20 Times Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Gave Us All The Feels

Sarah Hyland is an actress best known for her role on Modern Family. Wells Adams was on season 11 of The Bachelorette and season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. And now, they are one of the cutest celebrity couples.

The two first met in 2017, right before Hyland was set to have her second kidney transplant. They had been texting—with him in Nashville and her in Los Angeles—and she thought it was time to meet before she would be “out of commission” due to her procedure. It may have been the serendipitous timing, but the two seem like they were really meant to be together.

Wells flew to LA somewhat on a whim, and it turned out amazing for them both. They eventually moved in together, they have been a couple for over a year, and they are never NOT adorable! From the impromptu paparazzi snaps to their vacations together, the two are basically inseparable, and fans are kind of glad Wells never found his "perfect" girl during his appearances in The Bachelor in Paradise franchise.

From their casual hangs to red carpet appearances, here are 20 times Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams were the absolute cutest and made every other couple in Hollywood jealous!

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20 On Halloween

Via: E Online

Modern Family is a big deal, as its a super popular comedy series. All of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows are also important since their fan bases are obsessed with every detail, season, and episode. And Stranger Things is another notable part of current pop culture, as fans are gearing up for the next season to be released this year.

And due to the success of this sci-fi show, Hyland and Adams dressed up as Eleven and Dustin!

While many people turned to Stranger Things’ characters for Halloween costumes, no one did it up like these two.

19 When Cuddling

Via: E Online

Cuddling is one of the cutest aspects of a relationship. It shows that a couple is really in love and that these two people can’t get enough of each other. That being said, Hyland and Adams cuddling is too adorable! They are clearly very into each other, and we are so glad that we have social media; this couple loves updating the world on their adventures—from big ones like vacations and holidays to small ones like chilling on the couch with the TV, junk food, their dogs, and lots of cuddles.

18 In A Photobooth

Via: Just Jared

Like cuddling, jumping in a photo booth with a loved one is up there on the cute-o-meter! For years, couples and friends and large groups have crammed into these booths in order to capture silly and sweet pics.

And on Christmas, this celeb couple gave us so much with these images.

They are dressed in a festive way, with that star hat and reindeer sweater. They are giving us all the feels with those touches and looks. And, as usual, they are just the cutest! In fact, these may be the best photos from a photo booth that we have ever seen.

17 While Staring Into Each Other’s Eyes

Via: Us Magazine

The looks that have been seen so far have nothing on what is about to come... It seems that Hyland and Adams are so in love with each other that they honestly cannot help but stare into each other’s eyes. When they are out and about in public, members of the paparazzi capture images like this. When they are alone at home, they take and share images like this. And when they are all dressed up for an event or a night out, the world is given beautiful images like this. Sigh... It’s like they’re living a modern-day fairy tale!

16 When At A Lakers Game

Via: People

As stars and as humans, Hyland and Adams always have obligations and outings. From red carpets and award shows to grocery shopping and date nights, they are often seen enjoying the world together... and looking too perfect. One time, the two decided to hit up a Lakers game.

They both dressed in a casual and comfy way (but still looked better than we do in our casual wear, by far!), and they were all smiles.

Plus, at one point, cameras even caught them stuffing their faces with food, which makes us feel better about our eating habits and table etiquette!

15 In A Helicopter 

Via: Us Magazine

On Hyland’s birthday in 2017, Adams surprised her with a helicopter trip to Santa Catalina Island. Yeah! Now, we know that we are not famous and that we are not on a popular television series and that we have never dated someone from Bachelor in Paradise... but wow—what a surprise! And, of course, the whole thing was shared on social media, as these two were once again grinning from ear to ear. With a birthday in general, a surprise this big, a view from up in the air and a relationship like theirs, we would definitely be cheesing big, too.

14 On This Red Carpet

Via: Too Fab

We mentioned that red carpets are a normal part of life for these two, and we also mentioned that they seem to always be looking at each other in a swoon-worthy way. Well, here is more proof.

On any red carpet, a star is going to look glamorous and gorgeous—more so than usual. But how these two look is not even fair!

They are so good looking, and they make us melt with those faces and touches. So if anyone needs tips for how to rule the red carpet as the cutest couple around, take notes here.

13 On That Red Carpet

Via: Press From

But wait—there’s more! We wanted to share one more star-studded event and one more moment where the love was clear. Here, Adams is actually looking at cameras, as he was able to peel his eyes away from Hyland for two seconds. And she is just looking up at her man and grinning. They really do seem so happy, and that makes us happy. In fact, we are anxious for the rest of the year, to see what is next for these young and talented stars and to see more looks like this!

12 When Buying A Christmas Tree

Via: Reality TV World

A sweet thing that a couple can do together during the holiday season is to pick out and buy a Christmas tree together.

There is something that is just so magical about visiting a farm or lot, searching for the perfect one, taking it home together, and decorating it.

And that is exactly what Hyland and Adams did during their first few months of dating, as they started this tradition. When the tree got home, they decorated it with food-themed ornaments like a waffle, a cheeseburger, and chili peppers while watching Elf.

