22 Iconic Celeb Selfies That Will Go Down In History (& Why)

Amazingly, Kim Kardashian doesn't get to call "OG" on the selfie. The very first selfie was taken in 1839. Robert Cornelius didn't have a selfie stick, colour wasn't really an option and there definitely wasn't a choice of filters. Fast-forward to 2019, and we still can't get enough of selfies.

Kylie Jenner probably wouldn't have a career without the selfie. Demi Lovato fans are still waiting for a #NoMakeUp update– seriously, this girl has the time to frolic with her new boyfriend, but no selfie? Those Met Gala bathrooms? Please. They became selfie squad goals years ago.

Some celebs are natural-born selfie queens. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and the entire KarJenner clan have more than shown us how it's done. Then again, there's a difference between the #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie and the #Announcement selfie. Likewise, the #Single selfie and the #Couple selfie.

If you have a boyfriend, you're probably still wishing he'd never discovered Kendall Jenner's Instagram (if you're the boyfriend sneakily reading this, newsflash– browsing that girl's IG will do your relationship no favours). Models might go risqué with their selfies, but we're going broader here.

Iconic is what we're talking. From the record-breaking ones to #SelfieGoals, here are 22 of the most iconic celeb selfies of all time. They will 100% go down in history.

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22 When Kylie Jenner Made Bathrooms #SquadGoals

via: eonline

Honestly? Thanks for this, Kylie Jenner. For all the #NormieFeels we get taking blurry selfies in our own bathrooms, it was about time a major celebrity turned the bathroom into a #StatusSymbol.

In 2017, Kylie took her custom Versace gown (and Donatella-approved blonde hair), hit the Met Gala bathroom and got the whole of Hollywood's A-List to join her.

Cosmopolitan reports she "broke the Met Gala's no selfie rule." Doing the honours with her? Kim Kardashian, A$AP Rocky, Diddy, Paris Jackson, Brie Larson, Lily Aldridge, Kendall Jenner, Frank Ocean, Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, Ashton Sanders, Luka Sabbat and Slick Woods. #Slick, indeed.

21 Ariana Grande: That Lavender Hair Debut

via: yahoo

This Ariana Grande selfie makes our list, and Today recorded how it quickly notched up over 2 million likes shortly after being posted.

Channeling Ari's signature love of pastels and all things sweet, everything from the doe-eyed expression to the heart emojis here is 100% Ari.

"What's your favorite color?" Vogue asked Ari during their "73 Questions" interview. Ariana simply replied: "Cloud," as Capital FM reports. With her head (just a little) in the clouds here, the starlet delivered her #Iconic selfie.

20 And That Time Taylor Swift Joined In

via: ask.fm

There's something beyond adorable about power celebs winding up in selfies (and looking like regular people). While this pic dates back to the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the BFF vibing feels #2019.

"Oh my God she couldn't be cuter," Tay-Tay captioned this pic, Elite Daily reports. This friendship has stayed steady. In 2016, Ari and Taylor were spotted hugging backstage at the Grammys.

Capital FM asked Ari if she was part of Taylor's squad. "Oh wow! That would be so crazy. Do you have to do anything weird to get in?" Ari asked, as Elite Daily reports. Ultimately, Ari settled with a positive– "I would just be so down," she said.

19 JLo: Making Us Want To Hit The Gym

via instagram

At the age of 49 (but still not looking a day over 35), JLO is now throwing us more #WorkoutGoals than ever. With recent shots showing Jen's muscular frame, toned limbs and fresh complexion, we're getting major reminders of just what the gym can do. Jen told Hello:

"I am 100 percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy."

For her 47th birthday back in 2017, Jen posted this boss selfie. "Ayyyyy...." was the caption. The World of Dance and Shades of Blue star continues to wow the world with her age-defying looks (although we have a feeling that man of hers has something to do with it).

18 Selena Gomez & The Weeknd: The #Coachella Selfie

via: instagram

That's the thing about #Couples selfies. The relationship may be over, but the pics will forever serve as a reminder. In October 2017, The Weeknd made headlines as he posted his first solo selfie since splitting from Selena Gomez. Selena likewise made headlines in 2018 for announcing a break from IG.

"They can't keep their hands to themselves!" was People's comment on this April 2017 Coachella snap. The pic received over five million likes within 12 hours.

The Weeknd is now a "Starboy" to Bella Hadid. With little in the way of hard feelings between these two though, we'll stick this legendary selfie on the #Nostalgia pile.

17 Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas: The #Engagement Selfie

via: instagram

We may never get over the awesomeness that was Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' 2018 wedding. This lavish Indian bash threw us #WeddingGoals from the dress to the venue, but it's the couple's romantic snaps and selfies that really make us melt.

"Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love." Talk about #CaptionGoals.

Priyanka and Nick went public with their relationship after months of keeping it under wraps. Before we knew it, these two were engaged and married. Selfies that show love on this level? We just don't see it that often.

