90 Day Fiancé: 10 Couples That Made It, 10 Who Split & 5 Who Had A Baby

90 Day Fiancé has been a hit show since its inception on TLC, showing all the ups and downs of bringing the international love of one's life to live in America.

The K1 Visa process was created so people who are engaged to someone from overseas can bring them legally to live in the States. The catch is that the couple only has 90 days to get married or else the person who immigrated will have to go home.

TLC has given viewers an inside look at what those relationships look like. Fans see all of the drama that comes when a couple is under pressure to get married within a three-month time frame. In the past six seasons, every person has gotten married on the main series, but sadly, not all of those marriages have withstood the test of time. In addition to the main series, 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days has seen couples break up before they even begin the K1 Visa process.

The truth about all the cast's relationships have come out over time, and there have been cast members who have split up after they have gotten the clearance to stay and work in the USA. That said, here are 10 successful couples still married, 10 couples who divorced, and five that have had children!

10 Couples That Made It

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25 Anfisa Arkhipchenko & Jorge Nava Are Still Together Despite Rocky Beginnings


Jorge and Anfisa are an interesting couple. After meeting via social media, the couple traveled Europe together. But things were not butterflies and roses when Anfisa came to live with Jorge in the United States.

After learning that Jorge is broke, Anfisa threatened to leave him before the wedding.

They did in the end wed. Following the first season, they broke up for a brief period only to reunite. Jorge was unfortunately arrested and is now serving a two-year jail term. He and Anfisa are still together.

24 Matt Ryan & Alla Fedoruk Are Happily Married


To be honest, Matt and Alla had the odds stacked against them. Matt was just coming off of his third divorce when he met Alla on a trip over to Ukraine. Alla was a single mother and he was instantly smitten with her beauty when they met. Alla and her son Max moved to the United States to be with Matt. Viewers and some of Matt’s friends, were hesitant about Alla’s intentions because even after the wedding, she had not told Matt that she loved him. They are still happily married to this day and now saying I love you often.

23 Josh Batterson & Aika Batterson Made It Down The Aisle


Josh and Aika also had some trouble in the 90 days before they tied to the knot. Aika was worried that Josh wouldn’t be able to give her children even though she really wanted to have children.

Not only that, but Josh’s friends didn’t believe that she was marrying Josh for the right reasons.

Josh though reassured his friends that Aika was in the US for the right reasons. He often times said he felt lucky to be marrying the head cheerleader. Josh and Aika are still married!

22 Narkiya Lathan & Lowo Shodipe Are Married Despite The Initial Catfishing Issue

Radar Online

Narkiya and Lowo must be one of the most interesting couples from Before The 90 Days. We first saw Narkiya when she was preparing to go to Thailand to meet her overseas boyfriend who is from Nigeria. When they started dating Lowo told Narkiya that he was living in the States already, but he was not. He also said the mother of his son was dead which she is not. Even though they had some catfishing moments, they ended up getting married. Lowo now lives with his wife in the States.

21 Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno Status Are Still Married... We Think?

In Touch Weekly

Chantel and Pedro’s road to marriage was definitely littered with lies that Chantel told her parents. While I believe the couple really does love each other, I don’t know if that’s enough to outweigh both of their families' input.

Her family does not trust Pedro and Pedro’s family is really upset that they don’t.

Not only that, at the end of the last season of Happily Ever After, there was a scuffle between Pedro and her brother River, as well as Chantel and Pedro’s sister Nicole. We’ll all have to tune into the new season of Happily Ever After to know if these two are still together.

20 David Toborosky & Annie Suwan Make Marriage Look Fun!


Annie and David have to be one of those couples that many people doubted. It was interesting to watch the two get to their wedding day. David had moved to Thailand where he met the much younger Annie. Having not worked for a few years, it was obvious from the beginning that David had some money problems and often borrowed money from his friend Chris. Despite this, they did marry and now post some of the most hilarious videos on IG. David is also one of the most active commenters on 90 Day Fiancé meme accounts.

19 Despite Family Objections, Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margaretha Got Married


To say that Eric and Leida did not have the support of either of their families to get married is an understatement. They had a rocky road from the beginning, with most of the tension building between Eric’s middle daughter, Tasha, and Leida.

Leida ultimately kicked Tasha out and this led to her and Eric’s oldest daughter, Tenille, not attending the wedding.

Leida also said that her family did not approve of the marriage so they didn’t attend the wedding. It seems as though Eric and Leida are happily married still despite the family drama.

