25 Things Men & Women Need To Agree On (For A Healthy Relationship)

When fans' favorite television characters fall in love or they're watching a cheesy movie, romance kind of looks the same. Both characters are so excited to be dating each other. They think about each other all the time, have silly grins on their faces all of the time, and the guy goes out of his way to make everything romantic and sometimes even over-the-top.

In real life, every relationship is unique, and everyone has different ideas of what they want when they're looking for a partner. People also tend to think that guys and girls have totally opposite ideas of what makes a great relationship.

Most people figure that girls want to go on lots of dates every week and guys would rather see their pals, mostly because those are stereotypes that society tells them. In reality, that's not the case and guys want to be around the girl that they're crushing on for sure.

But when they really think about it, girls and guys have a lot more in common than they might think, and everyone wants very similar things. Read on to find out the 25 things that men and women actually agree on when it comes to the perfect relationship.

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25 Letting Things Unfold Naturally Without Pressure


Although women might have a reputation for wanting men to commit to them immediately, that's not the truth. Your perfect dating scenario goes like this: you meet a new guy, you think that he's amazing, and the two of you get to know each other slowly over a few weeks.

Things unfold totally naturally, and there's no pressure to put labels on things or wonder what is going on.

Men would agree that this sounds perfect to them, too. This is honestly the better way to go because then no one is worried about coming on too strongly or speaking about their feelings too early.

24 Wanting To Spend The Same Amount Of Time Together


When you're in a perfect relationship, it's also because you want to spend as much time as you can with your boyfriend. And the great news is that he feels the same way.

Even though it might seem like women want to spend 24/7 with their partners and men want more alone time, that's not always true.

Men who are smitten with their girlfriends are just as interested in hanging out a lot. And when you both are on the same page about quality time, you're truly made for each other.

23 Having The Same Idea Of Romance

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Are you and your boyfriend both into cheesy romance? You think that anniversaries and birthdays can't possibly be celebrated without fancy chocolate and a bouquet of flowers, and you take any chance that you can get to write each other a sweet love note.

Or you're both on the same page because you hate anything that has to do with corny romance. Either way, you feel the same way about romance. Men and women both want this to be their relationship reality because it makes things so much simpler. There is no pressure and no one feels let down.

22 No One Dwells On Tiny Problems Or Causes Fights


The perfect relationship is definitely when neither partner gets upset when something isn't totally, well, perfect. Every couple goes through some rough patches from time to time and it's nothing to get super stressed out about. It's just what happens when people spend a lot of time together and are dealing with everything else in their lives, from work to family stuff to friendship changes.

When a relationship feels perfect, neither partner will cause fights, either.

You respect each other and appreciate that you're in this relationship together, and it's important that you treat each other well.

21 A Plan For The Future Together


Even though guys might be known for not wanting commitment and for thinking that the future is a worrisome thing, guys who want to settle down really love talking about the future.

When a guy has met the girl for him, he has no issues bringing up the future of their relationship. He's really happy to be with her.

It's really amazing when you start dating a guy who is cool with talking about committing to each other and staying together. It might even feel like a dream at first, but you'll be glad that this is really the great relationship that you're in. It feels perfect.

20 Insisting They See Their Friends & Keep Up Their Social Life


Unfortunately, sometimes a relationship is toxic and that usually means that your partner gets really upset when you want to spend time with someone who isn't them. They don't want you to see your friends or family, and they act really mean when you make other plans.

It's a perfect relationship when you encourage each other to make social plans and want each other to have lots of friends. There's no jealousy, only super positive feelings. This should go both ways and each person should feel like they can make a dinner plan with no problems at all.

19 Motivating Each Other To Improve Themselves


Starting to work out again (or for the first time ever) can be intimidating. So can eating healthier and getting a new job or starting your own business.

Being in the right relationship means that you have your partner's full support.

