20 Things To Know About On-And-Off Couple Emma Roberts & Evan Peters

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters make up one of the freshest and most interesting young couples in Hollywood, and they certainly keep things exciting. Of course, this is one duo that hasn't flown under the radar much during their time as a couple.

Since they started dating in 2012, they have made headlines that are good, great, and not so fab, but through it all, they persevered. They got engaged, she got in trouble with the law, they broke up, and then they got back together. Of course, fans never knew what went on behind the scenes with their relationship. But now, they seem to be doing really well—and doing it together.

They both star in one of the most popular shows on television (any American Horror Story fans out there?!) and they both are making names for themselves outside of AHS and outside of their relationship, too. Clearly, they don't have to be together—or be having a public breakup—to make waves.

But what fans love most—even more than their on-point (and sufficiently unsettling) characters—is their relationship. It is inspiring, it is full of fun, and it is sure to keep on keeping on, which will keep fans very pleased—as long as the couple keeps up with their public appearances together, too!

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20 They Met Through A Shared Passion

Via: IMDb

Way back in 2012, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters were in the movie Adult World together, which is when these two started dating.

Roberts said she had a crush on him and would flirt with him but that he never spoke to her.

“He thought I was so weird,” she stated in an interview once! He must have gotten over it, though, because when filming had wrapped up, they became an official couple. Well, then they broke up then got back together then broke up then got back together... but we will get into all of that.

19 They Wear Hearts On Sleeves & Emotions On Faces

Via: NY Daily News

After working together on Adult World, Roberts and Peters both ended up on their current set together. Roberts once said that AHS was "one of her favorite shows," but we wonder if she feels the same way now…? Apparently, on set, they created a lot of tension; they were either involved in PDA sessions or arguments. But since they are back together, through it all, they must really be in love! Plus, when they did start dating, they were both involved with other people (she was with Chord Overstreet, and he was with Alexia Quinn)—yet they still chose each other and keep coming back to each other!

18 They Work Through Struggles

Via: NY Daily News

The next year, while the couple was staying at a hotel in Montreal, someone apparently heard them arguing and called the police.

Apparently, Peters had a bloody nose and other injuries, and Roberts was arrested as it was suspected she had something to do with it.

She was then released, since Peter did not press charges, and the pair put out a statement that said the whole thing “was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding” and that they were “working together to move past it.” It seems to be ancient news now, and they do seem to have worked past any problems (that we can see)!

17 And They Aren’t Afraid To Take Chances

Via: Popsugar

Actress Emma Roberts sneakily switched place cards at a dinner party years ago so she would be seated next to her now-fiance Evan Peters. During the time that these two stars were working on Adult World, a “restaurant party-type thing” was held. It was a sit-down dinner, perhaps to celebrate the start of filming this project, and there were name cards at each plate. Well, Roberts, who had a crush on Peters, switched her card so that she would be sitting next to him! Peters recalled enjoying their first conversation, saying she was “hilarious.” How adorable is that?! We are taking notes, taking chances, and taking opportunities because of them.

16 He Proposed With The Perfect Ring

Via: E Online

The year Roberts was arrested, Peters proposed to her, during the holiday season! She showed up at red carpet events, like the Golden Globes and an American Horror Story party, with a pink-and-gold diamond ring. However, in June 2015, they broke off the engagement.

A source said that they had “so many great memories together but couldn't make it work in the end.”

But it was reportedly an amicable breakup that kept them as friends... friends who obviously got back together. And we get it: how could she stay away from him and that gorgeous ring??

15 They Keep Fans On Their Toes

Via: Us Magazine

Okay, try to keep up, because three months after that, the two were seen holding hands. They then started sharing posts on social media that featured love between the two of them... but then nine months later, the relationship was over again. Peters even deleted all of the photos that had Roberts in them from his IG account, and she started dating Christopher Hines. But then, in September 2016, she broke up with Christopher Hines, she got back with Peters, and the two (from what we can tell) have been together ever since. What is next for these two? Only time will tell…

14 Like... Really On Their Toes

Via: Us Magazine

After getting back together in 2016, rumors started circulating that Roberts and Peters were engaged once again since she was seen wearing her ring. Rumors also started going around that she was the reason Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen broke up; apparently, Bilson found text messages between Roberts and Christensen.

While we don’t know if that is true and don’t know what really went on there, we do know that Roberts and Peters have been together since then, with no reported breakups—so yay!

Let’s just say that these two definitely like to keep things interesting, which is sort of fun—if you're a fan, at least.

13 They Go On Movie Dates

Via: Daily Mail

Since they are together, they go on dates! In October of 2018, Roberts and Peters were seen heading out to the movies together. See, stars really can be just like us! She was giving us vibes from the '70s, in a denim skirt, and Peters was actually glued to his cell phone, but we can just see it, the whole beautiful and fun evening: them standing in line to buy tickets... deciding on what size of a popcorn to get... picking out the perfect seats... holding hands during the film... It is all super cute, and we love cute details like these.

12 They Sing Karaoke

Via: IMDb

In 2017, Roberts and Peters went out with friends... in order to sing karaoke! Yes, during Thanksgiving weekend, they went to a drag queen karaoke night in Provincetown, MA.

The couple sang Enrique Iglesias love songs together (specifically "Be With You") and Roberts also sang a Sir Mix-a-Lot's classic with a friend.

So despite all their ups and downs, we love that they can go out and have fun like this. And if they ever need another partner for another song, we would totally be down to sing with these two (or just be in the same room as them!).

