20 Seemingly-Normal Things Women Do That Men Find Irresistible

While high heels and a tight dress might catch his eye, it's not necessarily the kind of stuff that really hooks him in. Believe it or not, guys are paying attention to the small stuff too. He's noticing her quirks and tuning in on her nervous tics because at the end of the day, it's the little stuff he's falling for and isn't able to resist. Guys aren't as oblivious as we think, and we should definitely give them more credit for paying attention to the way we tie our hair or the fact that we could install a TV on our own. What we might think is "normal" might just be the thing that catches his eye and maybe even his heart.

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20 Women With No Makeup

Via Us Weekly

Believe it or not, but most men prefer their ladies to be au naturel. You might be surprised to learn that a woman could spend close to $200,000 on beauty products in a lifetime. That’s insane. But it’s because we have an idea that we need to hide ourselves from men. Relate counselor, Mo Kurimbokus says we don't need to do that.

"When a woman doesn't wear make-up, her natural beauty is on display. Also, some men find it a huge turn-off to kiss a woman and find that they are smeared with lipstick. Make-up can sometimes act as a barrier rather than a come-on."

19 Women Who Use Animated Gestures

via Yahoo News India

Sometimes, it’s the oddest things that a man will find endearing about his lady. In the case of one Thought Catalog user, he likes the way his girl talks animatedly with her hands.

“Anytime a girl talks with her hands. Like if she has very animated hand gestures, I find that really cute.”

We would never have thought a guy would find something like this attractive but it just goes to show that guys are looking for more than just a pretty face.

18 Women With Smudged Makeup

via Yahoo News India

You might find this one a little weird, but it’s true. Just like bedhead attracts a guy, smudged makeup does the same thing. It gives you that tussled, just-rolled-out-of-bed look and guys are all over that. Women usually get that look when they forget to take their makeup off at night. Kurimbokus explains, "Men find this [attractive] because you look like you've just made love. It reminds them of how great the afterglow [is]." It’s no wonder that guys love it.

17 Sense Of Smell

via Pinterest

You might be thinking there’s no way a guy knows when a woman is ovulating, but instinctively, they do. Guys can literally smell a woman who is ovulating without actually knowing it. One research study conducted in Florida showed that men know when a woman is “ready” and will find them much more attractive during this time. During the study, it was found that men’s testosterone measurements spiked when they smelled a woman’s garments that she was wearing when she was ovulating. It goes back to a man’s natural instinct to procreate.

16 Unique Skills

via The Ace Black Blog

We are trying to keep a straight face here but it’s a little hard when we think of a man drooling over a magician. Don’t knock it until you try it. But one Thought Catalog User stated that this is what does the “trick” for him. “Random talents. Female magicians are my kryptonite. Not the beautiful assistants wearing a gown, but an actual woman doing full-blown tricks. That’s just one example, though. If a girl can moonwalk or throw food and catch it in her mouth or shuffle cards well – instant turn-on.”

15 Texting Him When You Get Home

via Galore Mag

Girls who text their boyfriend after they have had a few are more attractive to a man. You probably assumed that your man found it annoying when you would blow up his phone after a night out with the ladies, but that’s not the case at all. Guys love it when we text them because it makes them feel wanted, especially since they are probably already wondering if you are getting hit on. "Letting people know how you feel is both reassuring and attractive. We all like compliments."

14 Girls Wearing Ball Caps

via Paradiso Ubud

Whether you are going to watch a live baseball game or just having a casual day, guys cannot get enough of seeing their girlfriends wearing ball caps, or more specifically, seeing a ponytail with a ball cap. There’s just something about it that guys find so foxy. One Thought Catalog user stated that he’s attracted to “ponytails pulled through baseball caps.” Sometimes, it really doesn’t take much to impress a guy and it’s usually when you are at your most casual that he finds you the foxiest.

13 Stretching It Out

via Just Jared

If you've ever noticed that while you are at the gym stretching, you tend to catch a guy’s eye, it’s because guys find girls who stretch to be more attractive. We might find it to be weird, but guys love it. Those small involuntary motions that you make while you are stretching are actually irresistible to men. Funny enough, one of the highest on the list is the stretch where your arms are high up in the air. You can bet that the guys who go to your yoga classes are keeping an eye out the whole time.

12 Not Planning

via imdb

Men love it when you don’t try too hard and usually, when they see a woman with matching undergarments, they assumed you had more planned for the evening. A woman who is caught with mismatched undergarments either came unprepared or just doesn’t care about such things. Relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall explains, "Men love catching you in mismatching [undergarments] because it looks like you weren't planning on anything, but they've managed to persuade you." Just another little peek into a man’s mind.

