25 Celebs Who Can Rock A Mustache Like Nobody’s Business

Here's the proof that any man can level up real fast on the handsomeness scale with just a little extra scruff on his face. And he doesn't have to wait around for Movember to do it (although, growing out the grizzlies for a good cause will definitely win him a lot of brownie points).

He can just take his cues from the dashing men of Hollywood and join the bro squad's latest fascination with the fuzzy upper lip, 70's style.

And for guys who aren't the type who can grow out a full beard in a couple of hours, don't sweat it. With the right 'stache care products and a shaving razor, anybody can make the college stubble and the peach fuzz look dang delicious!

Plus, you can always tune into Queer Eye on Netflix and stock up on some much-needed grooming tips from Jonathan Van Ness, the fab five grooming expert. After all, as the experts note, "When your best look is fresh out of bed Sasquatch, it is not inspiring for your lady. At all."

So here are 25 celebs who can rock a mustache (and a beard) like nobody's business to point guys everywhere in the right direction.

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25 Man. Boy. Man. Boy. Man


Tyler Durden might have required initiates to buzz down and clean up in Fight Club, but Brad Pitt would rather you do whatever the heck you want to do with your facial hair.

Thus, the change-ups in his facial-hair preferences almost every year from clean shaven to upper-lip 'staches to the goatee.

Although, he's yet to wow us with a full beard, which makes us wonder if he can even grow one! Doesn't he look like the handsome dad from next door in this?

24 We Never Thought We Would See Chris Evans Grow Out His Stubble


Raise your hands if you think Chris Evans looks way better with the beard-and-mustache combo than with this brown squirrel growing over his upper lips. Okay, that might just be me. But he doesn't care either way.

Anyhoo, when he was asked about the 'stache on Seth Meyers' late night talk show, he laughed and said that the mustache had changed his face so much that people had to gawk at him for a long while to realize he was Chris Evans. And that if he kept on the fuzz after Avengers: Infinity War wrapped up, his choice of movie roles would be limited to a cop or a guy who wanted to be a cop and got rejected!

23 This Is Everything!


To be honest, it's hard to think of Robert Downey Jr. without some serious facial hair. But there was a time when the man strutted his stuff with a face cleaner than a drought-stricken land.

Googled it yet? Now you know why a little fuzz can make a whole bucket of difference!

Besides, the man is Tony Stark. And if you are a fan, you will know how little RDJ had to act to fill in those Iron boots. Or change his classic mustachioed style!

22 Honestly, This Is Better Than A Pair Of Glasses As Disguise


Ah! This fine old gent from across the pond. Doesn't he look like he dropped straight out of some period drama complete with breeches and statement walking sticks?

Makes you wonder why Clark Kent thought a pair of wire-rimmed glasses would be the perfect disguise for his (shocker!) maskless Superman getup. It's not that Kryptonians could not grow them manly hairs. Just check out Jor-El!

Besides, it's easier to catch the attention of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist when you look buff.

21 Childish Gambino Or Donald Glover?


We know they are the same person, but you have got to admit that the personalities are strikingly different.

Almost like DG decided to pull an April Fool's prank on us one day and then decided he liked the wild, crazy Childish Gambino character. Right down to the facial hair!

But then again, you've got to have some scruff when your songs and music videos like to shake people out of their comfort zone and make them think about uncomfortable realities.

20 What Just Happened Here?


This is the man who celebrated the 20th anniversary of Clueless just a while back without looking a day older than his 20-years-younger self.

This is the man whose clean-shaven, and sometimes, one-day-old stubbled face got him stereotyped as the "safe boyfriend" of Hollywood.

This is the man who, when he told his son he was going to play Ant-Man, got the retort, "Wow, I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be."

And now he decides to age overnight? #mindblown #whatjusthappenedhere

19 No Way!


He might be back to his classic clean-shaven getup now, but this picture is a reminder that all you need to go from a handsome, if shy, man to a seedy sales guy is just a light dusting of squirrel hair over your upper lips.