16 Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan: The #Christmas Selfie (We Miss These Two)

via: glamour

No, we still aren't over it. Yes, we'll miss them forever. In 2018, Channing Tatum and his wife of nine years, Jenna Dewan called it quits.

With the cutest Santa hats ever, this #Christmas selfie from the former couple went viral for its A-List faces, "grabbing you" vibe, and, well, the fact that you just can't tear your eyes away from it.

This pic was our Christmas gift.

15 Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner: Attack Of The Blondes

via: twitter

Kim K will forever be a selfie queen. Doing it way better (and for way longer) than most other celebs, Kim Kardashian is the kind of #SelfieConfident to publish an entire book of selfies– that's before calling the book itself Selfish.

In 2018, Kris Jenner joined her daughter for a legendary "attack of the blondes" moment. Kris was trying out new looks on KUWTK, and the show revealed that this hairdo was actually a wig.

"I've just wanted to do this for so long!" Kris said, as she channelled her inner Meryl Streep, The Daily Mail reported. Kim told her mom that she looked like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

14 When Ellen Couldn't Have Squeezed In More A-Listers

via: eonline

"If only Bradley's arm was longer." Ellen DeGeneres will always make us laugh (and given this pic, she'll always be a legend). In 2014, Ellen's Oscars selfie gained 779,295 retweets in approximately 30 minutes, The Guardian reports. It went on to reach millions. Only beaten in 2017 by teenager Carter Wilkerson tweeting about nuggets, Fortune reports,

Ellen DeGeneres' 2014 Oscars selfie remains the most retweeted post in history.

With major faces like Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Kevin Spacey, this was #AListGoals. It remains one of the most legendary celeb group selfies of all time.

13 The Rock: Attack Of The #LateNightSnack

via: people

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is quite simply the strongest man in Hollywood. This muscle machine clangs around 45,000 lbs of home gym equipment to keep that physique of his at the pinnacle of #Fitness, and the man has an appetite to match.

Whether it's late-night pizzas (yes, multiple), high-stacked pancakes, or sushi platters, The Rock is a man who knows his #SnackGoals.

"Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself," was Dwayne's "golden rule" during Baywatch filming, People reports. Here he is digging into eight slices of sourdough French toast topped with apple pie. Craving apple pie in three, two, one...

12 Justin Bieber: Reminding Us That Noodles Are #Awesome

via: instagram

What makes a selfie iconic? It doesn't have to be marbled interiors. Or custom-made Versace. Sometimes, a simple bowl of noodles and a smile can break the internet. Mr. Easy-On-The-Eye Justin Bieber might be married to Hailey Baldwin, but we're still eyeing up his IG.

In April 2018, Justin posted this selfie. It came without a caption. The post currently sits at just under five million likes.

You shouldn't need a celebrity to remind you that noodles are awesome. Then again, when the Biebs does it, it's so worth it.

11 Taylor Swift: Reminding Us She's #Perfect At Every Angle

via: zimbio

If you've tried the "from above" selfie, you'll know that it comes recommended as a flattering angle, but the reality of getting there is a whole different story. Taylor Swift seems to have mastered every single selfie angle. That includes #JustWokeUp, the world's blurriest shots, plus always being surrounded by cats.

Taylor wasn't with Ariana Grande here, but Jack Antonoff made for a perfect selfie partner. Bustle reports that Lena Dunham's ex called Taylor's songs "perfect."

What did he do to show it? A selfie, of course. "Bad Blood" this is not.

10 Kylie Jenner & Stormi: Single-Handedly Making The Internet Melt

via: usweekly

Stormi might have taken over Kylie Jenner's life, but this beyond-adorable baby has done the same with us. The cutest baby on Instagram just recently grabbed a mini Louis Vuitton bag, and even Kylie couldn't handle it.

Kylie posted this mommy-and-daughter selfie in 2018. For once, we weren't gawking at the designer gear. That baby just keeps making us melt.

"Kylie...cosmetics. Kylie...cosmetics," Kylie then said in a video showing Stormi holding her mommy's merchandise. All wide-eyed, Stormi didn't quite get there with the words, but we got "dada" and a giggle. #Aww

9 Lady Gaga's 30th Birthday: #NoMakeup, #Cake

via: pinterest

Lady Gaga mostly hides that naturally beautiful face behind the world's most complex carousel of wigs, shades and costumes. Back in the early days, we literally never saw this girl. Times have changed, though.

For her 30th birthday, Gaga went 100% makeup-free as she posted a celebratory selfie to Twitter. "I saved a piece of cake my fans. You made my 20s worth it all. To spreading love, above all things," Gaga captioned the pic.

Fresh-faced beauty? #Check. Mouth-watering slice of cake? #Check. Us being "Little Monsters" and wanting a piece? #Obviously.

