25 Little-Known Details About Anne Hathaway's Private Life

Are you all ready to see Anne Hathaway rock the silver screen again later this month, in her new drama/thriller film alongside Matthew McConaughey?

Whenever the stunning and talented A-lister hits the big screen, she captivates our hearts. Even when she is absent from the limelight, this star is still always on our minds. Is it her mysterious flair? Is it her quiet private life? Is it because she is drama free? Or is it because she always blows our minds with her movie roles?

The Hollywood heavyweight has landed many epic roles like The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries, The Dark Knight Rules and Les Misérables, and each time, she leaves us with our jaws on the floor.

However, besides her obvious beauty and on-screen talent, there is more to her than meets the eye. She is a star that could do no harm, and all of Hollywood loves her, but we want you to know about the polarizing actress and mother before you catch her make her mark again in her new film.

We promise that these facts will surprise you and make you love her even more ― if that is even possible. And trust us, if a woman could put on a leather Catwoman suit and slay it, she can surprise you in many other ways too ― whip!

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25 Her Very Own "Princess Diaries" Day

via Mental Floss

We do not see much of her on social media; Hathaway is not one to share what she does throughout all her days like the Kardashians, so how is she in real life?

Hathaway is a person who is extremely humble and thankful; a woman who is grounded. As a matter of fact, this may sound strange as it is not something she shares with the public, but every August 3, she has a little celebration by herself. Why? Her birthday? Not at all, but for the anniversary of the film The Princess Diaries since it was her breakthrough role. It was the day that she had her very own fairy tale!

24 Hathaway Has Another Job

via Glamour

Many do not know this about Hathaway, because she is rather low key, but Hathaway does more than just pick up epic movie roles. The actress, since 2017, has been spending her years as a UN Goodwill Ambassador to affect change. As an actress and a mother of an adorable and squishy baby boy, she knows first hand what problems come with parental leave and gender inequality in the workplace.

Hathaway has been fighting to make changes in the parental leave policy so that it could be paid. What a gracious and hardworking woman!

23 Taking On Her Roles Too Seriously Gets The Best Of Her Sometimes

via Instagram

Hathaway, who is the kind of actress that fully immerses herself in her roles, has gotten into a bit of trouble in her private life because of doing so.

When she was filming the 2008 film Rachel Getting Married, for which she got an Oscar nomination for, she picked up a habit that she struggled with immensely; smoking. The movie covered the life of someone in recovery, and because of that, for years, she became a very heavy smoker. Until this day, she admits that it is an ongoing struggle. She told the New York Times, "It's actually pretty disgusting."

22 You Won’t Catch Hathaway At Sunday Mass

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Hathaway did not always want to be the Oscar-winning actress as a child; she had other horizons and a dream at the complete end of the spectrum of who she is today.

You'd be flabbergasted to know that Hathaway admitted she wanted to become a nun.

However, that did not go as planned (obviously), but now, Hathaway claims she is "nothing" and has no "religion." The Catholic religion would not accept her gay brother, and then her parents converted to Episcopalianism, and that did not flow too well either, so, she lives and leads a life without any religion.

21 Her Most Iconic Role Wasn't Initially Hers

via Nova 919

Hathaway is a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it ― bow down to Queen H!

Now that we know Hathaway is a nervous wreck at times, and a fashionista, we can confirm that the role of Andy Sachs in the smash film The Devil Wears Prada was positively meant for her. However, it did not come as easy to her as her role in The Princess Diaries. This time around, she had to do some begging.

She literally begged producers for her iconic role and traced the words "hire me" in Fox executive president Carla Hacken's desktop sand garden.

We can totally see her doing that!

20 Cats Are Not Her Thing

via Batman Wiki - Fandom

Remember when Hathaway looked sizzling hot in her tight black Catwoman suit? It is safe to say, that when The Dark Knight Rules came out, she was running the world ― with that whip in hand, who would want to get near her?

Ironically, the actress has a prominent allergy to cats. We're not sure if she had to be around cats to try and act like one for the movie, as we know she immerses herself into each role. Who knew?

19 Hathaway Had To Shed Some Weight

via Pinterest

Though Hollywood always seems so lavish and glamorous, it is not a lovely trek for every actor. When it comes to taking on certain movie roles, a change in appearance could be required, and Hathaway is very private about that.