Because there's no way we can call that a mustache!

Anyhoo, while it lasted, Mark Ruffalo did not give two cares about what people thought about the 'stache. And that, my dear, is a lesson in confidence!

18 The Unforgettable Ron Swanson


You know you are a man when your mustache is thick enough to eradicate every trace of lips on your face. Even when you smile.

At least, that's what Chapter 6 of the Bro Code Manual says (do we need to explain that that was a joke?).

And Nick Offerman, a.k.a Ron Swanson, is the perfect example of that maxim. In fact, his picture can be found on page 97 of the manual (in case you were wondering).

17 *Gasp*


It's a thug life when you grow a goatee and a thin mustache. Not that Michael B. Jordan is a thug. He just played that role in Black Panther. Of course, he's cleaned up a bit since then, right?

Anyhoo, facial hair agrees with this man.

That's why this classic rugged look looks so dang handsome on him. 'Cause we all know someone who tried this look and ended up with something gross above their upper lip.

Don't you agree?

16 The Middle Hemsworth


You know there are three of them. But for the life of you, you cannot remember the name of the first. Or, think of the third without thinking of Hunger Games or Miley Cyrus. But that's not the case with the middle Hemsworth.

Not just because he's Thor. Plain and simple. But also because he can rock a mean mustache and beard like nobody's business!

Raise your hands if you want to see those 'stache ends drip salt water as he emerges from the sea-hugging sands of Australia.

15 A Mustachioed Bond


There's something about guys from Britain and mustaches that makes us wonder if the entire country is flooded with hair-growing genes? Even the women seem to be well-endowed with it in the countryside!

Well, Daniel Craig sure seems to rock his with the pizzazz of a satisfied gentleman.

Although, to be honest, this picture doesn't capture the sharp contrast between his icy-blue eyes and his upper-lip growth as well as it does in The Golden Compass.

14 A Comical Mustache For A Comic Genius


Have you seen Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle yet? If you haven't, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Not that we will spoil it for you.

All we'll tell you is that Jack Black really knows how to be a girl! And that's saying something when you are one of those lucky men who can grow a perfect handlebar mustache, even if the beard takes some effort to sprout. We bet he's liking being a real guy's guy again after that film!

13 Not Old. Silver


If anyone can pull off a silver fox from the countryside, that would be Sam Elliott. No wonder this veteran thespian keeps nailing those cowboy and rancher roles. That deep, Western drawl has to count for something, doesn't it, henny?

Besides, it's a dang, fine day when you get to see that deep smile line cut around his face like a chinstrap while his mustache ends flutter upwards as if winking at the sky.

We know it's just a picture but we are still smiling!

12 Who's That Bad Boy?


He could have easily scooped up all the lead roles in all the rom-coms of his choice. But then he wouldn't be Colin Farrell. The Hollywood pretty face who likes to play characters with coal-black hearts. And when he doesn't, the backstory does!

Not that we are complaining. Because if villains can look this delicious, we sure ain't gonna be on the side of the hero! Those long locks and gruff scruff agree, clearly, so we kinda hope they stick around.

11 A Teddy Bear Is Born


Bradley Cooper is not a style chameleon. He likes his blue suits, few-days'-old stubble, and simple haircuts.

That's why when the posters for A Star Is Born were released, we couldn't help but gape in surprise at the exquisite (and thick!) growth of the beardial kind on his face.

But perhaps we shouldn't have been so surprised. After all, didn't we all miss his hairy chest when he shaved down for a GQ movie issue a few years back? Add that and his long locks and we should have known that he's one of those men who keep the fuzz under control for fear of waking up a forest one day!

10 This Is What A Real Mustache Looks Like


There are some men who look the best when they are young but progressively become shrunken male-crones as the years go by. And then there are those who look the part when they are young but become their own brand of fine wine as they age. Ian McKellen is of the latter kind.

Just look at this picture! The frame of silvery locks and silver facial hair is so perfect that we can't help but get lost in the deep wells of his eyes. It's utterly magnificent! And disarming.