It only seems logical that this is something else that both men and women agree on. You and your boyfriend both want to support each other but also motivate each other to succeed no matter what you take on. It's a beautiful thing.

18 No Pressure To Get Engaged Until Both People Are Ready


At a certain point, it makes sense that you would start to wonder when your boyfriend is going to propose to you. It's a feeling that you get and of course you want to be his wife so you keep thinking about when the big moment is going to occur.

In the best kind of relationship, there is absolutely no pressure to get engaged. It'll happen when it happens, and it's because both people really can't wait to start their lives together (officially, at least).

17 Having Fun Even While Running Errands Or Doing Chores


Both men and women would definitely agree that this is the best thing ever: when you're running errands with your significant other or doing chores around the house and it's actually a great time.

When you realize that you feel this way about your partner, you have really struck gold because you know that you don't have to go on a fancy, romantic date in order to have fun with each other.

Everyone wants to be with someone who makes them smile even when they're cleaning the bathroom.

16 Getting Along With Each Other's Friends And Family


It's a good sign that the relationship will continue going well when your friends and family really and honestly like the guy that you've decided will be your boyfriend.

The truth is that he wants you to get along with his friends and relatives, too, and this is also very important to him.

Even though men and women might have a reputation for thinking differently about relationships or not being on the same page about commitment, they can agree that it's really great when everyone gets along.

15 Having The Same Sense Of Humor And The Same Hobbies


Who wants to date someone who doesn't laugh at any jokes that they make or doesn't like the same brand of comedy as them? No one would because that makes things really awkward.

When you're in a relationship, you want your partner to like the same sitcoms and comedic movies as you because that makes deciding what to watch on a Friday night that much easier. Men and women agree that when both people have the same sense of humor and also similar hobbies, that makes the perfect relationship for sure.

14 Wanting The Other Person To Always Be Happy And Succeed

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When it comes to the perfect relationship, men and women would also agree that your partner should always want you to be happy. They should also always want you to be successful in your professional life and any other challenge that you're taking on.

Everyone has been in a situation where this wasn't the case at all and the other person seemed jealous or upset when you were succeeding. That's toxic, negative, and not what should be happening at all.

13 Taking Care Of Each Other When Sick Or Stressed Out

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Sure, it might seem like only women want their partner to take care of them, making them dinner when they're tired or going grocery shopping and cleaning up the house or apartment when they're homesick. But of course, men want that too.

Everyone wants to be comforted by the person that they love.

The best part of being in a relationship is knowing that you don't have to do everything by yourself and that you always have someone who will help you out. It's too bad that wanting to be taken care of has become kind of a girly stereotype because it's what everyone deserves.

12 Eating Dinner Together Every Night


Imagine coming home from a tiring day at work and knowing that your boyfriend is there waiting for you. Maybe he's super sweet and already made dinner (or you're both meal prep superstars who froze some chili or something like that so all you have to do is heat up food from the freezer).

This is the comforting scene that every woman wants to come home to. It's only logical that this is what men want, too. It's nice to share a meal with your partner and talk about what happened that day or the TV show that you want to start watching together that evening.

11 They Can Still Explore Individual Interests


Although being in a serious relationship is one of your priorities, you know that you're in a pretty perfect relationship when you still make time for your own interests.

No matter what you're into, you schedule it in every week, and your partner is super excited for you to explore this hobby.

He never says that this is taking time away from him or anything like that. You treat him the same way and you want him to make time for his own interests. This is something that both men and women want.

10 They Always Have Fun And It Feels Casual And Natural


When you see a couple interacting and you feel that they're really meant for each other, you always think to yourself, "They're so natural with each other." It's just a vibe that you get and anyone who looks at them would think the same thing.

Couples who are perfect for each other are casual and natural. They're not forcing anything. They just have a fun, easy relationship, and it's a positive sign when this is how you feel about your own love life.

9 Both People Are Sporty And Outdoorsy (Or They're Homebodies)


Although many people believe that opposites attract, it's definitely true that it's nice when you have a lot of things in common with someone that you start dating.

