The New Bachelor: 20 Things Fans Should Know About Colton Underwood

Everyone's favourite show is back for another season of crying, drama, ridiculous “quotes” and villains ― oh and overzealous people. Raise your hands if you're oh-so-thrilled for season 23 of The Bachelor!

When it was announced that Colton Underwood from Becca Kufrin's season was to be the upcoming bachelor, social media went bonkers; some are extremely dissatisfied, while others are overly thrilled. Depending which team you're on, we are sure that every Monday night, you are going to tune in to watch another season of women fighting for their lives (some literally) to find love and get that last rose.

Underwood, who placed fourth on Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, made headlines for several reason, even when he appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, so we are warning you that this season is going to be a juicy one.

While Underwood, who is no stranger to the franchise will be looking for love, we're going to be staring at a bunch of romantic moments ― we already know there will be an extra dose of those with Underwood as the newest bachelor.

Also, do not be surprised if Underwood does more crying than the gaggle of women there for him — we got a hint of that on The Bachelor’s promotional videos. Don't fret, though, get on board and get ready to watch another season of a man desperately searching for love. Who will Underwood pick? But first, let us give you some tidbits about Colton Underwood.

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20 He Dated An Athlete

via Instagram

Before Underwood appeared on The Bachelorette, you may have seen him stunting on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. No, he is not an actor, but once upon a time, not too long ago, he dated Olympian Aly Raisman.

We're not sure about you, but none of us have ever had the privilege of dating an Olympic athlete! Raisman, a gymnast and Underwood's ex-girlfriend, will surely be watching, but the two had it good. The pair were introduced by friends during a double date, and evidently, things were smooth sailing up until June 2017 when the duo, who hit the red carpet together, called it quits.

19 Underwood Was Meant To Be A Football Player

via Houston Chronicle

Our new bachelor, who is ready to charm the hearts of the ladies, does not have a very common name, so where does the name Colton hail from? The man who is at the helm of the show this season could thank his parents and their die-hard love for football for his unique name.

Born in Indianapolis, his parents were Indianapolis Colts fans and they were so drawn to the Colts team name and baptized him as Colton.

Not only was he given a name inspired by an NFL team, but his awesome mother also gave birth to him on Super Bowl Sunday ― and we're certain they did not miss the big game!

18 Underwood’s Biggest Reveal

via Instagram

As our beloved Chris Harrison cues up the next instalment of The Bachelor, we thought we'd cue you in on the fact that Underwood has not gotten to third base. Yes, in case you did not know, in Kufrin's season, when he came in fourth place, he came out and revealed to not only Kufrin, but the world, that he has not gone all the way with a woman. Which means, this season could get particularly interesting as he may just toss his v-card out ― who knows? Do not forget there is the "Fantasy Suites."

17 Underwood Got A Taste Of The Bachelor Even Before

via Instagram

If you watched Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, you may know that he made headlines for something other than coming in fourth place.

Kufrin, who on the season before hers became close with Tia Booth, had found that there was a connection between Booth and Underwood.

Over the course of the season, more so toward the end, we learned that Booth and Underwood were an item. And the romance happened not long before The Bachelorette, just prior to casting, and that certainly stirred the pot. Booth confessed she still had feelings for the contestant trying to win Kufrin’s heart, which influenced Kufrin to let him go.

16 You Could Check Out Underwood’s Stats

via Instagram

How is Underwood single? He is handsome, genuinely sweet, and has a football past. Well, in any case, he is looking for love. Many of you know that he was a football player, but let us give you a little history of his career before The Bachelor came along.

Did you know that Underwood made it to the big time? He was a part of the NFL!

In 2014, Underwood got his first taste of the NFL when he was signed with the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad as a linebacker; that did not work out for him as they let him go. Shortly after, Underwood made his way to the San Diego Chargers up until 2015. However, it did not end there, as at the end of the 2015 season, he got signed to the Oakland Raiders' practice squad.

