Big Little Lies: 20 Burning Questions That Were Left Unanswered

We were so grateful for season two of Big Little Lies and we can't wait for the season to start so we can see what is going to happen to our favourite characters. But, we still have some unanswered questions from the first season that we can’t get out of our heads.

The season finale alone was enough to blow our minds, but there were many aspects about the season that had us scratching out head.

We finally found out who attacked Jane during her traumatic event, and whether Celeste was ever going to leave her abusive husband. We wanted to know who was scaring Amabella and it happened to be one of  Celeste’s twin boys, which just about left everyone speechless. And of course, the finale had us all hoping for another season.

Series always have a habit of leaving us hanging, whether they do it on purpose or not. Check out these 20 big questions that were left unanswered in Big Little Lies.

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20 Will The Lie Be Discovered?

via Premiere

The season finale surprised us all because we couldn’t believe that Bonnie pushed Perry down the stairs. Granted, he definitely deserved it. He was a terrible human being and he was hurting Celeste but it was surprising nonetheless. The group banded together and told the police that he fell through the caution tape and that it was just an accident. The show ends with the women supporting each other like never before. It also ends with the police having some suspicions about what really happened. We are still waiting to find out if they got away with such a crime.

19 Ed Never Found Out That Madeline Betrayed Him

via The Wrap

Madeline betrayed her husband, Ed, during the first season and it was a little weird that she never came clean with it. Towards the end of the first season, it looked like Madeleine was going to confess to Ed about betraying him with the community play director, Joseph Bachman. Now that season one has come and gone, we’re not sure if we will ever see the reaction that Ed would have had when he found out.

We think Ed suspects something but he never discusses it with her. 

Are they going to stay together or will Madeline have another failed marriage under her belt.

18 Ziggy And Max Are Josh’s Half Brothers

via Romper

It must have been a big surprise for Celeste to find out that it was her husband who assaulted her friend Jane and conceived her son, Ziggy. The event alone was traumatic but then to discover who had done it was even worse.

We have to wonder if the parents will eventually tell the children that they have a half-brother.

They may be far too young right now to understand the whole situation, and the parents have to consider if the news would be far too upsetting for them. But they would have to find out at some point, wouldn’t they?

17 We Didn’t See Much Of Jane And Tom

via The Mary Sue

Considering Jane ended up being such a central character, it’s strange that we didn’t see more of her character in the show. We also didn’t get to see much of her beau, Tom. We get to see them have a first date, a little bit of a twisted one, at the big costume gala. After the incident, we also saw Jane crying in his arms. We’re not sure how much of an impact he is going to make in her life in season two, but we can’t help hoping for a little more exposure to her character.

16 Perry Recognizes Jane

via Hollywood Reporter

You would think once Perry recognized Jane, he would have thought to attack her and silence her in the end. But oddly enough, he decides to attack his wife Celeste instead. Why? It made no sense at all. Celeste wasn’t even doing anything to provoke him.

You would think that he would want to prevent Jane from exposing him as soon as possible and yet, she wasn’t the one that he went after.

It was one question that we needed an answer to immediately, but never got one.

15 All The Parents Were Great Singers

via Popsugar

We’re not sure about you but we would have a hard time carrying a tune in any children’s Christmas play. How many parents do you know that can sing? Maybe a handful, maybe less. But in Big Little Lies we see multiple parents that are really good singers even though they are professionals. It’s not one parent or even two, but three amazing singers in one group of parents. We need some answers. It was only Zoë Kravitz that used her real voice in the series and she can probably attribute it to her famous father.

14 What Will Happen To Celeste’s Life?

via Cinapse

Celeste was living an affluent lifestyle and her husband obviously made a lot of money. Now that he’s dead, we have a lot of questions about Celeste’s life. Does she get two beach houses now? If so, we are on board with that because she deserves it after what she’s gone through. Will she go back to practising law? She makes for a fierce attorney and we got a little taste of that already. We look forward to seeing what is going to become of her life now that her husband is gone.

13 Max Was Behaving

via Screener TV

It was discovered in season one that Celeste’s son Max was biting poor Amabella. That would be news that would be disturbing for any parent. It’s suggested that her son learned the behaviour because of the domestic violence that was going on in the home. Will Amabella be allowed to play with Max in season two now that the women have bonded? What will Celeste do to correct Max’s behavioural issues in the next season? He certainly can’t continue to behave in the way he has.

12 The Kids Are Best Friends Again

via The Wrap

As we mentioned before, it was discovered that Amabella was being hurt by Max. She was actually scared to tell anyone about Max because she was afraid of what he would do. Yet in the final scene at the end of the series, you see Amabella and Max playing together on the beach as if they are best friends. What happened? You would think she wouldn’t want to play with him? Was there a talk? We would also think that Amabella’s mother would have some hard feelings towards Max.

