25 Celebs Showing Off Their Spectacular 'Specs Appeal'

Once upon a time, many people didn’t gravitate towards eyeglasses because of the stereotypes. Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries was a geeky teenager with frizzy hair and glasses, but she started to receive a lot of attention from people and guys started to notice her after she got a glasses-free makeover.

Glasses might make a person look scholarly, but the look can also give off a sensual, alluring vibe as it did for Mila Kunis in Ted and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent.

Many celebrities used to opt for contact lenses, but it seems like more celebrities are rocking their specs these days both on and off the red carpet.

While there are some who have to wear them to see better, there are others who use them as a fashion statement. Glasses are super trendy, and they look chic when done right. That being said, first and foremost, find a pair that flatters your face—oversized round frames or rectangular frames, to name a few.

Here's a list of 25 gorgeous celebrities showing off their spectacular specs appeal. Hopefully, these looks will inspire fans to keep their glasses (and even inspire those who don’t need them to get a pair).

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25 Selena Gomez Shows How To Wear Glasses With Style


Selena Gomez looked stunning in a floral lace dress at the Prada Resort 2019 Fashion Show in New York City this past May.

She put her brown hair in an updo, and she accessorized her outfit with a stylish brown satchel, a pair of black mules, and silver wire-framed glasses.

It seems like these glasses are her go-to because she's rocked them a few times on her coffee runs wearing sweats. Selena makes glasses look good whether she's dressed up or down.

24 How Cute Are These Oversized Glasses On Hilary Duff?


Anyone who follows Hilary Duff knows that she owns so many stylish glasses. She sometimes posts selfies with different glasses on social media, and she looks amazing in all of them. She even has her own eyewear line with GlassesUSA called Muse x Hilary Duff Collection, which was released early this year. In her promo video, Hilary said, “Glasses are my passion. I felt like I could inspire women with my designs, help them see better while also feeling confident and looking beautiful.”

23 Megan Fox Rocks Her Rectangular Frames On A Coffee Run


The right pair of glasses can flatter your face shape, and Megan Fox looks gorgeous with rectangular frames.

The actress doesn’t wear glasses as much as she used to at the beginning of her rise to fame, but wearing contacts all day can be uncomfortable, so she does occasionally put on glasses when she's out running errands or for a role.

In 2016, Megan had to wear oversized black-rimmed frames in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and she gave us major eyewear envy.

22 Emily Ratajkowski’s Glasses Make The Perfect Fashion Statement


Whenever Emily Ratajkowski flaunts specs on social media, it makes us want to get a pair! Forget contact lenses and Lasik—she proves that glasses can be chic. Her favorite eyewear designer seems to be Garrett Leight, and he said (via Allure), “Eyewear is just a fun accessory in general that makes everyone take a second look, because it’s usually the first thing you notice on a person. And with everyone’s short attention span these days, a second look has a lifetime of value.”

21 Glasses Only Make Ryan Gosling Look More Attractive


Ryan Gosling is a good-looking man, and him wearing glasses isn’t going to change that. If anything, it makes him even more attractive.

When he wears glasses on the red carpet in a suit and tie, he looks like he’s on the cover of a magazine, but he also looks good when he’s out on a coffee run in a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

It’s too bad that he ditches his glasses sometimes. We wish there were more photos of him showing off his specs appeal.

20 Jennifer Aniston Looks Stunning In Every Pair Of Specs She Owns


Jennifer Aniston looks stunning with glasses, and although she looks amazing in every pair she owns, the rounded rectangular frames are perfect for her face shape. The head stylist at Ditto, Emily Mullé said (via InStyle), “The soft, rounded angles of the rectangle make this style suitable for angular faces as well as round faces.” During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2015, Jennifer revealed that she found out she had dyslexia when she “went to get a prescription for glasses.”

19 Gigi Hadid Proves That Glasses Can Be Casual & Chic


While some would opt for a pajama top paired with jeans or a blouse with pajama pants, many celebrities have been wearing the pajama sets as streetwear.

Gigi Hadid channeled “I woke up like this” when she stepped out in Morgan Lane’s silky green-and-white pajama set in New York City. The outfit looked cozy with her Garrett Leight glasses.

The model's always trying new styles, and she knows how to make glasses look fashionable. Gigi also has her own collection with Vogue Eyewear.