15 Underwood Had To Give Up His Dream

via Instagram

So, you may be now wondering, "Why did Underwood stop playing football?"

Well, if you watch a football game, it will be evident to you how much of a tough sport it is, and because of that, many players must stop living the dream because of injuries. Underwood fell under that unfortunate category, and due to injuries, he had to completely retire.

While playing with the Oakland Raiders, on his first day at practice, he tore a ligament and an issue in his left shoulder joint required surgery. “I couldn’t keep playing on it,” he said.

14 Underwood The Businessman

via Instagram

If Underwood is no longer playing the field (well maybe a little bit), what is he doing now?

Besides charming women, Underwood, after having no choice but to retire from football, took on a completely different venture, one with great responsibility; he opened his own restaurant.

He gets major brownie points from us for being extremely ambitious and deciding to take on such a big role after having to give up his first love.

It was called the 4th & Grill and was located in Washington, Illinois. He opened its door in 2016, but his business did not last long since he sold it before signing on to The Bachelor.

13 Underwood And His Selfless Support

via Instagram

Even though Underwood had to give up another major career, he does not just sit on his couch at home watching football games.

If there's one thing we could all agree on about Underwood is that he's got a big heart and he isn't afraid to show it. When he was just 23 years old, Underwood founded a non-profit organization all on his own!

Inspired to make a change in the world and aid people like his cousin who was born with cystic fibrosis, he started the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation to fund research.

Underwood may have been inspired by his cousin, but we are totally inspired by him, and in total awe.

12 Underwood Has Other Loves In His Life

via Instagram

When people join the dramatic and hyped-up show, they're sure to gain much attention on social media. It's a given that if someone goes on the reality show, that people nation-wide will follow them to do some stalking of their past and keep up to date.

Underwood, who joined the frenzy in 2018, certainly shows his followers what he adores most, and that is his two dogs. If you follow Underwood, then you know he's totally obsessed with his pups. What more does he need to do to win a woman's heart? The newest bachelor and former NFL player has made it evident that he lives to be an advocate for animals.

11 Underwood Did A Social Media Cleanup

via Instagram

What comes along with The Bachelor? Drama ― and tons of it.

As we've mentioned, The Bachelor fans, thanks to social media, will hound down the social media accounts of all the contestants; people are just way too curious.

Right before Christmas came, Underwood, whose adventure for love just started on television, pulled a bold move and deleted all his tweets (without deleting his account). Woah! Did he not know that the entire bachelor universe was instantly going to notice that?

We believe it was done to avoid any further negative PR for himself, but speculation is that he may have something to hide. Whether he does or not, it was certainly a smart move!

10 Underwood Has Cash In His Pockets

via Instagram

Underwood has gone where many men have gone before ― on The Bachelor, that is a mansion full of tears, leaking mascara, and stinking perfume. It is quite surprising that a man of his caliber has not found love before.

We do not want you going for a man because of his moolah, but Underwood's net worth is way higher than most of you would think. Keep in mind, he was in the NFL and sold his restaurant, on top of being a part of The Bachelor franchise (yes, they get paid for the gig). According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is at the $1 million mark.

9 Underwood's Got His Quirks

via Instagram

If you watched Bachelor in Paradise or watched the first episode of the 23rd season of The Bachelor on January 7, then you may have heard something quite interesting ― emphasis on interesting. The Bachelor, who may just give his "flower" to someone this season, is quite a risqué man, as he lives his days without underwear on.

Yes ladies, this man who has over 20 women vying for his heart, chooses to go commando. This ended up being the butt of many jokes, but hey, at least he was being honest. Turns out, he only puts on underwear when he works out ― phew.

8 Underwood's Relationship With His Family

via Instagram

Besides his good looks, there are other reasons women find this Indiana-born sweetheart so attractive.

