23 Times Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Totally Outshined Angie & Brad

Before there was a portmanteau known as “Brangelina” there was simply “Brad and Jennifer.” In the late 1990s, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were Hollywood’s sweetheart couple.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly and like clockwork–they met, dated, and got married. And then… well, the rest appears to be history.

Pitt met and fell head over heels in love with Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood’s most iridescent actresses, when she and he starred in the blockbuster hit Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Their chemistry was recklessly undeniable and everyone knew it. It wasn’t long before the two were officially together and adopting children. Angelina had already previously adopted her son, Maddox Chivan, followed by her daughter Zahara Marley, who was adopted by Angelina when she and Brad were a couple.

A year later, Angelina announced that she was pregnant with her and Brad’s first child together, their daughter Shiloh. Of course, Shiloh was followed by twins Vivienne and Knox, but that doesn't seem to have bothered her at all.

Since her birth, Shiloh has played by her own rules and done things much more independently than her parents. Still an enigma to the press and her parents' fans alike, Shiloh has proven to be an intelligent spitfire who seems to upstage her parents (unintentionally, of course) almost every chance she gets.

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23 From Birth, Shiloh Seemed To Have A Knack For Stealing The Spotlight


Since her birth on May 27, 2006, Shiloh has been the most adorable celebrity child on the face of the planet.

Everyone knew since Angelina and Brad announced her pregnancy, that she would possibly be a living and breath angel.

But, alas, that wasn’t the case–in the best way possible. Getty Images was deemed worthy enough to be graced enough to take the first images of Shiloh Nouvel and People was one of the first magazines to release those images to the public.

22 Even During Bad Hair Days


Let’s face it, everyone has their bad hair days. Sure, we’ve never even witnessed parents Angelina and Brad suffer through one, but that isn’t gonna stop baby Shiloh here from becoming the victim of a windy day. Though does she seem to care much about it? Nope, not in the least. Even with her wild baby hair and windblown cheeks, Shiloh still steals the spotlight from her beautiful mother (we didn’t even think that was possible) here in this shot.

21 She's Easily Able To Steal The Attention Away From Brad Pitt


Like we said before, Getty was lucky enough to get the rights to snap the never-before-seen newborn shortly after she was born. The public was heavily anxious to see who exactly little Shiloh looked like (would she look like Mom? Would she look like Dad?) and finally, People delivered and the photo session was released.

So who did baby Shiloh look most like?

Well, perhaps a perfect blend of the two beautiful people. And gorgeous enough to steal the spotlight from both of them.

20 Even When She's Goofy, She's Still The Best

Just Jared

Is every child a goof? Depends on their parents and how they're brought up. It’s clear to see that Shiloh’s upbringing is full of laughs and love, just based solely on how she interacts with the people around her. From what the press has said, she is a very delightful and friendly child who loves to goof off around them. And since she’s been raised practically in the spotlight since birth, it’s good that she’s able to relax around the flashes of surrounding cameras every few minutes.

19 An Ouch Won't Stand In Her Way


We never said she wasn’t the adventurous type. Early last year at only 11 years old, Shiloh suffered a break in her arm while snowboarding over the holidays. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Even though the limb looks like it hurt, Shiloh constantly smiled through it while walking the red carpet with her family.

We’ve all been there before when we’re having fun, so don’t take it hard, Shiloh. And it looks like it didn’t bother her at all since she’s all smiles for the camera. We can’t really say the same about her parents who were probably scared when they found out what happened.

18 Nor Will Other Really Cute Siblings

Splash News

Let’s face it–Shiloh was NOT the first Pitt-Jolie child to grace the front of a paparazzo’s camera lens. Before she came along, the Jolie-Pitt clan only included daughter Zahara and Maddox. But once Shiloh came along, the cuteness multiplied and suddenly, everyone wanted to have a look at all the children. And, let’s face it–the competition must be pretty fierce in that household when it comes to who is the cutest since they’re all winners. But that won’t stop each other from attempting to steal the spotlight at all times.

