20 Ways Tom Cruise Parents His Kids That Have Everyone Talking

Tom Cruise has been parenting for a while now. He has three children, two of which are all grown up. He adopted Connor and Isabella when he was married to Nicole Kidman. After they divorced, he got married to Katie Holmes and the two had a biological child, Suri. This couple also got divorced and Katie maintained full custody of the child.

Sometimes, there appears to be a difference between Tom's relationship with his adopted children and Suri, but that could just be because he doesn’t see Suri that often — if at all. We never see them photographed together anymore, so there is a chance that Suri doesn’t get to see her dad.

Tom Cruise has been called out for some of his unpopular parenting methods over the years, but it’s not all bad news. We have some interesting facts about his life and the relationships that he has with his kids. Check out these 20 ways in which he parents his kids that get everyone talking.

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20 He Doesn’t See Suri Very Often

via Us Weekly

One thing that has people talking is how little Tom has seen his biological daughter, Suri, since his divorce from Katie. We don’t know the details of the separation, so there is a good chance that Katie requested limited access.

Apparently, Tom is allowed to see his daughter for ten days out of the month but he chooses not to.

“Every person is allowed to see their child if they wanted to,” a source told Us. “He chooses not to because she is not a Scientologist.”

19 Babies Are Raised On Special Formula

via Life & Style

People reported that when Suri was born, she was put on special formula. It was a mixture of milk, corn syrup and barley water, instead of breast milk or formula. The special formula is actually approved by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Oddly enough, parents who are Scientologists do not breastfeed even though it’s claimed to be the healthiest feeding method for the baby.

Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw told People, "While breastfeeding is fine, church founder L. Ron Hubbard personally developed a recipe consisting of barley water, milk and corn syrup that he recommended for infants."

18 Tom Didn’t Go To Isabella’s Wedding

via Fame Focus

Tom was invited to his daughter's wedding and covered the cost of it as well as the reception. He just didn't attend. Why?

At the time, a source told Hollywood Life, "Tom is filming a new film that is taking time and millions of dollars not to mess up scheduling, along with that he also didnt go to the wedding because it was his daughter’s wishes and he knows that if he went it would be all about him. Paps and guests would have made it a less special day had they been focusing on Tom."

It turns out, even mom Nicole wasn't there.

17 Tom Allows Connor To Live In Luxury

via Instagram

Now that Connor is all grown up, we would have thought that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and go to Hollywood, but that hasn’t happened. We’re not really sure what Connor does with his time aside from party on yachts. He is sometimes a DJ and he lives in a Scientology Centre in Florida, News reports. Embracing the faith of Scientology means that he can spend time with his dad.

16 He Didn’t Contact Suri For 1,000 Days

via Page Six

Just after his divorce, 1,000 days passed before Tom Cruise made contact with his daughter, Suri, The Daily Mail reports. That's over three years! It seems strange, especially for a child who doesn’t understand divorce. Again, it’s been over five years since the divorce and we haven’t seen much of Tom in her life at all which boggles the minds of fans everywhere. Around the 1,000th day mark, he finally picked up the phone to say “hello.” We wonder how that conversation went down.

15 Playing Favorites

via AOL.com

It seems as if Connor is the perfect child for Tom. He embraces all of Tom’s beliefs and follows in his footsteps when it comes to Scientology. That is why he gets perks such as getting to stay in a luxury Scientology residence. Connor is the one we see with Tom all the time.

According to Star, Nicole Kidman has expressed concern that Connor was being groomed for a key role in the Scientology organization, but Gossip Cop claims it's not true.

14 Children Are Given Whatever They Want

via Celebrity Insider

Isabella Cruise may be the only child that turned down financial support from her parents in lieu of living a normal life with her new husband. Connor is given every luxury he could ask for by Tom, and even Suri was given anything that she wanted when she was in Tom’s life.

When Katie and Tom were still together, nannies revealed to Star magazine that there were bodyguards, drivers and nannies that waited on Suri hand and foot. She would often go on shopping sprees at NYC’s FAO Schwarz toy store, and was given tiaras worth $25,000 each, as Hollywood Life reports.

13 Suri Was Allowed To Wear Heels And Lipstick

via Glamour

Tom Cruise is known to be an indulgent father when it comes to his children. When Suri was a young girl, she was allowed to wear high heels and lipstick. Katie was part of the whole thing since she loves her daughter being a little fashionista. Fans complained when Suri was wearing high heels at such a young age with red lipstick on the red carpet. Both Katie and Tom didn’t see it being a big deal and felt that people were overreacting.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Katie said, "Like every little girl, she loves my high heels. [The high heels she's wearing] are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them.'

12 Tom Bought A Sonogram Machines

via celebitchy.com

One thing that got people talking was when Tom bought a sonogram for his home while Katie was pregnant. People reported that Tom Cruise told Barbara Walters during an interview that he had purchased one to track the progress of Suri. The magazine reports that the devices can cost between $15,000 to over $200,000.