11 Giving Up On The Heels

via imdb

Whether you're just chilling at home, lounging at the park, or hitting up the dancing floor with bare feet, there's just something about a woman ditching her shoes that does it for a man. She just looks like she's in her natural and comfortable state. Psychologist Ingrid Collins says, "Bare feet have a hint of nudity. Walking barefoot suggests naturalness and a rebel against convention, and can clue a man in to fantasies of wildness."

10 Master The Hair Flip

via SBS

Another unconscious movement you make that guys find irresistible is when you flip your hair. Guys seriously can’t get enough of this simple movement. If you recall in most romantic comedies, you will see this gesture because a lot of women know that it’s something that will catch a guy’s eye. If you can become a master of doing the flip, you can rule your household with just a flip of your hair. It’s one simple gesture that works wonders.

9 When She Will Goof Off With Him

via wnews.world

A girl who is able to goof off around her guy is very attractive because it shows that you know how to have fun. Any type of outside-the-box behavior is going to keep a guy interested because it shows him that you aren’t “like other girls.” Not only is it fun, but it shows that you are a confident woman. An Australian study once showed that non-conformists are seen as more attractive than conformists. A girl that can fool around is one that doesn’t care what other people think and is open to having fun with her man.

8 Getting The Punch Line Wrong

via Stars Insider

Remember the last time you tried to tell your man a joke and you totally messed it up? You probably felt pretty foolish, but chances are, your guy thought it was pretty attractive. Kurimbokus explains that guys love silly girls because they are less intimidating.

"Men can be intimidated by intellectual women, so getting it wrong makes her far less intimidating and they can relax in her company. It shows vulnerability and triggers his protective instinct."

So next time you blunder a joke, don’t worry about it.

7 Girls Who Laugh Out Loud

via YouTube

We’ve all been there when we are sitting in a group of people and someone in the group burst out laughing with the most rambunctious laugh. Some people find that kind of laughter annoying, but some guys think that it’s super foxy. One Thought Catalog user states, “Loud laughers — the kind that’s beyond infectious, but closer to annoying to most people. Well yeah, for some reason they catch my eye — or ear, I suppose.” If you have the kind of laugh that draws attention, then don’t try to hide it.

6 Girls With Slightly Off Kilter Eyes

via Look to the Stars

We are just surprised as you are, but apparently, there is a reason why men find Kristen Bell so attractive. You may not think that she is a hottie, but there are some guys that are over the moon for this girl. One Thought Catalog user stated just what he looks for in a girl, “I don’t want to say cross eyes, but have you seen Kristen Bell's eyes? Well whatever her eyes are considered, I feel like they’re a tiny bit crossed, and whenever I meet a girl with a slightly lazy eye, I’m instantly attracted. I don’t even want to say lazy eye, though, more like unmotivated eye.”

5 Making The First Move

via People

You may be thinking, there is just no way you’re making the first move, but there are a lot of guys that can’t get enough of it. One study that dealt with speed dating found that connections could be built through a woman showing interest. This not only applies to the first date, but to the entire relationship. He’s going to love it every time you make the first move.

4 A Woman Who Takes Cares Of Her Kids

via Celebrity Baby Scoop

You may think that a guy doesn’t think about that stuff, especially if he’s not the father of the child, but guys definitely pay attention to how a mother is with her child. One Thought Catalog user was quite impressed by his girl’s relationship with her kids and what made her attractive. “But she can’t just have the kids, she has to take care of them. Some consider it baggage, but I think single mothers are [foxy]. You know they can handle responsibility and I can’t even remember to wash my feet every day, but they’re raising a human – that’s pretty damn admirable.”

3 Reading In Bed

via Pinterest

A man finds a woman who reads quietly in bed to be very foxy. Maybe it’s the soft lighting or maybe it’s the fact that you look happy while you are reading, regardless, guys loving watching their women read. It may also have a lot to do with the fact that it’s an independent act. It’s not a task that you require him to be a part of. Some couples like to read together or have one partner read to the other. Whatever you guys like to do together, rest assured, your guy loves this practice of yours.

2 Girls With Tech Skills

via IMDb

It’s not every day that a guy sees a girl that has more tech skills than he does. So when he sees a girl in action, he can’t help but be in awe. One Thought Catalog user stated the same thing. “I recently saw my best friend’s girlfriend’s friend hook up an entire TV system.

I was going to help, but she insisted she had it under control. Within 20 minutes she had mounted a TV, sorted through the cords of an Xbox 360 and a cable box, and had the entire thing up and running.

So, I guess seeing a woman handle things that are traditionally done by a man.”

1 Wearing His Clothes

via Pinterest

Men go crazy over this. There is just something about a woman who wears her man’s clothing that drives him wild. You also have to wear the shirt in just the right way and that means oversized with your bare legs. Don’t forget to leave three buttons unbuttoned for maximum effect. Women usually know that this is something that men find attractive, so you may have tried this method out before. It’s a surefire way to get your man’s attention.

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