Committed Or Casual: The Relationship Label She's Looking For, Based On Her Astro Sign

When it comes to dating these days, it seems like everyone wants something a little different — but everyone is also scared to be honest with each other about exactly what they’re looking for. Being the first to admit that you have real feelings for someone can make you feel like you’re being super vulnerable, and being vulnerable is scary for anyone. After all, when you’re the one who takes that first big step and makes yourself vulnerable, you’re putting your feelings out there and saying that you’re ready for a commitment. And what if the other person just wants to keep things casual? Now you feel like you’ve invited in the possibility for rejection, and that is a tricky position to be in.

Different women want different things out of relationships — some are more likely to go for something casual, while some are more likely to hold out for someone who is truly ready to commit. How can a guy know which category the girl he is crushing on falls into? Well, we have some good news: the stars can definitely point you in the right direction. Here’s exactly what she’s looking for in love, based on her astro sign.

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20 Fire Signs: She Could Go Either Way


Yes, fire signs can be a little hard to read—some of them really just want to keep things casual and would much rather have a friend with benefits than a relationship, but on the other hand, some of them don’t have guys who just want to casually date. Some of them really want men who will make things exclusive early on. If a guy is seeing a fire sign girl, he just needs to have an open conversation with her about her expectations, because if he asks her what she wants, she will just be open and tell him.

19 Aries: She Is Looking For A Fling


An Aries woman is not going to agree to make things exclusive with a guy unless she is already pretty sure that he is “the one” she is going to marry. If she doesn’t see a guy in that light, then he can forget about any chance of him becoming her boyfriend. And it’s not because she doesn’t enjoy spending time with him, or that she doesn’t care about him—it’s just that she is not going to get super emotionally and romantically invested in a guy that she does not see as future husband material. That’s just her mindset.

18 Leo: She Wants A Committed Man


Leo women do not like to mess around and play games. Trust us, if a guy is with a Leo woman, he will know exactly what she wants from day one, because she will be straight up with him and just lay all of her cards out on the table, no questions asked.

These women do not hide their feelings — a Leo woman would rather wear her heart on her sleeve and risk being rejected than keep her feelings about a man to herself.

She also doesn’t want to share, so he should get ready to have the “exclusivity” talk.

17 Sagittarius: She Would Rather Keep It Casual


Sagittarius women are super independent, and they have no time for anyone else’s plans—they are too busy following their own dreams to every corner of the globe and exploring to their hearts’ content. Yes, a Sagittarius woman generally will settle down eventually (for an extra special guy who really seems to get her), but when she is young, she pretty much just wants to have fun. Don’t expect her to seek out a committed and stable relationship—she would rather have a series of flings and have fun with guys before choosing to stick with just one special guy.

16 Fire Signs: Don’t Worry, She’ll Tell You


Men who are interested in dating women born under fire signs might feel confused by the fact that some of them are not looking for relationships—but they don’t need to worry. A fire sign woman is not here to lead anyone on.

She will always be straightforward about exactly what she is looking for from the beginning.

She really values honesty, so you will always know what’s going on in her head and her heart. And if she does think that a guy is the one to settle down with? She’ll tell him how she’s feeling from the start.

15 Earth Signs: She Definitely Wants A Label


Any guy who is falling for an earth sign needs to take note: women born under earth signs are not looking for someone who will treat them like a casual option. Earth sign women don’t date just to have fun—they date in order to find the guy who they are going to marry. And if a guy doesn’t treat her like a priority and make it clear that he intends to commit? Well, he should just know that his time with her will be limited, because soon enough, she will be ready to move on to a more serious guy.

14 Taurus: Make Her Your Girlfriend


For the guys out there who are falling for Taurus women and wondering what to do next—it’s time to have the big relationship talk. Seriously, you will not regret it, because this is the moment that she has been waiting for. It’s absolutely nerve wracking to have that conversation, because it is definitely a serious moment, but it will be more than worth it in the end when you see the look of joy on her face as she says yes. She has just been waiting for you to finally bring it up, and she’s be so relieved that you did.

13 Virgo: Don’t Let Her Be “The One That Got Away”


Any guy who is dating a Virgo woman needs to know that she will move on pretty quickly if he does not make his intentions clear from the start! She is not here to wait around for him to make up his mind—she wants a guy who is going to be clear about how he really feels, and what he sees for their future. And she is not going to stick around forever to wait for an answer! She knows she can find a decent man, so if he isn’t going to step up to the plate, she’ll move on.

12 Capricorn: She Doesn’t Have Time For Games


Look, if you’ve ever dated a Capricorn woman, happen to friends with one, or hey, if you are a Capricorn woman yourself, you already know that Capricorn women simply go for what they want with no hesitation. A Capricorn woman does not want a guy who just wants to keep things casual. Nope, her philosophy is basically that if he’s not going to commit, he’s not worth her time—and she will cut him off and move right on to the next one. So if you have your eye on a Capricorn woman, don’t waste your time—make your move.

