20 Storylines From Gilmore Girls That Would Never Fly Today

It's almost painful to watch Gilmore Girls and realize that it's impossible to actually live in Stars Hollow. Between the retro charm of Luke's Diner, the pretty gazebo in the center of town, the funny residents and the general good vibes, it seems like a place that is really fun to live.

Gilmore Girls is just as popular as ever, even though it's been over two years since the Netflix revival started streaming and the show went off the air in 2007. Fans just love the storylines featuring mom and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and they're never going to give them up.

Whether Rory is celebrating her birthday in style, getting used to a new school, or deciding between her many love interests, fans are going to keep rooting for her. And they're always going to want Lorelai to succeed when it comes to opening her own inn with her best friend, Sookie. No matter how many times they watch every episode, fans always find it exciting to tune in.

But since the pilot aired in 2000, that was a very different time, and viewers know that there are some storylines that wouldn't happen today. Here are 20 storylines from Gilmore Girls that would never fly today.

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20 Lorelai Has A Very Stressful Dating Life

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Whenever we rewatch Gilmore Girls, it's hard not to notice that besides her one true love Luke, Lorelai has a very stressful dating life. She goes on some random, truly bad dates, and then she dates guys like Jason who don't seem to be right for her at all.

This doesn't seem like a storyline that would fly today.

Lorelai is meant to be a very positive character because she's parenting on her own and she's always had high self-esteem and been able to reach her goals and dreams.

It seems like if the show was on the air today, Lorelai would be with Luke the whole time or she would be fine with being solo and not date random guys.

19 Tristan Keeps Bugging Rory Even Though He Knows She Doesn't Like Him


In 2019, it really wouldn't fly for a guy like Tristan to constantly bug Rory at school and social gatherings when he knew that she didn't like him. That is kind of problematic if we stop and think about it.

In the early 2000s when this show started, it was a bit of a more innocent time, so we understand that this didn't seem like a big deal back then. But today, Rory would have to tell Tristan that he's being rude and that he shouldn't pursue girls who have no interest in him, or maybe Paris would stand up for the two of them and tell him off herself.

18 Rory Dates Logan Even Though Her Mom Taught Her Not To Love Snobby People


We would think that growing up in a house with Lorelai, Rory would have absolutely no interest in dating a rich kid like Logan. After all, Lorelai always told her that wealthy, snobby people are no good and that she wanted to go her own route instead of following in her rich family's footsteps.

There's a reason that Lorelai never even told her parents about most of the things that she has done in her life, right?

It seems like Rory would want to date someone other than Logan and someone who shared her own values. It doesn't really make a lot of sense that she's into Logan if we really think about it.

17 Lorelai Skipping Town With Rory After Canceling Her Wedding


Fans remember the road trip episode when Lorelai tells Rory that they're going on a car ride and won't be back for a while. She doesn't give any details and she definitely doesn't talk about how she's calling off her wedding to Max.

This seems like a really impulsive parenting decision so this storyline doesn't seem like one that would fly today. Sure, Lorelai is fun and kind of wild at times, but this doesn't seem like a responsible thing to do. It also seems like Lorelai would make more preparations to actually cancel her wedding and deal with the fallout instead of simply skipping town.

16 Rory Has Such A Hard Time Academically At College


If there's one thing that we know about Rory Gilmore, it's that she's super smart. She always has her nose in a book and is always talking about books, her schoolwork, and her college future.

Since we've always been told that she's super intelligent, there is one storyline that doesn't seem realistic: when she goes off to college and has a hard time academically.

Sure, college can be a lot to get used to and there's an adjustment period. But it just doesn't seem like she would struggle quite as much as she does, and it seems like if this show was on the air today, this might have gone differently.

15 Jess Gets Really Mad At Rory A Lot


Many of us Gilmore Girls fans are on Team Jess. To us, he's the perfect boyfriend for Rory (and we wouldn't mind dating him, either).

But when we rewatch this show, we see that he's kind of mean to her sometimes. In fact, he gets mad at her a lot. Sure, this is what teenagers are like and this is especially what teenagers are like on TV shows and in movies. But Jess should have been a much better boyfriend to Rory and he should have made more of an effort to treat her the way that she deserves to be treated.

14 Rory Sneaking Off To Visit Jess After He's Left Stars Hollow

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It's tough for Rory when Jess leaves Stars Hollow, and she makes a pretty impulsive decision that doesn't feel like her at all: she goes to see him. She also misses her mom's business school graduation, which a lot of fans feel didn't seem like something that she would do, either.

It seems like if this show had started this year, then Rory wouldn't do this at all.

She would stand by her mom and support her, knowing that her graduation was a really big deal. And it seems like she would focus on school and start moving on from Jess instead of going to see him.

13 Lorelai Knows Lane Lies To Her Mom


Lorelai may be the cool mom (or the coolest mom ever, really) but she's still a mom, and we would think that there's some mom code that wouldn't allow her to support Lane as much as she does. She knows that Lane lies to her mom all the time but she doesn't tell Mrs. Kim about everything that Lane does.

It seems like if this storyline aired today, there would be more questions about why Lorelai was letting her daughter's friend lie to her mom so much. After all, Lorelai wouldn't want Rory to lie to her, right? It's not one of the most realistic storylines.

12 Lorelai And Christopher Elope In Paris


This storyline wouldn't fly today, either, because fans can agree that Lorelai wouldn't elope. And she definitely wouldn't elope in Paris.

First of all, it seems like Lorelai would take marriage more seriously than this.