Plus, the best beard-mustache looks are those that give off an aura of respectability that even a child would think twice before ruffling!

9 Celebrity Crush: Check!


If there's a man on this planet who has experimented with his looks more than Johnny Depp has for all the myriad movie roles he has played, we probably would have heard of him by now. Even trying to think of someone of the same ilk sounds only crickets in our mind!

Thus, the dashing mustachioed look in The Tourist and the eccentric, almost matted, braided beard-points in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Even his latest avatar as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits the nail on the mustache style.

We rest our case.



Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No way! Can we all say 'Ewww'? Absolutely nada. Nuh uh!

Because if you didn't have the same kinda outburst after seeing Andrew Garfield in what he thinks is a class A mustache (someone please school the child!), you either are too big a fan to care or too big a fan to care. See what we did there?

Not that he has any pennies to spare for our sentiments. Remember that distinctive werewolf beard he had going on before this look surfaced?

It's a classic example of the hair-growing gene exerting its dominance while the rest of the DNA carries only boyhood stuff.

7 Not A Stubble 'Stache

Vanity Fair

There's no denying that Ryan Gosling is greek-god level handsome. But he sometimes looks like a thirty-something trying to pull off the drop-year look when he goes hairy. Not always. But sometimes.

Nevertheless, for the most part, the Gosling man is a great beard-grower. And you just have to watch the latter half of The Notebook to see it in action.

The problem just crops up when he decides to go mustache. Not that he cares what we think. It's all for his art. Cause the real Ryan likes to be clean.

6 Don't Shave That Mustache, Watson!


Jude Law has been clean shaven for most of his life. But he's a Brit and so you know he has a ripe crop waiting to sprout from under his skin when the conditions are just right. Like, when he was cast as Dr. Watson and needed to let the scruff grow so he could play the part right.

And just like all those rapid-growers from across the pond, he was unrecognizable when he finally shaved the entire thing once the shooting wrapped up. At least, that's what RDJ had to say about his co-star's transformation. And we agree!

5 The Actor Who Never Aged


And then he went ahead and pulled a rabbit out of the hat by growing a full face of hair that made him age 30 years in one second! He's no Pharell Williams (AKA vampire), that's for sure.

That's Keanu Reeves for you. The Matrix guy who went full out John Wick on us like nobody's business.

(Remember the dog?)

Anyhoo, we ain't complaining. Do you see those mad sideburns? It's like a racetrack on that face!

4 And We Are Swooning!


Here's the secret to the best chocolate milk on the planet. Just add a pinch of salt. It takes the drink from a kid's evening snack to something that can replace my martini any time of the day!

Seems like Idris Elba caught that recipe too. Cause that's some mean salt and pepper going on right there!

Want a tip: put a finger on your adam's apple and shape your beard up till there. It frames the face like a work of art.

3 Don't Judge A Man By His Ability To Grow A Mustache


Or the reason why he grew it in the first place. Because Adam Levine thought he was being funny when he grew his out. But ended up looking creepy and a total attention hog. Although, you gotta admit, he definitely was gunning for attention.

So the 'stache happened, and there was an uproar.

But who cares when you can sing notes that only dogs can hear? And are so fly that no one knows the names of the rest of your bandmates!

2 We Can't Take It Anymore!


When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, Twitter had a nervous breakdown. The best response being "Nooooooooooooo!"

But the man stunned us silent when the teaser dropped and Batman's presence smoked our little phone screens. We never saw it coming! That beard is everything.

Ah, well! Can't always have them be shining millionnaire-playboys, can we? Not that Batman is that. He just like to keep people on their toes with that mask.

1 * Drops Mic *


Mamma, I am not gonna lie! That man knows what he's doing when he wakes up every day and puts that razor to his face.

Besides, you can't embarrass your adult son if you look more like his older brother than his father. So, of course, the beard's got to stay.

Plus, how else are you going to keep the masses on their toes unless you keep changing up your beard every few months? It's called relevance. And Will Smith never loses it.

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