11 Ziggy Wants To Know Who His Father Is

via The Film Experience

Would you tell your child that they were a product of a traumatic incident in your life? Would it be better if he just didn’t know? That’s a hard call for any parent to make but we have to assume that in the show, Ziggy would have to find out who his father is. This is especially important considering it is assumed that the information would become public knowledge after Perry’s passing. We’re not sure how a kid would react to that but it may be something that is explained and discussed in season two.

10 Why Was The Cop Suspicious?

via Vulture

Was there really anything for the police to be suspicious about at the end of the season? There was a bunch of affluent women who witnessed someone fall down the stairs. Would you assume right away that there was foul play? Why was the detective at the end of the series following them to the beach and watching them with binoculars? What was it about the circumstances that made her think that it was more than just an "accident." Detective Adrienne Quinlan is seen clicking a lighter as she suspects a something has been covered up. But why?

9 Jane Moved To A Random Place

via Vanity Fair

Are we really going to believe that Jane moved to Monterey without knowing that her rapist, who turned out to be Perry, also lived there? What would the chances of that be? She could have moved anywhere but she moved to the very town that Perry lived in. Maybe she always knew he was there and planned on getting revenge? While she was having coffee with Madeline, she did state coldly, “If I saw him again, I’d kill him.” If she didn’t know he lived there, it’s a major coincidence.

8 Did Nate And Ed Ever Make Up?

via HBO.com

Nate was Madeline’s ex-husband, while Ed is her new husband. The two guys hate each other and they have even got into a fight. They basically act as immature as possible for two grown men and make their wives’ lives difficult. Why can’t they just get along? We are hoping that in season two these two guys will finally start to find some common ground for the sake of everyone. There is nothing more cliché then two men still fighting over a woman who doesn’t even want either of them.

7 Why Is Alexander Skarsgard Returning To The Series?

via Vanity Fair

Now that we know that there will be another season of the show, we also get to see some behind-the-scenes as they start filming it.

Oddly enough, Alexander Skarsgard has been on the set with Meryl Streep who will play his mother on the show.

Considering he was dropped in the first season, it is weird to see him making a comeback. Is there more to it than meets the eye? We can only assume that they are going to be using him for flashbacks.

6 Do Jane And Tom Become A Couple?

via The Wrap

Tom will have to fill some shoes now that Ziggy’s biological and monstrous father is out of the picture. Will Jane and Tom be an item in season two or did he get enough of their terrible first date during the finale?

Nothing like having a such drama happen right in the middle of your date to put a damper on the mood!

We would like to see Tom and Jane get together because Jane could sure use the support after everything that she has gone through.

5 Why Did They Downplay Bonnie?

via Crossfader

Bonnie was pretty much a non-existent character until she got rid of Perry. She flipped out when she saw him assaulting Celeste. She pushed him down a flight of stairs. We really never knew why she did it, why she felt the need to push him and involve herself in the situation.

If you've read the novel on which the series is based, however, you'll know her background story.

She grew up with an abusive father, which was why she probably couldn’t handle seeing Celeste being abused. But, the question is, why did they leave that major point out of the show?

4 Is Bonnie Going To Confess?

via Glamour

Now that the women have all banded together, the question needs to be asked whether or not they will all stand together when the drama unfolds. Will they all be able to deal with the guilt of being involved in an incident? Once the detective starts to question them, there may be some chinks revealed in the foundation of the team of women. We will find out in season two and discover if Bonnie will confess or if one of the other women will betray her.

3 Why Was Made Perry Too Soft?

via Esquire

We already know that Perry was a monster but he’s 100 times worse in the novel. So what made the series soften this character? The things that he has done! The domestic violence, some of which his sons have witnessed, and even an assault on Jane, just to name a few of his offences.

They dilute his character in the show to the point where Celeste had a hard time leaving him. They had him go to counselling, which wasn’t part of the book.

His passing at the end should have been a huge sigh of relief instead of something that someone should have felt guilty about.

2 What Does Perry’s Mom Know?

via ew.com

Perry’s mom is on the scene for season two and she’s not buying that her son’s death was an accident. When she comes to the aid of Celeste’s family, she also hits Celeste with a pointed question. What really happened the night that her son passed away?

Are any of these women going to be able to come out of the situation with their lives intact or will we see somebody going to jail - or worse?

1 Why Did They Make Jane Seem So Simple

via Vulture

The show oversimplified the character of Jane and we’re not sure why. She was already a strong character, one who survived an assault while trying to raise her son on her own, barely making ends meet. There was a time when she believed that her son had inherited the evil from his father when he was accused of hurting a girl at school.

In the series, Jane is, however, nowhere near as interesting as the character in the novel.

In the latter, she is a complicated character who experiences depression because of all that has happened to her. It would've been really good to see more of her on the show.

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