18 The Right Type Of Frames Make Demi Moore Appear Youthful


Depending on the type of frames, they can make you look older or younger, and it seems like Demi Moore knows exactly what works for her. Not only does she appear youthful, but she also looks chic in glasses! In 2015, she and her daughter Rumer Willis dressed up in matching jumpsuits with same black-rimmed glasses, and they looked like twins. There's no doubt that Demi was gorgeous in her prime, but she still is in her late 50s (with or without glasses).

17 Jake Gyllenhaal Should Wear His Glasses More Often


Jake Gyllenhaal is one of many celebrities we probably didn’t know wear glasses because he’s rarely spotted with them.

He might prefer contact lenses, but he looks gorgeous with black frames.

In 2010, Jake became the spokesperson for New Eyes for the Needy, and he said (via Oprah.com), “I've been teased about being 'four-eyed' since I was a child—several generations of my family have dealt with severe myopia. When my grandfather got glasses for the first time, the world really opened up for him.”

16 Michelle Trachtenberg In Specs Gives Us Serious Envy


If anyone wants to know how to wear makeup with their glasses, they should look to Michelle Trachtenberg for inspiration. The actress who famously played Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl uses eyeliner and mascara to make her blue eyes stand out behind glasses, and she looks gorgeous. She also proves that glasses can look cute when you’re out running errands sans makeup, but when dressed up, the look can give off an alluring vibe. Furthermore, Michelle looks almost unrecognizable without her signature specs.

15 We Can’t Get Enough Of Emmy Rossum’s Trendy Glasses


Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal said (via InStyle), “The Zagg [as worn by Emmy Rossum] is one of our most versatile frames-it literally looks good on almost any face shape.” He added, “This is because the design incorporates both rectangular and rounded aspects.”

That being said, Emmy Rossum’s two-tone glasses are a must-have for anyone who needs to get a new pair of glasses or wants to wear them as a fashion statement.

These trendy glasses will revamp your look.

14 Anne Hathaway Looks Gorgeous In Geek-Style Glasses


Anne Hathaway rose to fame through her role as Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries where she played a nerdy teenager with oversized glasses. The actress wears glasses in real life. She showed off her square frames on the red carpet at the premiere of Rio, and they suit her face shape. Mezzmer Eyewear co-founder Roger Lee said (via InStyle), “The length of oval faces may complement and showcase the size and the angles of this [square] frame.” Anne makes geek-style glasses look super cool.

13 Justin Timberlake Shows Off His Serious Side With Specs


Some celebrities might only use specs as a fashion accessory, but Justin Timberlake revealed on Jimmy Kimmy Live! that he needs them because he’s short-sighted (Myopia). He told Jimmy, “I can see you, but I can’t see any of you (the audience)." Glasses suit him!

It seems like black rectangular frames are his favorite—he’s often spotted wearing them at basketball games or with a suit and tie.

He once put on bright yellow and pink glasses his two-year-old son Silas made last year and still looked good.

12 Demi Lovato Looks Super Edgy In Thick-Rimmed Glasses


Demi Lovato always looks good in glasses. Her makeup artist, Jill Powell, shared makeup tips for glasses wearers with People magazine; she said, “I love to pair more neutral eyeshadows with a bit of shimmer with glasses.” She continued, “Add some liner and mascara to open the eyes up and a touch of shimmery shadow below the bottom lash line for an added brightening effect.” For a smokey look behind thick-rimmed glasses, she said to try “a softer gray shadow with shimmer on the lid and diffuse outward."

11 Lucy Hale Shows Off Her Spectacular Specs Appeal In Her Selfie


Pretty Little Liars Aria Montgomery doesn’t wear glasses, but Lucy Hale is often spotted showing off her spectacular specs appeal in so many stylish glasses.

The actress tweeted this photo (above) with a caption that read, “Different hair & glasses for all my moods.”

Mezzmer Eyewear co-founder Roger Lee said (via InStyle), “Eyewear can be an easy means to showcase your different moods and styles. You don't have to decide on just one look!” Lucy knows how to wear glasses with style—we want to copy her looks.

10 Zendaya Makes Wearing Glasses Fashionable & Fun


Zendaya has been rocking glasses for years, and she often posts selfies with them on social media. The actress once posted a photo on IG of her wearing glasses during a gold foil sheet mask with a caption that read, “Skincare is important… But I also gotta see the tv.” Anyone who wears glasses probably feels the same. We love how Zendaya makes geek-chic glasses look cool with jeans and a leather jacket. She even makes them work with an evening dress.