Underwood, who is liked by many because of his warmth and values, is a family man. In fact, he comes from a huge and loving family; Underwood had to learn how to share as a child since he has seven siblings. His parents are divorced, so he's got quite a large family with a stepdad and stepmom. We're not surprised that he is as humble as he is, and that the women go gaga over him.

7 Underwood Feels Awful About His Known Secret

via Instagram

There is no doubt that the entire season will revolve much around Underwood's lack of affection, which is a total bummer as we feel the new bachelor has a lot more to offer.

We know that there needs to be stints like this to get people to squat on the couch and keep on watching, which is probably why Underwood revealed his secret on Kufrin's season (though he totally did not have to).

Receiving backlash and support, Underwood spoke about his situation and admitted how hard it was to reveal such a thing. On top of it all, he has expressed numerous times that he feels less of a man for still having the v-card in his hands.

6 Underwood Doesn’t Hide His Emotions

via YouTube

If you're reading this, chances are you're an avid fan of The Bachelor; which means you know how different every bachelor has been; from Juan Pablo to Ben Higgins to Arie Luyendyk Jr., we do not know who we have detested or liked more.

Now that it is time for Underwood to take on the role of finding the woman (hopefully), we know that we will be on an emotional rollercoaster ride with him. Why? Because Underwood isn't afraid to show his emotions.

Many were disappointed when it was revealed that Underwood was the next bachelor because of his crying fits. Yes, he is known to be a "cry baby."

5 Underwood Doesn’t Really Have A Type

via Instagram

It's a good thing Uncderwood will have an array of women to get to know because he doesn't seem to know what he's looking for. In an interview with Yahoo! Style, when asked about his "type," Underwood bluntly said, "I don't think I [have a type].

I know that might sound weird, but I love being surprised by someone. I also love being caught off guard and I really love being challenged, so I think those were the three main things that I was looking for."

Basically, he's looking for a woman to sweep him on his feet.

4 Underwood Is In It For The Real Deal

via Instagram

When ABC revealed that the former football player was going to be the one in control of The Bachelor mansion, there were many mixed feelings from fans concerning his heart.

Aside from the fact that he's quite an emotional person, Underwood is the youngest bachelor to be on the show, and fans wonder whether he's even ready to commit to one woman.

Even his ex-girlfriend Tia Booth had expressed her feelings that she felt he may not be ready for true love.

However, he told Michael Strahan in an interview, "[A proposal is] what I'm looking for. Being engaged and then getting married shortly after that."

3 Underwood's Sense Of Style

via Instagram

Besides being Prince Charming and being an ex-football player, this man can slay. Yes, this jock also has a passion for fashion. It is his third time on the show, and his style game, from what we've seen in the promotional videos and on his 'gram, has only gotten stronger.

However, the women who are vying for his heart should keep that in mind, as he has already expressed his love for fashion. In an interview with Yahoo! Style he said, "Oh definitely, I pay attention to that. I actually love fashion, too."

2 Underwood, The Friendly Hunk

via Instagram

With a squad of gorgeous would-be brides, we highly doubt that Underwood is reflecting on his past relationships. But what really went down between Underwood and former The Bachelor contestant Tia Booth?

We saw them try and give it a shot more than once, so before he moves on to dating all the women in the mansion and whisking them away, we want to explain the real reason as to why they broke up. According to both Underwood and Booth's social media accounts, there was a lack of romantic compatibility. Booth explained that no matter how much they tried to make things work, they both agreed there was something missing in the romance department. We’re glad they’re still friends, though.

1 Underwood The Philanthropist

via Instagram

We mentioned previously that our new Prince Charming runs a non-profit organization, however, there is even more to it. Since the beginning of 2018, this cutie also founded the Legacy Foundation. According to the site, it "provides training, technology and media services for biomass fuel briquette production, environmental conservation and income generation throughout the world." Underwood partnered up with International Biophysics to create and distribute 50 AffloVests across the country. We are simply in love with a man who is capable of being selfless and helping others ― philanthropy at its finest.

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