25 Signs We Should Ditch Our Boyfriend In The New Year

Since a lot of people make a New Year's Resolution to finally locate that special someone, it makes sense that even women in a serious relationship would think about their love lives.

While it can be easy to ignore the fact that they're part of a not-so-great relationship the rest of the year, the fresh start of January changes things. People realize what they want to keep in their lives—their best friends, their hobbies, a positive mindset—and what they want to get rid of.

It's an unfortunate truth that the person that a girl started dating isn't always the same person that she is now in a serious relationship with. People do alter their goals and who they are, and it's not much fun to realize that she might not like this version after all.

Now that everyone is making resolutions and thinking about what they want the next year to look like, it makes sense that they might realize that their relationship isn't what it was once. In fact, it might not be making them happy at all.

Is it time to break up with a bad-news boyfriend in 2019? It just might be. Here are 25 signs that a girl should ditch her current boyfriend in the new year.

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25 He Never Texts Us Back


We definitely want to be in a relationship with a guy who texts us back. It's all too easy to think that if our boyfriend never texts us back, it's no big thing and we shouldn't get upset. He might even tell us that.

But this speaks to something more important: the fact that he doesn't respect us or the relationship.

The truth is that if he did, he would always respond to our messages, whether we were telling him what we want for dinner or what movie we want to watch tonight.

24 He Would Rather See His Friends Than Us


We're so glad that it's Friday night because that means that we can hang out with our boyfriend, whether we head over to our local pub or stay home to watch a movie. But more often than not, we realize that he's more content to hang out with his friends and, in fact, he makes plans with them every weekend.

If we're unhappy about this, then it's a sign that we should ditch our boyfriend in 2019. He should want to spend as much time with us as we do with him. When we're not on the same page in terms of quality time, it's strange and confusing. Maybe he doesn't want to have a serious girlfriend.

23 He Whines Instead Of Being Sweet And Romantic


We all should have a boyfriend who is romantic at least sometimes. While he doesn't have to shower us with flowers on a daily basis, it would definitely be nice if he would tell us how much we mean to him regularly.

When our boyfriend whines instead of being sweet and romantic, it makes us wonder why he's being so negative.

He doesn't whisper sweet nothings or say anything along those lines, and when we ask why we never do anything romantic or celebrate big dates (like anniversaries or Valentine's Day), he just complains some more. We definitely need more than this.

22 We're Envious Of The Other Couples We Know


It's human nature to be envious of people sometimes. Our best friend's boyfriend proposed with a beautiful ring and we wish that we had that, too, or our sister is going on an amazing vacation to Italy in a few months and we haven't been on vacation in a while.

We shouldn't be super jealous of someone else's relationship, though, because we should feel that what we have is good enough. If we do feel envy when looking at the couples that we know, it's telling us that we should ditch our boyfriend because we can tell that something is missing.

21 We No Longer Have Anything In Common


It wouldn't be possible to have tons and tons in common with anyone, from our siblings to friends to our boyfriend. But we do want to have some stuff in common with our BF because otherwise, it might be tough to talk to him every day... and we do want to talk to him every day if we're going to be in a serious relationship.

When we find that we no longer have anything in common with him, it's going to make us think hard about the relationship.

This could be telling us that we should break up this year because we might realize that we really have no connection anymore. We have nothing to chat about and no activities to do together.

20 We Want To Travel More And He Doesn't


Many of us have decided that we really want to travel more in 2019. Since travel is so expensive, it's not always possible, so we often save up and plan trips ahead of time in order to make it happen.

If we want to travel more and our boyfriend doesn't, this shows us that we have very different wants, needs, and personalities. We should be able to go on trips with the person that we're the closest to and be able to share those experiences. This could be telling us that we are two different people who want different things out of life and who have different dreams and goals.

19 We Want To Get Fitter And He Doesn't


It's exciting when we finally find a fit lifestyle that we know that we can live. Whether it's pilates or yoga or running, we know that we feel great when we work out and we've realized how much we enjoy it.

But instead of patting us on the back and joining in, our boyfriend wants nothing to do with getting fitter.

Instead, he is content to stay home all the time and he never wants to break a sweat. This can be pretty frustrating and it's even worse when he doesn't support the fact that we love living a healthy lifestyle.