8 That Time Sheldon & Amy Got Landed With Raj's #Mood

via: pinterest

We've got to hand it to The Big Bang Theory crew. From becoming TV's most unexpected superstars to 100% keeping it real backstage, this lot just keep on delivering.

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik arrived as the (likewise unexpected) couple that nobody ever thought would #GetTogether. Sheldon and Amy are now household names. Their side-kick, Raj might have a less-steady love life, but the actor behind the character is still up for the selfie fun.

Quite why Raj's mood here is so distinctly different from Sheldon and Amy's, we'll never know. Presumably, Sheldon had just thrown out another insult...?

7 That Time Gal Gadot Reminded Us What Wonder Woman Is Made Of

via: instagram

Gal Gadot is a force to be reckoned with. The Wonder Woman actress took Hollywood by storm as 2017's highest-grossing actress, as Vanity Fair reports, and she's got the muscle to back it up. Gal told Harper's Bazaar:

"Working out has always been a big part of my life. Through fitness, I have found that I gain strength, endurance, and confidence."

"You gotta sweat for it, right?" was the caption to this September 2018 gym selfie from Gal as she took on training for Wonder Woman's sequel. You aren't just looking at an iconic selfie. You're looking at a veritable icon.

6 The Sheer #Awesomeness Of Beyoncé At The Louvre

via: nydailynews

"Beyonce helps Louvre break visitor record." That was The Independent's headline in January 2019 after Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Louvre-shot music video boosted the number of visitors through the French museum's doors.

Taking a selfie with a Louvre statue (appearing to do similar) as the background? All kinds of legendary.

The Independent reports that Bey and Jay's music video has been viewed over 146 million times on YouTube. Beyoncé isn't one to take selfies at a Kardashian rate. This one was iconic for all the right reasons.

5 The #Infectiousness Of Blake Lively & Millie Bobby Brown

via: twitter

Whatever it was that made you react to this pic– that's where the #Iconic comes in. Blake Lively is one of Hollywood's most notoriously private actresses. Blake keeps her marriage to Ryan Reynolds #Private (but she will poke her head out for a selfie).

Glamour called Blake and Millie Bobby Brown "total BFFs" after this 2017 selfie surfaced. The Gossip Girl and Stranger Things actresses took a brief moment at the Golden Globes for this selfie, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Award ceremonies used to be a pretty predictable affair of gracious waves and acceptance speeches. Selfies 100% changed that, and ones like these are living proof.

4 When Bella Hadid Shared Her #FirstCoffee

via: mtv

Supermodels and selfies just go hand-in-hand. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and her sister, Bella might form modelling's elite squad, but they're single-handedly dealing with the selfie side of things, too.

For Bella's 21st birthday, MTV actually collated an entire gallery of Bella's selfies. This morning coffee one made the cut. While fans didn't get swimwear or a sultry pose here, they did get what most people start their day with – a fresh cup of coffee.

In the street, the stars carry the signature Starbucks. At home? It seems to be more of a DIY deal. Of course, being Bella Hadid, this model turned #RegularRoutine into #Iconic.

3 And Gigi Hadid Promoted Coke For #Free

via: pinterest

From one supermodel sister to another. High earners like Gigi Hadid don't generally promote stuff for free. With CNBC's 2018 news that Kylie Jenner can rake in $1 million per sponsored Instagram post, the world woke up and realized just how much money these women can make.

In 2018, Gigi took another selfie – but it wasn't just any selfie. When you're holding one of the world's best-selling beverages and not getting paid, you're making a statement.

Gigi is super into her healthy lifestyle. The odd regular Coke, though? Just another reminder that she's a real girl. Everything from the bottle to the pose here was iconic.

2 Speaking Of, What's Going On With Gigi & Zayn?

via: picdeer

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik first emerged as a couple back in 2016. Fashion's "it" girl and pop's edgiest icon seemed made for one another, but their relationship hasn't been smooth sailing.

"Flying home to my happy place" was Gigi's 2018 #BackOn announcement post. Christmas was spent apart from Zayn, though. Right now, everyone is wondering if it's #BackOff.

When these two are #On, we get the selfies to prove it. This one is easily one of the most adorable that Gigi and Zayn have ever posted. Also, Gigi: Please update us with some good news?

1 It Isn't #Legendary Unless It's #Kardashian

via: instagram

However historians document the 2010s in the next 100 years, the Kardashians are likely to wind up as a major talking point. How this family will be remembered? Most likely for their selfies.

The ultimate #WaistGang pic doesn't get an #Iconic unless it's three Kardashian sisters all twinning in style in front of a mirror. Kylie, Khloe and Kourtney might have looked a touch comical here, but the #SelfieGoals were 100% there.

Selfies aren't going anywhere– for a while. Beating these 20 to make it to #Iconic? Tricky, but not impossible.

References: The Guardian, Fortune, Today, Elite Daily, People, Vanity Fair, Glamour

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