17 She's Always Fashionably Adorable - Even When Making Faces


It’s a hard task to live up to the fashion icons that are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (who have graced the cover of numerous fashion magazines and have been named People’s Most Beautiful at least a billion times in a row for years) but Shiloh doesn’t seem to have an issue.

Whether she’s stepping out in all black with capri pants and yellow flipflops, she STILL manages to steal mom’s gorgeous thunder.

Heck, she even takes attention away from Vivian’s pink unicorn thing she has going there.

16 This Family Is Too Beautiful For Words


This family has gone through a tough couple of years. It was announced a bit back that both Angelina and Brad were officially separating after being together for over a decade. That can’t be easy on the kids, but it’s not like they feel that they have to air their grievances in the spotlight, so they all share smiles instead. All of the children, including Shiloh, seem to always be laidback and casual since the separation was announced, and are splitting time with both parents equally.

15 Of Course, She's Not Afraid To Share A Picture Frame


Just like Mom and Dad, Shiloh has never been one to want the spotlight ALL to herself. She is, in fact, just a part of a huge family with lots of siblings.

Here, as usual, Shiloh is happily sharing the frame with newborn twins Vivienne and Knox back when they were born in 2008.

Again, the first pictures of the twins (including this one with their big sis) was sold to People and Hello magazine for a whopping $14 million bucks.

14 One Proud Mama


With every click of the camera, it becomes more and more clear who much Angelina adores all her children. Even through the separation, it’s pretty known that Angelina is going above and beyond to make sure her children still have a normal relationship with both their parents. Being one of the older children, Shiloh is sure to help out her mother as much as possible with all the little ones. Angelina beams every time she shares the frame and the red carpet with her kiddos and they seem to always share the sentiment when they’re with her.

13 Such Swagger At A Young Age

Just Jared

If you didn’t know, swagger isn’t just something you have–it’s a state of mind. It can’t be acquired later in life when you’re older–you have to have it from birth on up.

It’s clear from the moment she came into this world that Shiloh has an ABUNDANCE of swagger.

Sure, considering her father, it’s easy to think that it was genetically gifted to her by him, but sometimes, that swagger seems to be all her own whenever she struts down the sidewalk. And what’s even better? She knows she has it.

12 Stealing The Spotlight From Dear Old Dad


We all know that it must be harder than heck to steal the spotlight from someone like Angelina Jolie, a person whom the camera is absolutely and utterly in love with. But what about when it comes to Brad Pitt? Ever since he first graced the front of the camera in Thelma and Louise, the world has been enchanted by him. But he has some competition with a member of his own family. That’s right, Shiloh is coming for your crown, Brad, and she may steal it sooner than you think.

11 Rock Those Braces, Girl!


They were a part of almost everyone's childhood. In order to get that award-winning smile, you had to go through a right of passage a lot of children go through: braces.

Shiloh, just because she comes from one of the most well-known families on the planet doesn't mean she gets to skip this right of passage.

Nope, nope. Just like other kids, Shiloh has to rock the braces day in and out, only unlike other children, she's often seen walking the red carpet while smiling that brace-face smile at the waiting photographers.

10 Outshining Mom In The Fashion Department


Anyone in the world will tell you that Angelina Jolie is a fashion icon. You years ago, you couldn't pick up an Elle magazine or a Vogue magazine without either seeing her beautiful face on the cover or within the pages of the magazine itself. Even after her separation, she hasn't slowed down in the fashion world. However, she may have some competition when it comes to Shiloh. Her daughter even knows how to rock the simple white shirt/black pants combo and still come out looking like a rock star. It must run in the Jolie blood.

9 The Camera Is Already In Love With Her


It's easy to see where Shiloh gets her extremely photogenic face: do we even need to answer this? Right when both Angelina and Brad announced that Angelina was pregnant, photographers from all over the world were anxious to be the first ones who were able to get a sneak peek at Shiloh once she was born.

