Blonde & Blue: 20 Pics Of Kylie Jenner's Hair Journey Serving Major 'Cool Mom' Vibes

Kylie Jenner is known to change her hairstyle quicker than other gals decide it's time to wash their hair. A hair chameleon to say the very least, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan loves to change up her look, be it through, cuts, extensions, hair dye, or wigs.

In an interview with Her magazine, Kylie explained that she first started dying her hair at 16 and simply became hooked. "After that, I've just had this addiction to changing my hair. It makes me feel like a new person. I love feeling different and I love leaving the house knowing that nobody has ever seen me this way."

In fact, she dyes it so regularly that when fans got a glimpse of her real tresses back in 2017, they were surprised that they didn't look damaged at all! As she later went on to explain to Her, "I discovered this amazing wig guy, Tokyo, and together we create wigs. Wigs are just so much easier because I change my mind so much and this way I’m not damaging my hair."

Even after the birth of Stormi, Kylie still manages to make time to make herself look good wherever she goes. Here's a countdown of 20 times the lip kit mogul has changed up her hairstyle since giving birth to her daughter, definitely making her the coolest mom around.

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20 Dying Her Hair Blonde After Her Pregnancy, She Was Met With Some Disapproving Criticism


Kylie was hit with some serious backlash about a month after giving birth to Stormi, with critics saying she shouldn't have time to change to her now that's a new mother.

According to Yahoo! Style, when she dyed her hair a very platinum blonde, most of her fans were quick to say how fantastic she looked.

Of course, with everything online, not all the feedback was positive. Some people jumped to their social media pages to criticize the star, calling her a “narcissist” for “obsessing” over her hair. Definitely a bit excessive, we think it's great the new mom has time for some self-pampering!

19 From Blonde She Went Pink, Calling Herself A 'Cool Mom'


Just because Kylie is a mom now doesn't mean she gives up tradition. Known to change up her hair for Coachella every year, this year proved no different for the young starlet. She debuted her new look on IG and IG Stories, where she showed off her long fluorescent pink mane, absolutely ready to the music festival. In a cheeky caption, she quoted Mean Girls, writing, "I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom."

Always thinking of her makeup empire too, she revealed in the second photo on her IG that she paired her hair with the Cotton Candy Cream Kylighter by Kylie Cosmetics, which worked perfectly.

18 After Donning The Pink, Kylie Elected For Denim Blue, Perfect For Coachella


It wasn't just highlighter pink hair that Kylie donned during Coachella 2018; she also decided to debut two more looks, both striking shades of blue. First, Sunday afternoon she shared a short blue wig while wearing a tiny black, strapless bodysuit.

The wig was very geometric and mod, so fans certainly did a double take when she changed it up yet again for Sunday night, wearing a long, wavy wig which was more of a denim blue color.

Lighter than the other blue wig, she took to IG yet again to selfie, comparing the shade to her favorite pair of jeans.

17 When She Chopped Off Her Locks For Her First Post-Pregnancy Haircut


Kylie's hair changes don't have to always be elaborate wigs and hair dyes, sometimes a simple chop will do! According to Marie Claire, she took to Snapchat at the end of March, after giving birth to Stormi, to reveal that she chopped off most of her cascading long locks for a blunt, shoulder-skimming lob. It was her first public haircut since the birth of her daughter, and perhaps it was due to the criticism she faced earlier when dyeing her hair as a new mom. Regardless, a lob is so much easier to maintain as a new mom instead of having a long mane!

16 Keeping Things Natural, She Dyed Her Hair Back To Black But Kept The Bob


As per Elite Daily, July saw Kylie going back to a more natural look, dying her hair black and going for a short, messy bob. This look also saw another major change in the makeup maven's look: her decision to take her infamous lip fillers out.

A surprising play for Kylie given that her cosmetics empire was built on her famous pout, fans were actually very supportive of her decision.

One fan commented on one of her IG photos, "she looks like the old Kylie here idk why." Kylie actually took the time to respond to her fans, and confirm her new decision. "I got rid of all my filler," she explained with two "shocked" emojis and a smiley face.

