in the family but over the years it seemed like the girls took over the cooking for a whole family. There was that dreaded Cream of Mushroom cookbook that floated around for a while. The problem with the girls doing the cooking is that they aren’t very good at it.

Jill may be the worst and we hope they have a cook in their budget. When you are a stay-at-home-mom with a family to feed, knowing how to cook helps. We have seen dried out pot roast and depressed carrots over the years. Hopefully, with time, they will get better.

8 Parenting In A Messy Home

via Radar Online

Jessa Duggar keeps a messy home which is the opposite of what her mother taught her. She posted a picture of her messy house on Instagram, as Moms reports. But, as the site states, it's refreshing to see her being so honest with her followers. Yeah, it's not always easy being a mom and there are a million things that have to get done every day. 

7 Keeping Family Close At All Times

via People

One thing that Michelle taught her children over the years is that family is the most important thing. All the girls seem to have taken that to heart. As Moms reports, Joy-Anna and her husband have chosen to stay close to their parents while they parent their son. Michelle and Bob must love that they are so close.

6 Parents Aren’t Always Paying Attention

via In Touch Weekly

Jill Dillard is notorious for taking pictures, playing on her phone or playing Candyland with Ziggy while her other child is climbing on something dangerous. She has posted many videos that have had fans cringing because we are just waiting for the moment when one of her children will fall down and really hurt themselves. During a game of Candyland, we watched as her other son Sam dangled from the back of her chair, as In Touch Weekly reports. The family is used to having a lot of children around but we have to wonder if they just turn a blind eye to these things.

5 Reading Different Books

via Pinterest

Some of the Duggar girls aren’t being as strict as their parents were when it comes to reading material. It was another surprising thing that fans found out about Jill but it seems as if she parents in her own way. Jill stated that she liked the book, The Story Of Me, which is adult education for kids between the age of 3-5. It would not have been a book that would have ever been on Michelle’s reading list. It was another thing that Jill was slammed for because many people believed that children of that age should not be learning about intimate things. It’s surprising that Jill takes the chance of posting things on social media anymore.

4 Teaching Things At Home

Via In Touch Weekly

Making sure that the children get taught Bible verses is still pretty important to the Duggar girls. Jill is a firm believer in passing those teachings down to her own children.

“My momma taught me the importance of instilling scripture into the hearts and minds of your young children,” Jill said, as The Hollywood Gossip reports. “I recently started teaching Israel some Bible verses and I was amazed at how quickly he picked up on them!”

3 Homeschooling With Candy

via Pinterest

Homeschooling has been an important part of the family's life and the girls want to keep that tradition going. Jill posted a few YouTube videos of how she is taking her kids through the curriculum. She’s also using the book, Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons. She revealed in the video that she has a treasure box filled with candy if the lessons go well.

"I'm no professional at all but this is just what we've enjoyed and Israel loves school right now, so we're trying to just keep him busy with that,"

Jill said in the video, as Meaww reports. "And it's fun."

2 Joy-Anna Is Keeping It Real About Parenting

Via People

A lot of kids truly don’t understand how hard their parents work for them because parents really don’t talk about it. We just do what we have to do. Now that Joy-Anna is a parent, she’s admitting that it’s really hard and she’s not afraid to talk about it. As Moms reports, she said,

"Being a mom is in a lot of ways easier than I thought and then in a lot of ways, harder than I thought.

I knew that my mom had gone through a lot with all of us kids, but I didn’t think it was that hard just because I had always taken care of kids myself. But it’s given me a whole new appreciation for moms out there that have kids.”

1 Talking On The Phone Is Okay

via People

One rule that is likely going to be broken in the younger generation is allowing their children to talk on the phone. Bob and Michelle would not let their children talk on the phone unless they were there to listen in on the conversation. Screen Rant reports that even when the children were old enough to date, they weren't allowed to have private conversations with their partners.

It was Jessa and Ben who first broke that rule when it was discovered that they talked on the phone multiple times while alone. Jessa will likely allow her children to do the same because seriously, what is the big deal?

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