18 A Large Age Gap Didn't Stop Mark Shoemaker & Nikki Shoemaker From Getting Married


Nikki and Mark Shoemaker still have one of the largest age gaps in 90 Day Fiancé history. Not only that, they had a few arguments that had fans raising their eyebrows. Mark was extremely OCD about having handprints on the windows of his car. Fans were also concerned when it looked like Mark was trying to turn Nikki into an exact copy of his ex-wife. They aren’t on any social media but sources have confirmed that they are still married.

17 Alan Cox & Kirlyam Cox Are Happily Married And Have A Child Together

In Touch Weekly

Alan and Kirlyam have an interesting story. They met when Alan was on a mission in Brazil when he was 18. He met the then 12-year-old Kirlyam and her family but both have said it wasn’t till eight years after that they begin dating.

Alan went back to Brazil eight years later to attend a friend’s wedding, where they reconnected when Kirlyam was 18.

Kirlyam and Alan are still happily married and welcomed their son Liam!

16 Melanie Bowers & Devar Walters Made It To The Altar Despite Her Sister's Hesitations

Reality Blurb

Melanie and Devar met when Melanie was on vacation in Jamaica. Melanie had a son from a previous relationship and made sure that Devar knew that he had to be on board with helping raise Hunter. He was definitely into being a stepdad, but Melanie’s sister Bev didn’t believe Devar was coming to the US for the right reasons. Bev was often times seen saying that Devar is going to take off the second he gets his green card. Devar didn’t take off and the couple recently welcomed their daughter Avah!

10 Couples That Split

15 A Lot Of Issues Led To Jason Hitch & Cassia Tavares' Divorce

Radar Online

Cassia and Jason had a rocky relationship from the beginning. Jason met Cassia because she was dating his friend, who she met on Facebook.

When that relationship ended, Jason decided to message Cassia and the two eventually met up and fell in love.

Cassia then moved to the US to live with Jason and his dad. Since the show ended the two filed for divorce after a domestic altercation but later decided to reconcile. It is reported that they did file for divorce again in 2018.

14 Molly Hopkins & Luis Mendez Are Divorced... And He's Already Re-Married!

Reality Blurb

Despite Luis knowing that Molly had two daughters before he moved to the United States, he still was surprised by how much work it was to be a stepfather. Luis and Molly always argued about his treatment and disinterest in being involved in his younger stepdaughter’s life. Not only that, he started to claim Molly wasn’t following their chosen religion closely enough for him. They divorced and Luis got married to someone else as soon as the divorced was finalized.

13 Colt Johnson & Larissa Dos Santos Had Tumultuous Relationship That Just Recently Ended

Us Weekly

Colt and Larissa have had a tumultuous relationship with each other since the beginning. Larissa had a problem with the fact that Colt still lived with his mother. Not only that but  Larissa and Colt’s mom Debbie clashed a lot over petty arguments.

After filming, Colt was caught sliding into other women’s DMs and Larissa left him.

The pair briefly reunited before splitting again after some troublesome allegations. They are currently waiting for their divorce to be finalized. Larissa also faces deportation due to her arrest record since moving to the United States.

12 Jesse Meester & Darcey Silva Broke Up Before Even Getting Engaged


Jesse and Darcey may have not ever gotten officially engaged, but watching their love unfold and then eventually end was one of the most interesting storylines. Darcey was a hopeful romantic from the US who flew to the Netherlands to meet Jesse, who was 18 years younger than her. She really wanted to make the relationship work and Jesse came to the US to see if they had a chance of getting married. In the end, they realized that their relationship was a bit too volatile to continue and broke up.

11 Chelsea Macek & Yamir Castillo Are Still Friendly Despite Their Marriage Ending

Us Weekly

Chelsea and Yamir met when she was volunteering in Nicaragua. Yamir was a member of a boy band in his native Nicaragua but moved to the US to be with Chelsea. The two married despite both being incredibly young.

In the end, though, they broke up because Yamir wanted to pursue his music dreams in Chicago.

They released a joint statement reiterating that they will remain friends and there is absolutely no anger between them. These two handled their breakups better than some of their much older cast members.

10 Sean Hiler & Abby St. Germain Broke Up And Bashed Each Other On IG

In Touch Weekly

These two are known for drama. When Sean got to Haiti he was immediately ready to argue with Abby about her friendship with her ex Chris. Abby and Sean often times got into small arguments about Chris, but when Chris came to meet Sean, they had a huge blowout. Sean returned to the US and they stayed together for a while but then split. Both of them wrote some mean things about each other on social media but then ultimately deleted their scathing posts.