11 They Have Tattoos

Via: Tattoo Do

Oh, and if Roberts and/or Peters is looking to get more ink, we are totally down to go along on this adventure, too! These two are super attractive, and the fact that they have ink makes them even more appealing to us. Roberts has a tattoo of a half moon on her chest, on the right side, below her armpits. She also has a horseshoe and the words "hold me" on her upper-thigh area. Peters has two tattoos; the first one is the word "Mom" in all capital letters on his left bicep, and the other one is a small, red thumbs up sign, which is on the outside of his right hand. He also has both ears pierced.

10 They Have Famous Relatives

Via: Hello Giggles

Of course, Roberts is the niece of Julia Roberts, but many do not know that Peters is actually a distant cousin to Tom Welling. Welling, for those who do not know, is an actor, director, producer and model who is best known for playing Clark Kent in Smallville.

And when Roberts was a child, she spent some time on the sets of movies with Julia Roberts, which helped her ease into the industry.

However, she does not like it when people say she acts just because her aunt does. She says she is working on making a name for herself and does it all because she loves it all!

9 They Enjoy Halloween

Via: Us Magazine

Since these two star on a show as creepy as American Horror Story, it makes sense that they would be into a holiday as creepy as Halloween! According to an IMDb quote, Peters once said that he loves Halloween and that feeling: “the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.” We totally know what he means! And Roberts has become somewhat of a scream queen, since she starred in the show Scream Queens and the movie Scream 4. Plus, just look at them on Halloween, giving us Coven vibes. It is too fab!

8 They Work Out Together

Via: Just Jared

The couple that moves together, stays together—at least, that is what we are going to say and hope! After grabbing a workout in Hollywood, Peters and Roberts grabbed some juice and some lunch.

Obviously, these two probably work out regularly, since they are in such a demanding space, but the fact that they do it together—and then eat together!—is very cute.

Oh, and of course, we are wanting to steal Roberts’ outfit, which is the Fabletics Mandy Midi Bra, according to Just Jared. Think they need a third workout buddy…?

7 They Look Cute Together

Via: Us Magazine

We know that looks are not everything, but these two are in the business of having their faces everywhere. Therefore, when we look at celebrity couples, we love looking at this one. They are both just so cute, and those smiles are too amazing. Plus, they both clean up super well, as seen in the numerous photos of them at star-studded events. And even when they are just enjoying a day out together, they look like they were made for each other. Here, they are both rocking scarves in a way we never have. What is not to love here?!

6 They Are Rising Stars 

Via: Celeb Mafia

A few years ago, these names were not household names. Some of us may remember seeing Roberts on the Nickelodeon show Unfabulous, but now... These guys are a big deal! Peters was in One Tree Hill and in movies like the X-Men films.

Roberts is known for roles in flicks such as Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, Hotel for Dogs, Valentine's Day, Celeste & Jesse Forever, and We're the Millers.

And, of course, they have a huge following due to American Horror Story. We are excited for more from these two young, talented, good-looking, and in-love celebrities!

5 They Are On One Of The Most Popular Shows

Via: IBTimes

We have mentioned American Horror Story (AHS) a couple of times, but let us really focus on the facts. Peters has played a teenage sociopath, a man wrongly accused of killing his wife, a frat boy who is killed and brought back to life as a creature, a circus performer with a deformed hand, a cult leader... and in every season, he seemed better than before. Since this is an anthology television series, fans get to see the same actors and actresses—like Peters and Roberts—but in new roles and in new stories. In 2017, the series was renewed for a ninth season, with a two-season renewal alongside Apocalypse, and in 2018, it was announced that there would be a tenth season.

4 And They Have Shown A Wide Range Of Talent

Via: E Online

Obviously, Roberts has creepy down, as she has played the telekinetic Madison Montgomery and the fortune teller Maggie Esmerelda in AHS. But there is more to her than just that!

In 2005, she released a debut album called “Unfabulous and More,” and she also recorded songs for films like Ice Princess and Aquamarine.

In 2009, she was named the brand ambassador for Neutrogena, as well. And Peters, too, has been in numerous commercials for brands such as Kelloggs, Papa John's Pizza and Playstation, and one of his first roles was on the Disney Channel's Phil of the Future.

3 They Give Each Other Looks Like This

Via: ABC News

Okay, we are reaching the end of this list, and we just want to state a fact, yet again: these two kiddos are too cute together. Sure, they have had their issues. And yeah, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. And we know that they have not posted a photo together on social media in a while. But when they look at each other like this... when they publicly let the world know that they feel this way about each other... we can’t help but want them to live happily ever after! And they just might do that.

2 Oh, And Looks Like This

Via: E Online

They are also probably pretty stressed in life, so we understand any problems that arise. They are famous. They have strict and busy work schedules. They are constantly under a microscope and surrounded by cameras.

And they are just trying to be normal human beings (who, well, are super famous).

But we hope that they continue inspiring us and each other and working through any issues because they have the potential to be one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood. Just look at those faces... so in love and so stinkin’ cute.

1 And They Can Only Go Up From Here

Via: The Cut

In conclusion, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters can only go up from here. Will they get married soon? We don’t know. They may just want to stay engaged or dating—whatever works for them! Will they star in more films and shows together? We can’t say for sure, but it is likely, since there will, at least, be more AHS seasons coming up—so we can hope! Whatever is next, we are anxious to see their next steps, professionally, in their individual everyday lives and within their relationship. Why? Well, the truth is... We really love Emma Roberts and Evan Peters.

Sources: PopSugar, Us Magazine, People, TMZ, Teen Vogue

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