And she certainly didn't disappoint the adoring public.

Thanks to her being a stunning combination of both parents, she easily steals the scene at every public event she attends with either of her parents.

8 ... And Was When She Was A Mere Tot

Just Jared

Cute, chubby rosy cheeks were all anyone was talking about when Shiloh was first born. She looked like a Disney animated cartoon baby basically. In this picture, you not only have one cute baby drawing the eye away from Brad Pitt himself but TWO. TWO babies who are so far beyond cute beyond, it isn't even fair to the average person. When you look at this picture, Pitt might as well not even be in it because the eye doesn't even draw up to him in the first place.

7 Appreciate The Cuteness

Splash News

There are sometimes when the paparazzi can become a useful tool. It's rare when it happens, but it happens nevertheless. I'm talking about when they catch amazing shots such as the one Splash News caught here.

Shiloh, only a mere tot at this point in her young life, is seen seemingly begging to be paid attention to.

And how could you not? How could you ignore that adorable little face just peering up at you with her overly large blue eyes? You can't ignore it. Here's hoping that both Brad and Angelina appreciate this picture when she (if she) ever turns into a sullen teen.

6 Are They Twinning?


There has always been some debate on who Shiloh looks more like, her father or her mother. When she was first born, she was a splitting mirror image of BOTH of them in different lights. But as she got older, she began to resemble dear old dad more in some areas (the whole "blonde, blue-eyed" thing has always been Brad to a T), at least until now. Here, she resembles her mother more so whenever she shows glee and smiles uncontrollably. It's clear to see that mother and daughter bring out the very best in each other.

5 Grocery Shopping Is Never Boring With Her

Just Jared

There's no denying it—grocery shopping is a chore. You have to actually leave the house and go to a crowded grocery store in order to get the food needed to survive, but the worse part is dealing with all the people that get in your way, are rude, and who are lagging.

But shopping with Shiloh?

She makes it look like an amusement park. She's just acting like a normal cute kid who, much like adults, JUST WANTS TO GET OUT OF DODGE. What's amazing is that Angelina clearly wants her daughter to experience every day, normal activities, and you have to respect that.

4 Nor Are Red Carpet Events


Brad and Angie have been taking their children to the premieres of (some) of their movies ever since they were old enough to attend and understand what was going on. They sometimes are their dates to charity events and special causes as well and you know what? They never disappoint. Especially Shiloh, who knows the ins and outs of the business at eleven years old. That's pretty young for a child to be in the spotlight, but she's already a pro since she has been in the spotlight from the very day she was born.

3 In Big Sibling Mode

Just Being an older sibling is a tough job. You have to constantly monitor your brother and sisters at all times when you're with them—whether it's out in public or in the privacy of your own home.

Maddox and Zahara had to go through it, and now at 11, it's Shiloh's turn to take the reins and watch over the smaller kids when Mom or Dad have their hands full. 

This definitely holds true during this airport situation they have going here. Sure, they're surrounded by security and have all sorts of protection, but Shiloh is taking initiative and watching out for her younger siblings.

2 Helping With Mom's Tough Decisions


Okay, we understand that perhaps picking out flowers isn't exactly the toughest decision in the entire free world, but Angelina really looks like she's taking Shiloh's suggestion into literal consideration when it comes to choosing between these two types of flowers. Her daughter wants her mother to choose the yellow ones even though she's holding the roses in her other hand. We all know which route Angie is going to take here when it comes to Shiloh's suggestion—yellow is always best and the young tot already has amazing taste.

1 In The End, They Really Are The Most Amazing Family


As we said before, the past couple years have been pretty tough for the Jolie-Pitt clan, but you wouldn't know it at all by looking at the faces of their adoring children as they constantly stand right by their parents' sides when out and about.

The family dynamic is still amazing and Angie and Brad's love for their children is a bright spot.

They set an amazing example for their children to follow in terms of love and respect.  It's a good thing to see in this day and age, especially in parents who have since separated.

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