Astro Signs Ranked: Most Shy To Biggest Social Butterfly

Roses are red, violets are blue, Pisceans don't like the spotlight, and that's perfectly true!

Nor do Capricorns or Cancers. Although, if push came to shove, they don't mind going up on stage to make something happen. Especially if it would benefit their business. #itsallaboutthemoney

Anyhoo, it's common knowledge that some sun signs are reserved and introverted while others hog the limelight as if it was their last day on planet Earth!

Why? Because our sun sign determines a big chunk of our personality (although there's more to astrology than just sun signs). So, of course, air signs are outgoing and friendly. They are like air – changeable and high-strung all the time. And of course, water signs prefer to be left alone. How else are they going to listen to their gut and the wisdom of their intuition?

But who's the shy-est and who's not? To answer that, we ranked the astro signs from shy baby to social butterfly.

Just watch out for the social bees on this list! They may not be uber shy, but if we mess with their personal space, they will sting hard. Ouch!

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20 Pisces: True Shy Babies


If you lined up all the astro signs side-by-side for drill practice, Pisces would be the one to break the straight line by standing two inches behind the rest of the gang.

Why? Because they are shy-est! And body language don't lie.

But don't make the mistake of calling them so. They hate that tag and would rather you called them an 'introvert'.

Not that they will tell you all this on your face. They would just think about it and various other sassy replies once they are back home in their comfort zone and have gotten you out of their hair. *facepalm*

19 Virgo: Down To Earth


Virgoans aren't exactly shy. You can't finish your chores and do what needs to be done if you were terrified of interacting with people. But, like Pisces, they prefer to be left alone to their devices.

It's an earth sign thing. They don't like interacting with people unnecessarily. (Unless those people happen to be close friends and family, of course.)

It's just that whenever two or more people interact, the chances of that conversation taking an awkward turn is more than it remaining pleasant. And since they aren't very good at extracting themselves from such situations, they prefer giving unknown people a wide berth and acquaintances just a quick wave.

18 Cancer: Just My Friends, Please


Like a crab, Cancers have a soft underbelly and so protect themselves with their dry sense of humor and their sassiness. They are quite prone to emotional hurts if they are not careful about who they get close to.

That's why they always prefer the company of their friends over those of acquaintances, even if they are good ones.

And if they have to interact with other people without friends around to boost their confidence, they prefer interacting with members of their own gender. It comforts them more and removes the need to look sharp.

17 BONUS: Pisceans Get Cranky If They Don't Get Time To Be Alone


Well, when we said they prefer to be called introverts, we weren't kidding you. Pisceans truly are introverted in nature. That is, they feel drained if they have to interact with people for long periods of time.

In fact, some Pisceans have been known to sleep for 12 hours straight after parties even without having a single drop of any mature drink. Just because they were drained from the interactions!

That's why they get cranky when people don't give them the chance to enjoy their me-time. They need it to function optimally.

16 Capricorn: To The Point, Always


Capricorns are not shy. They are reserved. It's a stoic Saturnian thing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people get offended when Capricorns give clipped answers to prying questions or answer ice-breakers with a simple 'yes' or 'no'.

They shouldn't though. The Capricorn isn't doing so to offend you. Just trying to give you a polite hint that they would like you to take yourself and your conversation elsewhere so they can get back to what they were doing.

They only time they willingly interact with people is when it would benefit their work in some way. And they are really competent in those kind of conversations, which is why they climb the ladder of success so fast.

15 Scorpio: Not Shy, Wary


Scorpios like their personal space. They like to walk unnoticed into a room and sit near the edges where they can observe people in peace and silence. They like observing people

What they don't like is to be approached by a chirpy soul who wants to know all about their life and how they have been faring so far!

It's because Scorpios never share their secrets with anyone. Sometimes not even their romantic partners. So what makes you think they will divulge anything to a stranger that would give them power over the Scorpio? #LOL

14 Taurus: Always Polite


Taureans aren't introvertish or extrovertish in nature. They fall in the middle. Sometimes a chirpy busybody who wants to know everything the neighborhood gossip monger has to offer, other times a comfort-seeking homebody who would like you to get the H out of their favorite chair and go find another spot!

But whatever mood they might be in, Taureans are easy going in nature and always polite and well-mannered.

13 BONUS: Capricorns Don't Like Mingling With People Unless It Does Something For Them


Well, we already explained why they are so stoic and prefer it when people keep their nose out of their business. But they can be very charming and charismatic when they want to be.

Especially when they have a meeting with an investor.

After all, there are certain skills you must learn if you want to further yourself on the ladder of success. And knowing how to build meaningful connections with the right people is definitely one of Capricorn's talents.

12 Aquarius: Loves People...Sometimes


Aquarius is an air sign. So, they are quite social in nature. Especially when they are in the company of people who like philosophy, technology, and innovation. They enjoy immersing themselves in those forward-thinking vibes.

