7 Years Strong: 20 Things To Know About Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler's Relationship

When Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler first met, Vanessa was seeing someone else. But after she rose to fame thanks to High School Musical—along with then-beau Zac Efron—single life soon found her.

She's since commented on her split from Zac, noting that it wasn't the healthiest pairing from the beginning. But with Austin, things are different.

Fortunately for Austin, Vanessa's split from her co-star was his in! From then on, the pair has been a couple to watch in Hollywood. And unlike other couples, this one hasn't gone through the rumor mill nor have they created drama out of thin air like other couples seem to do. There have been no big (and public) breakups, no kids as of yet, not even any scorned exes to talk to the tabloids.

If that's not enough to love, consider the fact that not only are Vanessa and Austin both multi-faceted stars with extensive resumes, but they're both humble people with relatable goals and dreams.

And although Vanessa is no longer a child star on the Disney channel, she and her man are growing together and living life to the fullest. Here are 20 things to know about this down-to-earth couple's relationship, along with what makes them #couplegoals for so many fans!

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20 They Started Out As Friends

Via: Celebs First

According to the Daily Mail, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler first met in 2005, and as true fans know, this was during the time that Hudgens was dating Zac Efron. After those two High School Musical costars broke up, rumors started to surface about Hudgens and Butler in 2011.

From hidden kisses and dates back in the day to coordinated costumes and engagement rumors in the present time, these two young stars have gone from friends to one of the most well-known couples in Hollywood.

How do they stay true to each other? What is next for them? Let’s find out through the following facts, shall we?

19 They Do Things On Their Own Terms

Via: J-14

Currently, Vanessa Hudgens is 30, and Austin Butler is 27. Hudgens told Women’s Health that she wants to get married, travel, and have kids... but not until her late 30s. Though these two have been together for seven years, they are in no rush to settle down, since “everyone’s clock is different.” So until they tie the knot and bring some pretty kids into the world, they are just hanging out, having fun and respecting, trusting and admiring each other. Hudgens is a strong and fierce woman, but she loves having a best friend to share her victories with, as well as losses. And through the highs and lows, Hudgens knows that communication is key.

18 And She Does Not Miss Dating

Via: USA Today

Along the same lines, Vanessa Hudgens stated that she is so grateful to not have to be in the dating scene any longer!

She knows that everyone is different and that every relationship is different, but she is happy with her life and her “amazing partner.”

And instead of having to shop around, she has one go-to guy, and he has one solid girlfriend, and the two are often seen shopping together, attending events together and posting photos on social media together. All of this is too cute and makes us love them even more!

17 They Are Growing Together

Via: We Heart It

Since Vanessa Hudgens just turned 30, she has been thinking about this new chapter in life. She said that in her 20s, she was still trying to find her voice and was afraid of confrontation. Now, though, she is trying to implement valuing her words and letting them be known. She calls this new outlook a “constant learning process,” but she also said that Austin Butler inspires her more than anyone. That being said, we are excited to see them both grow and develop even further, individually and as a couple, through their professional and personal lives.

16 And They Have Each Other’s Backs

Via: Pinterest

Now, for a brief minute, we want to go back to Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. Many people—especially Disney fans—were crazy about this couple, but since their split in 2010, they have not been speaking. In fact, Hudgens said she “completely lost contact with him” and that after she started seeing him get attention from other women, she got "mean."

We all have to put that behind us, though, and know that when it comes to Austin Butler, he and Hudgens will always have each other’s backs!

They don’t feel pressure, and they build each other up—which is how they have been making their relationship work for so long!

15 They Work To Make Each Other Happy Constantly

Via: E Online

According to Austin Butler, there is another smart thing that he and Vanessa Hudgens do in order to keep their relationship working: put that other person first. He hinted that he and Hudgens are constantly looking for ways to make each other happy and complement each other, which helps them lift each other up as much as possible. This is great advice for those who are dating, married and more—especially since it comes from a couple whose relationship can be “very long-distance" at times, the pair being both a couple in Hollywood and a couple surrounded by other pressures.

14 He Even Holds The Door Open For Her

Via: Daily Mail

Who says chivalry is gone and a thing of the past?! Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are regularly seen out and about, and we are going to zoom in on a time they went out to grab lunch in November of 2018.

They were in Los Angeles, they were dressed casually yet cutely, and when the date was over, Butler opened the car door for Hudgens... but only after the two kissed.

How cute is this? They are talented celebs, attractive humans, and in-love significant others that totally blow us away—especially after all the time they've been together.

13 They Know Communication Is Key

Via: Elite Daily

Just think about what these two stars go through for a sec. Recently, for example, Austin Butler was filming the second season of The Shannara Chronicles... in New Zealand. That is very far away from California! To keep things running smoothly while maintaining their busy schedules, they talk. If there is something bothering them, they do not hold it in, they always bring it up, they don't censor themselves, they remain open, and they just talk about it. We always hear that communication is key, and obviously, it is an important part of a healthy relationship!

12 They Live Together

Via: When In Manila

Gary Oldman sold his mansion in Los Feliz to Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler for just under $5 million. Oldman originally bought this place for about $2.9 million in 2011, but now, the 3,168-square-foot Georgian Colonial house belongs to this adorable couple.

There are three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a guesthouse, a detached two-car garage and a half-acre of land that apparently has terraces, gardens, a citrus grove, a swimming pool, and a spa.

It sounds like these two are so in love that they could live anywhere and be content... but we are sure that living in such a grand place makes their life even more wonderful!

