20 Ways She Says "ILU" Without A Single Word (& He Should Pay Attention)

When it comes to love, action speak louder than words. Yes, you can tell someone that you love them over and over again, but if your actions don’t line up with what you’re saying, well, they may not feel like they are truly loved. This is something that many people realize in their first relationships: love is not just a feeling. In fact, it is so much more than that. Love is just as much a noun as it is a verb. And when you love someone, you should show them as much as you should tell them. In other words, your actions toward them should reflect how you really feel inside. This is what happens in the healthiest, happiest long-term relationships.

So, how does a woman show a man that she loves him without saying anything at all? These little ways a woman shows love can be a major clue as to how she feels early on in the relationship, before either party has said those three little words out loud yet. Here are 20 ways she says “I love you” without actually saying a word — and men should be paying attention to these important little signs!

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20 She Never Misses A “Goodnight” Text


Many couples have a habit of texting each other “goodnight” or “good morning” at the start and end of the day. According to Cosmopolitan, little rituals like this show that she wants to make sure that she starts and ends each day by talking to her man—and that’s a big deal!

A guy might assume that she is just participating in this routine because it’s simple, but really, these texts can say a lot more than that.

If a woman wants her day to begin and end by talking to the same guy, it means that she definitely has deep feelings.

19 She Always Wants To Hold Hands

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Physical affection in a relationship is so important — for so many people, they absolutely need this to feel like they are loved. According to Seventeen, when a girl wants to hold a guy’s hand in public, she’s doing two things. First of all, she is being physically affectionate in a way that won’t show any PDA and keeping it classy. And second, she is showing the world that she is taken, and that he is the guy who has her heart. It’s a bigger deal than most guys think, so if a girl always wants to hold hands, take note.

18 She Totally Understands His “Love Language”

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According to Self, there are five different love languages and we each have our own. Your love language might be physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, or quality time. When a woman truly loves a man, she will understand his love language inside and out — even if her own love language is totally different from his. She will know whether he responds better to quality time or acts of service, for example. This is a major thing that can take a relationship to the next level and make a woman stand out as true marriage material in time.

17 She Goes Out Of Her Way To Help His Family Out


It is so sweet when a woman steps up to do this — it shows that she thinks of herself as a little more than a guy’s girlfriend. According to Cosmopolitan, it proves that she is trying to make a good impression on the family and show them that she could easily be her man’s future wife. She is not just sitting back and letting his family do nice things for her while she relaxes — she is the woman who is stepping up to help clean up after dinner, who brings by gifts on the holidays, who remembers all their birthdays.

16 She Learns How To Make His Favorite Dish

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They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this is still true to this day. Sure, women might not always be expected to do all the cooking anymore — it’s always good to keep things fair — but even though he might not think he is entitled to a three course meal every night, knowing how to cook his favorite dish perfectly is still a big deal! According to Glamour, cooking a guy’s favorite dish for him shows that she truly cares, and that she is willing to go the extra mile to show her love for him.

15 She Remembers All The Little Details Of Their First Date


When a woman remembers all those little details of a special event, it’s a sign that it really mattered to her. According to Teen Vogue, those memories hold a lot more importance than a guy might assume — it means she has played the event over and over again in her mind, thinking of it fondly and focusing on all the sweet things he did to make her feel special. Trust us, it means that in her mind, this specific event holds a ton of significance to her, and it means that she can’t forget how much he impressed her.

14 She Doesn’t Make Him Play Guessing Games


When you’re young, it can seem like everyone is playing hard to get and dancing around their real feelings, simply because they don’t want to be the one who puts themselves in a position where they can get hurt. But according to Allure, when a woman is open and straightforward with a guy about her feelings toward him and her hopes for a relationship, it means she truly cares about him. She does not want to make him play guessing games or string him along — she wants him to know exactly how she feels and what she really wants.

13 She Always Has Little Surprises Planned For Him

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Little surprises in a relationship can make a guy feel so special. Usually, it’s expected that guys should go out of their way to surprise women, but if a girl takes that cue and does the same thing, the guy will feel so flattered. According to Seventeen, surprising a guy with cute love notes, small gifts, or just treating him every once in a while is a big deal — men may not realize it, but this means that she is really putting in her best effort to make a great first impression. This is how she is showing her love.

12 She Encourages Him To Open Up About His Emotions

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Many men think that showing emotion is a sign of weakness and that they have to keep their emotions bottled up inside in order to seem truly “manly.” But according to Cosmopolitan, a woman loves when she doesn’t need to guess at what a guy’s feeling, or when he trusts her enough to open up to her emotionally. And when she encourages a guy to tell her more about his life and what he’s really feeling? It means that she loves him, and that she cares about him enough to help him work on processing his emotions in a healthy way.

