20 Things Most Women Want, Need, & Can't Stand In A Relationship

There are certain things that women want, need and even dislike in a relationship. Some of these things could be considered to be common sense, while others may even surprise men. Knowing these things is important to figure out what women are looking for in their quest for love.

There are things that women hope for throughout the course of their relationship and things they spot that can help them decide if they should be with the man they're dating or not.

The most important thing to realize is that many of the best relationships out there are built on down-to-Earth qualities. Check out these 20 things most women want, need and can’t stand in a relationship.

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20 Need: Women Are Looking For Open Communication

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One of the most important things a woman looks for in a relationship is open communication. Without it, how can a relationship ever expect to survive? But even though we all think that communication is a given, sometimes it isn’t. No one's flawless when it comes to communication, so people have to work on it.

For a couple to be successful, there needs to be regular communication in a relationship.

In order to have a strong relationship, communication needs to be clear. A woman only feels safe in a relationship when she has this.

19 Want: Women Want To Be Romanced

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Well, this is one that men all over the world should know by now! It doesn’t matter who the woman is, she wants a little bit of romance. Whether a woman likes to stay in and watch TV or go on hikes, she still wants to have a little romance in her life. Women want romance even after they become a man’s wife because they love the idea of being swept off their feet. That doesn’t mean that a man has to shell out $100 for flowers, though. A woman is going to be thrilled with a $10 bouquet because it means you were thinking about her.

18 Can’t Stand: A Man Who Is Insensitive

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As women, we all have some insecurities - it's normal! What women are looking for in a relationship is a man who can quiet those insecurities instead of irritate them. Some men can make a woman’s insecurities even worse because they will either dismiss them as nonsense or validate them.

When you are feeling down, the last thing that you want is for your guy to make you feel worse. Someone who is unsupportive can cause damage to their spouse without even realizing it. A woman does not want a man who is insensitive to her insecurities or needs.

17 Need: Women Want An Honest Partner

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This should be a given and yet there are still so many relationships that break up because someone wasn’t being honest. This is another trait that is “make or break” in a relationship. You are always going to struggle if you can’t be honest with your partner. We’ve all told little white lies, whether it was to protect our partner’s feelings or to avoid a fight, but we should never lie about the big things because once trust is broken, it can be really hard to get it back.

16 Want: Women Want A Man’s Time

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When it comes down to it, a woman wants her man’s time. She would rather have time to spend with her man than that big diamond ring he bought her for Christmas. By deciding to spend time with her girlfriend, he's showing her that she is a priority in his life. When a woman has to beg her boyfriend to spend time with her, it makes her feel like the relationship is going nowhere. It's important to put the relationship first, no matter what, so that it can survive.

15 Can’t Stand: Assuming He Knows What She Wants

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Sorry guys, but you might never know what a woman wants and it can be dangerous to just assume you do. There’s no denying it, men and women communicate very differently. Sometimes men try to “help” in situations by trying to fix the problem without even asking if there is a problem. Bad move. Sometimes women are just venting and trying to get an issue off their chests. That doesn’t mean that they want their men to fix things. Instead, they just want their partners to listen.

14 Need: Women Need To Trust Their Partner


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Without trust, you really don’t have a chance to make a relationship successful. Trust is so important, it may actually be the most important thing. You will see that if you have ever been in a relationship where trust is broken. It can be hard to continue the relationship when you don’t have trust.

If you are in a relationship where there is a deep sense of trust, then you are going to see blossom throughout the years. A relationship with a solid foundation of trust will grow and deepen to something unbreakable.

13 Want: Women Desire A Home-Cooked Meal

via US Weekly

Men might be surprised to hear this since women are natural caregivers, but sometimes a woman just wants to be taken care of as much as they do. It’s nice to come home after a long day at work and see that dinner has been taken care of. It lets her know that her man is thinking about her and wants to make her day just a little easier.

Women don’t even care if their partners aren’t that great at cooking; they'll still appreciate the gesture so much.

12 Can’t Stand: When He Spends Too Much Money

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Women want stability in their lives, so when a woman starts dating a man that spends way too much money, it can make her wonder if he can really provide her with a stable environment. No one wants to be drowning in debt, and someone who has no control over their finances likely has money problems. Women are interested in building a life with their partners, and when there are red flags surrounding money, then they'll likely worry about the future.