18 We've Met Someone Else Who Seems More Mature


Just because we have a boyfriend doesn't mean that he's the best, most mature person for us to be with. It's totally possible that we have outgrown our boyfriend and our relationship and when we meet another guy who seems more mature, all of this becomes pretty obvious.

This definitely means that we should ditch our boyfriend in 2019. We could be looking at a much better relationship and something that will make us a lot happier, and it's okay to admit that we don't want to be with our current BF anymore. If we're not getting along or making each other happy, we shouldn't stay together.

17 We Get The Feeling He Wants To Break Up


Just because a couple is still together doesn't mean that they both want to stay that way. It's possible that our boyfriend actually wants to break up with us but there are a few reasons why he hasn't said anything to us about it yet.

We might get the feeling that he wants things to be over between us, and this could make us realize that he's on the right track.

Of course, if this is what we're thinking, then we should bring it up to him so we can have a discussion about it, but more often than not, this will mean that we're not right for each other.

16 We Never Have Any Fun Together


Couples should definitely have fun together, and when we feel like we're no longer smiling or laughing when we're around our partner, that's not the best thing to realize.

While relationships ebb and flow, the amount of fun that we have with our boyfriend shouldn't change that much. Sure, people have stressful times at work or go through something difficult, but we should still think that our boyfriend is the most fun person for us to hang out with. If we're no longer having a great time together, the relationship may have run its course, and this is something to think about now that it's 2019.

15 We Know In Our Heart We Could Do Better


People often talk about settling and how we shouldn't stay with someone when you think that we might have settled.

It can be hard to tell ourselves that we settled and we could do a lot better than our boyfriend, but it just might be true.

When we find ourselves having this thought, it's a sign to ditch our boyfriend now that it's a new year. While it's going to be tough to go through a breakup, it's better than staying longer than we should, or continuing to feel like we're in the wrong situation. We know what we deserve, even if it takes us a while to admit it to ourselves.

14 It No Longer Feels Right

We Heart It

We know what feels right and what doesn't. When we went on our first date with our now-boyfriend, we probably said that it felt super right and that was also what we told our friends and family. This isn't something that we can explain all that well. It's honestly just a feeling.

When something doesn't feel right anymore, then it's time to leave it behind. That could be how we're feeling about our relationship. If that's the case, then 2019 is the time for us to ditch our boyfriend and think hard about the kind of relationship that we really want to be in.

13 He Has Changed Too Much Or Not At All


People want to grow and change together in a relationship. If we've been waiting for our boyfriend to change in a few ways (like growing up and becoming more serious about saving money or his job, for one thing) and he doesn't, that's not great.

And if he's changed too much and we don't really get along with the person that he is now, that's not great, either.

Change is a tricky thing but if we're unable to recognize the person that he is now, or we're tired of dealing with the same old relationship problems, that could tell us that it's too late to fix things.

12 No One In Our Life Is A Big Fan Of Him


When we introduce our boyfriend to our friends and family, they should like him and think that he's a good person for us to be with.

What if no one is a big fan of him? What if our friends and family are always telling us that we shouldn't be a couple and that there are aspects of his personality or life that they don't think are good? Honestly, this is telling us that this isn't the right relationship for us and this could be a reason for us to leave him in 2019. If he was truly right for us, they would know and they would say it.

11 We Find Ourselves Getting Frustrated By Little Things He Does


It's normal to get annoyed when our boyfriend doesn't clean up one night after dinner or when he forgets to put laundry in the dryer and leaves it in the washing machine for several hours. When we're in a relationship with someone, little things always come up that are pretty frustrating.

But if we find ourselves getting annoyed with him all the time about these small things and habits, then that's another story.

This could be showing us that we're not thrilled with him anymore and that our feelings have changed. Otherwise, this stuff wouldn't bother us at all because we would be thinking warm and fuzzy feelings about him.

10 He Seems Unhappy

The Gottman Institute

Do we look over at our boyfriend when we're watching TV together at night and think that he seems unhappy? Is he always in a low, down mood, even when we're at our favorite brunch restaurant or cooking together?