Nevertheless, Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, just like Capricorn. And while this gives them the ability to go the distance when it comes to accomplishing something, it also takes away the authenticity from their interactions with people.

In fact, Aquarians have more acquaintances than anyone on this planet, but only a rare few who they call friends. People just fail to realize it when they aren't one of those rare few!

11 Sagittarius: The Group Clown


Sagittarians might not be capable of shutting their trap to save their life, but their blunt honesty makes them very comical characters. Especially when they direct their jokes on their own self just to make people laugh at their antics and foolish mistakes.

That's why people love Sagittarians so much! They are an absolute delight to be around.

Nevertheless, they aren't as outgoing as Libra or Aries and hate it when people become clingy. Even if the clinginess is just so the other person can be around the Sagittarian's positive energy for a while longer.

So watch out!

10 Aries: The One Who Chooses 'Dare'


If you play a game of truth and dare in a party, the Aries in the group would be the first one to pick dare. And they will announce that they don't want silly dares like seven minutes in heaven. They would like to do a dare that was more ballsy!

So, of course, they are fun to be around!

Nevertheless, their brand of daredevilry is not for everyone. Therefore, male or female, Arians always tend to be in the company of masculine and active people, for the most part.

9 BONUS: Aquarians Have Friends In The Oddest Places


What did we say, theirs is a social air sign! So, of course, they have a ton of "friends".

But to be honest, Aquarians don't call them friends. They call them acquaintances. Because to be an Aquarian's friend, you need to match their eccentric and forward-thinking personality. And not many people come in that brand of flavor.

Nevertheless, they know how to talk to people and so never make their acquaintances feel weird or less -than. Which is probably why they always have someone or the other to help them out when they get in trouble.

8 Gemini: Chatterbox Switching On In 3...2...1


Now we have hit the payload social butterflies. And the first one on that list is Gemini. The storyteller with the animated hands and facial expressions. The one who knows all the gossip of the town and is more than willing to pass the T. The one who never runs short of friends when they want to have a good time.

And the best part is, regardless of their changeable nature, people genuinely like Geminians a lot.

Because what's not to like? They are so chirpy and enthusiastic!

7 Leo: Shine The Spotlight Here, Quick!


Leos are big-time social butterflies too. They absolutely cannot survive without the spotlight shining on them.

And while this can piss off some of those who aren't as good at hogging the limelight as these wonderful solar creatures are, nobody ever finds it in their heart to tell them they are being selfish.

Why? Because they might like to be in the limelight, but they are also quick with passing on the praises and raising up their friends' self-esteem. Plus, they are extremely loyal and dependable, so people forgive this self-centered childishness, for the most part.

6 Libra: Be A Social Butterfly, Not A Social Bee


Finally, Libra. The biggest social butterfly of all. Even more than the Gemini or the Leo!

Why? Because their sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, desire, and everything awesome. So, whenever people are in their presence, they can't help but pay more attention to what they are saying. Or even what they are doing.

But because they are a Libra, therefore, they are also good at letting people have their fair share of the limelight. And this endears them to everyone and makes them a bigger star. #genius

5 BONUS: Geminis Tell The Best Stories


The reason why people love the company of Geminians is because they tell the best stories in the whole world. Even better than Sagittarians who think 'passing on the T' means to teach!

Thus, their perennial popularity among the masses. Because who doesn't like a good story? Even if that story is about how the Gemini forgot their umbrella at home one day and ended up walking into class all raggedy!

We know, we know. That sounded lame, but that's because the writer is not a Gemini. You should get the Gemini to tell it to you properly.

4 Air Signs Are The Most Outgoing


So now that we know who's the shy-est creature of all and who are the social butterflies, one thing has become abundantly clear. Air signs are all extroverts!

Even Aquarius, although they prefer their own company most of the time.

So next time you meet someone and find out they are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, don't forget to take their number. That would guarantee a full social calendar even if you don't know anyone in town! (Air signs don't believe in groupism and excluding people.)

3 Earth Signs Like Well-Respected Company


Earth signs – Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo – are on the fence when it comes to being shy. They aren't shy shy, but they definitely don't go out of their way to make someone feel welcome. Especially if that someone happens to be an out-of-towner! #conservatives

But once you get to know them, they can be very good company for dinner. Although, to be honest, you will only get an invitation if they think you are a well-respected person, to begin with!

2 Fire Signs Befriend Anyone!


Fire signs love to meet people. Absolutely! There isn't a soul on this planet they would turn away.

Why would they? Everybody has something special about them. Besides you just need to give the fellow a chance to prove they are worthy of a fire sign's attention. And they prove to be boring, no hard feelings!

There are billions of people where they came from. #homeplanet

1 Water Signs Only Like Their Inner Circle People


Water signs are notoriously introverted. So good luck getting them to open up to you. (Unless, of course, you are introduced by a dear friend and come with great recommendations of friendship.)

Anyhoo, they are cool with wallflower status as long as you leave them to their own device.

The only exception to this would be Cancer who likes a good laugh and so more of an ambivert than an introvert.

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