11 Need: A Man Who Can Take Responsibility

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As adults, we should all be responsible for our behaviour and actions, and that’s something that women need from their partners.

If a relationship is going to be successful, then it requires the participants to have a high level of maturity.

When it comes to having a disagreement in the relationship, it can be made worse if a guy is playing the “blame game.” A woman wants a man that can take responsibility otherwise emotional damage can be caused that can’t be repaired.

10 Want: A Man Who Is Consistent

via Glamour UK

Don’t get us wrong, women don’t want men to be predictable and boring, but they do want consistency in a relationship. Women want a man that is going to give them all the support and love that they need. No one is perfect and that goes for women as well, but in order to feel safe in a relationship, someone reliable and consistent is required.

Women want to feel like they are part of a team with their partner and that the goal is to work together on the same desires with the same energy. This is what makes women feel secure and happy.

9 Can’t Stand: A Man Who Doesn’t Listen

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Women know that their man is sitting beside them and can be looking right at them but that doesn’t mean that they are listening. It’s common for couples to speak past each other at times and not really pay attention. But if it happens all the time, it really becomes a problem. What women can’t stand is for their boyfriend to pretend that he’s listening when he really isn’t. The nerve!

8 Need: A Man Who Is Kind

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When a woman is in a relationship with a man, she really needs someone who is kind and understanding. Not only that but she should be with a man that is compassionate, empathetic and patient. In order to have a strong relationship, both parties need to be considerate of each other’s feelings. A woman needs a man that can properly take care of her and cherish her in the way that she deserves. There are always trials and tribulations in a relationship and a woman needs to be with a man that can help her through those with kindness.

7 Want: A Man That Can Engage With Her Mentally

via Glamour UK

A woman wants a man who will engage with her when it comes to her passions. Regardless of what the passion is, whether it involves her career, sport or hobby, she wants her man to be excited about it with her. This also comes back to listening and supporting one's partner.

Women want to be able to talk to their man about the things that light them up. If he's right there with her, basking in the light, that goes a long way to enriching their bond.

6 Can’t Stand: A Man That Is Codependent

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We've all heard the stereotype about how women want to be around their men all the time and want to be taken care of. There are definitely some women out there that can fit into that category but for the most part, that’s not true. The majority of women love their independence and want a man that is not codependent in the relationship. Most women want to be with a man that values his - and her - independence. She doesn't want him to be clingy or revolve his entire life around her - it's unhealthy.

5 Need: A Man That Is Emotionally Mature

via PopSugar

A man needs to be emotionally mature in order for a relationship to grow. It’s more than okay to have fun in your relationship, especially if you like to laugh together. But at the end of the day, as a couple, you have to behave like grownups. There is a time and a place to have fun and there is also a time to be serious. In order to have proper communication and a solid connection, you have to be able to sit back and think through the problems you have without making everything a joke.

4 Want: A Man Who Is Her Best Friend

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Some of the best relationships in the world come from two people who were friends first. Women will often gravitate towards men that feel like friends because trust comes easier. They want someone that they not only love but interact with in the same way that they do their friends. That’s the kind of relationship that she desires.

Think about the way you treat your friends with acceptance and respect.

You also know that you can depend on them for anything, right? So it makes sense that these qualities will be valued in a romantic relationship.

3 Can’t Stand: A Guy Who Spends Too Much Time With His Friends

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This is often a complaint that women have about their men. It’s such a stereotype that we often see it portrayed over and over again in the movies. But in all honesty, most women don’t mind their guy having a guy’s night out. Of course, moderation is key. If a guy is always out with his friends, then that’s going to annoy his girlfriend or wife. She'll feel like less of a priority.

2 Need: A Man Who Supports Her

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When a man is in a relationship, one of his primary roles should be to support his partner. When a woman feels supported, she can practically take on the whole world. A man needs to emotionally and practically support his partner. He should listen when his girlfriend needs him and make her feel she can depend on him. If she's supported, she'll give all of her support to him in return.

1 Want: A Little Excitement And Adventure

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Women want their relationships to be exciting and adventurous even after they are married. Problems can occur when a relationship becomes stale. Women want a stable relationship that is also wonderfully fun to be in.

It's important to feel challenged. This can be easy for couples to accomplish: they can take on new hobbies or adventures together from time to time. Travelling is also a good idea, as is ensuring there's enough mental stimulation to go around.

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