11 She Keeps Mementos From Their Dates


When a woman is saving little mementos from dates, it means that she is already falling head over heels. Why would she save things from even early dates, when neither of them have any idea that they’re going to stick it out for the long haul? Well, according to Glamour, it’s because she sees a long future ahead for the two of them.

She’s saving them because she can picture the two of them together in their home someday, laughing about all those early days and looking back on the way it all began.

It’s so sweet, so guys, pay attention!

10 She Writes Little Love Notes

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Okay, maybe this counts as saying “I love you.” But we tend to think that it’s a little bit different from saying it out loud. Why? Well, according to Seventeen, if a girl writes a guy a love note, it’s because she wants him to have something to hold on to. She wants him to have a little keepsake that he can hang on to, something that he can look at and think of her even when she isn’t around. In a way, it’s almost like she is giving him a sweet, sentimental gift that will remind him of her.

9 She Always Has A Smile On When She Sees Him

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You might think that this is such a small detail that it doesn’t really matter, but sometimes, the look on a woman’s face can tell a guy all that he really needs to know. Seriously, guys, pay attention, because the little things can tell you just as much as the grand gestures! According to Self, a woman’s body language can be so revealing when it comes to her interactions with a guy. If she is truly happy to be around him, and if she’s really falling in love, she won’t be able to keep the smile off her face when she sees him.

8 She Knows The Lyrics To His Favorite Song By Heart


This is one of those subtle signs that even the most attentive guy may not take notice of right off the bat, but if she does this, it’s clear that she is into him! According to Seventeen, if a girl learns all the words to a guy’s favorite song, it means that she is definitely falling hard for him — no doubt about it! It means she’s listening to the playlist he probably made for her car ride on her way to school, on her way to work, or on her morning jog, you name it. She wants to feel closer to him.

7 She Is An Expert At Choosing The Perfect Gifts For Him

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If it seems like she is an expert gift giver, don’t let her go — she is so good at picking the right gifts for you because she is paying close attention to all the things that you enjoy. According to Cosmopolitan, women don’t become expert gift givers by accident. They figure out how to pick the perfect gift by noticing all of those little details that guys don’t necessarily say out loud. Giving gifts is just one way to speak a guy’s love language — if she has mastered it, understand that this means she truly cares about showing her love.

6 She Is Patient When They Disagree

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Some people may think that fighting is a sign of passion, but as you get older and get into more mature relationships, you’ll find that when someone can be patient with you during a conflict, it’s actually a sign that they truly love and care about you. So guys, listen up and pay attention, that girl you’re seeing who can actually have a strong disagreement with you without raising her voice? According to Cosmopolitan, she’s doing it because she loves you. This is just one subtle way of showing her love without explicitly saying “I love you,” and it can easily go unnoticed.

5 She Helps Him Without Being Condescending

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No one wants to accept help from someone who is being condescending. But unfortunately, many of us can slip into that attitude when we’re correcting someone. According to Self, it’s a major sign of maturity and true love when a woman offers her man help without talking down to him — and this isn’t exclusive to women. Men who do the same are showing women that they really do have their best interests at heart. So guys, if your girlfriend is like this, hold on tight to her, because you definitely have yourself a keeper, and she is already in love.

4 She Daydreams About Their Future Together


When a woman sees a future with a man, she knows that she has found the real deal. According to Cosmopolitan, if a woman begins sharing her plans for the future with a guy and includes him in them, that’s just one way that she is saying that she loves him without using those exact words. Guys, if a girl starts opening up to you about her vision of the future, and she makes it very clear that she wants you to be a part of it, listen closely, because it means that she is definitely in love with you.

3 She Can Sit In Silence With Him And Feel Content

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Yes, it’s important that two people who are dating are able to have interesting conversations with each other — you never want to be a part of one of those couples who feels like they have run out of things to talk about. That doesn’t exactly make for an exciting relationship, but there is another side to this as well. According to Glamour, having the ability to simply sit in silence with someone is another way of showing that you love them. After all, silence with someone who you love doesn’t feel awkward. Honestly, it just feels peaceful and quite comfortable.

2 She Is Appreciative When He Treats Her

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Unfortunately, there are some people out there who tend to act very entitled while in relationships. It’s a shame, but it does happen. Sadly, there are some women out there who take advantage of nice guys and expect them to pay for everything. But gratitude is a very important part of a healthy relationship. According to Seventeen, a woman who shows a little extra appreciation for the nice things her boyfriend does for her is saying “I love you” without speaking a word. She may not be saying it out loud, but she is definitely making it clear through her actions.

1 She Wants To Share Her Life’s Milestones With Him


Whether she is graduating from college, celebrating the start of a new job, planning something fun for her birthday, or getting ready for any other special occasion, it’s a good sign if she wants him to be by her side during these types of events. According to Allure, when a woman makes it clear to a guy that she wants him to be present for the big milestones in her life, it means that she envisions a long-term relationship and a future with him. When she looks back on this big moments, she wants him to be a part of it.

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