For more than one movie, Hathaway had to adapt her lifestyle to transform her body (we know, we don't get it either, she is super fit). For her role in Les Misérables as Fantine, the gorgeous brunette beauty was required to lose 25 pounds, and she did. However, she also did not speak a word of her weight loss because she does not agree with that.

18 Hathaway And Her Bestie

via Instagram

Not many know this of Hathaway, but her optimistic outlook on life comes a lot from fellow actress, who is the drop-dead gorgeous red head Jessica Chastain.

Back in 2015, when she spoke to Us Weekly, she exclaimed, without hesitation, that her New Year's resolution was that she wanted to be more like the Mad Men actress (who makes everyone go bonkers). Fast forward to 2019, and Hathaway posted a picture on her unique 'gram of her and Chastain with the caption "You complete me." We bet half of the world did not know of their bond up until that post.

17 Hathaway Does Not Take On Just Anything

via Instagram

Although being an actress in Hollywood is all about getting those top-notch roles, some prefer to stay true to themselves and turn them down,

Hathaway is a woman of her word, so when she was offered the starring role in the comedy Knocked Up, she let it slip. Why would she turn down a role that was so successfully promising? Well, Hathaway, who then, was still not a lovely mother, did not agree with taking it and having to take part in an explicit birth scene. She said, “My issue was that having not experienced motherhood myself, I didn’t know how I was [going to] feel on the other side about giving birth.”

16 Hathaway Refuses Phone Conversations

via Instagram

With social media booming nowadays, and most of our lives revolving around our phones, Hathaway is very peculiar with her phone. She has admitted that she is not a phone person; she literally cannot take a minute of being on the phone and having a discussion. She once expressed that even calling the pizza guy is horrifying. Sounds like phone phobia!

15 Hathaway Was Miserable

via Vanity Fair

However, after all the hard work, sweat, and tears she put into Les Misérables, she did not feel deserving.

We rooted for Hathaway when she won the Academy Award for her exceptional performance, but the star is much harder on herself than we thought. When she gave her speech for accepting the Oscar, it was all fake happiness ― how could we tell? She is an actress after all. Well, because Hathaway came forward and said,

"I felt wrong that I was standing there in a gown that cost more than some people are going to see in their lifetime, and winning an award for portraying pain that’s still felt very much a part of our collective experience as human beings.”

Well, she's definitely got a point there.

14 Eating Restrictions

via Instagram

It is not like you're going to be besties with the superb actress tomorrow, but just in case you ever bump into her in Los Angeles or New York, we want to give you a little tip.

Some people will send drinks or food to celebrities, but if you send anything to Hathaway with milk, she will not have a smooth night. We truly hope no one ever offers her a sole cheese board, because the sophisticated actress we adore is lactose intolerant ― moo!

13 Her Name Is So Meaningful

via Glamour

It is not far-fetched to say that Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman can be the real-life Romeo and Juliet ― you know that play from the most iconic and greatest English writer William Shakespeare?

Well, you'll be thrilled to know that Hathaway shares some link to the English poet and playwright as she is named after Shakespeare's wife. Now go refresh your memory and look at a picture of the young Shakespeare and Hathaway's beau, and there is an apparent resemblance. Is it just a coincidence?

12 Like Mother, Like Daughter

via Pinterest

The apple does not fall far from the tree; the classy Hathaway is like another version of her mother. Well, way back when, Hathaway's mom, Kate, also played the part of Fantine in Les Misérables for its first traveling tour.

Hathaway wanted to nail this tricky role badly, and luckily for her, she had her mom to go to for inspiration and to ask for a few tricks and tips.

It was certainly meant to be that she played the role. "I think it allowed me to connect on a deeper level to the character, knowing how much it meant to her,” her mom said.

11 Hathaway Had A Scary Incident

via Instagram

More often than we know, people go through near-death experiences, and celebrities are not immune to that.

In 2014, at the beginning of a new year, Hathaway experienced something none of us ever want to, but she emerged a champion. The sweetheart actress almost drowned while she was vacationing with her handsome husband on holiday in Oahu, Hawaii. The star, who commented on her horrifying situation, made it clear that she was stuck in a riptide. Shulman, who was laying on the sand, was alarmed and went to get his wife out, luckily. However, she also claimed that she was fine because of her swimming skills.

10 Hathaway Was In Money Trouble

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Sometimes, celebrities, even the most lovable ones, get into trouble too. In 2005, the actress experienced a financial problem; she was sued.