11 But They Are Not Engaged

Via: E Online

As fans know, Vanessa Hudgens got a new haircut last year and posted a photo to show it off. And in this photo, there was a ring. Media outlets started saying that she and Austin Butler were engaged, but then Hudgens herself went to Twitter to clear the air, saying that she was definitely not engaged. And just recently, this rumor has been started up again, after the American Sun-Times reported that the two were shopping for engagement rings and that they were seen “closely eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores.” Only time will tell if/when a ring ends up on *that* finger…

10 Their Day-To-Day Life Is Adorable

Via: Zimbio

Imagine strolling hand-in-hand, with coffee, of course, while on the way to shop at Whole Foods. Imagine, after that, heading home for a game of chess. Imagine coming home, to a mansion, and finding a significant other playing the piano. Imagine then getting dressed up in order to head to a red carpet event.

This is just a typical day in the life of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler.

Yes, we know they are famous stars, but they are also normal beings who shop, best friends who play, and talented individuals who are total goals.

9 Their Coachella Game Is Strong

Via: The Odyssey

A hat big enough to block that desert sun... yet trendy enough to create a buzz. A printed pant comfy enough to endure a day of music... yet funky enough to end up in numerous publications. Flower crowns. Fringe. Statement jewelry. Giant bags. Jackets around waists. Tie-dye. Barefeet. Fringe. Dance moves. All of this and more can be seen on the King and Queen of Coachella—Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler. Everyone knows that these two rule the fashion game at this yearly event, and their style choices are just another reason to love them!

8 And Their Halloween Costumes Are Top Notch

Via: Entity Mag

Those who follow Vanessa Hudgens on social media know that she loves celebrating Halloween. She counts down the days to the festive holiday and throws elaborate parties that other stars attend.

Oh, and she dresses up big time, which means that Austin Butler gets roped into this, too. One time, they were skeletons together.

Another year, they dressed up as the main characters from Pulp Fiction. Fans have seen them as Alice In Wonderland characters, too. No matter what direction they go (cute, creepy, pop culture, etc.), they look amazing!

7 They Once Got In Trouble For Defacing A Rock

Via: People

These two were under investigation after they allegedly carved their names and a heart on a rock in Arizona’s Coconino National Forest. They simply wanted to enjoy a hiking trip on Valentine’s Day weekend. Vanessa Hudgens even uploaded a photo of the carving on social media, but it has now been deleted. Plus, she wrote it with another piece of rock, in a chalk-like way, so it probably would have easily washed away very soon. The actress claims to love the planet and feels connected to nature. Therefore, she donated money to the park (possibly on top of the $1,000 fine she was ordered to pay).

6 They Both Share A Love Of Music

Via: Daily Mail

Vanessa Hudgens may be most famous for playing Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series, and this led to a recording contract with Hollywood Records; she released an album called V in 2006, as well as one called Identified in 2008.

Austin Butler enjoys recording music, began playing the guitar at the age of thirteen and has played piano since he was sixteen.

He has performed songs on iCarly and on Ruby and the Rockits. And both of these stars have been in Broadway plays (Gigi in 2015 and Grease: Live in 2016 for her... The Iceman Cometh in 2018 for him).

5 They Know How To Clean Up Well

Via: Bustle

Vanessa Hudgens started a musical theater gig in 1998, had some small acting roles after that, and made her theatrical debut in Thirteen in 2003. Austin Butler rose to fame through Nickelodeon shows like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, iLike Jake, Zoey 101, and through Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Since then, they have been seen in some super popular films and television series. And because of that, they are often seen at premieres and award shows... looking like this. Every time, no matter where they are or what they are promoting, they look super gorgeous—alone and, even more so, together!

4 But They Look Fab In Casual Clothes, Too

Via: Promiflash

However, they are not always in a tux and a gown and on a red carpet. Therefore, when they are working out, shopping or grabbing some food, they also look fab. They are known for being quite stylish, they are young celebs, and they are both very attractive.

So even when wearing something like this—involving ripped jeans and/or a plain white tee—we are drawn to Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler.

They can do no wrong in our eyes... and have we mentioned that they are total goals—both in terms of fashion and cute coupleness.

3 They Are Not Afraid Of A Little PDA

Via: Popsugar

Because they are young and in love... Because they are attractive and together... These two are not afraid of a little PDA. Since they are famous, photographers sometimes snap photos of them sneaking kisses while they are living their day-to-day lives. Other times, though, when they definitely know the cameras are around (like when they are at one of the big star-studded events we just mentioned above), they still kiss, hold hands, hug, and cuddle. They just can’t help it! They are very much in love, and they are totally okay with the world knowing that and seeing it all.

2 They Have Fun Together

Via: Zimbio

When they are not on a red carpet or running an errand at a place like Whole Foods, they could be at Disneyland! These two enjoy having fun together. They have mentioned that they are best friends, and that is so part of what makes their relationship work.

They make time for each other and for thrilling adventures like a ride or two on a roller coaster.

So while we can take away that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are talented and attractive, we can also learn from them in this way: have fun! Don’t grow up too fast! And go on exciting adventures with loved ones!

1 And We Are Excited For What’s Next

Via: Jetss

Will Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler get engaged this year? Are they already? Who knows... We cannot predict the future, but we can guess that these two will probably stay together. While it is true that every day, news pops up about another relationship ending, these two seem solid. They have plans in place and tactics that show off their love for each other. That being said, we think this relationship will last! We are excited to see what is next for these two, as they make more entertaining works in this industry... and as they keep on wowing us as boyfriend and girlfriend and beyond…

Sources: Us Magazine, Daily Mail, E Online, Bustle, OK Magazine

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