ATTN Men: 20 Things To Do That Always Earn Extra Brownie Points

Relationships are full of ups and downs, but when it comes to what women want, it is pretty simple... Unfortunately, men just don’t always realize that!

So let's break it down for them: women just want love and attention and gifts and sweet gestures. They need to know that they matter. They want help and support. But they need their independence and strength to shine, too.

Clearly, there's a delicate balance between fulfilling a woman's needs and suffocating her with too much "love." But plenty of guys seem to have no idea when it comes to figuring out which side of the fence their actions are falling on. Of course, there are some things that many guys do that are spot-on, without even realizing it. Thankfully, many of them actually figure out on their own what things are great and which are not-so-great when it comes to winning over their woman.

So when a guy figures that out (on his own) and does little things to prove he really understands just what his lady wants, that earns him major brownie points. In fact, the 20 gestures that are listed out down below are always going to be a win in most ladies' books.

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20 Send Flowers

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Sending flowers is a classic move. If a woman has an interview coming up, if it is her birthday or if it just a random Thursday, a man can send flowers to show that he cares.

Some may say this is overdone, but let’s be real—we all gush when we see a bouquet!

And if it happens to come with a little gift, a box of chocolates or a handwritten note, then that earns the man even more brownie points with us! So, men, the rumors are true: we all want flowers sent to us.

19 Choose Us Over Anyone Else

Via: Thrive Global

More importantly, though, we want to know that we truly matter. Life can get busy. Our guy has to go to work and/or school. He has other friends and family members to catch up and hang out with, as well. There are errands to run, appointments to make and me time to squeeze in... but through all of that, he needs to make time for us and choose us over anyone else and over everything else! It may not be possible to do 24/7, but when it is done, it shows us that he really does love us.

18 Hold Hands

Via: We Heart It

Holding hands, like sending flowers, is another simple yet effective win. Whether a couple is just starting out or has been together for decades, handholding is such a sweet move!

If our dude holds hands out in public, we love that he is telling the world that he has this person he is pleased to be with and show off.

And if we are holding hands in the comfort of our own home, that, too, proves that it is not an act; he really likes us and can’t help but touch us and be with us and please us!

17 Surprise Us With Gifts

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There is nothing like a surprise present. Of course, gifts are expected on anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas, but a random one... That is too perfect! Significant others should be paying attention to know what their partners want or need. Then, every once in a while, they should buy a present that proves they were paying attention, like that pair of shoes we have been eyeing or that printer we have been needing for the home office. From romantic to practical, there are numerous gifts to give, and we love them all (especially when we do not even see them coming).

16 Ask Us About Our Days

Via: Stackward

Gifts are nice and physical touch is great, but one of the best ways a man can earn brownie points is by asking his woman about her day. And this is so easy! In fact, if this is not already happening, something is wrong.

People who are in love should want to know what each other's days were like.

From asking about that big meeting or how the gym went to just wondering what was eaten for lunch, men should go out of their way to talk to their wives and girlfriends, showing that they truly care.

15 And Actually Pay Attention To Us

Via: Narcity

Furthermore, this attention should continue and expand and grow! As mentioned, things come up and get busy—especially in today’s day and age. A pizza is delivered. The big game is on. Social media is appealing. Work deadlines are approaching. We get that our guy will need to eat and will have to work, but he must stop, put everything down, look us in the eye and be real with us. One-on-one time, with undivided attention, is very important to a healthy relationship, whether it is a new one or a seasoned one.

14 Give Us Massages

Via: Life Hack

Hey, gentlemen, want to make the ladies smile? Offer up a massage! This is another go-to that some men tend to ignore or forget about... but please don’t!

Massages are good for the body, since we get tight and tense, due to stress and just everyday life.

Plus, these can lead to... other things, since they can encourage closeness. So grab our feet and rub them (unless we dislike when people touch our feet). Come up behind us and squeeze our shoulders. Run fingers through our hair and massage our scalps. Ah, we love and want it all!

13 Get Us Exactly What We Want (PIZZA)

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Earlier in this article, we mentioned that it really is easy to make us happy, but we understand that relationships can be tough. If we had to summarize what we want and need from men, it would be this: just give us exactly what we want! Sounds easy enough, right? Ha! Women are known for maybe complicating things at times, but we don’t hide our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, if we have been saying things like “Man, I wish this drain wasn’t clogged” or “Gosh, I could go for a pizza right now”... Then unclog the drain and order us the pizza!

12 Thank Us When We Give What They Want

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On the other hand, women like to please men, too, and we will also be listening and learning, in order to give what is needed and wanted.

So, dudes, when that happens, please say thanks and show appreciation.

If not, we are going to feel undervalued and won’t want to do more! This sounds pretty basic since we are all taught basic manners at a young age, but sometimes, simple niceties can get lost in life. And, as mentioned, relationships can get messy at times. Just remember to be nice to each other, no matter what!