This is definitely not something to ignore and it could be telling us that all is not well between the two of us. We can ask him what's going on and when we hear his answer, he might just be telling us that he's not happy anymore.

9 The Relationship Hasn't Changed In All This Time


Relationships change naturally. Being with someone for one month will look different from being with someone for two years. That's inevitable.

It's strange if we realize that our relationship hasn't changed in all of the time that we've been with our boyfriend.

Maybe it feels like things are kind of dull between us and he doesn't seem interested in working on it, or he's not growing up and we're not able to get more serious about each other. Whatever is going on, it's possible that it's time to break up now that it's a new year and we're making plans and resolutions.

8 We Find Ourselves Thinking About Our Ex-Boyfriend


It would be totally impossible to never think about our ex-boyfriend or imagine what life would be like. After all, we might have married him and we'd be in a much different spot today than we actually are. No one would blame us for going down memory lane sometimes.

But if we find ourselves thinking about our ex-boyfriend on a super regular basis, that's definitely something different, and it could tell us that we need to ditch our current boyfriend. Maybe something is still there with our ex, or maybe we're just not happy in our current situation. Either way, it's telling us an important thing.

7 We're Always Worried He's Going To Judge Us


It's not good if we bring things up to our boyfriend and he laughs, cracks jokes, makes fun of us, and generally seems like he's being pretty judgemental.

It's unfortunately all too easy to think that he's just being funny or that we shouldn't take him seriously, but we should definitely take him seriously.

If we're always worried that he's going to pass judgment on our thoughts, words, and actions, that's not a good situation. We need to feel free to talk about anything.

6 He Won't Talk About Marriage


We often hear about guys who hate the idea of marriage and who make jokes and complain about it, but most of the time, when someone is truly in love, they will forget their preconceived notions and just go for it.

It's not fair when our boyfriend won't even talk about getting married. We've told him that this is something that we want and he won't even have the discussion, let alone make an actual plan or talk about when we think that this would be a good thing for us. This proves that he's not interested in having a future with us.

5 He Keeps Putting Off Moving In Together

Elite Daily

Not every couple moves in together right away. Some couples even wait a few years. It's totally fine to move in together according to our own timeline and what feels right to us.

But it's unfair if our boyfriend keeps putting it off.

If we've had this discussion about 100 times and he keeps saying, "Sure, maybe in a few months, just not right now" then this is telling us that he's never going to want to live together. And that proves that we're not on the same track about our future as a couple.

4 We See His Family All The Time, Not Our Own


It can be tough to balance spending time with our family and with our boyfriend's family. That doesn't mean, of course, that we should ignore our own relatives in favor of seeing his all the time.

Have we recently realized that it's weeks or months since we've had dinner or gathering with our own clan because our boyfriend always wants us to go see his family? This could be telling us that he doesn't want to become a big part of our family or our life and that he's not interested in being super serious. This shouldn't be happening at all.

3 We're Drifting Apart


It's not like we wake up one day and think, "Oh, I'm drifting apart from my boyfriend... weird." We definitely notice this happening over time. Now that it's a new year, it's time to think about the state of our relationship.

Drifting apart is never good and it proves that there are some problems that we have to deal with.

We might find that there are some things about the relationship that aren't worth fixing or that are honestly too complicated to solve. Sometimes couples feel that there is a big distance between them, and it's impossible to get close again.

2 We're Not Getting Any Emotional Support


Emotional support is a big part of any successful relationship. Without it, we can't talk to our boyfriend about whatever is on our minds or the things that are bothering us. This means that we'll turn to our friends or family instead, and that's fine... but we should be able to talk to our boyfriend about most of these things.

Chances are, we might tell our boyfriend that we don't feel like we can talk to him anymore, and he might be confused or say that we're trying to start a fight. It's possible that the relationship has changed too much for us to get back to where we were.

1 We've Fallen Out Of Love (Or Never Loved Him)


The final reason that we might find that it's time to ditch our boyfriend now it's 2019: we've fallen out of love with him or we never actually loved him.

It takes a lot of courage to say that our current situation isn't love and that we want to change it.

We can be super inspired by a fresh new year and decide that this is the time for us to figure this out. We can remind ourselves that real love is possible to find and that it's what we deserve. And 2019 could be the year that we finally find it.

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