15 When She Did Her Vogue Makeup Tutorial With Her Signature, Tousled Black Locks


When Kylie did her now-well-known makeup tutorial video with Vogue this past summer, the young mom had her signature, tousled black locks on full display. The video saw Kylie doing her daily makeup in just under 11 minutes and had her looking flawless—a routine that would maybe take others much longer to complete. She's so good at doing her makeup, in fact, that she can even do her lip liner with her eyes closed. She even got honest with her fans and explained how makeup has helped her with her self-esteem issues. “When I was insecure about my lips, I turned to makeup to help me feel more confident."

14 When She Rocked A '90s-Style Blonde Bob


Shortly after playing around with her natural hair in the summer, Kylie suddenly debuted a completely different look on her IG page—a blonde bob haircut that definitely oozed with a '90s aesthetic. She parted her hair in the middle and flipped her ends under for a look that was sleek and ultra-chic.

She completed her outfit in a skin-tight bodysuit, chunky white sneakers, and her neck which was decorated with a thick butterfly necklace—another '90s nod.

Fans were immediately wondering if the bob was a wig or not, as the week before Kylie was rocking an extra long ponytail for her 21st birthday.

13 Going Natural For The Cover Of Vogue, Kylie Still Looked Flawless With Her Tousled Black Hair


With her hair in a longer lob, Kylie graced the cover of Vogue Australia in August. Although the lip kit mogul made her empire on her makeup prowess, she elected to go "makeup free" for her first cover on the infamous magazine. According to Some E-Cards, her makeup artist claimed that the Life of Kylie star didn't have any makeup on except for moisturizer. She captioned the cover on IG with the caption, "This is So Major!! @vogueaustralia I would love to Say Makeup by me! but its Really Moisturizer by Ariel."

Some fans were quick to point out that Kylie did have her eyebrows done along with eyelash extensions, so only Kylie knows for sure!

12 When She Elected To Rock A Long Blonde Wig, Making Her Look Ultra-Dramatic


Just a mere month after rocking her blonde bob, Kylie decided to switch things up again with an incredibly long and pin-straight blonde wig.

With her mane cascading all the way down to her thighs, Kylie completed her look with a slim-fitting pair of black latex trousers and a simple black Dior tee.

It wasn't the first time she stepped out with the blonde wig, as earlier that same week she debuted it during NYFW, this time in another latex number, swapping the jeans for a pink dress. Both looks had the reality TV star also sporting tiny sunglasses, which so perfectly fit into her '90s style.

11 When She Dyed Her Hair Bubblegum Pink, Which Later Caused Her Sisters To Follow Suit, Too


A risk-taker when it comes to her hair, Kylie definitely knows how to spearhead a style and make it her own, causing others to follow suit. When it came time for a change in September, Kylie decided to go pink -courtesy of her family's go-to hair expert, Chris Appleton. According to Allure, she decided to make the most of the blonde canvas she had to work with, as it's easiest to go pastel when you're already rocking light hair. Chris explained on his IG page that he used the Lime Crime Kawaii shade of Unicorn Hair Tints, which are semipermanent vegan formulas known to give you the most perfect pastel shade.

10 Heading To Miami With Stormi, She Rocked Blonde Hair With Hints Of Pink


Not one to give up the pink, Kylie simply couldn't let go of her pastel hair entirely in October while on vacation with her daughter, Stormi.

What looks like a blonde base had hints of pink littered throughout her hair, coming together in a beautifully subtle look.

According to Daily Mail, the reality TV star took Stormi on vacation to Miami, where the duo posed adorably together on the beach, Kylie completely smitten with her little one. Rocking an olive green bikini and inverted, small cat eye sunglasses, the 21-year-old pulled her blonde-pink hair back in a low bun.

9 When She Rocked A Low Platinum Pony For Her 21st Birthday


For her 21st birthday, Kylie decided to go all out with both her hair and her outfit, looking like an absolute Barbie doll queen. Her trademark tousled black waves were swapped for a long, sleek ponytail in a platinum color, made to look perfect by Kardashian hair stylist, Chris Appleton. According to Vogue, the hair guru lightened Kylie's hair over a few days and separate sessions, giving her the most perfectly platinum shade of blonde. Chris finished the look off with an application of Color Wow Dream Coat to give Kylie that sleek look without a single hair out of place.

8 And Then Went Even More Platinum To Channel Her Big Sister, Kim


If you didn't already think that the platinum Kylie rocked was absolutely perfect for her birthday, she decided to make her look even sleeker a week after, when she elected to add a bit more peroxide and wear her hair in a sleek, low, bun—a sophisticated look that screamed older sister, Kim Kardashian West.