11 Children Are Treated Like Adults

via OK! Magazine

Part of the Scientology philosophy is that children should be treated like adults. A Scientology blog called Mike Rinder's Blog states, "In Scientology, children are treated as “old thetans in small bodies” – meaning they are capable of pretty much anything an adult is able to do, only limited by their physical size and ability."

A nanny at the time told Star magazine that Katie often had a hard time putting her foot down because Tom was treating Suri like an adult, as Baby Gaga reported.

10 Photos Of His Daughter Were Taken Off His Social Media

via Ok! Magazine

Even though Tom once fought against tabloids who claimed he had abandoned his child, Suri, he has admitted that he’s not part of her life. In Touch Weekly reported that Tom had asked his friend to remove all photos of Suri from his social media pages.

It seems like a weird thing for a father to ask regardless of the relationship that he has with Katie. There seems to be a lot more going on behind the scenes.

9 Children Are Supposed To Cry It Out

via NY Daily News

Tom Cruise is a parent who believes that sometimes you have to let a child cry it out. In her tell-all book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, actress Leah Remini stated that Suri could be heard crying loudly throughout the couple's pre-wedding dinner that was filled with famous people, as The Daily Mail reports. She went on to say that the child had been left on the bathroom floor.

8 Suri Was Surrounded By Adults All The Time

via Pinterest

It’s hard for a kid to make friends when she is constantly surrounded by adults but that was the way life was when Katie was married to Tom.

By the age of four, Suri had her own stylist and a million-dollar wardrobe.

Baby Gaga reports that wherever the family would go, Suri would have her own playroom made up but there were never any other children around.

7 Tom Is Okay With Connor Acting

via Celebrity Star News

Although we haven’t seen Connor make any real-life choices in regards to a career in any industry, he has appeared in a couple of movies thanks to his dad. Tom is more than willing to have Connor follow in his footsteps. Tom Cruise is an insanely good actor, so Connor has some big shoes to fill. Connor has appeared in Seven Pounds and Red Dawn but nothing since 2012. Connor doesn’t seem too focused on a career so we’re not sure if it matters that Tom approves of his acting chops.

6 Tom Believes In Homeschooling

via US Weekly

Tom Cruise believes in homeschooling whereas Katie didn’t feel the same way. US Magazine stated, "She wanted Suri to go to a normal school with regular kids."

When Tom adopted Isabella and Connor, he had them enrolled in a strict Scientology-style homeschooling, Baby Gaga reports. He wanted the same for his daughter, Suri. Katie was originally taking the Scientology classes but soon removed herself from it. Now that Katie is divorced from Tom, she has Suri enrolled in a regular school where she can be around children her age.

5 His Belief System Is His Priority

via Today Show

We know from years of experience that Tom Cruise has a strong belief system and that is something he has never strayed away from. It’s come first in his life over just about everyone. He has lost two marriages because of his belief system and both women in his life left because they couldn’t deal with Scientology. His belief system also seems to be the reason why he doesn’t see his daughter Suri. We have to wonder if it’s all really worth it. To lose so many people in his life because of the things that he believes in.

4 He Takes Them On High-Speed Chases

via BabyGaga

We know that he’s an adrenaline junkie and loves to do his own stunts. But Tom probably shouldn’t be engaging in high-speed chases with his kids in the car. There was a time when Tom and Suri were chased through the streets of Manhattan by the paparazzi. They were going 45 mph in a 25 mph zone, as The Huffington Post reports. The experience could have been very frightening for a little girl.

3 Suri Wants A Relationship With Her Dad

via Celebrity Insider

Hollywood Life reported that Suri was hoping to see her father for her 12th birthday but that didn’t happen. A source said, “Like any little girl, her greatest wish is for her father to be there, and now she’s been disappointed again. That would be painful for any child, and you have to wonder what kind of emotional toll it’s taking on Suri,”

2 His Family Follows The Same Traditions And Beliefs

via Tom Cruise

Tom wanted Suri to be raised in the same way that Connor and Isabella were. Hollywood Reporter commented that "in filing for divorce from Tom Cruise — and apparently blindsiding him — amid indications she doesn’t want her daughter raised a Scientologist and is seeking sole custody, Katie Holmes has made it clear that she is taking a very different tack from Nicole Kidman, who split up with Cruise in 2001."

1 He Doesn’t Involve Himself With Suppressors

via news

There is a rule in Scientology that states that someone who leaves the organization becomes a suppressor or “Potential Trouble Source,” as Baby Gaga reports. Usually, people who leave the organization are considered to be a threat afterwards. Tom has clung to these beliefs and that’s why he has no contact with Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and now Suri. It’s sad to see families torn apart by things like this.

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