9 Danielle Mullins & Mohamed Jbali Got Divorced Very Fast After Getting Married

In Touch Weekly

Mohammed made a bad impression on all of Danielle’s friends when he refused to kiss her when they said I do. It was clear that Danielle was very committed to her marriage but Mohammed wasn’t. While there’s only speculation, there is evidence to suggest that Mohammed used Danielle to get a green card.

When Danielle and Mohammed separated, Danielle was going to file for an annulment so Mohammed would get deported.

He convinced her not too and to go the regular divorce route. In the end, they did end up divorcing and Mohammed lives in Austin, Texas to this day.

8 Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Are Married But Have Created Rumors Of A Break-Up

Reality Blurb

Ashley and Jay met when she was vacationing in Jamaica. Ashley, who had two previous engagements end badly, really wanted to make her relationship work with Jay. She even cut off a relationship with one of her best friends, Natalie, because she was saying that Jay was stepping out on the relationship. In the end, the two got married in Las Vegas. Three days after they got married, Ashley caught Jay using a dating app. The two are married still but it looks like they have split.

7 Jonathan Rivera & Fernanda Flores Are Separated As Of Right Now

Soap Dirt

Jonathan and Fernanda seemed to be one of those couples that genuinely were in love and were going to make it. That came to a screeching halt in December when Jonathan started responding to IG comments by fans asking if they were separated.

Jonathan confirmed that Fernanda had left him to move to Chicago to pursue her modeling dreams.

Fernanda recently responded saying that if he’s done with her marriage then she is too. Neither has officially filed for divorce as of right now.

6 Marta Maldanado & Daya Never Ended Up Meeting


Still hands down the weirdest relationship ever featured on 90 Day Fiancé was Marta and Daya. Marta is a single mom to two children living in Milwaukee when she met Daya, who lives in Algeria, via Facebook. Marta had booked a flight to Algeria to see Daya, but he didn’t fill out her paperwork to get her visitor's visa approved. Marta has confirmed that they are no longer together and has alluded to the fact that it’s due to Daya not approving of her religious beliefs or her professional occupation.

5 Couples Who Had Kids

5 Paul Staehle & Karine Martins Are Expecting Their Son Soon


We’ve seen Paul and Karine basically start their relationship! Paul traveled to Brazil to meet the love of his life and he proposed at the end of his trip. He then returned to Brazil to marry Karine in the second season of Before the 90 Days.

They had issues in their marriage when Paul called Karine’s brother a thief and it looked like they were going to get divorced.

Karine then found out she was pregnant which unfortunately did not result in a healthy baby. They are now expecting a baby boy named Pierre in the coming months. Congratulations you guys!

4 Kalani Faagata & Asuelu Pulaa Are Expecting Baby Number 2


When we met Kalani and Asuelu in this season of 90 Day Fiancé, they already shared a son. Asuelu moved from his native Somoa to live with Kalani and their son Oliver in Utah. They had some ups and downs with her family, but before they got married they found out they were expecting another baby! At first, Kalani was less than thrilled but ultimately got excited that they were expanding their brood. They announced in January they are expecting another boy!

3 Mike Eloshway & Aziza Eloshway Just Welcomed Their Daughter


Fans questioned whether Aziza and Mike were the real deal when they talked about how their relationship began. Aziza had originally applied for a visa to come to the US without getting married as Mike and Aziza were just friends.

Ultimately, though, their relationship turned romantic and they were engaged.

There were many questions to Aziza’s true intentions from different people in Mike’s life during their entire 90 days. They just welcomed their baby girl Olivia and are happier than ever.

2 Brett Otto & Daya De Arce Have A Little Girl Together

Reality TV World

Brett and Daya were on season two of 90 Day Fiancé. In the beginning, Brett’s mother was very unsupportive of their marriage and was extremely vocal through the 90 days leading up to the wedding. Brett had a daughter from a previous relationship and was worried about how his daughter would get along with her new step-mother. They did get married and now are parents to a daughter named Isabella. Brett also hosts a podcast that is dedicated to what it’s like to go through the K1 Visa process. He often gives updates about his own family.

1 Paola Mayfield & Russ Mayfield Welcomed Their Son This Past New Years Day


Paola and Russ have been fan favorites from the get-go! They were featured on the first season of the TLC hit series and later went on to be on two seasons of Happily Ever After.

Paola opened up about struggling with her fertility before the start of the second season of Happily Ever After.

Pao and Russ were overjoyed finding out that they were expecting again. They welcomed their son Axel on this past New Years Day!

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