When you're a homebody, it's really great to date a fellow person who enjoys getting comfy at home.

And when you're sporty and outdoorsy, you naturally seek out a partner who feels the same way about the great outdoors. Men and women would most likely also agree that a perfect scenario is when both partners have these things in common.

8 Plans Are Never Made Without Respecting The Other Person's Wishes And Time


Even when you've been with your boyfriend for a few years, you don't want to make plans for the two of you without checking in with him first. It's just not respectful and will make him feel like you don't care if he actually wants to have dinner with your friends this weekend or go on a double date.

Although of course he's most likely going to say yes, you do want to ask him first, and that's what should be happening when a relationship feels really great. Men and women both agree on this fact because it's a matter of mutual respect.

7 The Relationship Is Moving Ahead, Not Going Backward


Sometimes you hear about a couple breaking up and you're super surprised because they had been together for so long. It didn't seem like they would ever split up.

Sometimes, a couple is either going to get married and really commit to each other in that way, or they're going to split up because there's nowhere else for the relationship to go.

When you're secure that your relationship is going well, it's usually because it's moving forward, not backward. And it's not getting stale and going nowhere. Guys would totally agree that this is what they want, too.

6 Each Partner Puts In Equal Effort And Shares Chores


It's really too bad that back in the day, it was a woman's job to clean up around the house and put dinner on the table and do laundry and anything else that needed to be done. It seems pretty crazy and silly now when we think about it.

Men are just as capable of housework, of course, and thankfully, it's totally cool these days for men to help out with dinner and chores. A couple should definitely be sharing chores and household duties. They should also put equal effort into being nice to each other and continuing to work on the relationship.

5 Every Day Feels Light-Hearted And Enjoyable


Isn't this the dream: when you wake up in the morning next to your boyfriend, you're so excited to see him again, and when you get even an hour to hang out together, it's the best thing ever?

Every day with your boyfriend should feel light-hearted and fun.

In fact, it could be said that every moment should feel that way. It seems like men would agree with this statement too since everyone would love to fall in love and be so happy with their partner.

4 They Check In With Each Other About How They're Feeling


Guys who are in love share their feelings with their girlfriends, even if that's not the impression that we get from movies and TV shows. Thankfully, if you're in a great relationship, then you know that there are men out there who want nothing more than to tell their girlfriend how much they care about her.

Being in a perfect relationship definitely means checking in with each other about how you're both feeling. This means both in general because you want to be there for your partner when they're having a tough time, and also in terms of how they feel about the relationship. You want to make sure that your partner is happy.

3 They Each Feel They're A Better Person Because Of The Relationship

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You know how people say that being with their partner has made them a better person? That's what everyone wants to feel. If you can't say that, then you might not be in the right relationship.

Your relationship should make you so happy that you could honestly jump up and down on a regular basis. It should also make you feel like you're the person that you're meant to be and like you're so much kinder and livelier than you were when you were solo. Your boyfriend feels the same way, and that's why you make such a great couple.

2 There's No Pressure To Be Someone Else


It's become a cliche but there are many romantic comedy storylines that are about someone pretending to be someone else in order to get their crush to fall in love with them. By the end of the movie, they learn that it's what is inside that counts, but they've betrayed the object of their affection by lying.

In a perfect relationship, there's no pressure to be someone else.

You just have to be you, and your boyfriend loves you. This is something else that men and women agree on because this is what men and women both deserve.

1 Weekly Date Nights


Weekly date nights are really crucial for a couple's happiness. You could go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dish, cook at home, or do something cool and unique like going to a paintball place.

Men and women can agree that date nights are a good way to keep connecting with each other. This isn't something that only women want to do, even if it seems like some guys complain about having to be romantic or go on a fancy date night. The best thing about being in a perfect relationship is you don't have to make things fancy at all. You can have a casual evening and it's still the best ever.

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