In 2005, she took a trip to visit the Bahamas and the A-lister stayed in a house that she did not pay for. Her response? She was a guest there and no one demanded money from her. It was not news that made the front page (thank goodness), but it certainly spilled to the media.

9 Hathaway The Clutz

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Not many newcomers in Hollywood are lucky to land a role on the spot, but Hathaway did, and her career took off from there.

In 2001, Hathaway was in the middle of a production for an independent film, but she gave it a shot and auditioned for The Princess Diaries. Before arriving to her "big" audition, she was told that director Garry Marshall was the only one who was going to be present, but when she got there, she ran into a bunch of significant people and her nerves got the best of her. How nervous did she get though? “At some point during the audition,” Hathaway said,

“I got really nervous and fell out of my chair, and I think that’s what he was most impressed with.”

And the magical role was hers!

8 Hathaway Wants To Help The World

via afrodita

We love it when celebs become philanthropists; it is incredibly heartwarming, and Hathaway is no stranger to giving out a helping hand.

Back in 2006, when the pretty brunette was dating her real estate Italian boyfriend Raffaello Follieri at the time, the two took a trip to San Marcos in Nicaragua to do just that. She took the time to live like others. She went there with open arms and made a change by vaccinating 1,000 children against Hepatitis A.

7 She’s Fashion Forward And Friendly

via Instagram

Just when we thought we could not love the elegant actress even more, we found this out.

If there is one thing that stands out most about Hathaway, besides her flawless smile, luscious locks, and immense talent, it is her style. Hathaway looks just as chic in jogging pants as she does in a skirt!

When it comes to Hathaway's trendy style, it is all about what is vintage. In an interview with ABC News, she proudly exclaimed that her clothes mostly come from the second-hand department. Why is that so when she makes so much moolah? For the environment she says.

6 Hathaway Is Like One Of The Boys

via Pinterest

Okay, so, Hathaway loves fashion, is a philanthropist, and besides that, is also a successful actress ― what more can she do?

Well, she can probably kick your butt to the curb when it comes to discussing America's beloved sport, football.

Hathaway is a huge and devoted football fan, claiming the teams she cheers for to be the New York Giants and the San Diego Chargers. Hey, maybe she should be linked up with the new bachelor Colton Underwood (just kidding).

5 Hathaway Sings In The Shower

via Pinterest

Les Misérables was a gigantic movie for Hathaway; besides having an emotional connection to Fantine because her mother once played her, she got to show Hollywood and the world another side of her. Seriously, Hathaway, you're perfect as it is!

If you watched the musical, you may have been shocked or in awe when you heard Hathaway belt it out! The stunning actress is certainly a triple-threat or quadruple-threat at this point. Though the film was a hit, many do not know that Hathaway has always been a talented soprano singer.

4 Hathaway Bites The Dust Again

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Clearly, Hathaway is just way too ambitious to stop at nothing ― you go, girl!

We all know she is an actress, but did you know that Hathaway finds pleasure in doing some voice over? We're pretty sure you have hysterically laughed at her stints on both Family Guy and The Simpsons. Yes, she does not limit herself as you may have noticed, and she even took home an Emmy Award for her role as another princess, Princess Penelope in The Simpsons.

3 Hathaway Was In A Sticky Situation

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We mentioned before that once upon a time, Hathaway was in love with an Italian, Raffaello Follieri, but things did not end so well; her ex-lover had dirty hands.

In 2008, he got in trouble with the law for fraud and money laundering, and because she was in a relationship with the con man, things got messy. Besides surely being embarrassed to begin with, because the breakup went viral, she also had her privacy invaded as the FBI had to seize all her diaries.

2 She Should Have Been A Spice Girl

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Hathaway should be the advocate for girl power ― we are totally down for that!

We have probably blown you away by now with how how humble this actress actually is, but she is quite the busy bee when she is not working late nights in front of the camera. On the side, she also goes hard for many other charities, ones that have a mission to empower women, like Lollipop Theatre Network and Step Up Women's Network. Hathaway is quite the resourceful and powerful woman!

1 "Go Hard Or Go Home!"

via Instagram

It's no kidding Hathaway has a thriving acting career; she makes her roles a complete part of her. We want to share with you an example of greatness, something not heard of quite often.

In Les Misérables, Hathaway's iconic scene was the "I Dreamed a Dream" part, and it gave us all the feels. But did you know that to complete that one scene of hers, she took 8 hours? According to Hathaway, she wanted to make sure she got as deep into her character as she could.

References: vogue.com, fame10.com

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