11 Earth Signs: Commitment Is Always Key


When an earth sign woman has her sights set on a certain guy, commitment is what she truly wants. She is not the type to go for a short fling, she does not want to just be someone’s “friend with benefits,” she wants a boyfriend. So if you are interested in a girl who was born under an earth sign, you will need to make it very clear to her from the get go that you both want the same things. Take her on real dates, tell her how you really feel, and don’t beat around the bush—just go for it.

10 Air Signs: She Can Be Fickle


Just a quick heads up for any guy who has found himself falling for an air sign—she can be a bit fickle, and it’s not really her fault, it is just in her nature. She can’t help herself. That’s just the way air signs are. Just as the wind will blow east one day and west the next, an air sign woman will feel like she is head over heels in love one day, only to feel unsure by the next morning. It can be confusing not only for her, but for any guy who is interested in her.

9 Gemini: She Won’t Be Tied Down


Look, it may just seem like a stereotype of Geminis, but the stars don’t lie: any guy who is going after a Gemini woman needs to know that she is probably going to be a bit indecisive and unclear when it comes to figuring out what she really wants. And it’s easy to see why: she’s a fun loving, social woman with a ton of friends, and she has always has plenty of guys coming after her—why wouldn’t she try to play the field a bit? Keep things casual with a Gemini girl—don’t get in over your head.

8 Libra: Take It Slow Before Labelling


Now, here’s the thing that all men pretty much need to know about Libra women—they do want committed relationships, but they do not want to rush things. They tend to take things very slow, and to some guys, it can seem like a Libra woman just wants to lead a man on and string him along until someone better comes into her life. But that’s not the truth! They just need time to figure out how they really feel—and if they’re with the right guy. She will be honest about how she feels every step of the way.

7 Aquarius: She’ll Be Clear About What She Wants


If a guy wants to date a woman born under an air sign, but he also wants to be with the type of woman who will give him clear signals from the very beginning, well, look no further than an Aquarius woman.

She will be the one to speak up and say how she feels without hesitation.

She will be the one who reaches for his hand, even when she is feeling a little nervous. Simply put, she knows when she wants to be with a guy, and she doesn’t see the point in making him play some kind of guessing game.

6 Air Signs: Just Don’t Rush Her


Here’s the thing that every man needs to know about water signs: if she likes you, she will be open with you about it. But you can’t rush the process. You need to give her time to warm up to you and learn more about you.

You need to be patient with her and understand that she is not the type to dive right into a new relationship, especially if she wasn’t really friends with you first.

She needs to feel out your dynamic and see how well you two really vibe together, and then she’ll make a final decision.

5 Water Signs: She Is All In For Commitment


When a guy falls for a water sign, she is usually pretty clear about what she wants right off the bat: she is looking for a boyfriend who she might begin to see as marriage material one day, and nothing less. She does not want a guy who just wants to hang out on the weekends, she doesn’t want someone who will only text her back every once in a while, she does not want someone who is going to be wishy-washy about how he really feels: she needs a man who can be open and honest with her.

4 Cancer: Don’t String Her Along


A Cancer woman has a heart that can easily be broken—and she will never forget the guy who broke it. Trust us, you do not want to be that guy. If you’re with a Cancer woman, and you don’t know if you two have a future together, or you just really can’t see her as your boyfriend, it’s in your best interest to tell her the truth. She’s not the kind of girl who you can string along for too long—you don’t want to mess with a wonderful woman like that. Her motto is basically, “Commit, or quit.”

3 Scorpio: She Wants To Be Yours


A Scorpio woman was born under one of the most emotional signs — there is simply no competition. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and when she begins seeing a guy, it will be clear right from the beginning as to whether or not she likes him. He will not be up late wondering—she won’t be able to hold back her feelings, so she will have no choice but to admit it to him. There won’t be any question to how she feels—so he will have to step up to the plate and just commit.

2 Pisces: She Can’t Wait For You To Ask Her Out


A Pisces woman is so in love with the idea of falling in love — these women tend to fall hard and fast, and they let their hearts get the best of them. Yes, this means that at times, they fall for guys who aren’t so good for them.

But regardless, a Pisces woman is rarely, if ever, looking for a fling — on the contrary, she wants a man who is ready to commit to her early on.

After the first date, she usually starts daydreaming about when he’s going to ask her out already. She is definitely a hopeless romantic.

1 Water Signs: It’s All About Staying Committed


For a woman born under a water sign, true commitment is the key to her heart. She does not want to deal with a guy who is just going to play games and beat around the bush about his emotions.

She really wants a man who speaks to her with clarity about his intentions and who is willing to go the extra mile to show her just how much he cares.

And if a guy is not up for the task? Well, she will hold out hope for a while, but eventually, she will have to leave for her sake.

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