If it wasn't just the hair that she decided to channel from Kim, she also switched up her clothing look, too.

Swapping her signature crop top, sneakers, and general athleisure aesthetic for a black latex bodysuit, jeans, and stilettos, fans would definitely have to do a double take to make sure they're looking at the right Kar-Jenner sister.

7 When She Did Her Best Barbie Impression For Halloween


Known to go all out for Halloween, this past year proved no different for Kylie, when she elected to don two separate Barbie Doll looks, both shown off in a series of IG posts. Both outfits were custom-made costumes created by fashion designer, Bryan Hearns, while her blonde wigs were created courtesy of Jill Jacobs. According to Insider, the first look was a shoulder-length blonde wig, a pink leotard, silver necklace, and pumps, which she modeled posing in a life-sized Barbie box. The second look was Mattel's 25th Anniversary Barbie, "Totally Hair" Barbie, which saw Kylie sporting a long, curly blonde mane and blunt, straight bangs.

6 The Time She Rocked Silver Hair Like A Pro


After playing around with so much blonde and pink, Kylie decided to go a completely different route in November and dye her hair silver.

She stepped out in the cool, icy shade to watch her beau, Travis Scott, perform at New York's Madison Square Garden, where she also rocked skinny, rust pants, and a neutral-colored teddy coat.

We're not certain if this look was a wig or not, but it would make sense if it was dyed, because in order to achieve a slick silver color, your initial base needs to be very lightened to an almost-white shade.

5 When We Had To Do A Double Take At Her Monroe-Esque Bob


The end of summer saw Kylie drawing inspiration from a Hollywood celebrity of yesteryear, Marilyn Monroe. The flirty hairstyle was debuted on Snapchat, as the 21-year-old moved around to tousle her hair and let it fall on her face.

According to Daily Mail, she took a very millennial approach to channeling the flirtatious star, rocking a men's, oversized tee instead of something more feminine. Wearing a black Balenciaga slogan T-shirt, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner either snagged it from her beau's closet or simply bought it a few sizes too big for a perfectly oversized look!

4 When She Wore Long, Blonde Extensions To Her Beau's Concert


Known to support her rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott, whenever he has a concert, Kylie always makes sure she's completely dressed to perfection, with flawless hair and makeup, to boot.

This past December concert saw her rocking impossibly long, curly blonde hair extensions that went all the way past her rear, making her look like a complete siren.

She kept the rest of her look very simple, wearing an oversized, pinstripe blazer, and simple makeup to compliment her dark brows. Definitely a good idea to not let anything distract from her hair, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star looked utterly flawless.

3 When She Dyed Her Hair An Icy Blue To Welcome 2019


Probably under the mentality of "new year, new Kylie," the makeup maven decided to rock a completely new hue January 31st, and then wear it two different ways for the day and evening. According to Vogue, Kylie took to IG the evening of December 30th to debut yet another new hair look, this time revealing a ridiculously soft looking lob in a striking, icy blue color.

Always thinking ahead to make sure she's on brand with her makeup collection, she rocked the hair with a subtle cat eye, bronzer, and her lips which were a cool pastel-blush shade.

2 And Then Styled It In Some Tight Curls For New Year's Eve


Taking that same icy blue mane she sported the previous day, Kylie threw her ocean locks in a high pony for New Year's Eve, with tight curls reminiscent of the '90s.

Not the first time the youngest Kar-Jenner has rocked a '90s-inspired look, she paired her hairstyle with a sleek black halter dress and long burgundy nails as she posed next to best friend Jordyn Woods.

Since Kylie is such a hair chameleon, fans were expecting the star to dye her hair or change it up immediately after the holiday festivities were over, but she decided to keep it for almost two full weeks, before pivoting to yet another color.

1 From Blue To Blonde Again, Kylie Went Classically Chic During A Recent Shoot With Kendall


The last change to date with Kylie's hair came just a few days ago, as the youngest Jenner posed with her sister Kendall for a recent shoot. Going platinum blonde yet again, Kylie elected for an old Hollywood glam look, parting her hair deeply to one side and sporting very loose curls. The sisters looked like polar opposites, with Kylie pairing her blonde hair with an adorable white broderie anglaise dress from the sisters' Kendall + Kylie collection, while Kendall went all black to match her raven mane in a strapless black dress and matching hat.

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