She doesn't marry Christopher when they're in high school and she learns that she's pregnant with Rory because she knows that it's not a good idea. And she doesn't marry Max, even though they seem to have a good relationship, because she doesn't feel like she should. And yet she marries Christopher and she does it by eloping. It makes no sense, especially since she would want Rory to be there.

11 Rory Gets Caught Up In A Love Triangle

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Rory seems too smart and level-headed to get herself into a love triangle, and yet when it comes to Dean and Jess, she's often pretty confused about them.

It doesn't seem realistic for a character like Rory to not be able to sort her feelings out. If the show was on the air today, it seems like Rory would have either continued to date Dean and not had feelings for Jess at all, or been able to see that she should break up with Dean earlier so she could date Jess. She's such a practical person that it's strange to see her being involved in such a messy situation.

10 Paris Doesn't Get Into Harvard

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When Paris doesn't get into Harvard, it's definitely strange. It's not what we were expecting at all and even now that the show has been off the air for so long, we probably still can't wrap our heads around it.

If Rory got in, then why didn't Paris? Paris is very intelligent and she has devoted her entire life to getting into Harvard.

She honestly studies so much and doesn't have a social life at all. It doesn't make sense that she wouldn't get into every single school that she applies to. We bet that if the show was airing today, this would change and she would get in.

9 Luke Marries Someone Other Than Lorelai


It just wouldn't fly today for Luke to marry Nicole or anyone other than Lorelai. Fans know that Luke and Lorelai are meant to be together. They are one of those couples that people always talk about because they are so charming and lovely and perfect together.

We know that sometimes, couples have to be apart so viewers are more interested and so they want to keep tuning in, but this doesn't seem like a storyline that would work today. It's honestly very confusing that Luke married a random character who no one knows very much about, and this wasn't one of the better storylines.

8 Paris Dates Asher, Who Is A Prof. And Much Older


It seems a bit problematic that Paris dates Asher, who is not only much older but a professor at Yale. Doesn't this seem like a bad idea? We bet that if Gilmore Girls was on the air today, this wouldn't be a storyline that would happen.

It's true that Rory seems uncomfortable with their relationship and we can tell that Rory thinks it's wrong and that she would never do something like this.

But it seems like fans have a lot of questions about this particular relationship. It's much better when Paris dates Doyle since they are dealing with the same things in life and they are really cute together.

7 Rory And Lorelai Got Takeout And Spent A Ton On Food


Buzzfeed mentions that it's weird how much money Lorelai and Rory must spend on food and takeout (particularly junk food) and we would have to agree.

Lorelai doesn't seem like she has a lot of money, especially since she has to rely on her parents sometimes even though she definitely wishes that she could make it fully on her own. For example, if there are any repairs that must be made to her house, she can't make them because she would have to ask her mom and dad for money and she feels that's not possible. It seems like today, Rory and Lorelai would at least attempt to cook and save money a bit, right?

6 Rory Drops Out Of College And Steals A Boat

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When Rory does these two things—steals a boat and drops out of college—it's honestly confusing as a long-time fan of Gilmore Girls. These really don't seem like things that she would do.

We always see Rory as someone who makes sense.

She is organized, she is careful, and she is cautious. Basically, she's the definition of a good kid. It seems like this is a storyline that wouldn't fly today. Even if she did steal a boat or get into trouble somehow, we feel like she would totally stay in school because school is so important to her.

5 Luke Has A Daughter


It seems like many Gilmore Girls fans gasped when learning that Luke has a daughter named April. This definitely wasn't something that any of us were expecting.

This is a bit of a confusing storyline because would it really be possible for Luke to not know about April? Sometimes there is such a thing as "TV logic" where a storyline makes sense because it has to within the context of the show, and we feel like this might be happening here. This doesn't seem like a storyline that would fly today, either, because it seems like Luke would have known.

4 Emily And Richard Go Through A Rough Patch


Even though we don't love the relationship that Lorelai has with her parents, Emily and Richard, we do love these characters. Since they are Rory's grandparents, we see how kind they are to her and how they try to give her everything that she wants and needs.

Since many fans love this couple so much, it's hard to see them go through a rough patch.

This doesn't seem like a storyline that would be realistic today. It seems like since they are such a popular duo, they would stay together and not have so many relationship problems. Fans definitely didn't want to see them fighting and being so miserable.

3 Lorelai Is Mean To Sookie For Being Solo


In a story about scenes from Gilmore Girls that don't seem like the best when we think about them now, Glamour says that Lorelai is mean to Sookie for being solo.

This definitely seems really mean and not like something that Lorelai should have done. It's amazing to be a solo woman who knows what she wants and does what she wants and doesn't need to be in a relationship in order to be happy. We would think that Lorelai would know that and feel the same way, so it's strange to see her make these comments, especially to her very best friend.

2 In The Series Finale, Rory Takes An Unconventional Job


It seems like Rory would want to settle down and get a real job. But instead, in the series finale, she goes off to work on a campaign. Sure, we get that she wanted to travel and see the world and that she had a lot of curiosity.

At the same time, though, Rory seems like a very practical girl.

We always see her studying hard and thinking about the future and planning. If anyone is organized, it's her, so why wouldn't she want to move somewhere and get an apartment and a full-time job? We would expect her to want to start her life, not take an unconventional job where the future is totally uncertain.

1 Rory And Jess Don't End Up Together


Even though some of us might not think that Rory should end up with Jess and some of us do (it's cool, no one can agree on Rory's many boyfriends), we have to admit that it seems like Rory and Jess would still be together if the show started airing in 2019.

Although some people are definitely on Team Dean or Team Logan, it does seem like the highest number of fans think that Rory and Jess are the best couple. It seems more realistic for these two to still be a thing since they both are so smart, love to read, love to write, and just seem to get along well.

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