11 In The Snow

Via: People

On a similar note, this snow-covered pic was taken and shared, too, and how exciting this is for them and for us! It is probably pretty clear by now (if it was not already) that Hyland and Adams are constantly taking adorable photos together. But adding snow in is an added bonus! Snow is pretty and bright and sparkly, evoking thoughts of Christmas and sledding and winter fun. So this photo of this couple in this snow is one of our faves. They truly can do no wrong and always look too good!

10 In Matching Pajamas

Via: Instagram

Okay, here is one more holiday-themed moment to share regarding this celebrity couple. On Christmas Day 2018, Hyland shared this photo, wishing everyone a very puppy Christmas. And the best part of it all, obviously, was the matching pajamas!

We all know that matching PJs, especially during the holiday season, equals major cuteness.

There is so much matching here, as well as several dogs (which are always popular online), making this one of the cutest images and moments on this entire list! So thanks for giving the world this, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams.

9 On Halloween Again

Via: Scholarships 2020

As we have seen, adorableness seems to always come about on holidays. That being said, here is another fab Halloween costume from this couple! We have probably all seen punny costumes, like this Taco Belle (the fast food restaurant combined with the Disney princess), but have we ever seen it like this? Probably not—this is too, too great! The gender-swapping aspect of Hyland’s and Adams’ costumes help make them stand out in the crowd, and we are already excited to see their idea and their final reveal is for Halloween 2019!

8 When Riding Horses 

Via: Just Jared

When Hyland and Adams are not promoting a series or attending an awards show, they are doing normal relationship-y things.

Their IG stories reveal that they love watching TV together, their shots in magazines feature them at events like basketball games, and this image shows the two riding horses together—how cute!

Once again, adding animals into the mix is always going to make something super cute, and anything this duo does is just too amazing. Therefore, the thought of them riding with each other makes us super jealous and super happy.

7 In These Tees

Via: Glitter Mag Rocks

Adams is pretty tall (6’, according to his The Bachelorette page), and Hyland is quite petite (She’s only 5’2"). So the fact that they own these T-shirts makes perfect sense. Yes, in these “Biggie” and “Smalls” tees, Hyland and Adams look cute. They look like they are a perfect match. They look like they enjoy having a good time. They look like they have a good attitude and outlook on life. And they look like, well, what is quite possibly one of the best and cutest couples in all of Hollywood!

6 On New Year’s

Via: Hollywood Life

Ooo, here is another holiday moment to share with everyone who is here! On New Year’s of this year, social media fans saw this video: Hyland and Adams were dancing. They were singing along to the song in the background. They were surrounded by a party, with people and fireworks.

And they were kissing because that is how in-love people ring in a new time!

We know we should not compare our lives—especially to the lives of celebs... and definitely especially to celebs as cute as these—but we aspire to look this cute when ringing in 2020!

5 While Walking Their Dog

Via: Pop Pursuits

Dogs are super important to these two, so walks with dogs is a normal part of life here. Hyland's dog's name is Boo, and Adams' dog's name is Carl, and these two are often featured in IG stories and posts. And we want to make this point one more time: seeing these two stars walking on the street and enjoying the day would be thrilling enough for fans. But seeing these two with their dog is something else entirely... Most people love dogs, so adding in this cutie with these two cuties makes this, well, super cute!

4 When They Celebrated Their Love Online 

Via: Instagram

On October 15, 2018, Hyland once again turned to IG to celebrate her relationship with Adams. She said that a year ago, she impatiently asked Adams when he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend.

She joked that she may have pushed him into it and that he could be just scared to leave.

Either way, though, she continued to ask him to not leave and to get ready to celebrate. And they surely did, since we are always seeing similar photos that show them dancing, goofing around, traveling, and just being super in love!

3 On Thanksgiving 

Via: People

Okay, people, we have one final holiday to reminisce on, with one final holiday picture of Hyland and Adams. Just really stop and really look at this photo: her hat, his biting, their faces... Could they be any more adorable?! We know they are human, with their own issues and flaws, but we think they are pretty close to perfect. They entertain fans. They love their pups. They have fun with each other. And they give the world amazing photos like this one... and we hope they keep it up!

2 When Her Legs Were In His Lap

Via: Instagram

While Hyland and Adams certainly know how to have fun with each other, they know when to get serious, too. That being said, here is our favorite “serious” photo of the couple.

We don’t know when it was taken. We don’t know where they are. We don’t know what is going on. But we don’t care!

They both look exceptionally good, and—of course, and as usual—they are both looking at each other. Their thoughts and their body language make it obvious that this is a real, healthy, awesome relationship, and we really are so happy for them and so excited for their future together.

1 And In Every IG Story 

Via: Just Jared

Of course, we have to talk about IG stories again. Some may say that these two overshare online, but we love it! First off, it is neat to get a glimpse into the life of a celeb, and we relate to these guys! They hang out, they pig out, and they share really real and raw moments, which is refreshing. Plus, when there is a couple as cute and as cool as Hyland and Adams, social media provides more photos of them, more stories for them and more reasons for us to admire them, as individuals, as stars, as real people and as the cutest couple.

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