9 Joseph Gordon Levitt With Glasses Have Us Swooning


Joseph Gordon Levitt who wears glasses in real life is an example that men with glasses can be attractive. One of the reasons they make him wear them a lot on-screen is probably because he looks so good in them.

They say you have to find the frames that flatter your face shape, but everything (rounded, square, rectangular) works for him.

Joseph should be a model for an eyewear brand because he’s adorable with glasses, and we can’t stop swooning over him.

8 Sarah Hyland Sports Specs On And Off The Red Carpet


A lot of people are wearing fake glasses as a fashion statement, but Sarah Hyland needs them to see things. She’s also one of the celebrities who don’t understand the fake glasses trend. The actress owns a lot of different types of glasses, and she rocks them everywhere she goes like on a coffee run, gym, etc. She also shows off her specs appeal on the red carpet. While some people have criticized Sarah for always wearing glasses, there are others who are obsessed with her looks.

7 Veronica Lodge Wears Glasses And So Does Camila Mendes IRL


When Veronica Lodge in Riverdale is serious about something, she puts on her black-rimmed glasses, and she looks so good.

Camila Mendes wears them in real life, and when she posted a selfie of her wearing clear-framed glasses on social media, she looked gorgeous.

The actress once tweeted, “You know you're in south Florida when your glasses fog up as soon as you exit the airport.” Humidity is one of the struggles glasses wearers can probably relate. Overall, Camila is beautiful with or without glasses.

6 Jennifer Lopez Ditches Her Sunglasses For Cat-Eye Glasses


Some people were surprised when they saw Jennifer Lopez wearing cat-eye glasses on the red carpet at the Rock the Kasbah premiere because she loves her sunglasses. However, there are times when she ditches them for some stylish glasses, and she looks amazing! The star proves that glasses can be chic. If anyone's looking to buy a pair, Jennifer’s obsessed with Prive Reveau’s “The Alchemist” glasses, and they cost $30 (according to InStyle). It seems like many celebrities are buying eyewear from this brand.

5 There’s No Doubt That Ryan Reynolds Oozes With Specs Appeal


Ryan Reynolds looks effortlessly chic every time he steps out in thick-rimmed glasses. He wears them with a leather jacket, hoodies, button-down shirt, and more. We love his fashion sense!

This past summer, he made fun of the tiny sunglasses trend on his social media account, and we're glad he’s sticking to just glasses.

There’s no doubt that he’s a handsome man, but glasses make him even more attractive. Ryan should be on every list of male celebrities who oozes with specs appeal.

4 Zoe Saldana Looks Stylish With Red Lips & Black Frames


In 2012, Zoe Saldana became the face of LensCrafters. Behind-the-scenes of her photoshoot, the actress said in the video, “I think it’s very important to have glasses that sort of reflect or enhance your character.” She continued, “I have the [sultry] ones, the studious ones… [and being] the girl that I am, I’m also looking for the Jackie O’s, or the Audrey Hepburn sort of look.” Zoe often shows off her specs appeal when she's out running errands or shopping at Whole Foods.

3 Kristen Stewart Flaunts Her Specs, Dressed Up Or Down


Kristen Stewart didn’t wear glasses in Twilight series, but she was occasionally spotted wearing them off-screen. She would pair them with casual wear and formal wear.

After being the face of Chanel in 2013, Karl Lagerfeld chose her to be his muse for Chanel Eyewear Spring/Summer 2015.

The brand’s spokesperson said (via People), “Kristen Stewart gives a subtly rock yet always elegant touch to the new Chanel frames.” She looked stunning in those black and white shots of her flaunting different specs and sunglasses.

2 Rashida Jones Make Glasses Look Good With Different Hairstyles


Rashida Jones has worn a lot of different frames over the years, and she looks amazing in all of them. Instead of sticking with one look, she tried bangs and glasses, and she looked cute. It's interesting to note that she's not fond of people wearing specs as a fashion statement. She said (via Fashionista), “Glasses are not dorky – they’re cool now… I’m not down with fashion glasses. It’s like wearing fashion crutches.” Rashida has her own eyewear line with Illesteva, which was released in 2017.

1 Courteney Cox Looks Flawless Every Time She Dons Glasses


Courteney Cox is another gorgeous celebrity in her 50s who looks younger than her age. She looks even younger when she rocks her black thick-rimmed glasses in casual outfits. These frames also look really good with her long dark hair.

Even though Courteney's tried different types of frames, she’s always reaching for her black ones.

She’s worn them on screen, and she continues to wear them off-screen. Overall, black frames never go out of style, and they’re more versatile to wear.

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