11 Let Us Control The Remote

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If a man wants to do something small that will make his girlfriend, partner or wife happy, he can let her control the remote. Yes, when it is time to catch up on TV after dinner or when a movie marathon is planned for the weekend, try to give her control from time to time. While we appreciate the fact that our man has a team to cheer for, and while we kind of find it cute how into his action movies he gets...We really just want to watch Bravo and rom-com films sometimes, okay?

10 Rent Our Fave Flick

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Along the same lines, when that movie marathon is happening, surprise us by renting our favorite flicks!

This is another simple thing that will show us that care is there.

We have surely mentioned our favorite movies at least a million times, so prove that listening was happening, get the best ones pulled up and in the machine and ready to go, and let us enjoy an evening of awesomeness. Maybe we will even chip in for snacks to go with it... Maybe. But we can’t promise that we will share!

9 Hold Us When We’re Scared

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A cute and nice way for a man to earn brownie points is to hold us when we are scared. Did we just go through a haunted house or get off a roller coaster? Hold us! Are we watching a horror movie? Hold us! Did an upsetting event happen in life? Hold us! Are we just sitting here, looking at cute and saying with our minds that we wish we were being cuddled right now? Hold us! Sure, there are times when we need personal space, but most of the time, we are not going to turn down a hug and a kiss.

8 Cook For Us

Via: Reddit

There are stereotypes when it comes to relationships. For instance, up above, we mentioned that men just watch sports and action flicks and women just watch Bravo and sappy movies.

Of course, this was just an example, and here is another one: women don’t have to do all the cooking.

In fact, many women don’t cook or don’t know how or don’t enjoy it. We are not living in Leave It To Beaver, so we appreciate coming home and finding that a man made us dinner or even cleaned the house, which brings us to our next point.

7 Clean

Via: Parent Map

If a couple shares a home, duties should be shared. In the kitchen, for instance, one person can cook while one cleans, or if one is at home all day, that person could do both, if the other person works 50 hours a week. Comprises will be made, and teamwork will be used, but the point is that if a man picks up after himself, picks up a broom or picks up the cleaning spray we are almost out of, we are definitely going to notice and are definitely going to be thrilled.

6 Write Little Love Notes

Via: World Literature Today

Okay, so far, we have established that ladies like getting presents. We like to physically know we are loved. We like help around the house. And we also like receiving notes! Not everyone is a writer or a poet, but everyone feels something positive towards loved ones.

Therefore, gentlemen, feel free to write down those thoughts and feelings, letting them flow however they will, from heads to paper (or even to a Google Doc—that works, too).

Mail us a letter. Leave a cute sticky note on our mirror. Dedicate a book to us. We are good with all the above.

5 Take Us Out To Do Something Fun

Via: Only Amy Knows

Women love movie marathons, as we have said, and women love staying in and getting massages, too. But now and then, we want to dress up and go out. We may have mentioned a festival or a farmers’ market we wanted to check out, so that could be fun to do together. Or a guy may get creative and surprise his girl with a trip; it could be a trip to the park for a picnic, a trip across the state to a theme park or a trip around the world for a dream vacation. Once again, we are good with all of this, so we are ready whenever!

4 Take Care Of Us When We’re Sick

Via: Food Revolution

Want to make us happy, men? Then, please, take care of us when we are sick. We may act tough, but we are big babies at times, and everyone loves being waited on hand and foot... especially when we are in pain.

It could be as simple as making us soup and a grilled cheese.

Run to the store and bring back medicines, as well as things that will distract us from the gross medicines (like candy or a good magazine). It should go without saying that we appreciate being cared for, especially at a time like this.

3 Remember Sweet Details

Via: Boundless

Guys, all of these ideas on this list are good ones, and they can all work for different people and at different times. However, this next piece of advice is really big and should definitely be applied to all people at all times: remember details! Remember our birthdays, the name of our first pet, our phone numbers, the name of our celebrity crush, our date night and everything in between. This shows respect, love, and care—three of the most important things in any relationship (especially the one with that special lady).

2 Say Those Three Little Words

Via: Inspiring Tips

As we near the end of this piece, we want to also remind guys to say those three little words... with eight letters... yes, that LOVEly phrase.

This may seem like a simple thing to do, but once again, we know that stuff happens and issues arise.

We get busy living life. We have fights. We take our blessings for granted. Well, stop that! Set everything aside for a bit and on a regular basis. Make up with us. Remind us how much we are loved. And throw those three little words around often with us, please and thanks!

1 Be Our BFF

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Last but not least, to win brownie points, a boyfriend/husband should be his girlfriend’s/wife’s best friend. Yes, there will be other buds in the mix—the guy a husband goes to the bar with or the gal a girlfriend grabs coffee with—but partners have a deeper relationship. They know everything about each other and care for each other more than anything. And all of that will become even more evident when the things above start happening more and more, as men please women and women, in return, thank their men for pleasing them!

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